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What's your favourite book?
Notes From The Underground
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Sorry i killed the last one.
That's a good book. Not my Dostoyevski favorite, but very good considering how brief it is.
It's interesting that that kind of literature has been imitated endlessly since then.
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Updated me.png
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I have updated myself.

Would go to noise shows with
Would sk8 with
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Posted this in the last one of these threads, but made some minor edits so here you go
Yo I asked you in last thread, do you still play Don't Starve and Sm4sh
I didn't see anyone really reply to me last thread, sorry. I do still play them yeah, though it's been a little while since I've played Don't Starve
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Nice musics and such, Slowdive and MBV I'm assuming?
EarlEarlEarlEarl my league username is gearlSweatshirt B)
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2016 version.
+ Fyodor Mikhailovich is decent
- clearly alcoholic, style, hobbies, INT overrating

+ left libertarian, somehow interesting design choices, food, drug, piratefag
- traps, hating on Iran, liking Japan
Somehow cool.

+ solid lit, guitar and photography
I can't find semi-objective cons about you but can't say that I find you overly amazing either.

+ very nice lit and movies, rap is cool,
- lazy ass motherfucker who didn't draw
I like you.

+decent vidya and movies, rap, all of your active and creative hobbies
- INT overrating, MMOs
You seem like a pretty interesting combination of weeb and liftbro with leftover of neckbeard vibes.

+ cool lit, most of your hobbies and activities, decent movies, somehow funny
- League, duh.
You seem reasonable cool, how's the writing going?
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ayyyyy friday night
I'm working on some shitty character study of somebody I know, not really sure how I feel about it
Feel free to read if you want, not too long!

Also, yeah League has an awfully toxic community, but I really enjoy the strategy itself.
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Good music and books.

Same, except Stephen King.
Castlevania is a great saga, one of my favorites. I should add it to my chart but I'm to lazy at the moment to do it.
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Well, it's far from the style I usually enjoy, so not sure if my feedback after reading it once is of any use for you ... it's similar enough to my rating for you, reasonable good, got witty bits but without anything that would stand out or make me think. Nothing negative either (although specifying the hand was overdoing it) Also the guy sounds sooo basic, though that's the point I take.

tl;tr: Would read more without being overly hyped about it.

>templates in activities
I don't even care about the rest, you're a cheeky cunt. Me gusta. Also up that INT rating.

+ design, your style, drawing skillz, cooking, movies
- not reading and INT overrating
The cons combination makes it even more facepalming but otherwise you're decent.
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>- lazy ass motherfucker who didn't draw

I wanted to draw a guy in motorcycle gear but i cant draw for shit.
>clearly alcoholic
at least I don't drink Bacardi
>Would go to noise shows with
same + start a black metal band w/
>Slowdive and MBV I'm assuming?
their albums aren't pictured but I like them
>Good music and books.
thanks, same to you
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>look ma I posted it again

I need a GWAR hoodie, but I can't decide which one 'cause they all kick ass and I can't afford 2 70$ articles of clothing.

The struggle is real.
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...dammit. wrong pic.

THIS IS what I meant to put.
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>sorry for spam I'm apparently cannot into internet
Respect that, he is pretty basic but a good guy. Thanks for the crit! But yeah, true story, those two guys went over and tried to shoot him in the face with a shot gun after choking him out (I just haven't bothered to finish yet)
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That's pretty close to accurate, you may be correct in the intelligence overrating, I wasn't sure if I should put 7 or 8, but I'm also a bit ocd and all the other bars had at least one other bar with a matching number of points and it had to be symmetrical because of reasons. I'll change it to a 7 along with my confidence. Thanks for keeping me in check, anon.
> + would start a black metal band with
I'd love that.
what's your contact?
where in the US you at?
You certainly left out the best bit out of the story. How did he get away? How did he even attract the attention of two big ass dudes with guns?

Heh, in danger to fuck up the symmetry further, you're unlikely to be a 4 with a somehow fit body and if you don't look like a survivor of an acid attack, a 6 isn't too unlikely. SEX LIFE CLEARLY NEEDS IMPROVEMENT FOR OCD.
New Orleans
more of a sludge/stoner place than black metal
There's a good amount of black metal here actually. Ever heard of Ritual Killer?
steam is Golden_Ligra
skype is Golden.Ligra
3DS code pending finding 3DS
Checked them out, was pretty good
I have my doubts but it'd be pretty cool if there was French Creole black metal
I wouldn't be surprised to find it here. They'd probably be a Goatwhore worship band, but I'd be down to clown with it.
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Even at my best I still have Cobain hair.
I haven't actually skated for like 5 years.. unless you count cruisers, but would def skate with.
Solid anime choices
And League is what exactly?
>liking Japan
I like Japan because drift culture.
>hating on Iran
I mostly hate places that are violently homophobic, and i'm pretty sure Iran falls into that category.
That's not a trap, he's just feminine.
The color choices make this appealing.
Thanks for the compliment, I'm not completely /fit/ yet but I'm working on it, there's still some stubborn chub to go. My sex life probably just dropped to zero to be honest though, but that's tbd, lol
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In the words of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, why the fuck not?
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+reading, helping people, listening to music
~game of thrones, eminem
-left libertarian
-music taste
-identifying with the EU
-hating switzerland, south USA
-not hating washington dc
-drink, drug

-most other things desu

+cooking, say anything
~game of thrones
-seemingly narrow music taste
-not reading

+history books
+reading things

+bowie, DG, nmh

+cooking, board/card game
-not reading

+bowie, ratm
+being happy
+civ 5
Everyone here is so young...

>I don't read much
You must be a retard.

>Heart of Darkness
Cool. What biographies have your read?

+Historical Figure
-Everything Else
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