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How Alpha am I?
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How Alpha am I?

>>Be 26
>>Be a BDSM Rope Bondage instructor
>>Be Dating a girl with DD Porn star Implants
>>Spend 1 year abroad in Japan
>> Has 2 big complex Japanese Yakuza stile Tattoos and a bar tung ring
>>Speak English Japanese and French
>>Has an assload of cash
>>Be in College in Colorado around hot chicks and weed all day
>>Teach Aikido and Kali
>>Be in grad school and work as a researcher
>>Be an expert Skier
>>Has a pet Hedghog
>>Own your own BDSM Erotic photography and lessonons Business
>>be Ripped and a yoga geek
>>BE an ex chef with a ACF culinary jurneymens papers
>>Be living with tow hot chicks who rock climb pole dance and snowboard
>>Own car and a custom cut 3 peace sure
>>know people who work at Kink.com and NINwiki and Actvishion
>>Has gone to burning man and wast land weekend
>>be in a poly relationship with two other punk rock hot chicks with a DOM/Sub relationship 19 and 22
>>Be abel to grow a beard
>>Be going on a 1 week trip to Bali Indonesia this march
>>Be a Base player in an underground local industrial band>>be high school buddy with major Adroll and Acid dealers

Cant even spell their name right, activision is a turd publishing company

Also prove said statements
that is me in the photo
>asks "how alpha am I"

gr8 b8 m8
>Be posting on /soc/
>Be making thread for validation
>Is having trouble keeping the grammar consistent
>Be capitalizing words randomly
>Be the type of person who claims to be an expert in anything he has done more than twice
>etc. etc.

That said, if you weren't so insecure I'd really like to get to know you, we have a ton of things in common and you're doing some stuff I'm interested in.
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2 MB, 4410x3528
Rodney_Kukai on Instagram
Om Sen Rukyo photoagraphy on DA
Lol could easily have been taken off fetlife, doesn't prove the fact that you're not just another beta lying on the internet.
>How Alpha am I?
...and posts on /soc/

>DD Implants
Nasty, man.

>Tattoos and bar "tung" ring

>weed all day

I could continue but this has got to be bait.

Shure thing dude. im high so my spelling is shit, but ask me whatever
Rodney Kukai @ fetlife
>Im high so my spelling is shit

Confirmed faggot

Met actual successful people in life, whole different breed of humans, nice try op.

>Have kink photos

Doesn't make you alpha just kinky
Levels of insecurity are through the fucking roof since you made a thread asking if you were alpha.

I respect you
I want to run a BDSM lessons business or ideally a site like insex used to be (which kink.com bought and ruined, if I remember correctly).

How big is the city you live in?
How much are you making with your lessons, how much are you charging, and do you do it through workshops?

i once set fire to my floor, with a hookah coal... in a weed and smoking hookah whale having rough sex, related indecent

I live about an hour away from the capitol of Colorado Denver. I specialize mostly in Shibari and for the most part ive lost money on it given how much ive invested in models shooting space and editing. that being said. your best bet to get a feel for it i think is to go to some major Kink conventions like Bondage expo Dallis. you can network there and also find other people who you can work with.
And then you woke up in your moms basement.

Im actually an orphan, i lost both my parents 2 years ago

That doesn't make you an orphan you dumpster baby.

and I thought i could be an asshole...
Thanks for being honest about it rather losing money.

That's what I figured, it seems to only really work if you live in a major metropole.

>Here's all these redeeming features about me. pls tell me i'm alpha ;(

Just be you. Don't ask or brag.

I would just try to buld up your status and cred with in your local Kink community hub.
Yeah, he's not very alpha if he's this desperate for approval, lol

1. Did you get alot of clients back when you were a rope instructor? What types of women came in? Bad girl types or were there actually alot of "innocent" types?

2. Are japanese women really more sexually withdrawn culturally or is that a stereotype? Is it true that Japan is xenophobic dating wise?

3. What is your hedgehogs's name?

4. What is the difference between a poly relationship and an intimate friendship? What is your advice to making one work?

5. What advice would you give to a 25+ virgin about how to get more positive reactions from women and jump into the world of casual sexuality?
Thread replies: 25
Thread images: 2
Thread DB ID: 402416

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