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Let's get a cuck thread
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Let's get a cuck thread

Stories / Thoughts / Meetup

Get in here and talk about it. Even if it's hate, who cares.
Me and my girlfriend are into this, it's a lot of fun if you take out the chastity.
I lost my virginity to my boyfriend's friend while my boyfriend watched
was his friend bigger?
My gf cucks me. Pic related, snap she sent to one of her guy friends.
my (now ex) bf and i decided to try it out a cpl years ago, i thought it might bring some fun and excitement back into our relationship. apparently too much, he couldn't handle watching me take guys bigger than him so frequently.
thinking about finding a guy here for my gf to suck off

sounds hot
more of this big titted bitch ;D
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Being cucked by my dad pic related
No way. That's a fucking filthy idea. But he definitely looks built to be a Bull
He fucks college girls I like
I've been screwing my "best friend's" wife behind his back If anyone's interested I could be bothered to tell the story.
Why even ask share with us
tell the story
share story
My girlfriend and I added this dynamic in after I admitted I wanted to be a girl and was into this stuff. Sex life is great.
I've never been into it in terms of my girl doing stuff with other guys. But last night I met up with a married couple from a swingers website, had drinks, then went back to their place and fucked the wife for an hour and half. Good times.
What website?
I am looking for guys to try to get my 18 yr old gf to try to get nudes from my gf on snapchat.
If anyone is interested email me
Anon102457 gmail

I greentexted the story in a /b/ thread a few hours ago. Can post again if interested
I'm bicurious and fancy trying being with a couple. That I can eat her out after he has cum in her and please him however desired.

Having written this out, I realise it's not really cuckolding, but if anyone wants a guy to join them in the UK
>be 28 gay
>guy on grindr close by
>wants to explore his bi side with his gf
>him 29 her 27
>over texts he tells me they are swingers they go to hotel nights, sometimes he blindfolds her and ties her to the bed and aranges for strangers to fuck her and go
>tells me he gets off watching her get fucked
>she has straps-ons for him
>they have 3sums with her friends
>swap pics arrange to meet
>I think it's a joke, someome is catfishing me or pranking this guy.
>call to his house at arranged time and she's not there, start getting worried
>his phone rings, female voice, he tells her to hurry up
>now I'm nervous but atleast everything is legit
>it's Christmas time, he give me a glass of hot mulled wine which I've never tasted before
>now I'm nervous and sick
>he awkwardly turns on cheesy 90's dominatrix porn and started fapping
>I feebly try to join in
>he refuses to do anything without her there
>makes me more nervous, can't get it up
>she arrives, photos didn't do her justice, much prettier than I was expecting
>sitting on her sofa with my soft dick in my hand and she sits beside me
>make small talk, she goes to bathroom
>get hard as she comes back
>she sits between us and starts kissing him and wanking me, pulls his hand over to wank me
>going from trying to get it up on my own to having two people playing with my dick is too much
>nearly cum but pull back just in time
>they think they've hurt me
>go upstairs to fug:DDD
>they lay beside each other and kiss, I don't know what to do so start lick her pussy and wank him
>she gives me a condom which I put on him
>she looks upset
>instantly realise my mistake and say sorry and ask for another
>get hard and start kissing her, he tells no kissing
>fuck her for only 50 seconds and cum
>he starts fucking her and I start fingering her ass and kissing her again
>she offers to fuck me with a strapon
>I make my exit rapidly and ignore all their future messages

And that the story of how I lost my (female) virginity
Da fuck did i just read
Do it
>Long distance relationship
>Visit my boyfriend in the US (we're both male)
>Asleep in the same bed as him and his best friend since middle school
>Wake up, hear his friend fapping
>My boyfriend is spooning me, fast asleep
>I lean over and start stroking his black cock
>He gets pretty into it, asks if I wanna suck it
>My boyfriend wakes up
>His childhood best friend's cock is in my mouth
>He starts fapping
>Friend cums all over my face

It was the first time we ever did anything. Was fun as fuck.
>be 28 gay

I fucking stopped reading right there, also I think you might be in the wrong thread m8
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Fucking degenerates.
i got my gf to go to a glory hole for my upcoming birthday. we just started but ive got her to make a snapchat and sext with guys i meet on 4chan. I like humiliation too, but she isnt into that much. she just wants to fuck other guys.
There is nothing more wrong in the universe than cuckholding. How do you get off to watching your SO getting fucked by someone else, especially if they are more attractive/have a bigger dick?

You're all just masochist. Fucking admit it you psychopaths.
speaking of that, would anyone want to snap my gf? We're looking for someone permanent with a big cock to play with over snapchat.
Northern VA/DC cuckold and sub to Domme wife. Can share experiences, etc.

kik dcsubcouple
tell a story!
Anything in particular? I have a pretty wide array of experiences. Give me a subject/act and I'll tell you a story if I have anything related.
how did you get started? Advice?
My wife was already dominant before I met her. In addition to a lot of other ways she dominated me, she wanted to fuck other men. I agreed.

Best way is to know that the girl is dominant before getting into a relationship. I've tried getting an otherwise vanilla girl into cuckolding/domination and it just doesn't work.
my gf is really submissive, and is willing to do whatever i want. how about the first time?
First time:

> Wife starts talking to a former fuckbuddy she had in college that she hadn't talked to in years.
> Gets sexual very fast.
> She brings up wanting him to fuck her in front of me.
> He agrees.
> We all meet at my apartment (I wasn't living with her at the time)
> He fucks her on my bed.

That was the first of about 25 times she cucked me with him in particular.
do you feel regret after it?
Nope. I love it. It's gotten more advanced since then, and I get nervous about the "next step" in my cuckolding, but I have never regretted any of it.
Should a gloryhole be the first step?
Not a bad idea. My wife and I haven't done that in particular. My wife is much more overt about it. She has no problem with the guy knowing who she is or anything like that.

But if your girl is apprehensive, I'd suggest a glory hole.
shes down, just wants to make sure its clean
and shed fuck in the glory hole too.
Sorry. Don't know anything about glory holes really. Glad for you that she's down for it though.
would you like to trade pics?
ok. kik?
File: nope weird.gif (1002 KB, 272x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nope weird.gif
1002 KB, 272x198
y'all need to have some self-respect and stop being this degenerate
My wife got a black boyfriend in november. It was supposed to save our marriage. I'm thinking about getting a divorce.
File: image1.png (552 KB, 504x851) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, 22m and make an account on swingers site
>message a mid to late 40's couple (wife is 46) who says she's into younger guys
>they respond with their kik, we chat all week on kik
>she tells me what she likes, send me nudes, etc
>agree to meet for drinks last night
>they get there first, we have a few drinks and talk for a while (maybe an hour)
>head back to their place, she rides with me
>get there, she puts on a sexy nightie
>two couches in the room, I sit on one and her husband on the other
>she comes and sits next on my lap and sticks her tongue down my throat for a solid 5 minutes
>suck on her glorious tits for a while as well
>she starts sucking my dick, gets on her knees
>i hadn't cum in over a week so I'm ready to explode after all of her nudes she kept sending
>start forcing her down on my dick (i'm average, dead on 6 inches)
>cum in her mouth, she swallows it down and then just nurses on my dick for a minute
>go to the bedroom, it has two queen beds
>she bends over on one bed and I start eating her out from behind and fingering her
>she starts sucking her husband while I do that
>I pull on a condom and start fucking her doggy
>mix up between fast/hard and slow/gentle
>eventually she stops sucking her husband because I'm fucking her so hard, she's moaning like crazy
>she cums 1-2 times (according to her, I couldn't tell really)
>she calls uncle and rests for a minute before I start fucking her missionary
>that lasts about 5-6 minutes before I blast in the condom
>lay down on my back, she lays down next to me and we make out for a while (cont)

pic related, her ass
File: image3.png (989 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
989 KB, 640x1136
>husband has been on the other bed since she stopped sucking him
>she talks about how she hadn't been fucked that hard in a long time and she needs 10-15 minutes to recover
>she starts slowly jacking me while still making out
>eventually I push her head down and she starts sucking me again but slowly
>after about 5 minutes of this I put on another condom and she climbs on top
>slowly rides me while we lock hands and make out
>this lasts about 10 minutes, she then starts to really bounce on me
>I fuck her back at the same time
>she cums a couple of more times during all of this then calls uncle once again
>she takes off the condom and starts jacking me fast
>starts giving me head, I'm about to cum again
>force her head down and cum in her mouth again
>she swallows it all again
>at this point we're done pretty much
>she drinks a glass of water and then cuddles up on me
>we make out some, I nurse on her tits
>husband is still on the other bed
>after some slow kissing for about 10 minutes we get up and get dressed
>she gives me one last kiss at the door and squeezes my dick

It was fucking awesome. I was a little iffy at first because I'm not really into cheating or anything like that but since the husband was as into it as her, I didn't really feel bad. Pic related again
More please (detail and stories)
>Guy wants me to come and fuck his wife
>Text this dude back and forth for like 2 hours
>Pussy out last minute

Regret it a lot.
>Friend of mine contacts some woman on craigslist like 10 years ago
>She wants to cuck her husband with two bisexual guys behind his back
>Friend wants me in on this
>Agree, but nothing comes of it

Still not sure what happened there, but I think my friend ended up pussing out. He gave me head once before that, but pussed out on that too and didn't finish me.
Ya I'm interested. 7 X 5.5 cock

If she's good with that hit me up. SC is commandodan


>I have a huge fantasy of MMF and gangbangs
>on CL one night and respond to a post in MMF with a very hot girl but think it's probably spam.
>Watch porn...fap....
>Get a response email a few minutes later
>We exchange numbers and pics. Pics are amazing and she wants me to come over right now (2am)
>Drive over nervous still thinking it might be something shady but still excited.
>Get there and she is as hot as expected.
>Meet her bf some biker type guy, get a drink and we all sit on the bed talking.
>She puts porn on and starts showing me her sex toys and different lubes.
>Finally she starts kissing my neck and down my stomach. BF is right beside me on the bed and seems into it.
>She starts blowing and BF is encouraging her. Telling her how sexy she looks with it in her mouth.
>He takes his pants off and starts touching himself.
>She starts going down on him and I like her everywhere while she does. She cums....
>We proceed to fuck for a long time because I had fapped just before going over.
>She wanted to try a new lube....do anal with her BF recording and telling her how good she is doing.
>She cums like crazy over and over...can't believe it.
>Finally I get off on her and then he immediately gets on top and fucks her and cums.
>Two nights later we repeat...and again the next week.
>They moved but we still talk and may get together again soon.
>Never found anything close on there since.
lick her....not like.
I'm 19 female with a 2 year bf and I've been trying to convince him to find a third party to join in sometimes. It could be girl or boy and he likes anal play on himself so it could be a fantastic time but he says no. What do?
Broke up with an ex of mine and she kept meeting up with me to fuck behind her new bf's back. Apparently he couldn't fuck her "the way she liked". He seemed like a douche so I didn't even feel bad for pumping her and sending her home. Hooked up with a girl from here who swore up and down she had a boyfriend but jumped right into my bed.
I'm virgin
File: 1355189471119.jpg (153 KB, 470x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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just happend
>get girl i fell in love with last week to my place
>turns out the same thing happend to her
>make out
>she starts going for the d
>all of a sudden "we cant do this anon"
>a very good friend of hers has had a crush for me for ages
>"also we are such good friends i dont wanna risk that just for sex"
>she leaves at 10:00 am
>best valentines day ever
Any guys want to share their gf on kik or girls want to indulge in the best fetish for valentines day?
Kik is
>What do?
go fuck yourself
You accept that he doesn't want to do that, and you don't push it.
Can someone from PA let me fuck their girl?

Not gay, 25, fit build.

Suicide is also a viable option
Screw guys/girls behind his back, then tell him about it and hope he gets turned on by it

Oh hai Reddit
The ideas hot, talked to my GF about it, she started talking to a guy, guy was huge 9". She gets into the talking, i bitch out, she feels worse then i do, never talk about it again, still have good sex togeather.
Not really cucking, but I fucked a hotwife a while back. Made pics and a vid on her cell, she sent it to her husband. The rules were no bareback but after the first fuck she couldn't resit and had my dick raw, came inside of her. Pretty good. Throatfucked her a bit more times after. Spanked her ass like crazy.

She said I was her second fuck ever, she came like 7 times. She was the freakiest thing I had in a while. Hope to do her again.
Being a cuck goes against everything manhood stands for
this as well
I'd love to see one of these beta fucks get dumped because they want to whore their gf out to other men. I'm not one to play the feminist card, but in some ways, cuckolding is just plain misogynistic as it is very misandric .
I'd love for my gf to do it but she's so apprehensive. It's tough to meet people she might consider doing it with as well. She does talk dirty about it sometimes though so at least I have that
This is fascinating because this could end up being me. Has your relationship been harmed by it in any way? Do you think she'd have gone through with it if you hadn't bitched out? Do you still wonder about her craving big dicks? Clearly there was some unmet need or unfulfilled fantasy there on her part unless she was literally going through the motions just to please you.
Likewise, we are at the dirty talking stage. But I am not sure I would love her to go through with it! We both love talking about it though.
I want to cuck some guy and fuck his wife while he watches. There's something tempting about using another man's wife as nothing more than a wet hole and watching her get off on my cock.
I have the added problem she only really likes guys with long hair. We come from a small town where everyone knows each other so it would be nearly impossible to be discreet
lol, interesting taste. Mine seems to want a guy who is quite different to me: big and muscular. She is into the whole big dick thing. I'm not small and she loves mine, but admits she would love to try bigger.

What's your dynamic like? Do you still get to have sex with her? Are there any other fetishes involved - chastity/humiliation/forced bi, etc.?
Honestly, on average, women like the idea of huge dicks, more then they actually want them. She bottoms out at about 7".
I'm 6.5 and hit her cervix sometimes in certain positions, so it's not more length she craves but girth. I am average girth and she is fairly loose (not ridiculously so) compared to other girls I've fucked. I think she would love to be stretched by a thick one. In fact I know she would because she's said lol
any guys wanting to share their gf and be a valentines hero hit me up on kik
>not destroying the lives of your loved ones is reddit-tier behaviour
haha us 4chan nihilists am i right *tips anarchism*
Hitting the cervix isnt bottoming out, the cervix is 2-4" in.
Fine, I mean bottoming out
typing up the story now. Will post when it's done.
you sound fun. I'm looking for someone to cuck me
If anyone in the LA area needs to be cucked by a BBC, I'm down
who did you hook up with from here
I guess maybe it's not cucking because he doesn't know about it but I'm fucking my friend's wife.

I don't really feel that bad about it, he's just a work friend and is kinda a faggot.

Plus his wife is into something that I'm into and I've never met anyone else with this kinda fetish before but we fuck with candy.

I buy these gummy rings and like, put them around my dick and she sucks them off or just sucks it until the dissolve off.

Around New Years I fucked her with gummy rings around my dick, like absolutely fucked her without stopping and they like, melted and she ended up not be able to clear it out and went to the hospital that night.

She had to get it like professionally cleaned or some shit and she told him she masturbated with candy and he was like losing his mind trying to wrap his head around why she would do that.

I dunno I just can't get past this stuff, it's so much fun, believe me if I could find a candy bitch for myself I'd back off but that seems unlikely.
File: 1455496337792.gif (95 KB, 421x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yes, much bigger. his dick was very nice

>be me, 19yo
>meet the bf
>we hit it off pretty quickly
>start dating
>eventually move in together
>as soon as we start living together I see him as more of a big brother than a boyfriend - I'm just not feeling it
>2 months into living together
>he wants to fuck
>me: "oh uh yeah can we not have sex? I'm not comfortable" etc etc "let me approach you" stuff
>tfw virgin
>he agrees
>from the beginning, we knew we wanted an open relationship/I didn't care if he fooled around
>one day bf comes home from work
>"so I saw friendanon today at work and we were catching up. I told him we were in an open relationship and he immediately made it obvious we wants to come over tonight"
>"okay, you two have fun I'll be in my room"
>friendanon comes over
>the two of them go to the bedroom while I stay away


yes please
I had a gf for 6 years, during the last two we did cuckoling and it was a long hot road that lead to her meeting someone who would fuck her for 12 hours . She left me for him but said she still wanted me to wear the cage. I did for about 3 weeks before the heart break became too much
but seriously though even though I shamefully am into this still, I would never do it in real life. y'all ma fuckas need /pol/


>Candy bitch
>I would never do it in real life
You mean you wouldn't do it again?
also, what happened when she made you keep the cage? you still saw each other, I'm guessing?
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