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Terrible things that you have done or liked...
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Terrible things that you have done or liked that you would never admit out loud? I kind of liked it when my best friend cried for me the other day when I admitted to him about my suicidal thoughts. I've never had anyone cry for me and it felt good to know that someone cared for me that much. At the same time, I am a shit person for enjoying something like that.
When I was living with my old roommate, I had a wireless mouse. Once the strip on my debit card stopped working, I had no way to purchase things in person and it was a long way home to go get a new one and I was lazy. So, over the course of a few months, I had siphoned ~30 of the 50 batteries of my roommates industrial sized duracell pack and replaced them with useless batteries and putting the dead batteries in the sides of the case and leaving the fresh ones in the middle.

I ended up moving out before he ended up using the rest of the fresh ones but I feel terrible about the deed.

Zack, I am sorry. I owe you like 30 batteries homeskillet
Just buy him a new pack.
Actually lost contact with him :/

He's pretty off the grid, no facebook or anything
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everyone knows everything about me irl tb.h, family

tried and failed to strangle a cat, stabbed plenty and left for dead another, killed baby birds with a gardening tool, killed an opossum with a shovel
made out with dudes when I was younger, sucked a dick for $1k, went to this shady sex club a couple of times when I was 20 and had my dick sucked by many a trap (some passable, some not, some multiple at once)
hospitalized my ex, went crazy over her multiple times
my first blowjob at 19 I was secretly feeling up 2 girls in the group (they knew about eachother) and I left with the one that had a car. got a blowjob from my friends girlfriend while their kid, who is named after me, was in the room. he woke up and saw
grope girls in public, groped a fat chick on public transportation, passed her my phone and she became a fuck buddy
I've only actually had sex with 2 girls
catfished a friend. wasnt planning on getting nudes at first but it just kinda happened. still saved those pics and fap regularly to them and I still talk to her daily
I fuck or try to fuck, usually succeeding 90% of girls I'm introduced to. Especially people's partners. It's a fun game.
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oh boy, so many terrible moments in my childhood that would make me a terrible person. aside from being verbally rude, i dont think ive done anything too terrible in my adulthood though. society tamed me. fuck. actually, i remember ONE

i used to catfish as a male model when i had low self-esteem who looked like an attractive version of me on tinder and look for fuckbudies, half the time, in person, they couldn't even tell, which was hilarious and cute, the other half they did and it was awkward but they were still mad / just as sexually frustrated as me so we just went with it, but most of the time they didn't let me get past first base. never got in trouble for it for some reason but i stopped doing it due to being more sensitive to awkwardness and rejection.

when i was little i got super jealous that my best friend got a cool toy at a birthday party, so i tried to trap him in my brother's room since it had a lock and force take the toy away from him like a bully would do. my dad heard us, came in, gave it back to him, and sent him home.

i used to have too many girls as friends when i was a child, to the point where i just wanted to be alone some days, so i just shut the door on them when they came over cuz i didnt know how to say no. i wrestled the door closed when they tried to open it but i could never say no for some reason

also as a child, i was playing toys with neighbor girl, and wanted to go to the bathroom, but since our bathroom didn't have a lock, and i was too embarassed if she accidently went there too, i locked her in our top floor of the house. the door lock could only be opened a complex way, or you had to be tall enough to reach the handle, i forget each one. it was a crazy standoff when i came back and she got locked in haha. i felt so bad and i need a firefighter girl face

long time no see
oh god
its all coming back to me

another adulthood terrible thing is being in a lonely mood where i am in all sorts of flirty modes, and naturally if a girl is interested in me, i let her have me. to the point where its time in our relationship to have sex, and i cant get aroused to their body, making so many girls cry and give up in life
You need to be put away and the key thrown away. I'm sorry but you do
when I had sex for the first few times (year ago), I wouldn't even look at her. I think I was mad at her
with the other chick, I'd feel like she was overexagerating/I didn't like her body and I'd lose my hard on

exposure therapy is the way I think
I used to not be able to cuddle, now I'm fine with it
I've admitted some of this in real life... I have killed a dog, killed 2 hamsters, lots of voyeurism, molested a 3 year old when I was 5, molested neighborhood kids until I was 11, lots of petty theft, vandalism... Attempted rape when I was 5, attempted burglary when 15, running from home...

The world has no idea what I have planned
At least you didn't post your face.
Probably would've been best to stay anon with these.
Why did you have to say that!?
I'm a piece of shit. Everyone should know what a piece of shit looks like
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I know where this is going I'm out
I don't follow you. Sorry
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Catfished a girl I knew pretty well, she fell in love with me and I messed with her mind a lot. Made her super dependent on me, I was caring and loving towards her and she couldn't cope without me. She was depressed and low self-esteem.

She was crazy about me and professed love to me every day. I dropped her, and the catfish persona.

I entered into her life more and more as myself (we were pretty close at a point, but used to live far apart with studies and all, so had a bit of distance due to it, at least in her mind.)

She is so fearful of rejection that she is completely dependent on me now. I was there to pick up the pieces of that charade that I put her through, and we're engaged. She literally couldn't live without me and I know this very well. It is easy to pull her strings and manipulate her into doing whatever I like. I'm not cruel in that way though, so I don't make her do anything freaky. It is just something that I can use to control her. She is oblivious to it, or doesn't care.
The three years that I turned my cousin into my personal whore because she had a pill problem. It started out with her sending me pics and ended with me blowing my load balls deep in her ass on a regular basis. Opioid addiction makes people do stupid shit.
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