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Official Straight Curious Kik Thread I:
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Official Straight Curious Kik Thread I:

Havent rly seen a thread like this before so
well see how it goes

Both male and female welcome, but you must
be straight curious.

>what your looking for
Kik me elchege 8 inch :)
22 / m
uncut and shaved feminine ass

kik humanpizzakay
28 - M - black - straight/bicurious - nyc
Looking for dirty or interesting chat and pics from dom/sub ladies and sub bros.
Locals and tri-state preferred for meet up potential but I'll conversate with anyone interested.
Open to most kink and fetishes.
No preference for specific body types, skinny to BBW/chub get 2 thumbs up from me.
Cute feet, curves, phat asses and nipples are surefire attention grabbers.
All welcome.


Str8 m here, very curious
Not sure if I belong here given my experiences so far have generally been positive. But whatever

>Chubby cub-type sub
>looking for men. Daddy/bear types. I want to try at least, the idea of being at the willing whim of text on my phone is pleasing.

kik: Spiral.iso
SC: Grand_slamwitch
30/m curiosus
Just for clarification, straight curious means you identify currently as heterosexual, but are curious about a different sexual identity, like homosexual or bisexual?
Or is it you are currently bisexual or homosexual and looking into being heterosexual? Which really doesn't make sense, but people are weird sometimes
File: 1449319909381.jpg (25 KB, 393x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think straight curious has more to do with a curiousity towards the same sex in spite of/in concert with leanings/preferences for the opposite sex. Not so much about finding a new sexual identity.

I love women, have only ever dated women, have romantic urges for women and have only shared sexual intimacy with women. I like my sexual identity and would never change that. I identify as a heterosexual man and I live my life the way any other straight guy would.

That said though...I wouldn't turn down a brojob if it was offered, I'd scope out a nice ass on a guy (a lot more discreetly granted) as quickly as I would a nice ass on a chick, I can "appreciate" the aesthetics of a pretty dick and every now and again I'll fap to solo stroke or circlejerk porn.

None of that is considered typical heterosexual behavior; it indicates gay or bisexual leanings. Yet I'm not gay or bisexual seeing as Ive never shared intimacy with a member of my sex. I am curious about some aspects of same sex intimacy however. Which is why im in a straight curious thread.

Thats just the way I look at it and that view might not reflect all views ITT but I hope it helped bring clarity.
i suppose if you think of sexuality as a spectrum, which most people in the field do nowadays, it is completely understandable to be mostly hetero and only fall under bisexual or homosexual slightly, considering the person meets certain physical criterion.
I mean, I more or less identify as heteroflexible so I'm straight and curious.
File: 1441682433479.jpg (97 KB, 716x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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25/male/909 california
kik: cam_ronz
Darker skinned women. Mmm.
21 M from Houston. Open to both males and females. Never been with a guy before, but cute twinks are cute.
That is the best explanation I have ever seen. Thankyou anon.
Very curious, please message me soon
M kik: snakevsnack
Interested in black or mexican f
straight but curious guy...hmu!

jo buddy needed to explore ;)
^ kik: Clst_teamstr
23/m oregon
Id be down for anything
Lf: cute, slim, white, clean trap with 7.5+ inch dick to slowly stroke, kiss, and rub. Not looking for reciprocation, sex, or relationship.

I'm normally straight but have recently been really turned on by cocks and the thought of wanking off with another guy. Looking to explore this a bit further and share oics with a guy while we both wank off. Also just general sexuality chat. If any of this is something you fancy then hit me up.

Kik: Rantri

Jerking off with a friend has been a long time fantasy and I finally did it recently. I find it really hot when a guy is bigger than me and points that out like my friend did, but all are welcome. Let's chat and/or exchange pics.
File: 20151013.png (985 KB, 1080x893) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
985 KB, 1080x893
Fem boy for straight curious guys, kik - JojoTeenie
27 m Connecticut
if anything, looking for someone trans, non-binary, or genderqueer to fool around with and just have some safe fun
24/7 active

straight, but could probably be talked into getting hard by a trap/cd, or a guy...
Convince me to try something new :)

Kik mc0990
So many labels to keep track of and most of them are too narrow or too broad. On surface definition I barely see any difference between bi-curious and heteroflexable save for actually doing the deed.
Same time though there is a big difference between a bisexual guy who loves both equally and a straight flexible guy who loves girls but will dabble in part with guys also so I get the difference implied there.

Agreed. The spectrum viewpoint makes the most sense in my opinion. Unique taste, likes, fetishes and turn ons vary hugely from person to person. Sorting orientation on a sliding scale seems much more logical than the straight/bi/gay binary.

Just my two cents OP but much thanks, very welcome.

>I finally did it recently
Greentext story time?
Then you're bicurious, you stupid fuck.
File: 1454009135454.jpg (52 KB, 233x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 233x233
Ya don't say? Holy shit Anon, what an amazing revelation.>>23265651
Kik Stingeruncut 35 m Aussie


Looking for big dicks, will send back (I've been told I have a nice bubble butt)
Straight, but curious about sucking dick. Not attracted to guys sexually, but interested in traps or possibly the most feminine of guys.
Kik: 920number
Good at sexting? Cockhungry? Submissive cumslut? Have a kik account?

ADD: Godda2882

Male/20/Belgium | Big cock in need of sucking
Thread replies: 36
Thread images: 7
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