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How about a meetup experiences thread?
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How about a meetup experiences thread?

Post your experiences meeting with someone you met online, and how it turned out afterwards? What did you do? Do you still keep in touch?

I'll go first, the pic is the closest I have to how I looked when I met them.

>Be 13
>Start playing shitty furry MMO my sister introduced me to before she leaves forever at 18
>Have RL friends, start ignoring them for the internet
>Get sucked into this shitty game for almost a decade, but make some really good friends along the way
>Friend introduces me to friend, who introduces me to friend
>This friend introduces me to this girl, and the three of us hit it off great.
>We had probably been talking for a few weeks when one day we end up talking about where we were from and realize we all live in the same town of the same state
>Find out that the guy and the girl already knew eachother IRL, they're best friends, but the girl is moving soon, thinks he and I should meet up because he doesn't have many other friends
>This is kind of startling to me because we live in a pretty small town, and there aren't a whole lot of otaku shutins in the area that I'm aware of
>We decide to hang out within the next week, and a car shows up at my house a few days later
>I hop in the back seat next to this guy with long ass hair like I've always wanted, accidentally mistake him for the girl at first and am confused/embarrassed
>His mom is driving, his sister is in the passenger seat, and she's cute af.
>Drive a bit more, pick up his other sister from work, she squeezes in next to her brother in the back seat, so he's in the middle.

Dropping the greentext because it's time consuming and this is a long story.

We had to go a bit out of the way to pick her up, so the drive ended up lasting close to an hour but they only lived a few miles away from me. I ended up spending the night at his house and he let me play his 360 games, I beat portal that night after playing it for the first time.
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After this night we don't hang out for a while, but we still chat online pretty often. A month or two goes by and they invite me over again, this happens a few times over a few years, mainly we just play games online though from our respective houses.
Start hanging out with him and his sister and her friend a lot, get hit on for the first time in my life, by both of the girls. My friend is interested in her friend, but her friend is the one more interested in me, so I go for both because yolo/I'm a shitty person.
Things do not work out in my favor, the guy is still cool to me and forgives me near instantaneously, but the girls I had a hard time talking to for a while, for obvious reasons. Got to feel the sister's nips though and went on a date with the other, those are good memories.

>Years later, he's my best friend still, I meet a girl, fuck for the first time, awyuss.
>ignore him and all my other friends for her
>I break up with her a few months later for 'reasons'
>meet new girl, she's awesome, kind, funny, and a great artist
>I break up with her for 'reasons' a month later
>Realize I'm still hung up on my friends sister, she won't talk to me still.
>Decide to do something about it, send her long-winded message about how I fucked up, and just didn't know how to handle the situation because I was young and had never had anyone be even remotely interested in me.
>She hasn't thought about it in years, forgives me, but we still don't really talk because it's a bit awkward.
>Start dating a new girl who likes me for who I am
>Is literally the best thing to happen to me in my life, she lives to serve me, calls me master, lets me do whatever I want basically because she had daddy issues and was suicidal and claims I 'saved her' from herself.
>Her mom also died and she has like a $70,000 inheritance she wants to share with me and start our future with.
>Holy shit is this my life what how did I even get this lucky.

Pic is us 6 months after we met
Well, she's a hamplanet alright, but probably the best that you're going to do.

Kudos to you, Friendo.

>As time goes by the power she allows me to have over her gets to my head. I start to expect and demand her attention, and her subservience.
>I start becoming controlling over her, she doesn't like it and we have problems. We break up and get back together once or twice a month, for a year afterward, constantly playing mind games with each other, threatening to hurt ourselves if the other left. Real fucked up immature shit on both sides. She starts camming with guys online doesn't think it's that bad, so I start talking to girls too, and she gets jealous as fuck immediately. She starts talkign to one of my old friends and they end up sexting and sending nudes. Doesn't think it's 'that bad' either, they're ONLY words and pictures, anon. I make it stop. I get over it, I think WE got over it. We didn't. She didn't stop. At this point I hate her and her treacherous ways. I can hardly stand to look at her, but I also love her still, and just want things to be better between us.

Ugh, it's late and this is really hard for me to tell desu, sorry if it comes out a bit garbled but if you have questions I can answer any.

Shit gets worse from there, we break up and get back together some more, she sluts it up some more. I start getting angrier and angrier, end up becoming (And I admit it now, though I had a hard time for a while.) abusive towards her, both mentally and physically, though I've never made her bleed or anything like that, it was always shoving and slapping, not that it's any better. She breaks up with me, decides to get back together with me, this court thing happened and it looked like I might face some jail time, she breaks up with me preemtively because "She doesn't want to risk being involved" Court thing blows over, charges dropped, we get back together because whatever I don't have anything else to do.

>The girl who I and my friend knew in the mmo moves back to town.
>The four of us, (Me, my gf, him, and her) all start hanging.
Story's not over pal, sorry.

>We keep hanging for a while, things are nice, the outside influences of close friends detracts from the personal issues of our relationship somewhat, so it's nice.
>My birthday comes around, gf is being bitchy, doesn't want to come to my house and have a nice dinner with our friends and drink some and play games that night, (She's tired and just doesn't FEEL like it tonight) so I hang out with jsut them instead. The girl makes us some homemade curry from scratch for my birthday, because I mentioned liking it once. My friend bought me some nice vodka and sake to celebrate my 20th with since I couldn't get it myself. We eat, have a nice time, wash the food down with alcohol. I start to get in my own head about how shitty my relationship is that my own gf wouldn't be there for my birthday with my friends. End up talking about it to them. They feelbadman and try to cheer me up, they decided to spend the night. It was nice.

>Suddenly notice the girl is super interested.
>Not sure if me or my friend, hope it's him, honestly.
>try to subtly get him to make a move, suddenly realize he's beta af
>I get us all to sit on the couch with her in the middle and watch tv,
>He tries to put his arm around her, she's uninterested, he feels awk and leaves the room for a bit, I was wrong lol.
>She starts talking to me like she's never met a boy before, I realize this is the first time we've talked 1 on 1
>scoots close, starts rubbing her shoulder against mine and steals some more of the blanket.
>Says she's just cold
>Fuck, her skin is warmer than mine, fuck what do
>Puts her hand on my leg.

Let me put this one way. I was uninterested in this girl before this night, entirely. She's a solid 8 at least, skinny, no tits to speak of because holy shit she's so skinny. Taller than me (I'm 6'2), great personality, and a great artist. I did not stand a single chance in hell, okay? I didn't even think about it.
Dam your life sucks
>Friend walks in, see's her hand.
>get's pissed/sad/ etc, leaves the housee at 2 am.
>Just me and her now. He was supposed to be taking her home in the morning.
>We both sat there in awkward silence on the couch for like 45 minutes like "Fuck."
>Then we did
>Best head of my life.
>She's hesitant to fuck because I don't have any wraps (They're at my gf's house) but she let me anyway.
>I am not even hesitant at this point myself. My relationship was shit. I was done with it anyway. I don't need a bitchy cheating sub.
>This is the most attractive woman I've been friends with, much less had her craving my cock.
>This is literally unbelievable to me at the time because I am very aware of how I look, and that i'm like a 4/10 on a really good day.
>We take it slow and mainly stick to oral for the night, it keeps going till it starts getting bright and we're like shit, we should probably sleep.
>We pass out together in our guest bedroom. 10/10 best sleep of my life too.
>next day I try to cheer up my friend, lie and assure him nothing happened between us, tell him what I wanted in the first place was for her to come onto him, not me, and that she probably wasn't even that into me.
>I couldn't tell him, what if I lost him, I could keep it a secret forever, right, right?
>we did the same thing the next day, same scenario even, the three of us hung out, he tried to come onto her again and she came onto me, he left again.
>It was earlier in the day this time around so I bought some condoms and we were up till morning again. The sex was kind of clunky because she was super tight and she couldn't really handle it. I literally don't even say this to brag, I don't view myself as above average, she was just having a hard time taking it I guess, so we ended up just doing a bunch of oral again. It was quite the confidence booster though.
>Get woken up by dad the next day
>Oh, you have your girlfriend over sorry I didn't know
>That's not your girlfriend
This is about the time I start feeling really bad about it

>Take the girl home, tell her it was nice and that I'd be in touch, we should tone it back a bit but I'd love to just hang with you, etc.
>talk to my friend, tell him things DId happen, because I know he's not stupid, he's actually a lot smarter than me.
He's reasonably pissed, not even at the situation but because of my gf. We talk for a bit about how she's cheated and I don't really feel bad about her as much as hurting his feelings. >We bro it up, still broest friends
>end up seeing my gf, dunno what to do, start getting more and more detached from her so I can break it off.
>try to avoid sex but she's horny and hasn't really heard from me in two days (Since my brithday)
>was worried about me
>Feels bad.
>we fuck, I start seeing her and the other girl still, try to see if I'm a baller
>Brag to some long distance friend online because I'm swaggy now with two gfs.
>End up breaking it off with the new girl because I feel bad about the situation and have more history with my gf.
>we haven't talked since.
>Gf got close to finding out a couple of times, tried asking questions, I started freaking out and having breakdowns
>Gf finds those messages I sent to my friends months afterwards, I forgot to delete them and they were on fb. It was the night before Christmas.
>I apologize, try to explain, blame us both being drunk, tell her it was only head, tell her it was only once. It wasn't. I lied and lied and lied and didn't want to lose her.
>Things got worse and worse between us, but we kept it going and tried getting past it for another year after that.
>We broke up for good about 4 months ago, she said she just couldn't get the image of me with another woman out of my mind.
>She's been with two other guys since we started dating, (Though admittedly at the time of those incidents we were on (Very short) breaks)
>she's sexted/cammed guys several times all through the relationship.
That's about it
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I'm not really under that impression myself, It's been hella exciting tbqh I just have a lot of regrets, too.
Meant to use this pic with the next post but you get it.
I'd really like to see some other anon's stories, though. I really didn't want this to be about me or to die immediately, because I think that it could lead to some really interesting stories
You're shitty at story telling
I know I'm really awful at talking in general. It's really bad.
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