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last thread like this got derailed, so
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last thread like this got derailed, so
>share stories
>share feels
>share pics if you want
>talk about virginity and wizardry, or possibly losing it
>this thread isn't full r9k so be nice to women and normies unless they act like dicks

if you're a non-virgin
>this thread probably isn't for you
>be nice to the virgins
>this thread is not for your personal validation, go to one of the 3-4 rate threads on the catalog if you want that
>keep posting about bragging and such to a minimum

alright, lets go
>be nice to women and normies unless they act like dicks
Thread is already shit
there's a ton of threads on r9k if you want to be like that
figured this would be a good in-between
away from the virgin hugbox of r9k
but still far enough away from the hookup culture and virgin shaming of a lot of /soc/
I guess I can start

>awkward guy
>go to small school
>as in, graduating class was <100 people
>reputation of being crybaby and "creepy" stuck with me from elementary school all the way through senior year
>only 1-2 acquaintances through all of it, they were my friends when people weren't looking, never much outside of school
>never had contact with girls during this time

>go to good private uni because one of smartest people in little hick town
>roommate immediately hates me
>his gf thinks I'm creepy
>he leaves
>that was first semester freshman year
>haven't had much contact since then

>senior year of college now
>1 "in-class friend"
>he only talks to me in classes we both have and at lunch
>ignores me the rest of the time
>during all this time, never left room, been invited to party, had a woman show interest, or have any other friends
>stay in room, eat alone at dining hall most of the time

>had frat boy older brother
>parent's favorite
>drowned in pussy and alcohol in college
>his current fiance likes to talk shit about how I'm a loser that's going to die alone every chance she gets
>she's somehow invited everywhere because my mom loves her

>no luck IRL, better try dating sites and online
>realize that tinder and OKC, and 4chan are awful
>women here are 10x more vapid and narcissistic than women around me at school
>which is saying something

>now, virgin at 22
>have mental and emotional maturity of 10 year old
>don't know how to make friends or even start a relationship
>don't even know what to do in a relationship if by some miracle you get one
this is pretty bad to be honest
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I'm 23, still a virgin. I don't mind being one anymore because I made a discovery that the city I live in ranks number one number one in chlamydia and second in gonorrhea in the nation.
jesus christ man
yeah, I'd stay away from tinder if I were you
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2016-01-17 13.29.26.jpg
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Sometimes I care, sometimes I don't.

Where is that? :O

I'm a 33 year old full wizard.
A couple years ago I basically came out of a ten year depression.
I recently made a couple of friends, it's really weird. I haven't gotten my life on track enough to even consider trying to start anything romantic with a woman and I honestly have no idea even how to do that.
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What the fuuuuuck.
What the fuuuuuuuuuuuck.
He loves like a magnificent frog

>You guys give me hope, god bless.

> I'm 23, still a virgin. I don't mind being one anymore because I made a discovery that the city I live in ranks number one in chlamydia and second in gonorrhea in the nation.

Also I simply lost interest in women
That's in missouri yes?
>tfw somehow know the American capital cities
w-what do you mean
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pretty alright deal man
there's a lot of shit that comes along with them, at least what I've seen from my brother and his relationships
doesn't really seem to be worth it unless you're really focused on finding that one gem in the pile of shit and defending her for the rest of your life

LOL Yep. This place is disgusting.
How, like, like man how. Your cute.
Go. Go out and find yourself an insecure walking baby hole rn, fag.
It's in Missouri but it's not the capital.
The numbers on stds in St Louis have kept me from ever hiring a prostitute just to get it over with.
Thanks man

I'm also autistic as fuck around women irl

There is your answer
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>everyone here is an attractive normalfag
You bring unga booga back to cave with man club.
That is answer.
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Gud or nah?(that is me)
File: 1452958056208.jpg (515 KB, 1078x1396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Meh, I don't see the point.
I might have to at this point
Nope. You're blocking the solar system. Unacceptable
I have no idea if this is actually you or not
form what I've seen, you've almost hit brandon meme status

For me it was making a realization that I wont die from not being in a relationship or staying a virgin. Thanks to that I am not as thirsty as I used to be.
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18 / male

I don't care. It's easier to be an antisocial virgin weeb.
Ugh, me. I'm a girl btw, I've only had like, 400 bfs, and I've only had sex with my bfs like, 700 times. I'm practically a vigin.
Soooo lonely.
Hmm, okay.
Oh lovely, fresh salt.
Nom nom nom.
Perf reaction face material here.
Or you know booze is a thing...also ritalin...but yeah booze.
No, rape, rape bad. Don't beat gril with man meat beat with affection.
Fresh reddit. *tips* *tips* *tips*
Man I gotta tell ya, being a virgin has absolutely nothing to do with how you look. Seriously stone cold handsome senpai.

Thank you kind sir
Like a redditor obviously.
>M-M'ladies can be lonely too!
File: 1446028661767.gif (2 MB, 400x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh...well that worked didn't it?
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just fuck off with the reddit shit
he didn't even do anything weird
Perhaps not weird, but still wrong. Whiteknighting is a cancer.
whiteknighting how?
saying to not rape?
that's basic fucking logic, even if you don't care about it, it still carries a severe penalty in every single country

he was telling the other anon to not get his ass in jail for knocking out a woman and raping her
File: 1447369028667.jpg (10 KB, 212x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 212x238
No, for insinuating that women can be lonely.
And getting asshurt that I told an insane cunt to kill herself. He can kill himself too btw.
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>last thread like this got derailed

It's happening again
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Loving the old Facebook memes.
I know, but instead of being a woman posting pics and getting contactfagged, it's some autist trying to outshitpost another shitposter
maybe some other time
really sucks though
>r9k is taken over by "fembots" who attentionwhore and derail discussions
>same with /soc/
>other boards ban feels threads
idk where to put this stuff
maybe wizchan?
but they'd get mad at me for being too young
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<See picture, friend.
One last shit post then I'll stop. Vent out your feels.
The wiz would ban you in 3 seconds. Try virginchan or hikkichan.
See pic.
im a virgin. im 31 Male. live in los angeles. im pretty normal live in my room, work, go to school.
just never happened for me. im not fat and i look ok. i like my personality. eponderosa@gmail.com if any femanons wanna chat more
Pic of yourself so we can rate

Untill you're in your mid 20s
Eh just leave it here.
are you me? Only difference is I'm 34 and I don't have any new friends lol.
there was a picture of me in my next post replying to the black anon from STL
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>21 now, male, socially awkward
>normal looking, not fat, work out ~4 times a week
>few acquaintances, no friends
>senior in college, premed
>closest I ever got to a girl was a few makeout sessions with this girl I met on a cruise ship at 16
>eat all meals alone except for when with family

>live in apartment with 2 others
>only time I talk to them is in passing in and out of my room
>both are younger than me and have a girlfriend and other friends which are over a lot, many times ending with me hearing their sex noises through my thin walls.

Every time I try to talk to someone I don't know very well, or introduce myself to someone new I fuck up somehow, usually ending with me alone in bed regretting it. I usually have a fuck it attitude and turn to vidya or netflix/anime/youtube shit to pass my time and help me forget the lack of interaction in my life, but lately I've been feeling more depressed than normal.

Might be the weather
That's what's going on with me, but switch the gender and take off six years.
Good luck to you on getting everything worked out! Hopefully I'll be able to do the same despite royally fudging up everything I possibly could.
Slowly recovering from a lifetime of social anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. I've finally gotten to the point where I can leave my house and be around people without them thinking I have the auts.

I've been an HKV, but I think it's time for that to change, maybe. I just hope I'm not overestimating my own attractiveness.
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Thread images: 23
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