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Craigslist casual encounters thread. Talk...
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Craigslist casual encounters thread. Talk about your experiences or get advice about posting ads, etc.
I'm a gay guy in my late 20's and I was really feeling like finding a younger guy to give head to. So a few weeks ago I figured I would have a go at finding one on craigslist. I made a casual encounters post and simply focused on being as honest and straightforward as possible to hopefully get serious replies.

Quite a few dud replies that didn't go anywhere ensued, but I recieved one that was clearly more serious, including more information about himself and asking questions about me and what I wanted that made it clear he had a genuine interest. He was a very cute 18 year old boy, straight but horny and curious about receiving head from a guy.

After chatting for a couple days, we decided to meet up. We met at a cafe and had a coffee and a sandwich, just to have a chat and see that neither of us was a crazy psychopath, and to get a bit more comfortable with each other. Then we went back to my place, and sat on the couch and talked for a while about each of our previous experiences and what we wanted to get out of this one. Since he was younger and less experienced, I tried to make sure he was comfortable and certain he wanted to do it, because the last thing I would want is for him to regret our encounter in the future.


After talking for a while he said he felt comfortable and ready, and suggested we go ahead. So we got into my bed, he laid down and I got on top of him sitting across his legs. I pulled up his shirt and started rubbing his stomach, and his crotch through his pants - he was already rock hard before I had even touched him, and the fact that he was so excited about it turned me on a lot. I took my time teasing him, rubbing him through his boxers, kissing and licking his stomach, before I pulled his boxers down and revealed an aevrage size, uncut, oh-so-suckable cock. He was slightly trimmed, but with quite a bit of hair still left. I licked and tasted every inch from the head to his balls, before I took it in my mouth and started doing my thing for real, determined to do my best to give him an amazing blowjob.

After about 10 minutes of enjoying his gasps and moans he made it clear in a really intense voice he was about to cum, so I picked up my pace slightly, made sure both my hands were playing with his cock and balls too, and prepared to take my reward. His cock twitched in my mouth as he unloaded down my throat, and I felt his whole body tensing and trembling underneath me, pushing up into me. I kept him in my mouth a little bit longer, gradually slowing down and making sure I licked him clean.

Afterwards he got dressed, and we talked about it again for a little while. He said he really enjoyed it and was happy he had gone through with it, I told him I was happy he felt that way and that he would be welcome back if he wants to. I definitely loved every moment of it and hope I can do it again soon, either with him again if he wants to, or with another boy.
What were your previous experiences?
Easy to find gay guys. Hard to fine traps. Impossible to find girls that aren't literal hookers or popo posing as them.
I've been with about 10 women and 2 men in the last 3 years.

It's about being truthful, kind, charming with the women. Unless shes crazy she wont ask for inappropriate or invasive questions. Don't write like an idiot. I send presentable pics until she asks for the dirty ones. It can be time consuming but it can pay off in the end.
>Hard to fine traps.

all i ever see is niggers
Trying to find someone by responding to W4M ads is basically pointless. 99.9% of them are bots/spammers or prostitutes.

If you're a guy looking for women, the MW4M section (and posting in the M4MW) section has a lot higher of a ratio of real people. Lots of those guys there want to see their woman get fucked
They ain't niggers, you just have your sunglasses still on
>If you're a guy looking for women, the MW4M section (and posting in the M4MW) section has a lot higher of a ratio of real people. Lots of those guys there want to see their woman get fucked
But some of them want to know if you're bi so you can suck their dick or get ass fucked, and that's not fun.
still browse CL cause its fun. but yesterday was the first time I went for some real action through backpage. 6ft. tall 23 yr old nigress. beautiful. asked for 60 for quickie in motel. i gave her 80 and said not too quick. mostly i jerked off while eating her asshole and putting fingers in her.
This gave me an erection.
Also I'm totally 100% heterosexual
This was my first craigslist experience. When we talked about our previous experiences together it was just our sexual experiences in general, his with girls and mine with guys.

Glad you enjoyed ;)
4chan and it's sissy hypno spawned my first CL encounter. Never considered doing anything gay until I discovered 4chan.
was lurking CL posts for a few days until I found someone close by who seemed serious. He was about 1 1/2 miles away, so I started walking and he picked me up half way, talk about an awkward drive. He was good looking, probably early 30s. When we got to his place he had some female clothes for me to put on, and he had bought me some make up before picking me up. I applied it to the best of my ability in the bathroom then came out to him on his bed. I got on my knees and noticed something on his good sized dick, he had went into his ass fingered out a piece of shit and put it of his shaft. I was like wtf! So he wiped it off and I proceeded to be the nasty slut I strive to be and began sucking anyways. Eventually he got up and peed all over me. He wanted me to role play as his mom but I wasn't into it. So he played with my ass some, then layed down and I worked his cock until he came in my throat.
I showered, he gave me the clothes and a little bit of weed, and I left.
I've hooked up with about a dozen women, five or six traps/trans/CDs, and one guy. Most recently fucked a MILF, yesterday. Two hours later I plowed my wife.
>scrolling through Craigslist one day, not really LOOKING for anyone really.
>find some big-titted girl, a little chubby, but I would describe her as "curvy". Not really fat
>She is "Only looking for someone to treat her like shit."
>Okay, why not.
>We talk. I treat her like shit during talk. She says "Tell me how you would fuck me please."
>"Or, I can just SHOW you how I would fuck you," I tell her.
>"Okay anon, my place?" She sends address.
>I go, she isn't wearing anything when she opens the door.
>I actually thought she looked fucking GREAT.
>Didn't tell her that.
>"Get the fuck on that couch" I motion to the couch
>She immediately gets on all fours, wet as fuck already
>Okay. I can do this.
>I smack her ass as hard as I could, telling her she is a piece of shit.
>She fucking loves it and starts moaning.
>This is easy, I thought.
>I continue to call her names, cumslut, whore, slut, cumdump, pig, fatass, etc.
>She loves every minute of it.
>I shove my cock in her mouth and face fuck her to the point of tears.
>She starts to beg me to put it in her.
>My cock all moist from her spit, I go back behind her and put my cock on her asshole.
>"No not there anon."
>"Shut the fuck up slut." Is all I say, she moans at that.
>I then proceed to assfuck her, until I came in her ass.
>She wants me to stay to get hard again to fuck her pussy.
>I play cool, "No, you don't deserve that today whore."
>She loves it and just starts licking on my cock even though it's not hard anymore.
>She continued to do that until I left.

I still use her from time to time. It's always the same thing, she wants to be treated like shit, and I just fuck her how I please. Can't really go wrong!
Um where are you located? Because that sounds super hot ._.
Ausfag here. I've never come across a real woman, all bots. Waste of time.
Get tested
I'm in the Netherlands.
Aww. Well a guy can dream cause that sounded super cute.
Well if you want it to happen to you too, I'm sure you could find a nice guy willing to take care of you in the same way. :) Honestly most gay guys just absolutely love giving head and making another guy feel good.
Have you never used Craigslist? I'll post an ad saying I'm a guy looking to est pussy, and will still get responses from gay men who want to suck cock.
I'm a woman who used to use Craigslist regularly to satisfy my particular fetish. I'm just glad I didn't get killed. Idk where to start. I prob hooked up w 10-15 guys from Craigslist.
is getting pissed on your fetish?
Yes. How did you know?
The fact that you found guys off CL. I was 99% sure it was either piss or something interracial. Were your encounters strictly involving piss or did you do other stuff?
Posting again for 8888 get. My own CL experience was no bites. Of the two people who turned out to be real. One turned out to be a fat girl when I said no fat girls on my ad. The other one backed out at the last minute. The rest of the responses were from gays even though I said I'm straight.
For the most part yeah. Also one time I replied to this guy who was giving away a car in return for regular sex. He was probably one of the grossest people I've ever met. I only met w him one time thank god
What sort of criteria did you filter through for the guys pissing on you other than unlikely to be a killer? I'm also curious about if you're near a huge metro area to get that many responses or does it not matter when you're a girl?
I lived in San diego at the time. I would get hundreds of messages every time I posted. I would filter out all the one liners with no info on themselves. Also, guys with pictures ranked higher in who I chose. I think the main criteria though was guys who posted their cell just because it's easier to chat by text when I was being flooded by emails
Been with about 11 women on CL. Just have to know how to make a catchy ad and get attention.
File: IMG_1489.jpg (2 MB, 2190x3054) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2190x3054
i posted an ad tonight. set up anon gh. been sucking big fat cock all night. anyone in toronto want a bj?
Where in the Netherlands, going there for a trip soon.

Those who have successfully met up with women through CL, what kind of picture do you put in the post? There's no way I'm putting a face pic on CL and I'm kind of skinny body-wise, but I have a 10/10 cock, so I usually upload good looking dick pics.
Why would the popo be interested in this sort of shit?
Some just get off on wasting people's time
Not craigslist but reddit's /dirtyr4r/

Met with a fine as fuck woman, a bit of a butterface but an amazing body. Sadly no big tits (my thing) but an ass to die for and so playful. I made her squirm with the slightest touch, fucked her brains out all night till she was soar. Best sex I ever had.

Lost contact, I regret it. I think she was just in it for the one time deal.. Think she had a bf and just wanted a random fuck. But damn she was kinky.

No luck on craigslist other than a BJ by a fat chick, best head I ever had though, so no complaints there.. She almost devoured my cock whole, it was great.

I gave up on the whole thing though. The thought of getting an STD started to turn me off.
File: image.jpg (463 KB, 1082x1456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
463 KB, 1082x1456
About 1 year ago my girlfriend and I posted an ad in cl looking for men willing to fuck and impregnate my gf it was a fetish of mine.Took about 1-2 hours before we started getting requests.eventually we found a suitable man to plant his seed into my girl.Ofcourse we asked him to send a picture of himself.We agreed upon meeting him at our home that Friday night after his shift had ended.
It was about 11pm that he arrived at our place.to my surprise,when he arrived he greeted me "Sir!" and I did not realize who this was until he told me that he was one of the security officers that work at our estate building.Small world I guess.

Long story short,he fucked my gf and dropped his semen into her pussy and impregnated her,it was the hottest thing.

Pic related my gf
Where? I'm in the Netherlands and this sounds fucking hot
File: dick10.jpg (25 KB, 600x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you fucking cuck

literally all my area is is gay guys, ive had a few girls, but every time i post an ad, 10 gay guys will answer for every girl that does, some pretend to be a girl, i just tell them to fuck off.

I say no guys in my ads, but they still reply :^)
oh well, barely use it now because i dont really want to get an std.
Yeah I guess him being a blue collar worker and my condos security guard made it even hotter

your cock wouldve been perfect to pump loads into my gf
not into that cuck shit brah, you just validate her being a whore, she'll monkeybranch you eventually and it will be your fault :<
Im just trying to help a bro out

I'm not sure I want to post more details here, for the sake of my (and his) privacy. But if you leave your email or kik I'll get in touch. :)
I have hooked up with two women from casual encounters, both older, both hotter than I would have expected for Craigslist.

The first was 45, and actually responded to a m4w post. We snap chatted and emailed for almost a month before meeting at a hotel.

Second was 50, but actually hotter. We met the next day, and believe it or not I had actually responded to her w4m. Couldn't believe I got a response.

There are real women using CL, mostly older, married, etc. I think it's gotta be like 100 emails to a response, and that's if you have good pictures and a response that is specific to their posting.

If anyone wants details, kik is teamdoubledare
Interesting. So don't open with dick, okay. Out of curiosity, where were you looking, and where are you from? w4m? How did you tell which were real and fake?

Fucking truth, most of the real people seem to be there.

Also true.

How do you do it? w4m or what?

....are you paying them? Are they fat?
I realise that most ads are scammers but I am a genuine female looking for hookups. why tf do I keep getting flagged.
Either post face or you have very little chance of them even responding. Being female we get flooded with replies. It's unlikely we're going to waste our time on someone if we don't know what they look like
theres something like 3 posts in 1 day from the same account, using the same pics, i kept getting flagged when i did that one day, just take new pics and make a new account.
did you actually do it with him?
my weird craigslist encounter (also posted elsewhere)

>gay and looking to hook up
>see an ad from older guy giving blow jobs
>he's a 10 minute walk from my office so why not?
>arrange to meet at lunch
>go over to his place. beautiful condo on 12th floor overlooking river
>he tells me to sit in chair and pull pants down
>starts sucking my cock. slowly at first then more aggressively
>starts taking hits off popper bottles.take a hit, hock some spit on my cock and go back to sucking me
>has me slide my pants off
>pushes my legs back and starts rimming me
>hands me a lollipop (green) and tells me to suck it
>I'm sucking it while he alternates between rimming me, deep throating my cock and sniffing his poppers
>takes the lollipop from me and starts fucking my ass with it
>then licks my ass, licks the lollipop, sticks it in my ass again while he blows me
>this goes on for about 10 more minutes until I blow my load in his mouth.
>as one last gesture of gratitude on his part, he puts the lollipop in his cum-filled mouth and then slides it in my ass one more time
>get dressed and leave
>realize about an hour later that my ass is stuck to my underwear from the lollipop juices
>get home and wash green-stained underwear
This kinda shit is what I come to 4chan for
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I'm a really passable trans girl. I've hooked up with so many guys from m4t that I've lost count. I've moved on to looking for a sugar daddy, and have three pretty sweet offers right now. The key to Craigslist is patience.

No, the key is not being male.
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I don't believe this. Most of the men I've hooked up with are the ones posting ads not me, your ads and pictures just suck pal. Write a well written comprehensive ad about what you are and aren't looking for. Post pictures of your body (if you're not fit good luck buddy) , your face (this one guy cropped his face just right above his handsome chiseled jawline try that), and if you can't host or drive then you're shit out of luck. You're probably not gonna find the girl you're looking for with your first ad. I've had guys tell me that they've been posting for months and they're so happy to finally meet me. Be hot, and be patient.
File: lbl16.png (254 KB, 1376x892) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I put up an ad looking for a woman. and i one of the replies i got was unreal. 9/10 Bitch literally looked like Pocahontas. Ended up fucking her all day. Took a secret vid and snapshots of the vid. Was a dream.

pic related

the actual email exchange.
File: lbl.png (1 MB, 938x679) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 938x679
her crawling into my bed after meeting at starbucks and smoking some joints
post vid
Vid is 3 hours. Way too long.
Cut it to the best parts then


>tfw ausfag and craigslist is even more of an abominable shithole
Agree, Sydney guy here and its a wasteland of fakes and bots that I don't even bother posting anymore.
Holy hot fuck

What did you put in the ad? Are you in a big metro area or something?
File: dogs.jpg (2 MB, 2492x2492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2492x2492

I usually post something funny or cute from my 4chan folder. Something women would like, not something that's entertaining on /pol/. Pic related is an example.

I've hooked up with five women replying to ads I have made (could have been a lot more if I had lower standards) so I know what I'm doing.
Got one of the ads handy, or just how would you write it? You ever put your picture on there or just dogs and shit?
Passable Trap here. Christ the flood of dick pics and black guys is unreal.

Had one guy just come over for cuddles was nice. Still want to mess around with him. Had a few offers for a sd but like most cl just flakes

I don't post my pictures because I don't think I'm very attractive. You have to work to your strengths. If you're a Chad, post pics of yourself. If not, don't. I just write good ads and that gets replies. If your writing can either make her laugh or make her wet you have a shot. It's really not difficult to stand out from other m4w casual encounter ads because 90% of them are just one liners with dick pics. Specify what you're hoping to find, describe yourself a bit and make it either funny or erotic.

On Saturday afternoon I wrote an ad looking for a sub. A couple hours later I got a reply from a cute girl who had always wanted to be submissive in bed but was too nervous to ever talk to her lovers about it. Reading my description of what I wanted to do to a sub made her really horny and talking about it for a few more hours convinced her to sleep with me that night. In the span of about 8 hours I went from writing an ad talking about what I want to do to a sub to having a first-time sub handcuffed and blindfolded while I paddled her ass red. She has been busy with work all week but we're doing it again this weekend.
One time I went over to a passable trans' for cuddles. I never contacted her again but she probably would have wanted to smash eventually. I'm just dumb.
Holy shit cool

Maybe it's because I'm in a small area, but I have tried for a year or two and got nothing except one girl who may or may not have been real and I definitely didn't want to hit, no matter how hot she was. Probably would have gotten gonorrhea or something, she apparently fucked a whole frat for Halloween.

I'm attractive and I'm a good writer, I was going to lay off the dick pics this time and try, but I have no clue what I want. I just kind of want something normal and quick or a FWB thing, nothing so specific as a sub or whatever, and I don't want to limit it by being all "must be a 5' 4" redhead with small titties" or something.

I'm a good writer and I can stand out easily, how would you suggest I go about spicing up a normal search for something not specific?
Funny if you were the guy because we text and such. Wanted to see him the other day but he said he was exhausted =/ and I had just moved into a new place.

For some reason I get good results esp if they have a kik which helps a ton. Had a guy come over earlier this week and sucked him off. He wanted to get together again but I shot him down
File: 1431424041750.png (588 KB, 1440x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588 KB, 1440x810
lol same. I met this one guys who just wanted to cuddle. he had mommy issues or something and cried while I held him. we were friends for a while until I started getting "I love you be mine" messages.

and omg yesss the unrelenting black guys on CL... so annoying.

I would say exactly that. You're a normal, sexually-frustrated guy looking for a normal, sexually-frustrated girl to fuck. Build on that premise. Make sure to say you are open to long term/seeing each other again and that it doesn't have to be a one night thing. Obviously it doesn't matter if this is true or not, but it helps them get over the feeling of "I can't go through with this, it's so fucking slutty" if they believe it has the potential to be something more than a one night stand.

I'm not doing this in a big city. I am in a midwest college town with a population of about 50K. You don't have to be in New York or LA to find women to fuck on Craigslist. Make sure to renew your ad every two days. I usually write two ads (one funny, one erotic) and stagger their post date so I can refresh one every day.
It happened more than a year ago so I knew there was now way that guy could have been me lol.

I regret not keeping contact.
Alright, trying now, thanks for the good tips. Sexually frustrated is both true and a good angle to launch off of. Also cool it works there; this is a college town and I'm sure it's out there, I just need a little more modesty and detail, I guess. And less dudes offering to suck me off for money, good fucking lord.

Out of curiosity, do the women tend to be older or something, or is it surprising the kinds of people that go looking on craigslist?
I know. How did you manage a sugar daddy at least offers I must know the secrets >>23233329
Yeah sorry to hear Anon. And hey maybe try to find her? I'll be honest I wish I had sunshine here to cuddle tonight its been a terrible night

What is it with gay guys and poppers? They do them all the time.

I usually specify the age range I want. I am almost 26. I typically post that I am interested in women 18-35ish. The sub I posted about earlier was 20. I have also fucked a married woman who was in her mid 30s as well as women my age. Who knows what replies you're going to get (other then fags offering to suck you off for money, I get that too).

What surprised me the most is that attractive women are looking for sex on there. I would say I am 4-5/10. The women I have hooked up with from Craigslist have all been 7-8/10. If you know what you're doing, you can compete above your weight class on Craigslist.
Yeah, included that, too. Interesting, that's gonna be fun if this works. I went for funny, salacious is for tomorrow, I guess. Here's hoping, thanks again.

Any funny stories or anything, or just sexy ones?

I was catfished once
>get interested reply
>I'm under the impression it's a milf that really wants the dick
>the selfies "she" sent had no results in Tineye so I figured it was legit
>talk for a couple days
>make plans to meet at a bar
>I'm sitting there
>some twinky, middle aged guy in a suit comes up to me
>nervously says "A-a-are you anon?"
>"Who the fuck are you?"
>"You think I'm Rebecca but I'm actually Ron"
>"S-sorry I lied to you but I'm still interested if you are"
>takes all my willpower and restraint to not beat the shit out of him
>grab him by the neck
>tell him to give me all the money in his wallet and if he ever replies to another one of my ads I will kill him next time
>he empties his wallet (it was around $150)
>take the money and leave

Now after we have emailed a few times I make them send me a selfie doing something like holding a piece of paper with both our names on it because next time I might be catfished by some big nigger with a gun
Ha holy shit, that sucks. I'd always ask for a timestamp anyways, /soc/ rules apply. At least you got $150 out of it

>Already got a reply
>Dude asking me to suck him off

fuck my life

Why do they think going into the m4w section and asking does anything? Has it ever fucking worked? Ever? Do they not see the burgeoning community of cocksuckers that would gladly do it?
>And hey maybe try to find her?

Won't that seem super creepy? We only met once.
I dunno Anon did you have a good time?
I know I've lost contact with guys I would want to see again to no avail. And what's it hurt to try?
i check my local craigslist from time to time and it's the deadest fucking site ever. although i only check m4w. my city just seems shit.
are you a girl?

jesus, shit on his dick? that's horrifying
I get older guys to suck my dick and get me alcohol.
>secret vid
I've had like 5 guys take stealth vids/pics of me. I never say anything because I kinda get off on it. I usually agree to something if they ask.
>How do you do it? w4m or what?
Yeah, sometimes I've answered an ad, other times they answered mine. About 50/50 in that regards.
>....are you paying them? Are they fat?
Never paid any of them, about a third of them were fat.
I think it helps loosen up your asshole or something.
since I'm bi I have no problem getting guys off craigslist but only scored one girl (a "hooker")

>see ad from girl
>looking for a generous guy with roses, etc...
>yeah, I get the hint
>communicate back and forth
>first clue is she asks me how much I want to pay (she doesn't know her own prices?)
>arrange for her to come over
>take her into my bedroom
>we start getting naked.
>second clue: she's kind of shy about getting naked
>climb into bed
>third clue: she's going to have sex even before getting the money upfront
>fool around in bed
>fuck her hard in every position possible
>gag her on my cock
>start to push into her ass and she says she doesn't want to do that. told her I was paying for her time and I'll do what I want
>fuck her ass until I cum
>finish up, pay her a little extra since I don't think she expected what was going to happen
>about a week later I want to fuck her again
>send her an email
>she writes back that she isn't doing it any more. I was the first guy she fucked for money and she isn't cut out for it. she only did it because she needed money
>I'm OK with that. time to move on
>week later she writes and says she needs money and want s to know if we can meet again
>it's on again.
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