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General BDSM stories, experiences, pics and...
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General BDSM stories, experiences, pics and webms thread. Lets swap stories of how we got into the lifestyle, wonderful interactions, and pics and vids of said interactions. Questions and Curious newbies welcome. Maybe you would like to start your journey or introduce BDSM elements into your relationship.

Im a 29 year old Professional Dom from Denver. I started in the lifestyle when i was 20. I didnt know the lifestyle even existed until i researched more about it. Still learning new things every day. I have had lots of different interactions and experiences and every race and body type available. Id never go back to a Vanilla life.
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I want to say I was around 13 at the time, perhaps younger when I was asked by an older man over a videogame what I thought about it. I had no clue but when I looked it up I was horrified. However, as I grew older I explored the idea of being dominated.

When I was in my sophomore year of highschool I had my first boyfriend that I got intimate with. Because I am a shy person I never had sex with him but while "messing around" I discovered I liked when he was rough with me, throwing me around, slamming me on walls, pinning me. It was exciting and I trusted him however it ended up not working between us for other reasons. I would not ever take back the time spent with him because I learned so much about myself.

In the future I would like to find a partner who shares the same interests as me and who is experiential I suppose.
I recently started with hot wax... I have been trying different places, building up the courage to drip it on different areas of my body.
i had no clue that it even existed at 13. And it was always the girlfriend or a female element in my life that exposed it to me. I think i get off more to the reactions to my actions. The moans and facial reactions from what i do. Would you say you are submissive in your day to day life as well?

I have a lot of questions if you are still around. My GF has expressed a lot of interest in getting into light bondage and submission but I have literally no idea where to begin.

Let me know if you are still here and I'll ask away.
If someone asks for something to be done I have always been the first person to do it. Just how I naturally am.

However among my peers I tend to be a leader.
Maybe you are who I should be talking to. A female who likes to be dominated?
You should ask! We'll all help answer and it'll be good discussion for the thread.
>Last weekend
>gf bondage taped hands together because lol feeling lazy
>tapes them to the top of the bed
>she fumbles it and drops a huge roll of bondage tape
>it lands square in the middle of my face
>jump, mostly from the shock, y'know something flies at your face so you flinch
>she freaks out asking if I'm ok and apologizing
>pretend it really hurt for about 12 seconds then start laughing

She did this to me for that.
I'm not that experienced but I can give you my opinion...

I would say a good starting place is spanking and biting... Make sure you have a safe word!
Well, my GF is a curvy little Latina. I am a big and tall gringo, twice her size. She's mid 20's I'm pushing 30. We've been together for a little over 2 years and have had great sex from the beginning. We share similar sexual interests as in almost nothing is off limits and we have great communication when it comes to needs and fantasies and such.

Due to reasons she has a much higher sex drive than I do but she says that I keep her satisfied if only just barely.

In conversations about sex she has expressed interest in light bondage and domination. Apparently none of her previous partners were as open minded as I am so she has had this unfulfilled fantasy for 10+ years and I really want to do what I can to make it happen.

I have never had much interest and zero experience in this and I realize that having her explain to me exactly what she wants kinda defeats the whole point. So I have tied her hands together and blindfolded her and been a little rough but it is so hard for me to take myself seriously. Almost every girl I have had sex with has had some sort of sexual trauma in their past including my current GF so I have learned to do the opposite.

She has told me that she wants to be lightly restrained, in a way that she can still retain movement and free herself if need be. Also she would like me to treat her like my "puta" which can be translated to either "bitch" or "whore". Like tie her to the bed when I go to work but leave her mobile enough that she can just watch TV and smoke weed all day but still be ready and waiting to service me when I get home.

The whole thing seems silly to me especially considering her past.

Sorry for the wall of text but I am utterly lost in the world of BDSM and I guess just need advice, tips, maybe some restraint ideas?
Female dom, with a male pet, not so secretly holding out to also have a female pet.
I love reading stories about people getting into kink it makes me smile. =)

I have tons of stories if someone's interested they're mostly heavy beatings and what have you. I wish I had a top/dom now but eh that's how life is..
Also starting I think a good think is bdsm 101 I think was the book
Some of the things we have tried were pretty cool. We are kinda limited because I live in a house with room mates but sometimes when they are all gone we will play around in the upstairs living room.

>Blindfolded her and tied her hands together with a little leash.
>Stripped her naked and walked her around the upstairs blindfolded like she was my pet.
>Pushed her down to her knees and made her give me head with her mouth only.
>Forced her to eat my ass out (surprisingly she loved it)
>Made her lay down on the bed with her head hanging over the edge and then fucked her mouth with my balls slapping her nose. Just as I was about to cum and pushed my cock down her throat as far as I could and blew my load right into her neck.

Used to do this alot with my ex so that was an easy one. But spanking and biting during sex to accentuate a thrust. I think it would be hot to have a dedicated spanking session where I lay her over my lap and go to town when she is bad.
You mind posting a couple that could specifically relate to my situation? A story about BDSM noobs?
Where are you located?

I'd say that maybe something to try is to tease her a lot. Tie her up on the bed (I lust after under-bed 4 limb restraint systems, get one for my sake) and have her blow you, or face fuck her, and touch her all over EXCEPT her clit/vagina/nipples. Dance your fingers up her thighs and jump over to her stomach. Maybe even take a vibrator dangerously close, but not close enough.

Make her writhe and scream for it. At the end I could recommend some Hitachi forced orgasms. Fun.
Also we have talked a lot about adding other partners. I had regular threesomes with my ex-wife so I know it can be a hassle sometimes but my current GF has said she was interested in having sex with another girl, however she has flip flopped on this one a few times.

We both decided that I wouldn't want another mans dick inside my missus and she doesn't want my dick inside another chick (as of last night anyway). She says that she doesn't want to fuck a different guy but that she wants to experience DP so we have talked about maybe me wearing a strap-on over my cock, like against my pelvis. I've made it pretty clear that a MMF threesome is never going to happen but I did concede that if she could find a completely passable tranny that I might consider it.

This sounds good. I have seen some of those under bed systems and I'm fairly confident that I could make something similar with some nylon webbing or rope (knot tying merit badge).

Is that like when you tie a chick up and hold a vibrator on her clit until she can't help but orgasm?
Missouri and/or Wisconsin, but if you're 3 hours or so away, that's not too big a deal. Why? A-are you a qt3.14 girl interested?
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OP here. You guys seem very adventurous and open. So have fun with it. There is no good remedy or template for BDSM but the major thing i could advise is to COMMUNICATE. That is the most important thing. Alot of people lack that and that alone destroys the dynamic. She is telling you what she wants and thats good! Listen to her. You are the architect to her fantasies and she is the pillar of yours. Definitely have a safe word, talk about HARD limits and listen to what she is saying. Take heed of how her body responds when you try things and guage her reactions. Just try things within the confines of the limits. Do research, watch videos together, watch them seperately, read BDSM books and learn the female body. Learn her body and her buttons and use that for potential punishments or Rewards. Thats the wonderful thing about BDSM, its limitless!

Also the restraints you were talking about are the under the bed restraints. You can get them on Amazon. I have some but i added Chains for a more sturdy construction and it also looks pretty medieval Pic related an old sub. Get creative and make things. Anything can be a potential toy.
sorry i forgot to quote you to my post --->>>23195334
I'm many a state away. I'm sorry :'(
Aww, what state are you in?
The state of constant despair
But I thought you said you weren't in Missouri? Haha, but really, I'm still interested in chatting, if you're down for it. Skype is anonmooselord and Kik is turniphead96. No pressure.
My ID changed because I switched from mobile to laptop, by the way. I'm still the same person.
Thank you very much, this seems like a good starting point. We have excellent communication as far as being open and honest goes but the language barrier makes it hard sometimes. I've always had a thing for Latinas so just having her in my bed fulfills one of my greatest fantasies.

She has gone back and forth on whether she wants to be restrained in a way that she can release herself, or whether she wants to be restrained in a way that I can quickly release her if need be. Is that just inexperience and that she just hasn't learned exactly what she likes yet?

I don't understand the fetish of wanting to be dominated, maybe that's why I am struggling to wrap my head around this whole thing. I don't understand the motivation so it's hard for me to see the big picture.

Feel free to add anything else to this thread. Even just the limited number of replies has been enlightening.
How many encounters or women have you had? And id like to see more of your bdsm pics if you have any.
Um I really dont have any for new people.
My first play was a bit of an experience. And Not what the normal person does.

But if you want something new I would start small with like handcuffs or something similar.
A good way of restraining her for the first few times would be the tape that you can buy in any sexshop. It's flexible and easy to cut when necessary, doesn't look as threathening. She'll quickly find out that there's nothing scary about being fully restrained with chains or ropes...

Also, an easy way of giving her dp is to sit her up doggy style and fuck her pussy whilst there's a vibrator up her ass. You just push it in with your pelves (make sure it's long enough for easy movement).
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