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Share your story of your best/most recent orgasm.
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Share your story of your best/most recent orgasm.
Getting excited, haven't gotten any in about a month and have a friend coming over in a few hours.
jerked off in the toilet, then went to bed.
A couple of weeks ago.
My boyfriend decided he wanted to make me cum before he would fuck me. For around twenty minutes, I had all-round arousal from him alternating between my tits, thighs, pussy and ass.
I finally came when he was going hard on my clit. Since then, I was all his. I barely had the energy to do any work due to being so satisfied before. But (as per usual), he deserves the effort.
i've got a greentext saved from one i typed up on /b/ a few weeks ago if you want.

I have sort of a new approach to providing orgasms to my girlfriend. First, I totally bring her to climax using my tongue on her clit - just epically slowly - so it builds for a long time - easily 30 minutes or more......

then, after she comes that way, she needs to relax a little before I can enter her - but once I'm deep, deep inside her, I take the magic wand (Hitachi) and put the head of it against both my shaft and her clit.

She fucking explodes over, and over, and over again.

I love it.
yes! post it
>meet ex at party
>we are pretty chill, no resentment
>she introduces to new female friend from uni
>chat is good
>party is good
>bro gives me a few grams of mandy
>offer some to new girl
>'ive never done it before anon'
>tell her its ok and she can try a little bit and stick with me i'll take care of her
fast forward 2 hours
>6 people lying on a bed doing silly shit because drugs
>tell new girl if she finds me attractive
>she says she doesnt know
>tell her she has a 10/10 ass
>get everyones attention and make new girl stand up and twirl to show off dat ass
>she is loving the attention
>i grab her ass and
> she 'falls' ontop of me
>im hard and its pressing on her pelvis
>she knows whats up
>start make out, getting handsy
>people on bed are encouraging us/wise cracking
>they leave because not cockblocks
>peeling off her tight as fuck jeans
pt 2
>im struggling to take her jeans off her ankles
>she's giggling like crazy
>pulls me forward with her legs and lasso's me with legs/jeans
>dick is pressing on her pussy
>shes grinding on it
>asks for some more mandy
>lick n dab my finger in the baggy
>shes sucking it off my finger while grinding on my dick
>suddenly knock on door
>'anon? femanon? what you doing in there'
>its my ex
>shes rattling the handle
>girl pushes me off and tell me to get the door
>blueballed to fuck
>unlock door
>she comes in and straight onto the bed
>she knows exactly whats going on.
>her friend is sitting there in her undies with a little wet patch
>'what are you guys up to :P hey can i have some more (mandy)'
Kik'ed with a girl from here about a year ago. Told her I wanted to be pegged. She told me she'd always wanted to fuck a guy's ass. We went back and forth over a few days, until I told her I'd had a really bad day and was going home to play with my ass to make myself feel better. She asked if I had any toys. I told her I had a few things I could use...

She basically edged me over Kik the whole night, and I obeyed every word. She told me how she wanted me to clean myself, how hot the water in my bath should be, when to put in my small plug, everything... So when she finally, hours later, let me slide my biggest dildo into my ass, I was totally hers. I fucked my little asshole so hard that night. The only thing I asked her for, which she gave me, was a picture of herself for when I came.

Biggest load, longest post-orgasmic chill... It just ripped through my whole body. Never had one like it since.

The stupid thing is I lost contact with her afterwards because I was a douche and got all weird about it and blocked her. Fuckin' spaghetti, man.
>new girl takes baggy off me
>dabs her finger in and puts into my exes mouth
>super sexy. she pulls her finger slowly and brushes it all the way down her neck.
>i jump back onto the bed behind the new girl so she cant see
>making a gtfo face to my ex
>she knows exactly wtf she is doing
>"how nice is her ass btw, anon"
>new girl instantly jumps up again and pokes her ass out towards my face
>i cant see properly but it looks like new girl was signaling if it was ok if we hooked up or something to that effect
>ex looks at me and says she left her phone in the other room
>suddenly hard as diamonds
>new girl is still standing with ass in my face.
>i kiss it a few times and tease her asshole and pussy with my thumb.
>she bends right over and im i start licking her pussy through her pants
>remember i need to lock the door again
>jump up and go for the door, lock it
>turn around
>shes kneeling next to the bed
>i go over and shes unzipping me
>if it wasnt for the drugs id have cum instantaneously
>she starts licking my dick while looking up at me
>i just want to stuck it down her throat but she's shaking her head, teasing me
>she slowly sucks the tip while putting her hand on my hips to stop me from pushing it all in
>its clear she wants to run the show so im down with it
>after some more teasing and sucking she suddenly just takes 3/4 of it
>i nearly lose balance it was so intense
>just like that she gets up and takes her top and bra off
>she had this nice perky C's with slighlty puffy nipples
>i go to town on them
>biting them slightly and flicking them with my tongue
>shes stroking my dick and occasionally grabbing it really tight
>it was hard to explain but it was the best handjob ive ever had
>suddenly my usual behaviours kicks in and i grab her by the neck and push her on the bed
>i pin down her arms with one hand and start kissing and licking her tits and stomach, working my way down
>eating her out
>let go of her hands and stick one finger in her mouth while using my other hand to tease her ass and pussy
>she was so wet
>i distinctly remember the taste of pussy with a hint of pineapple
>shes moaning and grinding her pussy into my face
>i flip her over and hold her arms behind her back
>she naturally sticks thsat 10/10 ass out infront of me
>ive never done it before but i start it rubbing my dick between her cheeks and against her asshole
>she looks back at me, i know that look.
>she wants it so bad
>im still pinning her arms back
>push my dick at her pussy
>she's so wet it just slips in
>her legs are together so shes super tight
>im not huge so this position wasnt the best to give her a mega dicking
>pull her up towards my body so its more doggy
>im nibbling her ear and kissing her neck while i i fuck her as deep as i can
File: 1451776979330.jpg (47 KB, 576x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>shes moaning loudly
>i push her down so she sticks the sheets into her mouth
>im getting close but i can tell she's going to cum
>her leg was going tense and extending awkwardly between my legs
>i pull out because i was getting close
>she flips over so quickly and pushes me down and gets on top
>clearly she was close because she doesnt want to stop
>i tell her im going to cum
>shes moaning and shaking her head telling me not to
>im literally about to explode inside her
>shes grinding me so hard and fast i couldnt hold it any more
>i pull her deep and cum inside her
>she doesnt stop riding
>im seeing stars while shes just riding my dick raw
>she digs into my shoulder and moans into the covers next to my head
>cumming and throbbing on my dick
>i can make out her saying a long winded 'fuuuuck' into the sheets
>collapses on me
>i tell her i came inside her, not knowing if she'll be mad
>she says its ok as long as i give her some more drugs because that was one of the most intense orgasms she's had

in the top 3 sexual experiences easily.

just used the shower massager on my clit about an hour ago
This past Friday
>whine to boyf about wanting the d while he was on tinychat with his friends
>shut it off and gets in bed with me
>rubs me over panties and sucks my nipple while I grope him
>climb on top and 69
>hecka sensitive almost vomit from choking on his cock
>get down on all 4s for sum doggy
>rubbing my clit while he's pulling my hair and spanking me
>cum so hard my knees buckle
>tells me to lay flat in the same position
>cums inside
Tyb birth control
bump ):
>browsing internet
>suddenly boner
>open porn
>jerk off
>go back to browsing internet
My (now ex) bf never made me cum..
last time i came i was fingering myself to a video of a guy who had a penectomy masturbating and cumming and as i came i closed my eyes and thought about cutting off a guys dick while he ejaculated and the mixture of blood and cum that would drip from his stump
>My wife (without me knowing and me being a huge footfag) wore the same socks in side her boots for a weQek straight.
>comes home late from work one night I'm already passed out.
>she creeps into bed and I wake up to her smelly size 9's in my face.
>instantly diamonds
>she blows me for a few minutes and stops right before I cum
>she climbs on top of me and starts riding me like a champion her feet mashed against my face
>she talks to me like a professional humiliatrix demanding I cum from the smell of her feet
>cum so hard I'm lucky to have any bones left.

GOAT experience for me.
Most recent?

I tried to suck my own dick but only got an inch or so past the head into my mouth. Still felt like a regular blowjob, so that was nice.

Neck is sore today though.
I can never get off on autofellatio, it just doesn't feel all that great...
>jerked off into a sock and threw it in the hamper
This was a fun thread.
i have cummed blood like twice
tried using a small buttplug thing I was given as a joke while having a wank for the first time about half an hour a go
it was nice
Best orgasms were with a girlfriend who's pussy would tighten like a vise and make a sucking sensation. Indescribably amazing! I would cum so hard in her and she would lock her legs around me so i had to stay in her, which was great. A lot of times she would keep me like that until i was hard again. Best sex ever! We almost always came together. To bad she was bat shit crazy.
Was masturbating everyday for 2 weeks without cumming once. edging all the time and shit.
After those two weeks I came like a fountain. Was amazing but too much effort for a single moment of awesome joy
Today I fucked my fleshlight 3 times, the 3rd time was quick but super satisfying, probably because I was super sensitive. Hours later still feeling that floaty feeling. Not as good as the crazy ex, but way better than the frigid wife
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Thread images: 7
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