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*Dyed hair*
*Cat person*
>tfw I like 3 out of those 4, and am 1 of the 4

My red flags

>Really big on her freedom and not being tied down

If you do this on your own, fine by me. But girls like this that get into relationships will cheat and often feel totally justified in doing so

>Really hates video games, gamers, and the whole sub culture

Im perflectly okay with you having a distaste for gamers if youre really outdoorsy, fit, or otherwise active. But if you spend as much time on your phone, on netflix, smoking pot, or some other thing equally as frivolous (which most people do) then go fuck yourself
the only one i have an issue with is feminist. meaning for me the others are ok.

dont like those feminist girls.
>still dresses gothy but is 18+

>makes first move
>daddy is a redneck
>has more than 5 pictures that are basically the same thing on social media
>says "fuck boy" "on the real" 90's swag slang
>does the pyramid eye selfie
>hangs out with manlet mexicans
>My biggest red flags tattoos piercings dyed hair and that self absorbed bitch look
Talks shit about their ex and/or exs
Rude to their family
Doesn't have a job/isn't in school or otherwise doing something productive
Rude to strangers unprovoked
Owns a confederate flag
Shit I should add rude/rude to family
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>tfw i'm the person who posted this almost every day till the autistic mods decided to ban me and my proxys with ban evasion lmao
>Posts in dick rate threads
>General rate threads
>Says "bro"
>ungroomed body & facial hair
>A sub
Non virgin
My red flags:
not bisexual
not versatile
not switch
tranny shit
thinks software engineering is computer science
>"gluten free" on the first date
>allergic to whatever pet you own

I immediately jump ship.
kek agree
i know right, every time I think I've found the one, she says "I think software engineering is computer science" and I have to jump ship
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She weighs over 110lbs. That's it.
Male anon here.

Red flags
>Too open about mental illnesses
>Wants me to pay for everything
>Still hung up over ex-boyfriends
>Hangs out with a number of ex-boyfriends
>Doesn't mention she recently broke up with a boyfriend until we start dating
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>Cat person
Eat shit.
this is a good serious one.
But feminists believe in being hoes so they'll fuck quick and they will split the bill on dates
I'm a serious person. It sucks.
>slept around just before meeting me
>too obsessed with sex from the start of the relationship
>cares too much about their ex/my ex
>drinks a lot
>takes drugs
>gym freak
>browses /r9k/
this. feminist here, always pay my own bills and fuck on the third date

>tfw a real catch
Whats wrong anon?
females getting you self conscious that you arent a real math major?
I'm a fan of splitting the bill, but not fucking on the third date. Probably some making out and groping though.

>tfw feminist, but second wave feminist more than third
With me, if I've gone on three dates with a guy, I clearly like him enough to fuck him.

>thinking feminism is about the waves
>3 dates
I know, nobody dates anymore
cute but not what i meant.
its when you get to her place, have sex, and then both leave together to get something to eat,
From when you leave to when you get back, that period is commonly referred to as a "date".
Fair enough. In all likelihood, I'm attracted enough to the woman to sleep with her, but bringing sex into the relationship in the early goings can lead to complications. I prefer to move slowly.

>not recognizing the legitimate distinctions between the waves, e.g. their main goals and philosophies
this made me laugh.
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The only reasonably red flags are as follows.

>wears all black, only black, and nothing else
>was a a hard drug addict at one point in life
>has the mentality that you dont have to grow up

News flash, life will leave you behind if you dont grow the fuck up.

Anything else is just you nerds being unrealistic.
>Thinks the gender "wage gap" is a problem
>Has to look to others before formulating an opinion
>Has no personality of their own
>Likes me only for my looks
>Feels inferior to me instead of stepping up to the plate
>Too many guy friends
>Parties with many of those guy friends
>Obsessively drinks
>Does drugs
>Smokes too much
>Vapes to look cool
>Takes no responsibility
>Lacks independence
>Ends conversations with, "Cool," "Ok," "Fine," "k," and "Good."
>Changes meaningful well thought out topics or subjects because they feel, "uncomfortable" or don't get it.
>Hates optimism
>Has a history of cheating/using people
>Is fat
>Hates working out
>Bad hygiene
>Obsessed with money and material things
>Listens to Drake and any of that other garbage hip-hop pop shit.
Oh and trap music too.
>Doesn't like commitment
>Uses the terms "fuckboy" or "fuckgirl" to describe past relationships or people they're close to
>Is a furry
>Dishonest when around me
>Doesn't like my friends for dumb reasons
>Thinks being sober or straight edge is no fun
>Dresses like Kanye West
>Likes Kanye West
>Does cam shows/stripping without telling me or supervising
>Doesn't like being creative or thinking critically
>Leaves tissues all over the fuckin' place instead of throwing them out
>Can't speak a lick of English
>Stinky pussy

To say the least I'm still a single straight man, and probably will be for quite some time.
Not all dates lead to relationships though, right? I don't date for the intention of eventually finding a boyfriend.

If you were alive during the first wave, you're a "first wave feminist". You don't get to pick and choose which you identify with, because the "type of feminism" is bound by social context. You don't live in the sixties.
I mainly just wanted to convince myself id been on any dates so...
you a girl? youre hot
>real catch
Oh radical feminism, never change.
I aint a girl family
What gave you that idea?
>they have thoughts of their own
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>doesn't catch sarcasm

Is radical feminism like radical Islam?
ur a fag then. theres nothing wrong with it but i aint into it.
>She posts on /soc/
strike two, my dear dear friend

Youre a girl right? wanna fuck?
legitimate red flag desu
red flag thread that serves as a red flag thread 4 virgins
Now I suspect you're a troll. Good night.
I am a little bit of a troll. Good night sweetie
strike 2 of what?

Amen brother, I haven't found any woman on here with any integrity or class.
of 3
then you're out :^)
well that last one wasnt a strike for sure. that was like ball 2.
>implying you're that euphoric
I can show you ball 2
and 1
get me to ball 4 and ill be interested
oh so you are into gay stuff?
i thought we were talking about baseball man.
>validating my argument
>implying pointing out that you're a stereotype does anything besides mock your argument

>Tu quoque fallacy

Sarcasm is the insecure person's outlet.
*moustache/body hair*
*huge vagoo*
*fucked up teeth*
*shit tastes*
*low libido*

*pushy with her opinions*
*cat person*
*likes to argue her points even when there are facts to prove her wrong*
*has had sex with any ethnicity of male other than white*
*admits to being a stoner*
What is it about feminism that gets guys' boxers in a bunch?
New wave feminism isn't about equality.
How specific. If it isn't, what is it about?
why is feminist a red flag? It's not like they're all feminazis
I only have a problem with third wave feminism; the other waves are fine. New school feminists care more about sexual empowerment, political correctness and debating semantics as opposed to dealing with legitimate issues like income inequality, rape in the third world and access to contraception for low income communities.
You can do the research yourself. Props to you if you think it is about equality... More people would respect it if is.
I mean, if you pay a lot of attention to feminists on social media maybe? Most of them are teens and young women who don't really know what they're talking about half the time.
>rape in the third world and access to contraception for low income communities

There's a reason the vast majority of feminists are overweight and/or ugly 18-30 middle to upper class white females.
Tell that to Kathleen Hanna, whoever wrote The Ethical Slut and plenty of third wave women's groups.

Some of them are pretty cute/slender, but I won't date them because of their political views. I'm a middle class white male, yet political issues in foreign countries and domestic social problems facing people of color and the lower classes interest me more than eliminating the gender binary or other such nonsense.
Feminists aren't all that bad, I find it funny mostly. They typically are loud about their beliefs through their social media but usually don't say a thing to you face to face. I was at a party a while back and this girl told me to check my male privilege. I pulled some horseshit about my Cambodian heritage and the genocides making me less privileged than her being white which shut her up and she felt really bad about it, couldn't even look me in the eye. We laughed it off later and she sucked off my buddy in the alleyway. But living in the greater LA area this is literally the only instance that somebody has ever spoken out for feminism which surprised me living in such a progressive area.Fucked two tumblr feminists a while ago and they are all about being degraded which makes it more of a joke to me
All in all modern feminism isn't anything to get upset about if you aren't a fucking pussy
I mean, to me, it is. I know a lot of people will go to unrealistic places with it. (e.g. radfems and femen)

>Using slut in her title
>Calls self feminist
ummmmm what?
I do find it kinda weird when feminists don't think about how race/class/nationality might affect a person's needs, politically. I've always been more about intersectionality than I've been about the perception of gender and shit.

Yeah I really don't get why it's such a 'red flag'

Same, but modern feminism ignores intersectionality. The closest they'll get to talking about rape is "rape culture", which turns any hostile word or action into an abstract form of sexual assault.
i find that really weird too, why talk about rape culture and then never talk about rape? the statistics are fucking horrifying to me and no one talks about how we're gonna work on that.
It's almost as if it has nothing to do with rape.
>too many guy friends
>likes kanye west

i think these are the only two which i don't entirely agree on
good list, anon
Gather enough feminists together and they'll be pretty loud. When she was with her friends, I once had a formerly rational person tell me men deserve less rights than women because they don't have to suffer the pains of childbirth. The women being degraded during sex will claim that's not anti-feminist because it empowers their sexuality.

When abstracted beyond a concrete action, most things lose meaning. Most third wave feminists do care about victim blaming and supporting rape victims, but not dealing with non-reporting issues and callous police officers who treat the women like shit.
all of these are men to a T *BOOM*
I'll be your fuckin red flag bitch

Mine include: smooth talker, moves fast and pushes for quick involvement, is overly-sweet
I'd say 65kgs is the most logical, being a ~75kg but ~185cm guy myself, I have a thing for girls under 165cm. (sorry but I'm too lazy to convert) My last (and first) gf was 159cm and she's also the reason I realized short girls are fucking awesome.
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Thread images: 6
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