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Hello /soc/ How can I meet girls. I have...
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Hello /soc/ How can I meet girls. I have no clue how to approach them or anything I am super nervous, I am 19 no job etc I don't think I am horribly ugly. Any tips on meeting girls, and one problem is a lot of girls in my area are in highschool so any tips on meeting girls although there is a chance they may be in highschool? how to talk and approach etc I'd prefer to meet someone my age. Pic related its my ugly ass
Not a girl, but I am also 19 and in a similar situation(Except I'm gay). Where do you live, anon?
SD county.

That's far away. I'm from Maine lel.
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You aren't ugly nigger.

Stop caring so much about girls and work on yourself. Build some non worthless skills, develop more of a personality, & lose the idea that you NEED a significant other to be happy. When girls start hitting on you, you know you're doing it right.
I have no idea where to hang out where girls who are looking for someone would be, at least near me where I can walk to. there is one place 30 minutes away by a star bucks there is a bar and movie theater and a bunch of stuff no mall though, would that be a good place?
Look man, you're missing the point the other anon tried to make. Do you really know who you are? Are you happy with yourself? If either of those are a no, then don't get into any serious relationship because you'll try to define yourself using the other person and it will get messy. Find out what you're truly passionate about, make yourself into who you truly want to be, and girls will come to you. Trust me.
Nice way of saying I'm utterly fucked.
Where'd you get that from? Do you have an incredibly negative view on life? Cause that could be an issue. Look, I'm 20, no job, just got dumped after two years of being with a girl. It feels awful, but it was justified. I was using her to define myself, clinging to her with every ounce of who I thought I was. It's not healthy and it's not where you want to start. If you want to look for girls, fine. You're above average, you'll do well if you strike up a conversation. Bring a friend along, make it fun. But listen to me when I tell you to make sure it's what you really want first.
I have no friends where I live since I moved here and wasn't in highschool when I moved here.

Why did you move?
Ah so you're stuck in that sort of rut. I understand. Well there are a few great ways to meet people, one is the internet, but the place you were talking about sounds good as well. Don't focus solely on girls, if you find a friend they could easily have connections into other friend groups where there are potential girls to date. It's how these things work. I understand how nervewracking it can be but starting with the Internet isn't bad. Check out an area code thread or something, if you're feeling confident enough then get out there and make small talk with anyone, it doesn't matter who. It will get easier over time, and knowing people will help as well.
I'm in the same situation senpai, also 19 with no gf and decent looking like you... w-want to hang out if you're around Chula Vista?
>how can I meet girls
Go outside, friendo.

>No job
Get a job. Girls like guys who have expendable cash, also shows you aren't lazy and can actually do something.

>not horribly ugly
Yeah but you still got your baby face, you're gonna need a push.
Make sure you dress nicely, in fitting clothes. No overly baggy shit, and no super tight fitting shit either.

>most girls around me are in high school
What happened to all the 19 year old girls then?
Look, if they're all in high school then just go to football games/high school parties but that's a little lame
Are there no colleges around you?
No bars? Clubs?

>how to talk to girls
Be interesting, and aloof.

"How do I just be interesting?"
You either lie, have a good sense of humor, or you are interesting.

Find a hobby, one that people would find cool. Idk what's cool in your town.

Even if you have no goals, have pretend goals just for the sake of conversation so you don't sound like you're going nowhere.

Be caught up in most popular books, music, movies, tv shows, politics, world news.

Also hit the gym.
you're not ugly. so start by figuring yourself out. i see a couple of other people have said similar things.
also, if you don't have a job or if you don't go to school (college or uni or whatever), then you should do one of those things if you can. those will both allow you to do 2 important things: 1) improve yourself and your life, and 2) meet people.
Family issues, I actually was going to an internet school at the time but I moved down here and we didn't have internet for so long I ended up dropping out, been needing to get my GED, just have that math test left to pass but fuck I am dogshit at math and plus the last GED test I took was in like January 2015 so I may have to do them all over again.

Unfortunately bit far from Chula, more near Oceanside.

>get a job
see first part of this post, no qualifications

>Make sure you dress nicely, in fitting clothes. No overly baggy shit, and no super tight fitting shit either.

I have what I think fits good, slim jeans, the material doesn't actually hug my legs and there is room but they aren't baggy so I think they are just right.

I don't know whats cool in my town, weed, drugs, which I don't do either of them. or drink for that matter.

no money for the gym. Starting last night I am going to do 50 sit ups each night and then progress to do more, I do walk up and down a hill each day so I am not stuck in my room all the time and so I do get exercise.

I'd be willing to help you with your Math test. What's it on?
I don't know I never took the math GED cause I wasn't confident enough in my math skills, and no offense I just need a tutor in real life cause if I tried over a computer I wouldn't get anything done.
shit nigga, not sure why but that sorta hit me quite hard. haven't even been in a messy relationship (only been in one and that was when I was 16). some real truth in there though
Thanks man, that's how it goes. Some relationships may be amazing and it might hurt like hell to end them, but it's all about the experience. It actually helps you grow as a person.
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Michael Cera/10
I was once described as "Michael Cera with PTSD"
oh I should also say I am OP, just noticed my ID changed for some reason.
It's ok - Michael Cera is cute. I'm a 32 year old gay guy who likes childish looking boys though, so I don't think it means much coming from me.
watch RSD youtube videos.
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