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Good morning/evening my beautiful starchildren.
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Good morning/evening my beautiful starchildren.
It's your resident IS girl here, M0rbid.
I didn't see a legitimate Trans/Trap/CD thread in the catalogue.

Lets do something a little different then the standard post/get attention.

Lets have a legitiate discussion thread, although attention whoaring as usual, always welcomed. Let's us just not make it the main focus.

I. How is your day going?
II. What is your opinion of Trap vs Trans? Differences?
III. What are your opinions on the current TG/TS/GQ movement throughout the world?
IV. What are some things you are working on currently in your transition/trapgame?

Get in here you, beautifully brilliantly bright bastards.
Added this fat bitch on kik before. What a waste of time
What, you're one of the guys I didn't reply to? I did say I wasn't looking for men, there shouldn't be any miscommunication there.
What's with the negativity?
I guess they dislike me because I didn't acknowledge them or reply to them because I wasn't interested in talking to whoever they are.
I usually leave a post or two in threads like this for general contactfagging reasons, but I prefer to talk to other trans people and women.
You are a beaut


I. My day could be better I suppose
II. I love both the traps and the trans. Never felt any sort of attraction toward other men unless they are all prettied up to be ladies. I find cock to be just as sexy as pussy. Its been cause for a lot of confusion about my sexuality recently, but I am working through that.
III. I love that TS people are actually being recognised in the mainstream as something other than objects of perversion. At the same time I look at them with perverse thoughts. So....there's that....
IV. I have explored being a trap some and I do enjoy wearing woman's clothes but I do not have the discipline to keep it up. I'm too much a perfectionist. I am also rather hairy. For now I am content to enjoy the work of others and explore the part of my sexuality that loves dick.
I see. I get that as well. Some guys add me. Even though I explicitly tell them. I'm only interested in friendly conversation, finding a friend. They usually stay around for a few conversations then "ghost" out.

D'aw Merci!
Why better? I see. Most guys who are raised pretty conservatively go through that same kind of journey.
Haha, It's good to see other people looking to the media and other sources to see that. But, it's not bad if you feel naughty things about TS woman. Hey. Sexuality is expansive. You can have preferences, but to seek out a TS/TG female exclusively, ie hunt one down, then it's another thing. The Chaser, most TS/TG woman fear. I know from a personal experience, as an IS woman, we want it to be a natural boy meets girl thing.
Oh lord. A TV. Good luck with that xD.
Yeah. I dunno, it sucks but it isn't that big of a deal.
I'll leave what I originally posted because I'm really bored.

20 / trans woman / US - Ohio
Bisexual mtf from the 440.
Attracted to other trans people, mtf or whatever else, and cis women
I'm tall and chubby and pale
mostly a top and into kink
I'm usually up for lewdness and trading pictures but I also like clean chats too. I like music, movies, lgbt stuff, art, and nature
I'm a musician and I'm in a band, and I've been on hrt for roughly over a month.
I have weird sleeping patterns so don't assume I'm not interested in talking if I don't instantly reply back.

my kik is AlexErin9
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1 MB, 1152x2048
Well I wouldn't say that. But, what honestly made you stop trapping? Out grew it?
That's cool! What do you do in the band? What kind of music do you play?
Go fuck yourself, man. Honestly lel.
Transgenderism is not a mental disorder, that sounds something straight out of '40s fascist propaganda magazine. You should honestly be ashamed of yourself for speaking such nonsense.
Take your nonsensical olde timey pseudo science bible elsewhere.
I am going to have a long talk with your mother tonight about your post.
Go to bed.
I'm the bassist and I do some vocals, mostly harsh/backing stuff. We haven't met as a whole group since like early November but we might be meeting up again next month to jam some more. We've been mostly playing alternative stuff with some metal vibes occasionally. Cute pic, btw.
Why are you even here? Seriously. No one gives a fuck about what you're saying. FYI you moron, I was born intersexed and with mixed gonadal gynosis. Go wiki it.

That sounds really awesome, I use to be in a melodic deathmetal band, lead vocals and bass guitar. Fuck yeah! Bassist unite! \m/
if you wanna talk more about it, feel free to shoot me something on kik if you use it.
you look amazing! How long have you been on hrt to look so hot!
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Thread images: 4
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