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>describe yourself , your daily life and...
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>describe yourself , your daily life and current hardships
>others rate your life 1-10 scale
>perhaps give advice to aid others in their current dilemma
homeless nihilist father trying to start a life while not starving to death
This thread will probably get deleted one way or another because it's not vapid, shallow, and retarded enough for this board.

I'm a neet camwhore whos moving in with a new guy soon and going to start a good life. I'd say it's a 6 or high 7 just because I'm white, cute, and from a well off family. It goes a few points down because of the depression.
Well 5/10 You have a child which I know is your beacon of life right now. Think of how easy it would be to quit if it weren't for them. Where do you live man?

I hope not, the other thread ideas are getting stale. I'd like to actually talk to people. get a glimpse of another life.

I'd say 6/10 too, may I ask where do you think this depression stems from?
i'm lead ui/ux designer in hi-tech hardware startup, also cosplayer and gamer. My daily chedule is: work-gym-home. I have a deficiency of communication coz i have only one good friend and she is my wife, lol, and it's all. Between work, cosplay and my family i have no time to other people. But, to be honest, i love my waifu and my life) (sorry for my crappy english)
Have a physical illness, have had since I was 16, that makes me extremely tired all the time, screws with my memory and makes it impossible to concentrate. This resulted in me blowing a scholarship for my first year of college and failing multiple times at going back. I'm depressed every day and think about how I wish I had the balls to kill myself, considering living out of my car soon to feel at least slightly independent.

Been going to doctors and specialists for 6 years and no one can ever find anything, but the problems continue to get worse. Memory and comcentration problems along with being so tired and working an exhausting shitty job at Target overnight have made the only interest I ever developed, learning Japanese, impossible. My whole existence is pain and endless wondering about how I can possibly improve my life.
I'm a fairly unattractive (Solid 5/10) Male. I just moved away from my hometown for college. I'm really enjoying it, I'm learning a lot.
I also happened to meet a girl here last year when I visited, and we started dating when I moved (my first real relationship). However, we broke up recently, and it has honestly been killing me. She said she wanted to stay friends, which I would be okay with, but I haven't heard anything from her in like 3 months, so I guess that was just damage control. Everyone says I'll move on and everything will be okay, and to an extent that is true. But I still feel very lonely and sometimes don't feel the need to get classwork done because of my sadness. And, even many would say it's bullshit, I fucking loved her.
But, I'd say my life is just fine overall. I'm getting a good education, I have a job, a fridge with food in it, and a place to sleep. But I still have sadness that wells up every few days that refuses to go away.
I'm a 20 years old male, healthy, I'd say rather average looks, if not slightly below, not a manlet tho.
I live with my parents (honestly here in Italy is normal at this age, I plan to move out when I finish my studies), I study physics, currently on my second year and enjoying it, but not as much as when I started. Keeping up fairly well with my exams and getting above average grades. In the last few months I've been dating this girl I really like, she's better than any girl I've ever been with. Things are not easy tho, she is constantly busy with school and family problems, so we cannot see eachother as often as I'd like to, also she isn't very good at expressing her feelings, so sometimes I get insecure/paranoid and I'm afraid that this thing might ruin things for us, but I'm doing my best to make things work.
My problem is that sometimes I seem to lose all motivation and have difficulties keeping up with courses and everything, I'd just want to stay home and red mangos.

tl;dr lliving with my parents while studying physics, liking it and doing fairly good. Dating a girl I really like, things are not easy but trying my best to make it work. Sometimes lose all motivation for no apparent reason.
4/10 don't lose hope, things might get better


8/10 not the kind of life I'd like, but seems like you enjoy it

4/10 must be hard

7/10 I know how it feels, it will go away sooner or later, don't worry. Just give it time.
I'm a 20 year old, 3rd year science student with a part time job. My looks are 5/10, and I live with my mum. I have a long distance relationship with a girl in another country, which is actually going alright as she's coming down here this winter. I go gym sometimes to lose weight, I enjoy vidya, weather observation and cooking.
Hardships: starting to lose free time, I'm dealing with social anxiety and making new friends, and I just found out my uncle has brain cancer.with a month to live w/o treatment.

5. Doesn't sound too good, but it may improve.
7, solid.
6, I am very sorry to hear that.
7. Sorry to hear about the girl. Hopefully the relationship between you two will improve.
8. I like how you're going.
hey, you sound like me anon, only i had brain surgery when i was 15.

my memory is horrible and it's because of seizures. they also cause horrible fatigue. i've been through the whole doctors thing, and have had to go back and forth from doctor to specialist to doctor to specialist to even get help. have you tried looking into family history of illness? that's the only way i was able to find out what was wrong with me, since doctors couldn't find anything on it since it affected an area of my body that didn't correlate with where i was telling them my pain was, because it travels.
>24, female, living in canada
>work very part time at an awesome job
>not many hours, but enough money to pay bills
>have two cats and a guinea pig
>married, but husband lives abroad

daily life consists of reading books, playing dota, playing with my pets and being high, when i'm not at work

gad and ptsd, 30mg of escitalopram daily, extremely abusive past

my life has really began to get "good". if i had more hours at work and my husband lived with me permanently, i'd be set

hold on for a few more months kiddo
27m kissless virgin
good job in software development
zero social life, no friends, no gf
don't know what to do with my life
Daily life
>Get up
>Get dressed
>Get bus
>Come home
>Shit post

Current hardships
>Zero close friends
>Currently in debt
>Sad a lot, for no reason

I'll try to offer some advice later, I'm too tired to give any proper advice.
On my 3rd and final year at unniversity in accounting, got cheated on when i was 17 by a girl i loved and since then been to depressed/awkward to flirt with another girl again even tho i hang out with my friends at a bar every weekend and get many chances.
My daily routine is pretty much wake up, make lunch, smoke weed play vidya and then go to school
5.fuck bro, must suck not having any friends, but at least you got good a job so finding a girl shouldnt be too hard
6 eventually shit will be better
6 sorry for your uncle anon
8 sounds good anon
27 yr old secretary in a downtown office, 8:30-4:30 mon to fri., 46k/yr.

Live in a cozy 2br 2ba apartment in Chicago with my gf of 2 years. We're both very much in love with each other and still have honeymoon sex.

Currently using my free time to set up my home recording studio, listen to music and occasionally play Fallout 4

Probably the best my life has ever been, desu. One thing that sucks is for the past 2 weeks I've been suffering from Bell's Palsy (google it if you're wondering) but it's been getting progressively better and I think in a couple weeks it should be mostly gone. I also have Crohn's disease but it's been in remission for years so I don't even notice it.

So yeah, feeling good at the moment.
Might aswell, I guess

I'm a 26 year old man and currently jobless. I lost my old job due to my ex getting my fired by lying to the company about me. I also cannot work due to a medical condition I've gotten recently that needs to be dealt with before I am able to work again. I have to live with my father because I cannot afford to live on my own without a job. The big downside is that my father's house is disgusting and roach infested. I am a light sleeper, so I wake up constantly every night when I feel one on me.
I spend all day watching youtube videos and playing video games because I have nothing to do with myself for the next few weeks. I've been nicking my dad's hydrocodone and snorting them to help with my stomach pains and to dull myself out. I feel really bad able it, but it's the only thing that helps with pains and my bad anxiety issues. I've also been dealing with horrible depression the last year from my cheating ex mentioned earlier. Found out she cheated on me several times when I was planning to ask her to marry me.

Obviously my life is very glorious.
>you got good a job so finding a girl shouldnt be too hard
Why do you think so? Or did you miss the whole "no social life" part?
Dude, sorry to hear about your mom, and that sucks about the gf as well, but don't feel down. You're a badass of a human being; you taking care of your sick mom shows you have compassion and selflessness that many many people don't have. You should feel proud of yourself bro - I know your mom and dad both must be proud as fuck to have a son like you. not many ppl can say that.
If I were you I would try fix the roach thing and quit taking your dad's hydrocodone, even better, just quit taking hydrocodone, that would give you something to do, improve your quality of life immensely (fuck roaches), and help you avoid future problems when you either have issues with substance abuse or your dad pissed at you for taking his meds
You probably have CFS, which means Cortisol and Thyroxin for you.
Thank you for the advice.
I've been trying to stop the meds because I know they are bad for me. My father actually gives me them to help with the pain, but he doesn't know I take an extra sometimes. It's not -as bad- as me just stealing them all. I'm taking less and wanting to stop all together, but it's difficult due to having no other way to deal with my pains and how addictive they are. I promise you that I am trying.
The roach thing sadly is out of my hands. The infestation is so bad it would require hiring an exterminator and leaving the house for awhile. I would pay for it if I had any money, but my dad is lazy and doesn't want to.
Male, 24, just promoted to a senior position in a very large company in the UK to do research that has never been done before. Not exactly the job I expected to land in, but is very exciting. Manager also allows me to go backpacking.

I'd say I was a 6/10 in looks for a white guy. Not got my own place yet, saving up.
19, male, european.
Studying a history degree at the shitty university in my city. Doin' good with them studies, but I could do better (I'll try to study this next six months) Living with my parents (normal in my country). Kissless virgin. It ain't such a big thing for me but I'm tryna improve my social skills and shit. Got a large number of acquitances (maybe because I've been in several types of shit: music scene -I play in a band-, highschool peeps, neighbourhood friends, university, friends of friends and shit) but 3 or 4 actual friends I'd say.
I enjoy reading literature and been tryna write since 5 months ago.
Low selfsteem. Think I may be somewhat depressed; some days I feel sad for no reason, even thinking about suicide. Currently hoping it gets better as I improve myself.
>Think I may be somewhat depressed; some days I feel sad for no reason, even thinking about suicide. Currently hoping it gets better as I improve myself

Trust me, it does. You're going down the right path anon. Self improvement for your own sake is a great way to make yourself happy and be more satisfied with your life. It's also highly attractive to the opposite (or same) sex.

lots of people try to change themselves to please others and it ends up making them miserable. You've got the right idea: do what makes you happy, do things that bring you closer to your goals in life, and you'll find happiness, prosperity and love seem to magically appear. good luck anon
2/10 if northern 4.5/10 if southern, homelessness sucks when it's cold. Hope your life gets better bro, and don't forget your kid. Shit divorce?
7/10, camwhoring isn't moral IMHO but that's just like, my opinion man
9/10 straight jelly
6/10 don't be defined by your illness, other than that you sound well off if you're getting help at least
I'm going through one too they aren't awesome at all, iktf but honestly you just gotta wait until you forget bro
8/10 get real problems :P
Fuck brain cancer. Fuck LDRs too. But you sound pretty happy bro so I'll give it a 7/10. Losing free time just means you're growing up.
Good for you, 8/10, hope things work for your husband, enjoying the winter pass? Games fucking addicting, I'm at like 5K hours FML
6/10. Go make some friends guy.
5/10. Stop wanking so much bro, and do it without porn.
6.5/10. The only power women have over you is how you let them make you feel
8.5/10, sounds like you deserve it man, grats
4/10. Why do you waste time being sad and fucking around on the internet when you should be doing some man shit like fixing your father's house up. Accomplish some shit and prove to yourself you're bigger than your own life.
8/10. Would be 9 but new R&D isn't the most stable employment
I live under colonialism
Not only do I get controlled day to day by military
>School is approx 30 minutes away in a normal situation
>Is now 2 hours away cause of checkpoints
>Soldiers at checkpoint are scum of earth
>Imagine piss all over the floor where you have to pass each day
>They can shut the fucking border when they feel like it and just leave you standing there regardless weather until they decide to open again
>tfw you have to take off : accessorize/jackets/shoes/watch/hair clip/empty pockets twice each and every day
>tfw even in fucking stormy weather
>tfw you do out with 4 friends and come back with 3 cause one gets suddenly arrested for nothing

Just a hint of what happens

Second part is society
>dress for society
>eat for society
>walk for society
>talk for society
every fucking move is not for you its for them hence should be done their way

go to school
>ignorant fags teaching you who think they are above everyone yet the same time dont know shit
>Teachers bully you because they control your destiny
>You do something great and they give you shit for it because they are jealous
(You know its great because you send it to important professional people abroad and they immediately invite you as an intern)
>treat others whose parents are rich and important better than you and give them what you deserve
>they call you when walking to tell you to leave this profession you are not fit for it

People around you
>dont like you cause you look different
>dont like you cause you are weird

Go home
>Parents ask you why arent you like other kids
>Force you to practice their religion
>always judging your appearance/actions and giving you shit for it

In the end :
Why so depressed and nihilistic
you're life is pretty good now. dont suicide.

Let's see. I guess my day to day life is pretty normal if not boring. my social life sucks.

Day to day work a job 7-3. Decent job. Have a house i work on throughout the week.

Social life - trying to move on from my past relationship. Dated this girl for 2 years. Head over heels in love with her. was talking marriage and kids and she bailed out on me last year. came back and bailed out again. not talked with her in months.

Now i can't find a date to save my life. pretty lonely most of the time and still dream of her. also being a manlet doesn't help.

Just my life story.... Every moment still haunts me. I'm thinking about going postal soon
What country anon? That sounds tough.. have you ever read the comic Persepolis? Reminds me of what you're going through
>Why do you waste time being sad and fucking around on the internet

Because, like I said, I have a stomach condition that keeps me from even doing basic work. I sleep 10 hours a day due to fatigue. When I'm not asleep, I'm in pain and feel like I need to vomit all day.
I'm fucking around on the internet because I literally can't do much else until I get my bloodwork back and figure out what to do about my illness.
>college student
>working opening shifts
>working closing shifts
>minimum wage
>doing modeling and photoshoots in spare time
>dog has seizures and liver issues
>grandpa is an alcoholic
> biological dad is abusive and manipulative
>move every single year
>trying to get by without trying to off myself
Havent really but will check
The famous Palestine.
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>25 years old, 6ft chubby 5/10 white guy
>people STILL mistake me for being 17-19 years old which is just getting frustrating at this point. I'm balding for god's sake.
>have social problems/probable brain damage most likely from being hit in the head with a chair when I was ~4
>had sexual and emotional abuse growing up, both at home, at school, and with neighbourhood kids. Has left me with crippling social anxiety issues and avoidant personality disorders.
>have more or less no friends due to aforementioned two points.
>have never had a girlfriend or had sex, dating life has been a disaster, again due to previous two points but also due to the fact I apparently look too young and overall unattractive. Only women who've shown real interest in me have either been underage or much older with weird motherly flirtations.
>work minimum wage at a thrift store, not great but it's my only real social interaction so I make the best of it.
>live alone in small apartment with two cats, don't ever really go out
>have no life goals or future aspirations, getting older and older each day and in denial that I'm never going to have a family and will probably be one of those 40 year old virgins.

>go back to /r9k/ incoming
That sucks. If you don't have pets, you should put real sticky tape with the sticky side out on the feet for your bed to catch those roaches though.
I'm a 5'11 and 120 lbs white male.
Usually a 4/10 on here.
I developed extreme social anxiety during Middle school because of bullying and I ended up dropping out of highschool after my freshman year.
I start shaking uncontrollably whenever someone I don't know says something to me.
I'm not very good looking and I can't talk to people so no girl has ever loved me.
My parents threw me out when I dropped out.
The rest of my family is dead, or doesn't want anything to do with me to begin with.
I'm basically just trying to find something to live for atm.

Why would you be depressed?
8, sounds like a good life desu.
fuck man.. stay safe. and don't let them break your mind. they can hurt your body, but they can never take your spirit. wish you and your family the best

Not feeling attractive, dealing with abuse and social anxiety are all tough things to overcome, anon. But not impossible. Don't just accept your fate and roll over - ask yourself what is a good solution to each one of your problems. Dealing with abuse/Social anxiety? Maybe try a support group. Not happy with your body? Try a health routine - a realistic one that will ease you into things and not make you hate exercising.

Then the hardest part: FORCE yourself to do these things, no matter how unmotivated you are. Do do do. You will see results. The hardest part is just doing it.

I'm currently trying to get fit and it's difficult as fuck to motivate myself to go out and exercise, but I'm working on it. We all have hurdles to overcome anon. Just try seeing them as that: hurdles, not insurmountable obstacles.
That's not a bad idea. I've got some strong duct tape I could put around my bed. I'll do that tonight.
I had bedbugs a few months ago and it was the only way I could feel safe enough to sleep.
I'm not here to make collective statement but I will say we have it much better than others
However I as a person in nature cannot accept control
Having to take orders kills me the most
I hate oppressive society and I hate the colonial oppressors
>So much hate for my father and many others, to a point where my stomach will get in pain
>Get so consumed with feelings of inadequacy about my small dick (5.5x5.0, every dick I've seen in the locker room and online has been larger), about my skinny frame that still has a belly hidden under my shirt, my asymmetrical eyes that are far apart, my dry shitty skin with darkness under my eyes, shitty unmanageable hair, lack of any real skill, intelligence, charisma, etc that I get so cold no blanket or fire makes me warm.
>Spend my days shitposting on /r9k/ and /soc/, even when I'm in class I make time for it
>Know Id be sucking dick for crack about now if I wasn't born to well off parents, and will struggle in the adult world, being a shadow of the success of everyone else if I even get success at all
I'm a 26yo wife and mother of two. I work from home but moneys kind of tight. my parents and other family lives very far away so that's hard. mostly things are good tho
I need to move out in three months and the whole process of finding a place is terrifying to me.
Decently attractive (7ish/10) 22 year old femanon. In last year of my undergrad in a STEM field of study. I likely won't be able to stay debt free after this year, I'm already struggling for money and it's stressful. I'm working two jobs to stay afloat and grades are suffering a little bit because of it. I worry a lot about how that might affect my future. I have an okay relationship with my parents and family. I recently left my verbally/emotionally abusive boyfriend of 3 years and I feel really good about that. But he is constantly clawing to try to get back into my life. I don't have many friends. I have one close friend and she is getting married to a rich asshole this summer (she knows how I feel, but she just likes the material things in life etc.). I think I'm falling in love with someone new but he doesn't feel as strongly about me. I have depression and anxiety that should be medicated according to my doctor. I just don't like the way they make me feel, it's as though everything is fuzzy. I'm honesty fine, my life is okay, I'm relatively happy.
>female that's average or above average looking

Your life is already 90% likely to be at least 7/10. E Z mode
I feel like mine is above average. What does /soc/ think?

>23 year old male in the midwest
>5 or 6/10 on the looks
>Average height and fit
>Charismatic when I need to be/not socially awkward
>Making 80k in a medium sized company
>Don't spend much on anything
>Building nice savings
>9 hour work days 5 days a week
>Occasionally hang out with other people
>Personality disorders so I can't have meaningful relationships of any kind
>Also means I find weird things interesting so I don't share interests with many people
>Never sad but not really excited for anything in my future
>Vidya, guitar, and shitposting for my daily fun
24 year old spic, with a beard and manbun.
I'm a pretty personable, and extremely friendly guy.
I'm engaged with an almost 4 year old daughter who is literally my entire life.

My life is down the shitter because
>fiance is cheating on me, but I still love the hell out of her.
>daughter isn't related to me by blood, so leaving isn't an option unless I never want to see her again.
>estranged from my family. Family has always been important to me.
>depressed, quite deeply.
>in immense pain right now, because I have Biliary Colic, and have to get my gallbladder removed.

I'm just not well. I think about an heroing at least twice a week.
Just get through your education as best you can. Then you'll be able to land a (hopefully) good job with a STEM degree and things will start turning around financially. You might make more friends at your work place... just stay positive.

What are your personality disorders? Are you lonely? It sounds like you're missing something you're really passionate about.

This makes me sad. I hope things turn around for you anon... I don't really have advice for you because that's a pretty delicate situation.
>moved 600 miles away from my family to live with my boyfriend a little over a year ago
>never been good at holding jobs because of bpd/anxiety/general unwillingness to leave my bed, let alone house
>leads to lots of tension about money and job hunting
>been at current job for 7 months but only get 25 hr/wk at $10/hr so money is still tight so bf is constantly pressuring my to aggressively job hunt
>got a second job but it was as a cocktail waitress at a club so i was constantly being touched and spoken too awkwardly and it made me too anxious to keep doing it
>had two interviews this week but he still thinks Im not trying hard enough
>becoming even more anxious and depressed because of stress with money and bf
>bf doesnt want to do anything for valentines either, didnt last year, or anything for my birthday even
>feeling generally pressured and unappreciated but like maybe I deserve it?

Yeah, unfortunately that's what I always hear.
It's too specific of a situation to help myself out of if I want to come out on top.

Unfortunately as well it got me back on cigarettes, alcohol, and I'm abusing whatever I can get my hands on, from pot and beer at night, to the pills I was just given for my pain.

At the end of the day, I end up pining for attention online, because its the only way I can feel any good about myself.
See I understand this because my fiance won't even get a job, but I'm forced to take on two jobs to support us.
The feeling of unappreciation is a killer, and I'm sorry.

Does he treat you well outside of the shitty holiday treatment? Or is that a constant?
I dunno. Yes and no. I truly believe he loves me but Im not his first priority. He always bitches about us not having money but he breeds snakes as a hobby and will randomly go and buy a $500 animal and then get made because we're short on rent. I get that he makes more money than me and I want him to enjoy his hobbies but its hard when I feel like he would rather just endlessly pressure me more and more when he knows Im trying so he can go buy more and more snakes.
Pining for attention online has never helped me. I prefer wine. Wine is my therapist.

I guess I'll do one for myself now. I don't have real problems, I just don't have friends.

24/F I don't want to tell too much about myself but I work in the healthcare field and treat patients 8-5, 4 days a week. It's sort of mentally exhausting and at the end of the day I usually just want to go home and sleep, so I don't have many friends. In the past 2 years I've gone from super socially anxious weirdo to being okay with small-talk and initiating most of the conversations with my patients. I'm proud of myself for that. Outside of work I have a fiancee and I'm on good terms with my family. I have a couple friends, but none that I am actually close with. My "best friend," or the one that I talk to most often, enjoys taking advantage of my kindness, dragging me out to sketchy bars, making up lies about herself to the people she meets, and ending up face down in a pile of cocain at the end of the night. I wish I was better at making real friends.

My fiancee is an angel, but his family can get to me. He is the only one who has gone to college. If you count his student loans, he carries more debt than all of them combined, but seeing as how we own a home together I think they assume we're pretty well off. His parents are addicts and constantly badger us for money. His mother has asked to move into our guest room since "we're soooo rich" (we're not). I'm trying to plan our wedding and it's hard with car and student loans, and of course we're doing it all on our own because my family still has to support my younger brothers. It bothers me that we are the youngest couple in his family and are looked to for money, hosting holidays, etc.

All in all I like my life except for a couple minor flukes. I would give myself a high rating...
Plus we both smoke and he'll complain about how we need to smoke less because its expensive so I wont smoke at all for days on end but then he just smokes like 3 bowls a night anyway and doesnt want to buy more beause "we" went through the last batch too fast.
I only went to one mental health examination and they were not 100% sure what I had. Could not continue to go because the insurance through my work forces me to let them know when I go to a mental health doctor which is a weird conversation I don't want to have with HR. Anyway, I am either a Schizoid or have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I am not lonely at all because I never really want to be around other people. It is weird to describe but I have lots of friends but no close friends.

I am passionate about things I will never get to do. I love music and would have loved to do anything band related. Hell, I have thought of opening a record store when I retire. I am also into politics and arguing in general, but I went down the boring job path for financial security.
Pretty similar to me. At uni, same age, but no friends, no gf (kissless virgin), the usual isolation stuff.

I feel worthless most of the time, like a pariah. I get up, do my studies, go home, sit inside and do pointless shit for hours, sometimes I get tearful. I rarely drink and don't do drugs so I don't suffer addictions, but I'm still perennially alone and miserable.

I'd rate it like a 3/10. I have my family and that's about it, and I know I'm a complete fuck-up. Christ knows where I'll be in 10 years, don't have the guts to an hero. I have nothing to live for or aspire to though, so most of the time I feel like a ghost, looking at society but always excluded. Nothing brings me lasting pleasure and I can't remember the last time I was content.

I wanted a family once but the thought makes me laugh me now. I've accepted I'll die alone.
Musician/producer/masterer of 20 years whom just got out of a 5 year relationship. Long story short the girl cheated on me for 5 years. Practice/record at least 8 hours a day. Moving to Chicago soon.
>6/10 guy
>Resting bitch face
>Give off standoffish vibe
>Hard to get a good job because nobody thinks that I'm relatable
>Been depressed for most of my life
>Only girls I've had relationships with have had serious issues
>Try to meet women, can't even get a date
>I've become very jaded
>Think about suicide daily
>It's actually calming to think about my life being over
23. Generally rated around a 7 on here. Not a virgin but never had a steady gf. Just finished my associate's last semester. Transferred to get my bachelor's but dropped out today because I couldn't handle it (stronk anxiety and huge depressive rut.) Have a lot of HS accommodations and went to technical school for 2 years in high school for IT. Worked at a legit company as an IT admin almost right out of high school for a year or so, then quit to start college. Currently have a decent work from home gig but I need something bigger as there is no room for advancement. Fixed up my resume today and set up my Linkedin and am actively looking for jobs rn. Really fucking passionate about music and have been producing since I was 12 but never really hit it big. That's what I wish to do in life but it seems like such a grandiose thing to obtain. Kind of just drifting right now. Certainly not a steady life at the moment. I don't have much debt, at least.
hey dude. I'm a producer as well - an amateur one, but still. This guy >>23271997

I'd like to meet other musicians, especially people more experienced than me, not for collab necessarily but more like mutual inspiration, sharing ideas or just chilling. if you're interested you shold hit me up. my kik is chiggywawa

also, I'm normal and not weird at all (i feel like this needs to be specified these days..)
File: 02022016.png (2 MB, 944x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 944x960
>20 year old male, 6''1', 145lb
>Attending University
>Work part time on weekends
>Don't know how attractive I am since I'm don't talk to anyone. Maybe Average?
I don't have trouble talking to people or even making friends I just can't stand having to interact with other people. I don't hate any of my peers nor do think I'm better than them. I just seem to be most at ease when I'm by myself. I've been like this my whole life and to this day I've never felt depressingly lonely.
>Don't know if that's normal or healthy
>Days when I'm not working I'm either studying, going on day long road trips, or working out.
>Pick related is me a few days ago when I went hiking
Six sounds about right. Depression fucks up everything.

9/10. Yours sounds like a good life.

4/10. Odds are against you, but you seem intelligent and thoughtful, and while a double-edged sword, it can open doors if you know how to wield it.

7/10. Seems bad now, but you have a whole life in front of you and you'll meet someone better.

7/10. You're already on your way to a better future. Sorry about your uncle.

8/10. Distance can be hard and the past was obviously shit, but your life sounds like it's on the up and up.

>went to 4 year school for two years out of high school
>depression, anxiety
>school therapist shitty new-wave type who doesn't think medication is necessary
>failed out after being unable to cope/spending too much time on 4chan
>became fixated with equally mentally unstable person on Internet
>person claims they're going to commit suicide
>cut self off from Internet, save for checking obits

Somewhere in all of this, I went to see a (better) therapist, got a referral to a psychiatrist who's not an idiot (but also has zero bedside manner - not that I mind), got my shit haphazardly together in that I'm working part time on an Associates and have a reasonably enjoyable job as far as retail goes, as well as (somehow) ended up with a solid significant other who loves me and whom I love and can rely on.

Still not sure if I'm the sort of person wired for any longevity RE: existence.

Live at home, but moving out somewhat soon. Afraid of leaving my sibling in a toxic environment. Neither of us are emotional people, but he always took care of me, to some degree, and I feel like I'm abandoning him when suddenly he's the one who can't function. The tides have turned and I'm not doing what I'm obligated to, because I don't know what the fuck it is.
So this is my daily life
>wake up at 6am
>go to hospital cause I'm a nurse
>be a nurse
>go home, normally hungry cause it's so busy to go on break
> go to yoga class
> shower and go to bed

> boyfriend just broke up with me
> miss him to fucking bits
> he cheated on me and I still love him
>wtf is wrong with me
Oh also since everyone's adding descriptions

>22 year old female
Things are starting to look up for you! Glad you found someone you love! And moving out will be exciting!

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?? Can you post a pic?
University student who gets music gigs to support himself and also working hard on "making it" in the music industry. I also game on my free time or hang out, but I really obsess over making music, it's my passion. Hardships, I try to be positive desu, so idk I don't think I have it bad.
6/10. You seem unhappy, but you should be proud of yourself regarding your career. Casually talk to women. See if anything blossoms, but don't invest too much in it. There's more to life than this.

6/10, but I don't feel like I know enough to determine, somehow. Have you been applying to jobs?

7/10. Sorry to hear about your past experience. She wasn't worth your pain. Good luck in school, however: It seems as though you've been doing alright academically so far.

9/10. Good for you. Hope your health stays on the up and up.

4/10. Lay off the pills and help your dad fix that place up.

9/10. Sounds nice. Glad you're in a position you'll enjoy.

8/10. Doesn't sound so bad, but again, depression sucks. Developing a management strategy for your lows will benefit you a lot.
I may do more later. Feeling a little foggy.
I think it's pretty natural to get caught up in someone whom you've invested yourself in, but it's also important to note that there's someone out there who will treat you better.
>Have no friends
>Dead end job
>Was unemployed had no money during a large chunk of my life
>Have no real freedom to do anything
>Parasitic shit harasses me for money on my way to work...impossible to avoid him
> Social Anxiety; barely speak to anyone
>Have little I can call my own
>Family are narcissisitic and no help at all
> Go to work at 3:30pm
> Start work at 5:30pm
> Finish work at 2am
> Sit in canteen till 4am
> Get train, then have to wait at station for bus for a further 40 mins
> 5:35am Get home
>6'3, white, above average penis, speak two languages
>my hardships is working three jobs and going to college. im always broke.
>also im still a virgin at my age. rip my life.
u sound hot. also im in nursing school.

go get a rich doctor. fuck him.
File: 1453974510537.gif (2 MB, 500x513) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x513
this is really just a long rant, please ignore if you don't want to read a novel.

24 y/o female, i struggle a lot with my health, trying to maintain a relatively normal (for me) life.
i have a lot wrong with me physically, i was in two major car accidents, one that almost left me paralyzed, the other one that gave me crippling, fear of being in cars. my doctor seems to think it's ptsd, but idk. soon after the first crash i was diagnosed with my brain disease arnold chiari malformation.

because of my brain disease, which causes spinal fluid build up in my spine/brain, i had a decompression surgery that saved but also ruined my life. i have tons of nerve damage, no sex drive, lots of pain/swelling and developed epilepsy. this all happened when i was around 15 and the pain hasn't gotten better. this year they found out that i have lupus and a blood clotting disorder called may thurners disease. because of the epilepsy i can't drive, and have completely lost any independence.

haven't really ever known what it's like to do the things i want, since i rarely leave the house, and constantly get passed up for jobs. even though i'm majoring in biochem forensics and manage to stay summa cum laude, i'm worried that i'll get passed up again because of my health

can't really go out to many places because of the artificial lights, i also have extreme mood swings from them and crippling migraines. the kicker is that i'm still waiting on a pending lawsuit and no doctors want to take care of me with it pending because they don't want to be responsible.. i honestly don't know what to do anymore, since i've been denied care so much, but need it so bad.

i also finally admit that i have lots of parental issues, especially with my father who's pulled a gun on us before and lately has been talking about how he doesn't think he has much time left and wants to shoot everyone that's pissed him off before he dies.

i'll stop here though since i feel better getting that off my chest.
stop. answer this question: Are you skinny?
>regarding your career
I wouldn't really call it a career.

>Casually talk to women.
I wish I could. There just aren't any in my surrounding or reasons to talk to them.
Sorry to hear anon, I hope you find happiness somehow. Much love for being strong. Take care.

You can talk to me on kik if you want op. I'm a counselor if that makes any difference. Kik : JustASpanking
im still waiting for an answer. if you're not a fatass land whale, you don't have any reason to complain. a lot of men will put a ring on it even with all of your fucked up problems.

Also, this guy >>23274623
seems like a fake counselor...if hes legit, hes probably the kind that would touch u inappropriately and make you think you wanted it since hes on 4chan.
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Recently promoted to head chef of 500 person capacity, three floor high end pub. Spend most time at work, can't remember last day off. Losing weight quickly, cut down my drinking to set a good example for my staff, paranoid that they are talking about me behind my back due to one good worker thinking he's king shit.

End of the day I go home, shower and sleep for an hour so I can have some degree of energy to read or watch movies or documentaries in the evening.

I suffer from bipolar disorder and have anxiety issues. Single, 26.
>ugly as fuck
>suicidal for a long time
>recently talked to a girl
>glimmer of hope
>she goes cold

i'm killing myself valentines day
>I suffer from bipolar disorder and have anxiety issues. Single, 26.

hi me

how are you doing today?

HI me. I'm actually okay today. Tomorrow is another story.

How are you?
30, male, divorced after 10 years. Moved 600 miles to live with a friend, turns out I hate living with her her because she's like my ex in so many ways I want to strangle her sometimes. I spend my days trying to find a job because I dropped everything and left it all behind me when I moved so I have nothing. No income, no friends, no girlfriend, just my roommate. So I spend my entire day, every day for the last two and a half weeks stuffing my resume into a shotgun and spraying it all over the internet trying as hard as humanly possible to land a spot in my career. I'm having zero luck, and all I want to do is relocate, I am completely willing to move anywhere in the country, doesn't matter where... just so long as I land a career and get out of this house.
Possitives: I'm alive and well loved by my family and friends. I have a new boyfriend and he's the perfect mix of masculine and romantic and my feelings are getting pretty real really fast. I have a decent job that I enjoy doing and I love the small town in which I reside. I'm pretty generally happy... except....

Negatives: I've been sick since early November with pretty much everything under the sun. I've got a psoriasis rash from head to toe that I've had since early December. My digestive tract is on the fritz, leaving me incredibly bloated, I seriously look about 6 months pregnant and its really uncomfortable. I have gone from hardly sleeping to doing little else over these last few months and my doctor can't figure out why everything is like shutting down on me. Also my awesome boyfriend is miles and miles away for work and will be until probably the middle of March. Most days I'm alright, but the last couple days I have just sat down and cried my eyes out once I got into my house where no one can see. I also totally lost ny temper with a coworker today which really isn't like me. I'm just really tired of feeling like crap and its starting to get to me.
>also im still a virgin at my age. rip my life.
>if you're not a fatass land whale, you don't have any reason to complain. a lot of men will put a ring on it even with all of your fucked up problems.

I can see why you're still a virgin
File: eh.gif (473 KB, 500x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473 KB, 500x210
>describe yourself
Funny, chill, cute student in Europe, mostly skipping university because I am a fucking writer. Oh and also cis white male overly-privileged scum. Maybe a 7/10 on a good day. Did I mention that I am funny already?

>your daily life
Semester is pretty much done, so it's mostly waking up at silly times, writing/plotting/sketching/researching and crawling into my bed at even worse times. Some procrastinating (reading, vidya, skype) and more and less social stuff in breaks. On a good day I even manage to sneak some eating into it too. Doing what I love 3/4 of a day and suffering the consequences the rest of the time. Also sailing straight into relationship waters with somebody who is at least 25% more awesome than me.

>current hardships
Outside of writing? I can't decide whether to buy vodka or wine or rum next, which is hurting like hell on the inside but I try to keep smiling and not showing it. My heart says vodka, my tummy disagrees. The struggle is real.
u mad at the truth? or are you a fat person?
Well, that's a cheerful start.
How can you be a neet camwhore, it's a fucking job. Or you're just posting your tits here?
6+, not enough info but having a wealthy family should make it decent enough.
7+ at least, not something I'd enjoy but sounds very nice overall.
4-5, sounds like a pain for sure, mate. On the positive, you do sound intelligent enough and got a job.
5+, would be an easy 6 if you weren't this obsessed about another person.
6+, average young adult it is.
5.5, pretty average too but the news about your uncle must suck.
6+, sounds fairy good outside of having to deal with shitty past.
5+, seems like the economical side is set, stop being a faggot and develop social skills to get the rest on this level too.
5, who wouldn't be sad with such daily life. How comes you don't have any hobbies nor close friends?
5, stop being a faggot about this chick already. Also no hobbies sounds pretty bad too, on the positive, sounds like you're doing fine in uni and will have a degree soon. Besides, having friends is great too.
7, sounds pretty decent, just unlucky with all the diseases.
4-5, sounds glorious indeed. Although you're not helping by wasting your time with jewtube and vidya. Good luck in your battle against the roaches.
6-7 from the info given.
6+, sounds decent, will probably improve if you keep studying and being somehow socially active.
4-5, although depression and nihilism seem rather oxymoronic.
6+, too much emphasis on dating and pretty solid beyond that.
So what are you doing besides being obsessed by the past and complaining about it? Sure, your life sucked and still sucks as aftermath but whining about it doesn't get you anywhere, mate.
5+, why couldn't you move out yet?
Not sure if you are baiting or just a faggot.
I'm not saying that's not true, guys can be really desperate. I'd say that even a fugly fatass with all the problems in this world can find a desperate enough guy.
What I'm saying is that if you think that finding some random desperate faggot who will marry her is not gonna magically solve her problems and make her life better. Women don't exist for the sole purpose of finding a guy, and if you think that then no wonder you're still a virgin
File: RnGEd93.jpg (45 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>23 yo male
>Only have a high school diploma, started college but couldn't afford to continue
>Due to circumstances with my parents I cannot receive financial aid, and that's as much as I wish to talk about it
>Been looking for work since high school, found a few jobs here and there but they were only temps. Im unemployed for well over a year.
>Losing (more like already lost) my only remaining grandparent to alzheimmer's
>Family lost our home and we've been staying in a hotel for over a year which is absolutely brutal financially but our credit is shit tier so most places refuse to rent to us
>Been seeking the self improvement route, using whatever I can to try and educate myself online but depression is a major roadblock to motivation and we just can't afford to seek help for it
>Dog passed away two days before Thanksgiving

Life has been pretty shitty bros. The only thing keeping me around is my girlfriend who seemingly doesn't care I'm basically a homeless, poor, unambitious NEET with minimal prospects in life and most days I'm terrified she's going to realize that and leave me.

The only option I see open is to try the military life but I'm scared of that too.
Fucked up my wording but you get what I meant. Fuck I should sleep more.
27 Year old guy. 6ft tall, red hair, blue eyes, bearded, tattoos. A bit out of shape but nothing major. I'd have to give my life a 9/10.

I'm happily married, we own our own house, I have a nice car (BMW 1 series), wife is currently 4 months pregnant with our first child. I work a decent job in design and photography. Don't make huge amounts of money but we're comfortable.

Hardships for me are prepping myself to be a parent. I still feel like a child and I'm worried I'm going to fuck this kid up. I've been told this is a normal feeling...
5, how the fuck can you be balding and mistaken for a teen?
Wait, so where do you live now?
5. Sounds like tons of selfmade problems in an otherwise easy life. Should get better once you start hating your life enough to improve.
6+, bit low on highlights from the minimal info.
6, average student life and you sound pretty cool.
>implying 90% of people in the first world don't have ez mode lives
6, slightly above average it is. The money sounds nice and you don't sound overly unhappy about the lack of connection with people either.
1/10 life it is. 4-5 when not counting it, you seem like a decent guy, who'll be fine in the long run but dealing with pain and depression sucks for sure.
Nobody deserves to feel unappreciated but sounds like you still suck at basic stuff like holding a job (and doubt you can blame it all on bpd and anxiety) so it's understandable that your bf is being bit frustrated about it and not overly hyped about spending more money on holidays.
7ish, making progress with anxiety is nice, plus you have a cool job and a lovely fiancee.
5ish. Also nigga, you're young, all the good stuff is ahead.
7+, artsy people are based.
5, sounds boring as fuck but at least you don't have any serious problems.
6 it is.
6 again.
>I've never felt depressingly lonely.
Not necessary normal as in "average" but if you don't feel bad about it, who cares. It's your life, man.
6-7, sounds like you improved your life a lot. Gratz.
6+, pretty decent stuff.
7, keep following your passion yo.
>Parasitic shit harasses me for money
4-5, sounds like a shitty job indeed but it pays the bills. What do you want to do in life?
5+, suicidal boring but at least no real problems.
3-4, sounds like tons of horrible shit to deal with through your life. It's pretty impressive that you majored in biochem and trying to get a job instead of being sorry about yourself 24/7
6-7, sounds bit boring but at least pretty stable.
5ish, sounds like a crappy phase for sure.
6+, the negatives sure suck dick though.
8+, sounds damn nice indeed.
>although depression and nihilism seem rather oxymoronic
Why would you think so.
How could a nihilist care enough to be depressed or how could a fully depressed person care enough for philosophical crap?
A nihilist denies any meaning/value doesn't necessarily prevent him from emotionally experiencing intense sadness and hopelessness over having no meaning in life
Being nihilistic is rational
It is a question of mind over emotion.
Sounds like he/she is being pretty half assed about it then. If there is no meaning and value in life, being sad and hopeless about it, is giving it some value and enough meaning to feel sadness.
What you're saying has some truth to it but that's assuming complete mental dominance over emotion.
Sorry to hear that. Got any hobbies?

I have a job that sucks and does not pay well (i know its not original)
I started a relationship with someone online in 2014, we broke up before Christmas of 2015.
I still talk to him.
I wish we could get back together.
but the really sad thing is, he doesnt love me.
i am trying to find work near his country so i can be with him
but he doesnt show any enthusiasm
no interest
he also told he has let go
i dont know if he is seeing other women now :(
our conversations have become colder and colder.
I have been crying everyday since we broke up.
youre 6/10

my advise is not to go into the army.
23 is young, you just need more courage.
You are lucky to have your gf, dont sabotage it by thinking she'll leave you.
just try to look for work. give it your all, wait for promotion.
you'd get it together in 5 years i think?
move the fuck on/10
I was thinking airforce personally. Something in either language or IT.
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