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Tea Time fuckers! Whats going on in your...
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Tea Time fuckers! Whats going on in your life? Tell me how you are, things got you down? Things got you up? Lets all talk like civilized humans.
Tчe cигчтc oф чeлл бpинг итжc виeшepc бaцк ин.
Oh man, tell me about it.
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Living a life full of wasted potential due to a stutter that basically renders me physically autistic...uhhh gf starting to slowly hate/distance herself from me slowly cause Im a lazy depressed slob who's "complacent" with life. Parents think Im a dumb fuck who can do nothing I have just about no real friends. Admist all my failure in life Im somehow kind of attractive and get girls fairly easily.... but they always leave over time. I can never really be the guy that I know I am. I assume they all either get bored or annoyed with me.... Its always a high for a bit but it always ends up the same pathetic result eventually
Чe цoмec.
So basically you're not the guy you want to be? What exactly leads you on this path of apathy? I mean it can't just happen one day, things aren't just good, you wake up and they are bad. So what kind of character traits do you develop or fall back into?

What about your personal interests? Work and school?

Haha, boy I know it! Crazy how that happens right?
this boy i liked last year has started hitting me up again
i still think he's a fucking awesome babe
except the reason we stopped hanging out/dating/going out/whatever it was is bc he started fucking this girl i used to be friends with

who pretty much intentionally banged him to spite me
hence why we are not friends anymore

i feel like a piece of shit
i shouldn't still like this dude, he basically lied to me and saw this girl behind my back and then started fucking her and ignoring me

but he's so cute and interesting and funny and sweet and now he's interested in me again or maybe he's just looking for an easy fuck

i'm not gonna do anything with him
but the attention is nice
and i want to be able to just ignore him and tell him to fuck off
which i did a month ago but now i'm sad and he's persistent and i'm eating it up

fuck me
Ayy this some shit.
Nah, but for real. Life's shit. I've backed my self into getting a degree I'm almost positive I'll hate. Anxiety makes social situations beyond shit. Do I just end it now?
This guys sounds like a fucking cunt, and you're better to wash your hands of the whole situation. But you're the master of your destiny, you'll do what you'll do and the world will continue move. You sound familiar, whats your first name start with?

Why are you gonna get a degree you hate? Sounds like you need cognitive behavioral therapy to be honest, you can't fix shit if you don't try to fix it. Sure you could kill yourself, or you could work on it and try to do something with yourself that you'll actually like, life doesn't have to suck.
i know
he's almost definitely an absolute piece of shit
i'm going through a really bad time right now i guess and am weak-willed.
i doubt i'm familiar to you though, i'm barely ever here. just passing through tonight as i'm rather sad.
Its okay to be weak willed, its okay to feel all fucked up. But letting someone use you is just that, allowing someone to use you...

Does it start with P?
you're right.
i guess it's just nice to have someone call me a qt and send me cute snapchats and talk to me all day when every other aspect of my life is kinda trash right now. but you're right, and letting someone use me isn't going to make things any better in the long run. thank you. i'm gonna try and cut things off as gracefully as possible.

and no, my name doesn't start with p, sorry friend.
Its life, we all get fuckered up here and there. And its good to feel down sometimes and let yourself sulk, but there somethings we need to be cognizant of and keep diligence. I hope you feel better soon friend, good luck.

Just making sure, ain't no thing.
>life doesnt have to suck
Huh, never thought about it like that. I'm getting a double major in philosophy and history teaching. But I dont want to teach, but I have no other options. The fuck am I supposed to do with just a philosophy degree?
Abandon that shit and get a degree in something you're interested in. I mean yeah, life will be tough, but it doesn't have to be outright dreadful. There has to be the challenge somewhere in there, or else nothing will be worth doing. But you have to be able to appreciate the steps ahead of you. What else are you interested in? What sort of skills do you have?
I'm interested in philosophy and history. Not the teaching. I just don't see any way to get a job out of those interests. I have close to 0 skills outside of writing and thinking about shit
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