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haven't seen one of these in a while. post pictures, music, whatever.
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How coincidental of me to be listening to some Deathrock right now.
I don't dress the part at all, but I love the music.
same here my dude

wouldn't even mind looking the part but its far more work than I'm willing to put into my already ridiculous routine

goths are hot and their music is lovely
you're also very pretty, anon
Thank you lol.
What's your fav goth band?
Mine's 45 Grave, obviously
what are we counting as goth here. I mean i wear nothing but black but are we only allowing certain styles or what.
Bauhaus hands down
If you like goth music, fashion or just the lifestyle, post by all means.
that's sisters of mercy right? I kinda like goth music tbqh.
I never really got into Bauhaus too much. I like them, I just feel like I never got enough time to like them more.
kinda difficult to narrow it down like that, but I guess if I really had to choose it'd be the sisters
I've loved them as long as I can remember
Personally, I just go all black at the clubs. Most jobs don't allow you to be that edgy.

I feel the same. I like Dark Entries and Burning From The Inside, though.
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>goth thread
>no chelsea






I absolutely adore this song


Could you recommend me some decent black metal, brother? I already know a lot of the more well known bands. Looking for some other gems
i like your taste
do you like pg.99, jeromes dream, knowing we'll never grow up, kidcrash, state faults, suffocate for fuck sake, you and i, the saddest landscape and envy?

i hope there's something in here you haven't heard of already

are you a guy or a girl?
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>those previously goth feels




lol, yes, I dig on literally all of those

Especially, pg.99, jeromes dream, suffocate, saddest landscape, and envy. All fucking great

I got REALLY into screamo (or skramz, whatever the fuck it's actually called) during my punk phase. Absolutely love it.

D'awwwwww :333

bb redhead-chan
Spent all morning listening to Woods of Ypres
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q.q how can you tell its me?! Sometimes this board is scary!

Should I go black again?
>tfw too fat to wear hip and edgy goth clothing so just wears all black and accents with gothic accessories and make up

it works to a certain degree, especially since I've changed my hair from red to very dark brown/black
Peoples faces don't change all that much with age, yo. haha

And idk, I really like the hair you have going on right now. But the black looked cool to me too, so it's kind of a draw in my eyes
Ugh, she needs to be married to me.
What kind of black metal are you going for?
Enslaved. personally I like lightening the most. Ihsahn you should listen if you have not.


oh also deafhaven is cool.

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So I heard someone likes them some 45 Grave/Mary Bat Thing...

By the by, finally have been going back out to the Goth 40 joints again but still like to detour through the early new wave and 70s LA/NY/obscure area punk
my lady is an ex goth. no shes a cruella de vil fashionista with resting bitch face

pretty solid evolution i think
Thanks, man! These are pretty cool

And definitely. Sunbather is a really important album to me. One of my favorites of all time. I really dug on New Burmuda, too.

Some more modern stuff. I really enjoy Atmospheric BM
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Posting from my phone so Idk if it's gonna be the right side up or not. Also idk if I qualify as goth, but I got into a fight with a dude at rhe gas station the other day and he called me a little goth girl so I think that counts.
Ash Borer, Fell Voices, Vorde, Wolves in the Throne Room, Leviathan, Moon (from Australia), Wormlust, Predatory Light, Thaw, Thantifaxath, Thrall, Twilight, Krieg, Nachtmystium, Mutiilation, Mutilation Rites, Svartidaudi, Sinmara, Mis├żyrming.
Hope that helps.
You are a beautiful woman. I'd say you definitely count. What's your favorite band?
I haven't heard of a few of these. Will definitely check them out, yo! Thanks

You definitely have gothic style, so I think you qualify
I'm not as much into goth bands as I was when I was 18. My favorite band then was psyclon 9 or combichrist. My favorite band now (6 years later) is the least goth thing ever, Big Bang.
Do you still listen to those bands sometimes? lol
Rarely, if ever. Maybe combichrist if I'm running on the treadmill but psyclon 9 reminds me of a toxic relationship so nooooo
What else are you into?
Sewing/cosplay/fashion, trees, zelda, and sleep.
What do you normally cosplay as?
My most recent cosplay was Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening. My next planned on is Nayru (with some artistic tweaking) from LoZ, and one I've been planning for a while and working on slowly cuz I want it to be perfect is Merrill from Dragon Age.
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I'm more into the Nu Goth sub-genre, myself, with a knack for traditional goth music.

Your appearance is definitely on the more darker aspect - it suits you well. If you're a little goth girl, consider me a little goth boy.
/teen thread
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I used to dress goth (or at least my take on it) pretty much all the time, and I still like the style, but it's become more trouble than it's worth. The clothes are expensive as hell, noisy from all the chains/zippers, and often restrictive or fragile. It also attracts attention which I do not want. These days I mostly just wear black or earth tones, and keep all of my darkness bottled up and fermenting on the inside where it belongs.
>The clothes are expensive as hell, noisy from all the chains/zippers, and often restrictive or fragile.

Yeah, it's why iot's better to buy black "mainstream" clothing and alter it to suit your own tastes. Takes a little time and effort but it's better than importing expensive goth stuff of questionable quality. plus it's more personal then.
Do goths still literally exist?
>peavey head
>epiphone guitar
kek get yourself some real gear, kid
They're endangered because of emo encroachment. Hipsters were introduced to cull the emo population, but they've become a problem of their own now.
When I get the money for it.
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I'll just list gothic (sub/micro) genre's i like because if i listed all the bands it'd take ages

Goth Rock
Cold Wave
No Wave
Ethereal Wave
Neu Deutsche Welle
Neu Deutsche Todenkunst
Black Metal
Death Metal
Dark Ambient
Death Ambient
Horror Punk
Witch House
Noise Rock
i just thought that this thread was more for music sharing and shit
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Oh yea and:

File: 1450072639605.jpg (41 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Then search engine any band related to these, i have hundreds
>tfw I haven't seen a goth girl in years
>tfw no sexy gothic queen to rule beside me :'(
Any goths on Skype wanna text chat? I don't do the lifestyle much but I dig the fashion/music
you forgot minimal synth
tfw no scary goth bf

i know how you feel man
>yfw the closest to goth these days is some hipster variant with inverted cross sweaters and no pants
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i've been listening to orgy and switchblade symphony lately, i love them so much. also, depeche mode and the cure all day every day.

i've gotten away with it at many of my jobs, even the more professional ones. you just have to integrate more victorian gothic fashion that's slightly modernized, not as out there with the accessories and most of them think you're just 'in vogue'. although yeah, the white face paint usually doesn't go over well haha,
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spiked hair.png
2 MB, 812x1196
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if you're talking Minimal Wave ala later Trisomie 21 i got that too
I dig on Depeche Mode and The Cure a lot. Nice taste, sistuh.

haha, that's fucking awesome :)
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I don't know if it's goth or not, but I love the industrial bands that were biggest during the early to mid 90's. There will always be a special place in my heart for NIN, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, and, yes, even Marilyn P. Manson.

Pic sort of related. It's me now as opposed to 7 or 8 years ago as pictured here>>23122421. Times have been cruel.
Was just at a goth / deathrock festival last night. I'm glad the scene's been defibrillated, at least here. I was getting worried it would be infected with Dick Blowins hipsters the next time it came back up.
you look better now
far better
Really? I figured I looked worse. Hmm.
bumping with some tunes

we still have goth bars around my area and thankfully the hipsters stay away. we usually see a few strays come in but they usually leave soon after they realize everyone dressed up is serious about it
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