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I didn't see one of these in the catalog....
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I didn't see one of these in the catalog. Clean Kik thread. For...just chatting. Or making friends. Yeah...that.

I'm very boring.

File: 20160127_222220.jpg (848 KB, 2304x1296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
848 KB, 2304x1296


D3ATHL3SSKN1GHT Add me lets talk :)
22 f ohio, usa
I'm a geeky lesbo from columbus haaaaay
File: image.jpg (239 KB, 500x645) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239 KB, 500x645
34 straight male
I don't sleep much and I watch way too many bad movies. Send anything. No dicks. 420 friendly a plus
kik chrisguy211
25 m california

File: IMG_4404.jpg (206 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 960x640
18 / male / USA / asexual

I enjoy web development, and my sleep cycle has been destroyed beyond repair. Anyone who wants to talk is welcome to contact me. ^—^

I will never want to sext, roleplay, or talk about celebrities. Despite saying this, people still try to do these things. Do not try to do these things.

kik: tetraploid
24/m bi

Nerdy and sporty af


30, recently graduated, and also recently moved from North Carolina to Tennessee. No friends, no job, no life, and overwhelmed like you wouldn't believe.

Possibly sexist, but I prefer talking to females, but I'm not picky. No interest in group chats though. I just have always gotten along better with women than men.
M (like 75% straight) / 18 / US-MX
geek stuff, photography, music, art, i like tattoos
23/m/US ethansuckss

I like clean talks about geeky stuff like comics, drawing, movies and some tv, and some anime/vidya if you're into that
instruments, reading, sports, videogames, currently getting started with leatherwork/making armor. not even for larp, i just feel like it.

kik: soirrelevant

answers can be slow, am at work

m/21/Ohio USA/straight

Casual chat preferred till I know you better, prefer talking to girls usually of the introverted and geeky variety, transgirls are ok too none of you have to be pretty.

I like literature, philosophy, and general stereotypical dork stuff like vydia and Role playing. If you want someone to vent to about something that is also cool, I do that quite a bit.


Let's talk about things, except anime
Looking to chat with cool people to get me through the graveyard shifts at work some nights
Forgot to put kik
I'm also boring and don't have any friends. Kik has been a complete dead end yet I still try
File: 145398020747542.jpg (199 KB, 563x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 563x1000

22 M LA

I just need someone to get me through the late hours.

I sleep during the day and work during late afternoon/night so my free time is usually really late.

That's fine and all, except I don't really get to meet people this way and it gets kind of lonely. We could talk about life, vidya, or I could be that guy you vent to when you're drunk/stoned.

Just up late working on a drawing.


21 m Italy
kik: Zombiecafe


sometimes it will be video games/other nerd crap. sometimes it will be dread.

21, m, windsor, ON
prefer nonwhites
17/m/New Zealand.

Quite depressed. And my sleep pattern has changed significantly since i started to work (Hospitality struggles) . so i dont get to talk to my friends much, and really just want to talk, about anything. Haven't used kik in a while but keen to start again if it means having something to do after work. Kik - madmanspaazmic
18 / female / usa. I'm a gamer, programmer, and music-listener ^-^

My favorite music genres are trip hop, electro swing, psychedelic rock, indie rock, dream pop, space rock, progressive rock, gothic rock, symphonic metal, nu metal, synthpop, and chillwave.

My favorite games are World of Warcraft, CS:GO, TF2, Grand Theft Auto V/Online, Guild Wars 2, FTL: Faster Than Light, Half-Life, Half-Life 2 (ep 1, 2), Portal, Portal 2, Minecraft, Terraria(!)

Currently bored. Don't send me nudes please

Kik: evaera
I like dota (and other games), dogs, and weeb stuff.
Kik: zmilkywayz

I would love to find others into fitness to keep each other motivated.
Handsome, tall, manly are all thing's I've never been called.
But I have been called cute, and I love debating/ talking so hit me up, fags.
I'll show you my dogs.
metal, instruments, pc games.
File: image.png (168 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 750x1334

I had a really cluttered contact list so I purged them all and starting fresh, so looking for new people to chat with

all you really need to know about me is that I collect Pokemom and work with dogs

Just looking to chat with anyone about anything
19 f
male usa/minnesota
real fucking bored and no one talks to me.
Bored as fuck, looking for any female to talk to.
File: lol_faggot.png (2 MB, 1296x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1296x864
last thread of the night before I pass out
I can shoot the shit about literally anything so hit me up or whatever
kik's trilospite
I'm down to have deep conversations about music or nature preferably. Oh, and bonus points if you know of Buckethead.


Kik: Boomator


Supernatural phenomena, anime, vidiogames, books, etc.


My girlfriend is literally the only person I know where I am, so I'm pretty damn lonely. I'm cool to talk about pretty much anything.
19 F US
hiphop, WoW or anything clean mostly bored.
Looking for nice girls to simply hold a convo
yaherd guy 30 Holland

Would just love to meet a person to chat too. we're all bored af.... I just want to meet someone who I can chat yo everyday...

hi =>

kik- doombu
21 mtf, very boring person
23 / M / Wolfknight20
Looking for females only, 22-24, Physically fit.
>that's physically fit
Nowadays physically fit just means "not a sea mammal".
File: niggaisusrs.jpg (56 KB, 500x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 500x343
is dis nigga srs?

hmu pls ppl I'm bored af

Please don't just send 'hey', or something.

kik: femsparkle
Clean Chats Only Thanks.

kik is sunshinespots

Honestly I'm mostly looking to chat and swap pet pics/stories!

looking to meet new people and chat. i like shoegaze and japanese music. i play guild wars 2 and read a lot of books


I'm sad, I'm listening to music. Right now I'm kinda drunk.

I have BPD and I am difficult and very sad and I'm having a very bad week.

I'd like to talk or chat or hug or roleplay or anything, I don't know.

Kik: AnnieNono
20 m California
kik: thdrknarf
Snowboarding / videogames / pool / music / books
I'm up to chat with anyone and everyone.
Any guys over 30? I'd like to talk someone closer to my age.
ya =D 31/m buzz me on kik.
kik; earlsta
File: 1454115872194.jpg (31 KB, 739x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 739x739

Lonely and looking for new friends! :3

Kik: xoraiderette

m/20/ bi-ish

lover, fighter and poet

I enjoy progressive rock/metal, gaming in general, reading specifically fantasy and sci fi
and playing music

hit me up Im always down to chat
come critique my deadlift form

tattooed, long hair, musician



I'm fine with anyone messaging me. Lots of interests. Prior military, now a student.
20 F NJ
Kik - howtobeaposer
Looking for chat about anything. I'm stereotypical issues internet girl.
Not her
Looking for someone to talk to during the long and lonely nights




super horny

love it all!


Let's argue about cats and stuff. I like having a late night chat buddy.


Currently bored as fuck. I'll listen to your problems if you just want to vent. Just be warned that I'm a bit of a degenerate.

literally anyone I don't really care who or what. can't sleep and I'm really bored

kik: Darklightning167

mongooserugger08, up to talk about pretty much whatever
kik: soundsymmetry

Down to chat about anything. I'm a music theory scholar.
dfhm_101. 26 m, I'm interested in pretty much anything.
anon_1993_ bored at work up for everthing

To be honest im a terrible conversationalist and im pretty boring.

I'm also a pretty big nerd when it comes to games and other things.

Just looking for random people too talk to when no one else is on/up/or just bored
I thought everyone knew Buckethead?
Anyone know apps similar to kik? Would like to try new ones

Please tell me
I award you all the points anon!
german male into anything naughty
kik: ohohno
Yeah, 'cause, ya know.... This isn't a fuckin' CLEAN kik thread or anything.
File: elvishclock.png (83 KB, 680x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 680x680
kik. elvishclock
huge nerd
bored as fuck
21 m aus.
Backpacking japan and staying in a tiny box at the moment.
Kinda depressed and looking for a chat
File: 1294111102457.jpg (691 KB, 1624x1015) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
691 KB, 1624x1015

Kik : Kyriosgust

Long term relationship just ended in a non-hostile but non-resolvable way. Wouldn't mind some company to keep my mind off things. Into Vidya, /tg/ and B movies. People over 25 please.
M, 18, Italy

2:30am need someone to chat too!
kik: hikkomauri
syndw 25m
Zmilkywayz is my kik
I guess I'm aight. Pretty cool
File: 20151115_180742-1.jpg (1 MB, 945x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 945x1920

23 M
File: image.jpg (501 KB, 1932x1932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
501 KB, 1932x1932
Just like chatting. No sexual shit tho I got a bae
Kik: Azurolu
I watch anime, read manga, listen to many kind of music, plays vidya casually (pc/Nintendo consoles)
Feel free to add me.
dlogan. (with the period)
Add me and we can talk about degenerate shit
You do sexual stuff for money
My kik is tuathe. I'm pretty lonely.
and what is your kik?
are you bored? Do you occasionally watch the animes? Do you want to possibly meet a wide cast of characters where you could find the friend you've been looking for your whole life? Just reply with your kik and let your inhibitions go

Gamer, guitarist, geek, and up to talk about anything

Kik: luisphant
I get bored a lot.

Big into music, art, literature, etc. Hmu of you wanna chat man

Send my anything and everything. I'll always reply. Do your worst/best.
19/m I like to exchange memes and talk about /out/, drugs, agriculture, anarchy and the like. Kik is happersilderness


I have lots of cute dog pictures
Big nerd. Love anime, videogames, cosplay, horror movies, bad movies, etc. Would love to chat with any females. Pretty shy guy but am very respectable. Up to chat with anyone though.
Still around and would still like some company if any one else is up.
Let's chat about life.
Let's chat about anything
I am very bored
does anyone want to chat with me about anything
or do games
23 m white straight

File: 1454082205230.png (410 KB, 598x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 598x460

Let me whine about my problems pls
hahaha halo 3 mythic tattoo, nice one bud
File: 1453900287719.jpg (16 KB, 469x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 469x386
Why do normies add me to their group chats? Just to laugh at me?
File: 1449948668639.png (22 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 900x900
If I don't respond, I ded.
Let's talk vidya, music, general life stuff and how cool your foriegn country is

Bored f/25/California
Animals and video games, bonus points if you hate yourself like me enough to play WoW.
23/M/New England
Looking for peeps to talk to, be engaging if you'd be so kind, prefer fellow New Englanders, but anyone is more than welcomed!
Kik: tysayshigh
20/f nightsonthesun

only add me if you promise to message me 24/7 and fall madly in love with me.
m20 FL bored hmu anyone :)
File: 20160124_115500.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1944
Names chad 20/M
Kik is BakaSupreme
I like video games (pc) anime amd other nerdy shit. I live in Japan for work purposes. Pretty open to talk to anyone. Looking to make friends to play pc with or grills to talk to
nj male, straight

open to group chats that are fun though
Womper62. I'll chat with whoever, I probably won't hit on you unless you're a trap

I figure shitposting to the same group of people is more effective than random shitposting. Add me nerds
File: Aisley.png (721 KB, 1001x1001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
721 KB, 1001x1001


I'll try to handle whatever random topic you throw my way

anything. I'm a person

Willing to chat with whoever. Interests include games, music, comedy, usually the weirder the better. Study political science and philosophy, if you like that shit hit me up.
KIK: Just_idk
kik: scrubloaf

just an overall lonely anon
Bail Bondsman/bounty hunter, mechanic, electronics nerd, gamer (WoW, CS:Go, the half life series, the secret world, Rift, and a lot more), love music (metal, rock, some rap)...
Looking for people to chat with between bonds, and possibly game with.

23/F/QLD, Australia.

I'm bi, but want a girlfriend near me.

We can talk about animals and stuff.
26/m/Australian loving in NY


Happy to chat about anything from games to books, sports to life


Mostly just looking to bullshit/waste time. Books, movies, music, animals, vidya, etc.

Clean. Which also means don't send me your wiener. I'm serious. Don't.

Otherwise pretty open minded, let's talk about stuff. Like the weather, music or just things that make you happy/ annoy you.
Warning: I may contain
traces of irony, sarcasm and not dark but pitch black humor, don't
get butthurt :^)

27/m/US Dallas Tx


just bored. into photography, diablo 3 and dota 2 ^_^

Hit me up with whatever you've got, Please no dicks though...
I get high, watch tv, play Xbox, and occasionally make things for cosplay
Sometimes I play the ukulele
20 / Male / United Kingdom.

I don't care who you are, or what you look like, but if you're a non-virgin don't message me.

kik: amb1337

send me your best meme ; )
305 (786/954/561) Area codes

Male, Straight

kik: Rob_Throwaway

Just moved to South Florida few months ago and would enjoy a grill to hang out and talk about stuff with. Movies, events, shows and festivals also.
I'm very hungover after 18 hours of consistent drinking and terrible decisions.
Also my kik is mashedpotitties.
M 20 belgium
M/21 Canada

I'm pretty down to earth,I can talk about anything.
Tell me what music you like or how your day was!

Kik: GreySkins
File: image.jpg (84 KB, 745x689) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 745x689
lets talk

I like stuff. Talk to me.
I'm not a terrorist though
Suomalainenkapteeni is kik
Kik: EscapetheTae

I'm going to sleep soon but, I hope I can find some clean chatting
I am not so social
Somewhat awkward
Might throw some memes at you
Half weeb/ half koreaboo 100% made for disaster
Currently watching Key & Peele before I sleep. Might respond in the morning.
Bored...vidya, comics, anime, music, fun stories anything is good, especial points for retro games

Kik: k72black
30 m USA... Looking to chat with females packers8025
kik: nopillowcase
25 m


vidya/anime, draw fag, and learning to program
not a normie taste in music.

looking to meet new people, not really looking for sexual stuff, but wouldn't mind it either. no dicks though.

Honestly I just want a distraction from my previous relationship.
Any grills in tx?
Maybe even dallas tx?
25 m/ dallas
Diablo 3 sucks faggot
>wants trannys
What Fucking girl is going to message you now?
You're such a Fucking faggot retard I literally laughed out loud
>tranny "music scholar"
Sometimes I think I fucked up my life and then I meet or see someone like you and I realize I didn't do too bad.
Thanks bro

19/m bi

Down to talk about anything really, im a huge sci-fi/horror movie nerd that plays alot of videogames lol
Down to talk about anything, politics, vidya, science, small talk.
probably going to sleep soon but will respond when I wake up. Up to talk about whatever.
US btw forgot to include that
We can talk about video games or movies or music, or whatever is on your mind
why the FUCK is your picture that of a <12 year old? WTF
Mid 30s German guy
Kik: Ohohno
File: mhEBauds.jpg (18 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 400x400
f/usa hmu
>I'm not a terrorist
I'd message you just because that, I can tell you're fun to talk with.

>your hidden agenda won't work, I see through your games.
19 f

need advice/someone to boohoo to desu


Kik Colt4tfive

Gamer, artist, game designer.

I never sleep and I'm down to talk to anyone :)
File: boooop.gif (4 MB, 270x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 270x480
kik: jaystardesu

I cant fall back asleep ;3;

Kik: Barbarian31
I have good conversation subjects mostly useless junk 20/ Mexico
Being a cock will get you plenty of responses. Asshole
19/f/aus. Looking for general chat and groups that dont circle jerk around girls or drop nudes.
Kik: absentiadeath
Male, female, in between, doesn't matter to me as long as you're cool and/or cute. Hope you like nerdy people, because I'm a buyfag with a lot of nerdy shit.
fyi, I have a new phone, so not many pics of me right now. I'll take shameless selfies of myself tomorrow after I shave. I look like a mess right now.
Whoever you are go fuck yourself you add me from a clean kik thread and open to this shit seriously
To be fair what kind of cunt opens up by saying.

"ya I got a boyfriend, don't bother"

Then you even post the convo online, complaining about how some creep from 4chan sent you a dick pic... Hou seem like a total cunt anyways. Definitely wouldnt enjoy a conversation with you.
You're probably that guy
Yep, I'm that guy. You caught me...

That or I'm just confused what a chick that posts her Kik on 4chan expects.
I wondering the same thing but also wondering why anyone would bother coming back and posting a rant.

Ah well welcome to /soc/ i guess
She didn't flaunt her boyfriend. She just told him what she was up to. Look, I'm not a white knight or anything and I couldn't give a fuck about that cunt. You were just over-exaggerating it. She probably gets tons of dick pics everytime she posts her kik. I think its okay for her to post one convo.
I was just scrolling the thread, I don't care enough to send a dick pic to a random chick.

It was just really subtle... You must not talk to a lot of chicks. The entire point of that message is to tell them "don't bother"

Either way idgaf, I'm just ranting about nonsense.
He asked what i was up to so i told him. He got my kik from this thread which is a CLEAN kik thread and my post states im not interested in having nudes dropped in tbe chat. Yep im a cunt for not wanting that and posting his dick that he must desperately want people to pay attention to. Now hes got it
Clean kik thread. Posted in THIS ONE because its meant to be CLEAN. If i wanted to see cocks id post it in the 3 porn ones going dude.
Even if that is the case are you so alone that you feel the need to flip out when other people even give the hint that they aren't alone
Fuckin exactly. CLEAN kik thread motherfuckers. So yes, I think she reasonably expects CLEAN messages
You're the most naive white knight in the world.
You're a fedora wearing neckbeard who gets triggered by other people who aren't alone pieces of shit.
Projecting much? Defending her isn't gonna make her like you.
If you actually read what I said instead of just posting like a mindless fag, you'd know I don't care about what that cunt thinks. You're just butthurt about how you'll just be alone forever
Just fuck my shit up
kik: lulztr0n
20 m BR

I'm boring but I'd like to chat
33/M here, any ladies fans of video games and wrestling? It's a long shot but what the heck right? Kik meh @CharThom82

Up for anything, interests are music, fitness, history and videogames.
Another stupid person. Seriously disgusting
27 male CT
nerd with a beard up for chats and/or burgeoning friendships based on nerdy subjects; just don't be underageb&
forgot my kik lol: dustv1n
>T) 02/01
stop bullshiting you bitch.i bet you make fake accounts and send dick makes to your self and then post it on 4chan because your an attention seeking dude.p.s your a fucking guy stop lying about being a girl
that is a guy not a girl.and hes like 12
send whatever u want

Kik: loserexboyfriend
Looking for a cute guy to get to know, preferably near me but whatever.
up for anything clean

Im in australia dude, nice troll though
m 20 europe
just want to chat kinda feeling lonely
Kik Name : bbdeathspark
18 year old dood, down for anything
19 F 727 alinax1996 prefer geeks
27 m NYC

Get to work late on some drawings tonight which means I'll be staring at a computer screen while things render and I try not lose my mind. Down to chat about whatever.

Kik is PresidentOfWhat

Dunno if I've already posted in this thread or not but I like generic, nondescript things. Get at me with some nonsense.
qquinx 27 m bi bored
Kik: mrbenis

Looking for chats. Just started work for the day
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 2448x2229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2448x2229
Female twenty two New England

Kik: MandarksLaugh

Talk to me?
Looking to chat with anyone as I don't talk to many people cause I work late nights and sleep during the day.
Thread replies: 212
Thread images: 31
Thread DB ID: 482364

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