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I just reached my own personal best and took...
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I just reached my own personal best and took in a Tantus Ringo. I used to use their Ryder but I had recently upgraded to a Bronco and wanted just a little more. Oh my god did it fill my ass. Even though I used lube and practice stretched it still hurt going in, but not bad enough to tear me or anything.

Even though the orgasm was amazing, I've still had better. Maybe because I was focusing on the pain. I'm still shaking, I'm exhausted just from the effort. But I can't wait to do it again in a few days.

What's your personal best, /soc/?
Got my Gf one of these, she was really shy cause it was her first toy but she loves it inside her now and uses it often
That's a nice plug. It's from Crystal Delights, right? How does she like it? I'm not into the firmness of glass myself but they are gorgeous all the same.
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Those ridges by the small end do shaking, weak-in-the-knees, mewling-like-a-kitten things to me.
I own the Pfun, myself. It does add pressure to the prostate but it's a little too firm for my taste.
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>What's your personal best, /soc/?
The Tantus A-Bomb. It's huge and so filling. The hard part isn't just getting it in - and believe me the stretching hurts - but also keeping it in, because your body will try to compel you to force it right back out again.


Holy fuck, Anon, how do you even? I'm the OP and I actually had bought the A-Bomb awhile ago but was scared by its size. I'm the one who JUST survived the Ringo. I... I don't think I'll ever be able to get that in there!
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The Ringo should be a great training tool for you to work towards the A-Bomb. I started out with something similar, pic related.

Basically you want to start off playing with the Ringo, keep popping it in and out of your ass for a good while until you'll loosened up the sphincter muscle nicely and feel quite comfortable with the toy. After that you simply switch over to the A-Bomb and just gently keep applying pressure until you can get over widest part. Pre-loosening yourself is essential because the A-Bomb has so little taper.

It feels strange inside at first, because unlike with a conical plug where the widest part sits just inside the anus, the widest part of the A-Bomb is in the middle of the plug, so you feel that girth stretching a deeper region of your rectum.

If you force it back out again using only your muscles it's a bit like laying an egg. xD
I'll do my best, Senpai!
Any chance you could take a photo of your Ringo and A-Bomb side by side? I'd be interested to see how they compare.
Sure. Give me a few minutes.
Awesome. :)
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As you said, the A-Bomb might be smaller but it is thicker than the Ringo. My butthole twitches in fear. Also, my upgrade was directly from that Bronco on the far left.
My entire collection, btw.
Oh nice, you got the red one too. Thanks for the pic. I see the A-Bomb is quite a bit bigger than the Ringo. For some reason the Tantus website suggests that they're both 2.5" diameter at the widest point, but clearly that isn't the case. The A-Bomb is quite a big step up. The other plug I have is much closer in size to the A-Bomb, so I was going from a 7 1/2" circumference to an 8", and even that left me a bit sore.
Oh that's awesome. I recognise so many of those toys, especially the Tantus ones. Judging from some of the colours you got a couple of them in grab bags I'm guessing? Those are a great deal.

I wish I had a photo of my entire collection, but last time I tried taking it out I instantly regretted it when it came to putting it away again.
Gotta love grab bags for their value. And, yeah, setting that display up was a bitch to pick up afterwards.
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They have a special offer on right now. Buy any two toys and get a free grab bag. It's so tempting.

I suspect that if you spent half as much time focusing on life as you do your anus, you'd be very successful.
File: IMG_3291+2.jpg (119 KB, 500x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just found this online. How about a wine bottle dildo?
Jesus Christ! How do you guys even fit one of these?
This is great and all but we demand pics and said toys in your ass etc.
dragoness muzzle > janine
I regret buying janine. Loose, flimsy. Dragoness muzzle is nice to put up against the wall of the shower to get some suction and go hands free with.

Managed to slip past the sigmoid night before last with my XL unflared chance from BD.
I recommend coconut oil for lubricant on platinum-cured silicone. The oil will eat away at latex and I don't trust jelly toys.
The oil is nice because it lets the toy gradually glide in as the muscles relax/stretch. I tried the cum lube from bad-dragon and it's just too thin; there will be resistance then a sudden pop as everything rushes in. Their lube isn't even good for their penetrables since it dries up so goddamn fast; their lube just fuckin sucks.
>past the sigmoid
>xl unflared chance

NOPE! NOOOOOPE! You clearly win this round, Anon! As much as I enjoy ass play I would be paranoid as all fuck to try and go that deep. Lord knows I'd rip an artery with my luck and then my landlord would find my horsecock-impaled corpse... Jesus...
I'm pretty paranoid myself and don't even practice/play that much to be honest. I had been drinking before jumping into a hot shower and was just chillin and enjoying the "full" feeling when suddenly it just went deeper and holy fuck it was one of the most intense sensations. My legs instantly got incredibly weak and shaky.
I was even surprised I could fit the damn thing in my ass in the first place since it was larger than I anticipated when I unboxed it. I'm like what the fuck that ain't right.
I also have a large rex which I can knot without warm up. Literally just sit down after slathering it up with coconut oil and it smoothly slides in. I DO need to warm up to have my ass not instantly try to reject it and let it stay knotted as I wash though.
Warmup stretches, controlled breathing and LOTS of lube.
>No luck with prostate orgasms
>Bought my first plug for Christmas
>Tantus Ryder
>Lube up
>Bring it home
>Slightly more discomfort over the next three or four hours
>Fap with it inside
>Doesn't feel any better
>Lose interest in fapping because of it
>Time to poop it out
>Almost yelp from the pain of buyers remorse
>Thought I was bleeding but wasn't
Haven't tried it again since.
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If you're going to leave it in for 3 or 4 hours then I have two tips for you:
1) Get some lube on a finger and rub it all around the neck of the plug and up into your hole as far as you can get. The lube you originally applied will have dried up after all that time.
2) Go slowly when you remove it. The sphincter will have tightened up around the size of the neck of the plug and will need to be gently stretched again to pass the girth of the bulb once more. Push out with your muscles and grab the base of the plug so you can use it to slowly pull at the same time to gently coax it out.

That said I don't actually find the Ryder all that exciting, even though a lot of people tend to rave about it. Try the Fun Factory Boosty instead: the shape actually puts some pressure on the prostate. pic related.
I dont know what material a Tantus Ryder is made out of.
I use a mini rex from bad-dragon as a plug I leave in while I go to work and sometimes when I go to bed. Silicone so I use coconut oil as it lasts long and doesn't really dry up like a water-based lube would. Some people express concerns that the oil may damage the silicone if left on it for too long. I haven't noticed a problem.
File: XRqk8.jpg (170 KB, 800x1003) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I don't know what material a Tantus Ryder is made out of.
All Tantus toys are made from 100% platinum-cure silicone

>Some people express concerns that the oil may damage the silicone if left on it for too long.
Oil-based lubes should have no effect on silicone. The only thing you have to be careful with is using silicone lubes with silicone toys, because some of the cheaper silicone lubes can bond with the surface of some silicone toys, making it go all gummy.

Tantus say on their website that it's fine to use oil-based lubes with their toys, and if you want to use a silicone lube then they recommend Pjur Silicone or Sliquid Hybrid because they've tested them to ensure there's no reaction.
I figure the oil-based lubes would be ok on silicone but some people are just ultra paranoid about it. I guess you get that way when you drop 120+ dollars on a rubber dick.
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