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this threads seemed to go well so lets do it again
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this threads seemed to go well so lets do it again
tell us how your dream girl/guy is
>tfw added cool people from this thread but too autistic to talk

dream girl:
>messy hair
>aware of stuff going on in the world
>good sense of humour
>likes to cuddle
>able to tolerate silence sometimes
>will walk with me at 3am to some random place
>likes shitty jokes
Dream girl
>be in melbourne
>like daft punk
>never be sick of cuddling and I mean this :p
>redhead (not that important though)
>enjoy vidya
>prefers being at home chilling but is willing to go out occasionally
>share a similar sense of humour, be quick witted
>finds me at least decent looking

Always fucked around with these threads but for once I decided to put a sensible answer.
Basically gonna describe the girl I'm trying to get over


>Cute features
>Not a bimbo
>Be wild and up for anything
>Funny, dumb sense of humour
>Caring but not in a gay way
>Clever but not in an autistic way
>Cool indie fashion and music tastes
Dream Guy
>loves music, metal/alt/grunge/classical/jazz/blues/classic rock
>kinky, can switch. Strong dom, willing sub
>great sense of humor
>gamer pc/tabletop/card
>will go to the gym with me and go crazy on junk days (chips, burgers, pizza!)
>don't care how tall you are
>don't care about hairstyle
>into pale girls, long legs
>open minded, sardonic, cynical
>very into movies (direction, editing, score, camera work, editing)
>preferably 30+

> describing the girl you're trying to get over

Oh hey, me too


> skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes
> extremely sensitive body, just touching her neck could make her gasp
> kind of kinky/submissive but could be very aggressive when she got horny
> bit of an exhibitionist
> kind of a nerd/weeb
> sarcastic/pranky sense of humor
> very affectionate

She had her negative points though. She was kind of immature, caused drama, was a bit self-centered, constantly depressed, self-harmed and never really considered how much stress that put on the people who loved her. I would like to avoid all that this time.

Most of all, I want someone who won't give up on the fucking relationship as long as I'm trying my hardest to keep it together. My ex broke my fucking heart because I thought she was my soulmate and then she just gave up on me and abandoned me. Won't even talk to me now.
In a man ....

Not that picky but a man with a good enough job to support me and pay for hormones]

He has a thick cock with a fat head :3

He's romantic and treats me right

In a woman......

Common interests- goth music and style, smart
Skinny or average body

27 Canada btw

My dream guy:
>Is health conscious like me. Doesn't eat chips or crap food.
>will work out with me on a reg.
>likes camping and hikes
>sensitive and understanding
>randomly messages me with a stupid snapchat that 10/10 makes me laugh
>loves to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle
>has goals and is going to college or uni
>has a job and a car (doesn't matter if he still lives with parents)
>appreciates art and is somewhat artistic (doesn't have to be tho)
>enjoys reading
>likes comics and will talk about them with me
>plays vidya


My ideal woman:

>5.5" to 6.5" tall
>20-32 years old
>BBW with curves in the right places(Huge tits, big ass, wide hips, thick thighs). Overall hourglass shape
>Pretty face with full lips and nice smile
>Extremely long hair
>Doesn't dye hair neon colors
>All Natural(doesn't wear makeup, doesn't shave)
>Practices basic hygiene/has nice skin
>No Piercings or Tattoos
>Doesn't smoke tobacco or marijuana
>Doesn't do drugs
>Drinking is fine, but isn't a drunk
>Gamer (Both vidya and TTRPG)
>Likes Death Metal
>Isn't a feminist
>Isn't a hipster
>Isn't a party girl/ex-party girl
>Isn't a slut
>Doesn't have mental/personality disorders.
>Doesn't/has never practiced self harm
>Doesn't have kids
>Is a virgin
>Isn't religious
>No Daddy Issues
>Praises the Sun, and engages in Jolly Cooperation
>Gentle Dom

She doesn't exist.
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>will do nature stuff and stargazing with me
>likes weeb stuff
>kinda petite, messy short hair
>as needy/clingy as I am

hahahahahahhaah too bad I'm an ugly horrible piece of shit that don't deserve any happiness
Penis equipped individual here.

My "ideal" partner:

>born female, pale as fuck, tall, petite/ athletic, preferably over 21 and under 28

Now the hard stuff...

>cocky, cheeky cunt
>ambitious, have huge goals in life, preferably not monetary ones
>passionate about something, collect rocks, I don't give a fuck, just love whatever you do
>funny/witty/relaxed, don't get triggered by shit, be able to laugh about yourself
>open minded and opinionated
>talkative and can express herself well
>reasonable educated on various topics, no need to be a nobel price nominee but know what vacuoles are, the basics of quantium theory and
that Shanghai isn't the capital of China
>don't have the NEET mentality
>some interest into art and literature
>likes to travel and try out new things

As for the sexy stuff, just don't be an extreme fetishist or somebody who would call herself as dom/sub. Any level of sex drive sans asexual is cool.

love music (Rock, heavy metal)
kinky, dom willing sub
great sense of humor
pc gamer
Martial arts teacher
i love to eat, i can cook
don't care about hairstyle
into pale girls
into movies (work as a photographer)
black hair, green eyes

Where are you from?
physically, for guys:
>5'11 or higher
>thinner, a little muscular with nice arms
>strong jawline
>if cis, a big peen

physically, for girls:
>thin, not bigger than a 10
>not thin lips
>expressive eyes
>tapered chin

for all:
>smiles easily
>long eyelashes
>thick hair
>has a unique scent

>can show me movies, books, and music i've never heard of
>likes to discuss these things and create them
>will let me read to them and rub their head and they will read to me and rub my head
>can drink a lot
>likes recreational drugs
>honest to a fault
>likes driving down roads we've never been down before, going to that one afterparty where we know no one because why not, spontaneous basically. they gotta keep up with me.
>can have fun going out or staying in
>likes to dance
>street smart
>also averse to wearing pants
>into mutual body worship
>into rough sex
>has a exhibitionist kink
>will play video games with me
>will play board games with me

they do not exist, and if they do, i'm not sure i deserve them
oh, and they're kind to homeless people and the mentally ill
I just want a cute petite woman who rides a motorbike
You sound pretty great, shame the distance.
Dream girl:
>As black as possible
>talks a lot
>Laughs a lot
>High libido
>Party girl
>Around 18 tears old
>has sense of fashion
>doesn't text me all the time, or expects me to do so.
Literally my gf and I. Where are you from?
I'm a dude from England.


>a girl
>super into vidya, gets excited about some new releases and stuff
>likes to cuddle a lot
>likes to see the humour in things most of the time/laughs really easily
>can be sarcastic
>doesn't smoke or do drugs
>drinks very little or not at all
>kinda short, or shorter than me at least
>likes to be read to
>talks way too much
>indoorsy as fuck
>super open
>interest in music perhaps, maybe plays an instrument
fuck it posted in that yandere thread
any insane girls hanging around?

>constantly making me aware that she "owns" me
>would get pissed when talking to other girls
>even things like waitresses or other females that are kind of hard to avoid
>weird mix of dominance/submissiveness
>ideally she would be kind of dominant overall but she would put my pleasure first
>tell me who i can and cant talk too
>would never leave me, which is kind of the point right?
>is ok with hitting me
>would have me move in with her
>buys me stuff
>degrades me etc
> the one willing to put up with my personality
we can chat if you want!
the east coast, usa
you are very lucky

Dream girl
>between 18-23
>slightly chubby like me
>short, like 5'4 and below
>has a job and drives
>enjoys animals and the outdoors
>loves cooking together
>doesn't mind my odd movie tastes or the fact I analyze films
>plays vidya
>doesn't have to be super nerdy like me, but it wouldn't hurt
>enjoys cuddling and sex
>wants to get married and have kids, but after a few years
>pulls pranks and has a sense of humor

Probably never going to come into my life though. I'll just settle with working 9 hours a day and drinking once im home soon with my cats.
This sounds adorable! Especially the cooking together part.
I bet you won't end up alone with cats.
If only I was 30+

>around 5ft-5'3ft
>cute face
>just not obese
>will put up with my many flaws
>isn't too mean
>isn't too much of a party animal
>someone i can talk/read to so i feel like i matter
>likes to cuddle
>good sense of humour
>moderate intelligence would be nice but im not smart so im not one to judge
Wish most girls thought that way
No reasonable girl would ever say no to good food! And cooking together is extremely sweet.
You'd be surprised lol
dream girl:

>preferably brunette
>long hair, colour doesnt matter then
>everything from slim to light chubby is fine
>cutesy af
>dark humour / sarcasm
>cant get enough cuddles
>likes animals
>does binge watch with me
>kinky (I'm a switch) so sub or dom is both fine, switch preferred
>cooks with me, or enjoys when I cook
>nerdy in general
>glasses (fake glasses are fine too)
>doenst mind if I text her a lot of random stuff
>falls asleep on me
>crazy eyes
>conspiracy theorist/prepper
>dark sense of humor
>not fat
>high sex drive

I'm aware I'm basically asking for a serial killer but eh. Gotta die of something.
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>slender and lanky, bear mode, fit, they're all good
>heavy dark circles and pale skin
>russian accent or something similar
>casually racist
>large veiny hands, long slender fingers
>glasses and sharp features are a really, really good mix
>cold as ice but doesn't have a problem being affectionate for the right person
>drinker or smoker, both are fine (not potheads. annoying.)
>high sex drive, kinky

I'll never find, I know.
My dream girl is

>at least average in looks department
>can more than stomach me, doesn't feel like she's settling for me
>seldom compares me to other men and/or doesn't find me generally inferior
>At least neutral with the websites I go to and how much video games I play
>and I'd finally like her to be real

That's it family
File: 13515262626.jpg (39 KB, 550x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw this is my ideal chick

Working on bachelors degree going for masters(I am 22), have a good job, love the gym and health/fitness.

I dont read much anymore but otherwise you nailed me.

>p-pls be in murica ;_;
post your kik familia
i remember u gurl
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>Perfect guy
Looks: Henry Cavill
Loves: LOTR, Harry Potter, Scifi, Anime, video/tabletop gaming, traveling, the occasional Molly/LSD/mushroom trip, dogs, philosophical/political discussions
Actually trustworthy
Doesn't get freaked out I like remaining independent
Is funny/quick witted as hell

Or IS Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Dream guy:
>preferably white
>thin/skinny/somewhat fit
>some stylish haircut
>great sense of humor
>doesn't get offended too easily
>loves dogs (he HAS to)
>not a NEET
>intelligent, preferably more than myself
>at least 5'7"
>doesn't drink a lot
>preferably doesn't do any drugs, occassional weed use ok
>can escort me to hardcore shows
>like small things like holding hands & taking cute selfies
>is talkative enough to keep up interesting conversations
>introvert, but not too weird when meeting new people
>will watch horror/thriller movies with me
>likes black girls (cause I am one)
>super trustworthy
>very honest
>tells me what's wrong right away

skype: imentahl
kik: hateeveryone.jpg
Just let me know you're from this thread.
I think I fit like 99% of those requirements

Dream guy:
>at least kinda cute
>shy, socially awkward
>insecure/low self esteem
>clingy, persistent
>will try to flirt with me while I respond with cold indifference
>will let me toy with him and tease him endlessly
>will put up with me making subtle jabs at him at every opportunity
>bonus points if he enjoys me being mean to him

One of you has to fit this description, right? You don't even have to be in the area. I like talking to guys online.
dream girl
>long dark messy hair
>pale skin
>large green eyes
>small nose
>similar height to me
>skinny, smallish breasts
>virgin (I know how insecure that makes me seem, but I want to lose my virginity with another virgin)
>likes some similar music to me, but can show me new stuff
>same goes for cinema, literature, various forms of media
>clingy, I really want to feel wanted
>introverted (can enjoy time on her own without the need to always be around people)
>wants to travel around the world with me
>likes to cook, try new food
>enjoys my company
this is me a bit, do you have kik maybe?
Dream guy :
> white or Asian maybe
> attraction to me being multiracial
> not liberal or conservative, abe to make judgments based on fact and is sensible
> slim without a lot of muscle build.
> enjoys helping others when it is sensible without rolling over for everyone
> dry sense of humerus and good with puns
> browses and understands /b but doesn't take it too serious
> not cringy but kind of a dork
> enjoys mgmt, royal canoe, Mike snow, passion pit, beirut, yusef stevens, can put up with shit like gregory and the hawk, imogen heap, kilo riley, Regina spektor, and cocorosie
> has dark fetishist like my own but I won't state exactly what I'm into here
> like to chill and play fpsrpg
> car guy, but true, genuine and knowledgeable car guy. Car culture, brand, and what's under the hood
> like to play rough
> has some experience in life or a weird childhood so that we can relate in some way
Also, if it weren't obvious from what I said, being sexually submissive is a plus.

Able* miike* fetishes* humor*
More or less. I'd prob tease you right back tho
I'd get frustrated with you pretty quickly then. If that's your thing, go ahead and message me.
This is me, except I'm chubbier. Even from the same state.
Dream Girl:
- Doesn't like current pop/hip-hop music.
- Likes some kind of good music. Lots to choose from.
- Funny, sarcastic.
- Witty and/or smart.
- Loyal and trustworthy.
- Says "I love you" at the end of phone calls.
- Plays video games.
- Willing to smoke weed on occasions. Smokey cuddly days watching Netflix!
- Drinks casually/socially.
- Very submissive in the bedroom.
- Likes it rough.
- On birth control, or can't have kids.
- If she can have kids, wants a small amount in the future.

As for looks, they really aren't that important, so long as there's an attraction. I'm immediately attracted to smaller girls because I can throw them around in the bedroom, but I also love nerdy girls, squirrely girls, quirky girls, alternative girls... really, whatever just happens to grab my interest.
File: Deborah_Ann_Woll.jpg (78 KB, 480x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well, my dream man is 1964 Big Boss

my dream woman is also pretty fictional

>red hair / blonde hair (It's superficial, but this is fantasy anyway)
>likes lingerie
>enjoys oral both ways
>nerdy, into vidya, or at least interested
>likes tacky 80's action movies
>expresses herself artistically in some way
>supports what I do
>understands how to comfort me through crippling anxiety / depression
>driven, doesn't want to just coast along through life
>happy with her career / job
>happy with small gestures and spending time together, but can appreciate a nice date
>perfectly happy to stay home and cuddle in our underwear on lazy days
>likes puppies
>likes to dress up when we go out
>has cool taste in things to share with me
>likes to go for long walks around the city just enjoying each others company
>loves me
21/m/Southern USA
Dream girl:
>white, asian, or hispanic probably
>4 yrs younger or older
>slim/fit, not necessarily athletic
>varied music taste, always interested in something new
>not picky about food, likes to try new things, don't mind if vegetarian/vegan but is okay with me being an omnivore
>drinks good alcohol, not shitty liquer/beer/wine (i.e. not an alcoholic, drinks for taste)
>emotive and direct like me, not too hard to read
>kind to people as a whole, optimistic
>doesn't pigeonhole their interests to solely games/pop culture.
>constant desire to improve herself (mentally/at a personal level)
>idgaf about political leanings, but please don't be a true far right conservative. i just can't
>talkative or at least a decent listener (I'm a conversationalist myself)
>no hardcore drugs (i.e. weed is okay but coke nope)
>enjoys the environment
Lol this woman is basically me
Any chance you fit any of these characteristics? >>23112854
30 yo male

my perfect girl
>one that holds a conversation
>athletic enough to go for a hike or bike ride
>good taste in movies
>would make a good mom (oldfag I know)
>pixie cut would be icing on the cake

Dream guy:
>Between 22-30
>White or Hispanic
>Slim or at least average
>Loves animals
>Likes coffee/tea
>Not a picky eater
>Loves sweets
>NOT into Dom/sub subculture
>High libido but not insatiable
>Attending college or planning to
>Into psychedelics/weed
>Not into bars/clubs

>Ideally he'd have cozy nights in with me and let me cook dinner and bake a carrot cake or something while I sit and watch him play vidya or while we sit around and listen to stand-up.

>Somewhat clingy and attention hogging and doesn't mind that I do sappy shit like pack him lunch or leave dumb love letters in his bag

>Is a nihilistic type or at least existential and will stay up with me discussing the futility of life and physics and other science shit

>Supports me in what I choose to do with my life and career, just as I will support him.

>Doesn't mind that I sleep a lot or take frequent naps but will sometimes sit on me and poke my face to wake me up when I've slept too long

This person doesn't exist
I'm a little young, I'm only 20 but other than that I actually hit a few of those. I'm not much of a drug user.
I also look a lot more like Luke Skywalker than I do Henry Cavill.
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Hmm. Alright, but describe yourself pls before I fully commit to replying to your post.
>more like Luke Skywalker

So bloated, bearded, and old hermit?
I'm married, but I. Fit this almost exactly. My only no's are the drugs and sweets. I'll eat sweets, but prefer savory foods.

Keep looking! Plenty like me out there
Tons of guys like that. Hell, I'm pretty damn close, except I like chill bars with friends and I'm Dom. Still, I'm sure you can find someone that hits all the main points.
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literally me desu
Are you in school?
I am, majoring in biology
Body type
Don't care about skin color
About my height 6'0 +/- 5inches
Long soft hair
Overall health conscious not a health freak
Not obese!!!! But not a stick either
Dick size...as long as its bigger than 5in we are fine

A guy that's mellow down to earth but hardworking kind happy in general
Likes to smile and make me smile
Likes to have fun not all about sex But has great skills in bed
Great kisser
Sociable but not attention seeking
Not completely introverted but can enjoy a day of nothing
Me too. east or west coast?
fucking got me good
- Nerdy as hell. Vidya, D&D, Magic, you name it.
- Love "alternative" stuff. Goth clubs, cult classic movies, Rocky Horror showings.
- Doesn't dress the part these days. I still grunge it up on weekends but I'm in at least khakis and a polo for my 9-5.
- Smart, and damn proud of it. But other than occasionally on 4chan, I won't actually mention it.
- Handy. Love to fix things. Cars, appliances, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.
- Speaking of which, I love buying a new tool.
- Chill. I *love* my free time, just relaxing.
- Love to sleep in.
- Obviously, Dom as all hell in the bedroom, or whenever we are playing.
- Occasional weed smoker.
- Definitely not a vegetarian. No problem with them, but I love eating meat.
- Likes pets.
- Sarcastic as all hell. A smartass.
- Into rock, but don't keep up with it all that much anymore.
- Enjoy instrumental, industrial, country, classic rock, some catchy songs, alternative music, grunge, old gangsta rap, a whole lot of stuff.
- Likes going to non-loud bars, drinking with friends, but not getting sloppy drunk.
- Miss my old Mustang, and plan on getting a sports car again someday. Driving a manual is far too fun.
I'm in Texas
California :(. What is a picky eater?
I'm already sort of a picky eater (vegetarian), but what I mean by picky eater is someone who isn't willing to taste new/weird things. Like if I'm eating some delicious type of hummus and he's never had hummus but refuses to try it. Bad example but something along those lines
Ideal Guy:
>Decently tall (5'10" +)
>Bear mode body type
>Masculine but not a dick about it
>Empathetic, Loving, Possessive, Caring, Etc
>Loves to shitpost, I want a guy that I can shitpost with while working in lab.
>Enjoys video games.
>Enjoys working out and would want to work out with me eventually, and then have us come home and have me cook him a meal and then cuddle + play games
>Is supportive of my graduate schooling (medical) and understands emotions decently since I doubt myself even sometimes.
>Messages a fair amount, I like conversation several times a day
>Has some idea what he wants to do on his side for a job
>Hard being a fag sometimes qq
Ugh, that's just boring. If someone tells me something is delicious, and I haven't had it, then of course I'm going to try it.

The flip side to that is, I used to be called a picky eater from time to time because, for example, I don't like most seafood. I don't care how good your lobster is, I already know I don't like lobster.

The flip side to THAT is, if you say you prepare it differently, then sure I'll give it a taste. Just don't be mad if I still don't like it.
Well that's cool. Okay can I add you on something so we can properly talk?
Dream girl
>Has a job
>Has an education
>Thin to average, as long as average does not include fat at all
>Loyal and honest
>Sexually creative
>Loves the beach and being at the beach more than most other things (dolphins good, seals bad--they bite)
>Enjoys camping, hiking, other outdoors things
>Enjoys outdoors things and is not some crazy-ass gym-groupie/jogger/vegan blah blah. Gets exercise as the natural result of doing things and never because of exercising
>Is a gigantic nerd for language, etymology, novels and poetry
>Enjoys goth-rock and industrial concerts, and particularly dressing up so that she looks hot as shit, at them

I really like outdoors stuff. The people who think exercise is, itself, an activity? They make me nutty. It's not a thing you do. Why would you go to a gym? Climb a rock. Hike a mountain. Kayak and swim. Don't go to a fucking gym or own jogging shorts.
My kik is creepitcuddly
Exactly! I totally respect if someone has a strong dislike of a certain food and I definitely wouldn't push it but otherwise why wouldn't you want to try something yummy?

Me in six months after I finish dieting, but girls on here don't like to wait I find. Good luck.
>tfw 6'5 245
>check, check, check, check
>notice this is me 99%
>tfw you arent a fag ;_;
I remember you posting this a month ago and you got my hopes up then as well only to destroy them with your final line.

For real though, I dont consider myself "bearmode" I'm to light for that but everything else is fucking me.
MFW I am described by most of these posts but IRL get ignored or hated on (or greeted with jealousy) before people even get to know me because of my appearance. -.-
File: dedotated wam.jpg (365 KB, 791x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dedotated wam.jpg
365 KB, 791x700
What's wrong with your appearance?
Absolutely nothing. That's the problem - people either assume I don't want to know them because they don't consider themself "unworthy" or immediately assume I would be a bitch so they exclude me or treat me nastily. I've been slurred at cons by general public because "I don't belong". I ALWAYS have to approach people to start conversations. I've never even been asked out by a boy, always had to do it. It's hard to make friends.
File: image.jpg (181 KB, 625x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 625x469
>Im attractive to a point of intimidating people

I'm either invisible or a weirdo and my looks are average at best. Would prefer your problem
File: randomsadman.jpg (35 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There is something wrong if dudes aren't approaching you.

You could have a resting bitch face, or just give off that vibe. Trust me dudes always have to approach women unless they are chad. If you aren't getting ANY recognition there is something majorly wrong.

I am decent looking and in really good shape and still have to approach women because my size makes me naturally intimidating.

>tldr you aren't trying at all
I do get attention but it's the arse grab kind. I just want to be spoken to like a human.
It's lonely. You don't want this either.
>being an unnattractive loner sucks, but you don't want to be attractive and intimidating either

Id at least have the potential to be better, to be happier if I was attractive. Behavior is easier to change and people would warm up eventually
File: 139617973162.jpg (82 KB, 1116x834) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 1116x834
>I get attention from people but all the attention is based off my looks
>I just want to be spoken to and treated like a normal person
>I ignore the attention from people that would do this

You sound biased af, I guarantee you aren't trying. There are plenty of people willing to just talk and chill. You probably over look all the people that dont meet your standards then bitch when you have no one.

>typical women right hur
You just reinforced the exact attitude I get from people who don't get to know me.
Looks are easy to change as well

>go to the gym
>get sun
>stop drinking soda and eating Doritos
>dress properly in fitted clothes
>shower regularly
Who would've thought you had to put effort into your appearance to look better.

A women puts a lot of effort into their appearance, they arent gonna fall in love with you if you dont do the same. You can buy her all the gifts in the world and say all the right things.

>tldr dudes dont take care of themselves then expect women who do take care of themselves to just fall in love with them because they bought them a gift.

>medium-long /shaggy hair
>taller than 5'2, but 5'9+ is desired
>music: electronica, jazz, rap
>let's me dance for them
>sense of humor
>I love random/stupid shenanigans
>comfort and cuddle me
>a bit of an outcast
>sense of adventure
>anime/comic cons goer
>420 friendly !!
Then something needs to change... People cant get to know you if they dont have a chance. Life isn't a puzzle, if you want something to change you just change it.

So many people just sit and wait for shit to change without doing anything about it. If you want to meet people and just meet friends then be social and stop hiding.

are you fat?
Ma'am or sir, you have yourself a match.
ideal dude
>19-23 y.o
>6'1 or taller (im tall ,,, let me live)
>skinny would be cool
>hair that suits his face
>oooo glasses would be cute
>really funny!! wed make jokes all the time and id never be lame and emo again
>will smoke w/me like once a week
>shows that he wants to be around me, clingy is good not obsessive tho
>wants to cook together or do random artsy things together or make some tunes
>does everything possible to not make me jealous
>into similar music, maybe metal
>has a goddam car
>has friends who dont suck ass
Dream bbg
>easy going
>emotionally stable
>handles drugs well
>dank cuddles
>middle eastern
I like a lot of things, but that kinda narrows it down
Music taste isnt my first pick, but occasionally. Got kik? youve nailed me~
And I'd like to return the favor~
I do. I'm always the one making the effort. Refer to the last sentence of >>23113788. This goes for both partners and friends. It takes so much time and effort when you're the one always having to do all the work. I don't hide either I'm quite active in the community.
You've grabbed my attention :3
I want to see you, I need to know how its so hard. It cant be as hard as you make it sound.

You go to uni? job? out? have friends? I just dont get it, I make friends every semester without even trying just because you have to.
This is totally me *sigh* worth a shot, my kik is lee.the.flea
You have a kik?
Do you have a Skype? I don't actually have kik...
File: toomuch.png (511 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
511 KB, 720x540
Ironically you said you match a lot of these peoples ideas of the "perfect girl" yet you haven't posted contact info or even replied to any of them.

You sure you aren't hiding? Post your kik familia lets see if you really are trying.
I fit all of these except hair and anime. Not really an outcast either, but aye
I do have a Mara Jade cosplay...

>martial arts teacher

Ya blew it
>Loves animals
That's like the single thing that doesn't apply, but "liking" them is fine too, r-right?

> doesn't mind that I do sappy shit like pack him lunch or leave dumb love letters in his bag
Holy shit, this is so fucking cute.

>Is a nihilistic type
>discussing the futility of life
That's such a paradox about nihilism. Although talking about something more productive like science is cool, what about your own stats?

Well, post your own thingy.

>Behavior is easier to change
Wahahah. Oh, man.
Yeah, kik is imogensheep

I don't ask for much, just be asian, wear glasses, wear makeup and skirts, be less than 40.
Yeah sure, got a kik?
I'm not seeing how it's a paradox when they're literally the same thing but alright. 'Liking' animals is fine but this is a dream guy/girl thread and my dream guy would love them.
> when they're literally the same thing
Which makes it funny, a whole belief centered around the futility of life and meaning, yet debates the lack of meaning endlessly, even though any result and the discussion itself, are absolutely pointless and futile. Or to put it differently, nihilism pretty much kills itself.
dream girl:
big ass
This is me exactly!
Just because something (or well, everything) lacks meaning, doesn't mean it lacks enjoyment. Also, talking about how everything you do will inevitably be without consequences can feel rather relieving.
Not like there is any point in enjoyment :^)
True, lack of consequences also means somewhat of a freedom for your actions; from what I got from Internet-nihilists, it's usually just used to justify inaction instead of inspiration to try something grand. The more prominent ones at least write books.

Though post your own description, man, you seem to have very reasonable standards, so it's surprising that you haven't found a person who would fit them all yet.
Kik me. I'm in 'murica. Fluffynebulakitty
Well, enjoyment is enjoyment. Even if there was a god or afterlife, playing videogames and riding rollercoasters would still not have a point. We only get to live a certain number of years, so why not have some fun before we die?
One thing to remember is that although everything will inevitably lack consequences, they're not neccesarily without immediate consequences. Sure, killing a person will not change what the world looks like in a millennium, but it'll probably result in you losing many years of freedom in jail, which isn't really worth it. Live and let live, as they say.
When it comes to inactivity, a nihilist doesn't need to feel pressured that he needs to leave a mark on history, nor regret that he might've failed to do so when he's on his deathbed, but I don't think that means he shouldn't strive for grandness in some subject if that's his thing. I'm casually practicing music because I like doing so, no other reason is needed.

Thanks for the compliment, by the way, but the truth is that I haven't really been looking much. I might find someone in this thread, though I won't be sad if I don't.
Ugh, where are all the qt boys for me to kick around?
which ones do you not fit? 99% is an A+ grade,
25 male
>has a vagina
>C L I N G Y
>at least vaguely insecure
>has actual interests (sufficient clinginess may make up for a lack thereof)
>spends too much time on the computer
And that's my waifu. Skype is mr.bubbles6838. No, don't all apply at once now. Form an orderly line.

come to the dark side anon :3c
Sounds more like hedonism yo, though combination of both somehow works too I suppose.

Well, there is no real point in striving for anything for a nihilist beyond enjoyment, the whole ideology is rather counter-ambition (well, it does open to room to try something big since failure doesn't matter) and indifferent to (self) improvement, which makes it negative idea for humanity to follow to it's logical extreme, even though I agree with it's general idea about lolmeaning and lolpurpose.

Do you practice an instrument, making it digitally or singing?

I-is that a new word for tranny?

That's like 75% of 4chan minus the vagina, maybe 30% if we include that.
I say snowflake rather than genderqueer, since that's what people on here call basically all non-binary identities, because of tumblr.
Yeah, seems like hedonism and nihilism could work pretty well together, from what I can quickly gather. When it comes to instruments, I've grown up playing the saxophone, though since mine has gotten quite aged with some faults, I haven't played it in a while. Planning to buy a new one when my economy allows it. Besides that, I also have a harmonica, a violin, an accordion and I may or may not start playing trumpet in the future, to keep a long story short.
I think you're probably quite older than me based on the description, though.
Other than that it all fits.
That's an impressively long list, anon. Violin is up there with piano for my personal god-tier instruments. You sound pretty cool for sure. Had a friend who had a saxophone and trumpet, I sure was tripped out by how hard you had to blow compared to flute or harmonica, lel.

You got anything besides kik? We're from different continents and I am not really looking for a relationship either but maybe we could be friends ... or at least discuss the futility of life (although origin sounds like a much more fun topic, specially if you have biology background)
Sure, add my skype frosty.forest and we'll see how well we get along in the long run! Oh, and blowing the saxophone isn't the least bit exhausting. It's all about technique, like most wind instruments. I actually run out of air more quickly with the harmonica.
If you're still lurking, what's your ideal guy like? Maybe it would be better for you to filter responses rather than reply to other's posts.
You still lurking? Id love to talk to you for a little bit
That's pretty much me. Kik: rumblejumble07

> Male, 21-27
> Smart and open minded, curious, enthusiastic about learning
> Has something to teach me, is interesting to talk to
> Has his shit together, independent
> Has his own life, hobbies and friends
> Not fanatic about religion and political ideas, but opinionated and informed
> Sarcastic, can joke about everything, a bit mean
> Sensitive, but logical and not overly emotional
> Makes me feel appreciated and cared for
> Reliable, honest
> Kind, calm, knows how to discuss
> Loves travelling, food, wine/beer
> Likes spending time at home more than partying
> Doesn't get drunk too often or do drugs
> Shares some of my interests and has a similar taste for things
> Likes going to the cinema, to concerts or cuddling watching tv shows
> Is okay with the fact that I am not excessively girly
> Is a good guy, great with animals and kids, wants a family one day
> In good terms with family, and generally not keen to drama
> Likes sex, makes me feel wanted, but is not excessively kinky

> Healthy-looking body, taller than me
> Clean, well dressed, nice smile
(not as important)
> Beard, dark/red hair, light eyes, glasses
I fit your description, except the glasses.
Skype: derrdurr
I used to look like the Peter Parker from this cover and I had a dye-sub Spider-man costume.

liked the music taste

but short hair, not outcast

the rest its pretty much like me
File: 13591725236729626.jpg (60 KB, 500x586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 500x586
Its gonna just happen if I keep talking to boring ass bitches and they keep playing games.

>tfw meet so many cool chicks but I only want the ones that dont want me.

Haven't posted my list so here


Ideal Girl
>5'8+ pref(I am tall)
>Health conscious(fitness is a huge part of my life)
>Not an alcoholic
>Not a drug addict
>Goes to school or works(Preferably both)
>Knows what she wants
>Has her own vehicle
>can handle my none stop sexual banter
>A little weeb is cute

>post your kik if you exist
>tfw they dont exist
I am pretty much the male version of my list just with facial hair.
Why are physically attractive men with interesting personalities and are also emotionally stable so, so hard to find?
Brown eyes, long hair. Dark skin would be cool, or not whatever
Any body type between /sma and London Keyes
Non drinker
Wears white underwear
Doesn't care about material things, happy with simple life
I'd make a guess and say that many are probably taken, or get around well enough that they don't have to look for a significant other on 4chan.
Do we do asl first?
Drem Girl
>someone I can trust
>trusts me
>confides in me/I confide in her
>believes love is the most important thing
>mentally ill
>likes the gym and tries to drag me with her that would be nice desu I need to gain some weight
>willing to pretend to care about my interests
Bonus points if she likes shitty music like I do
Physical doesn't really matter but I guess
>5'0 to 5'8 (I'm 5'5)
>not obese I guess?
>white I guess
yeah Idk looks are dumb. really all I care about anyway is just liking being around each other and having fun and Loving each other.
Kik me! Fluffynebulakitty
Whos really looking for a significant other? Are people really that naive? I'm just looking for cool chicks I can talk to and whatever happens happens.
I didn't mean hard to find on 4chan, but in general. But yeah, that first guess sounds likely
Seeing as it's a "dream guy/girl" thread, I think it's fair to bet that some people are.
I guess it also depends on how outgoing you are. The more shy and socially withdrawn doesn't really have the same odds as the party people.
Thats just a title, this is all a game. I'm not saying it isn't possible, I've met some awesome chicks in these threads some even turned into irl things. Never works though because people aren't truthful then when you realize it starts all over again.

Ironically, I added you earlier. Wont be hard to find my message just look for the sexual banter, that you clearly couldn't handle.
A game for you, perhaps. I'm sure some people takes it seriously while others just fuck around, can't really guess which one is the majority. Personally, I don't know. It's a way to pass time and if something comes out of it, it's a plus.
I used to take it seriously, now I do it to just waste time and on the slim chance I meet a cool chick. I guess I'm just not naive anymore.

Once something fails so many times you just stop expecting anything and when it doesn't work out you move on fast.
I guess that's somewhat similar to the mentality you should have when approaching someone you're interested in, be you male or female, on or off the computer. Talk to them like they're just another person and not someone you're looking to fuck and/or marry.
a continent a way and i even fit the appearance attributes to a T.
>beard, darker red hair (almost brown to some people), light blue eyes, glasses 50% of the time, 5' 11"
>everything else coincides with me
>fuck this is me

Dream girl/ guy

>makes me laugh
>smarter than me
>has goals
>physically attractive men with interesting personalities
Needs some definition since subjective as fuck.

>Whos really looking for a significant other?
Desperate and cray people. As you said, it's a decent platform to find cool people though.
File: image2.png (62 KB, 636x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 636x564
>Desperate and cray people. As you said, it's a decent platform to find cool people though.

Its ironic because deep down we all want to meet that person including me, I just have stopped expecting stuff and just let things fall in place.

I live in the now, I cant tell the future so I dont look to much into it other then expecting to have an awesome job and my degree. The rest will fall into place, whatever happens just happens.

>enjoy my oc
Well, then, contact me. [email protected]

I'm 31.
>taller than 5'9"
>not obese or anorexic
>broad shoulders
>educated, talkative, witty, nice
>glasses, muscles, tats, piercings are a plus

I don't ask too much, do I?
Well, I fit that description except for not smoking or having any tattoos, piercings or muscles to speak of, so I wouldn't say that you're asking for too much.
Well, there is a huge difference between being open for possibility and actively looking and expecting to meet your ideal mate in such threads/on dating sites equivalents, which is beyond desperate and somehow sad.

Also nice OC yo.
Damn, whenever I try to describe my dream girl I end up with a huge list and feel weird when some of you can do it with only a few points...
Dream guy
>good taste in music
>have a passion/hobby that they love
>over 5'4" (that's how tall I am)
>good fashion taste
>doesn't get angry easily or yell at me
>pats my head
>watch studio ghibli films with me
>enjoys pretty walks in the forest
>glasses heh (theyre my fetish desu)

Idk. I'm not too picky generally. But these are nice qualities
I'd say I fit, depending on what you find to be good taste in fashion and music.
Fair enough. Kik/snapchat?
Got neither, my skype is frosty.forest
Everything except good taste in music! And it's debatable on the fashion.

Dream guy:
>Taller than me (I'm 5'2)
>preferably white but Hispanic is fine
>Green/hazel eyes are ideal but not a must
>Dark hair that's kinda long and shaggy. Bonus points if it's wavy or curly
>Doesn't have to be fit but not a total fatty
>Can be scruffy
>Glasses are a big plus
>age 20-30
>Not neet
>Has a car
>Loves animals, especially cats
>ideally artistic in some way (draws, etc)
>mostly into older music but it's no big deal if you're not
>into sci-fi books and movies and will recommend/ watch stuff with me
>open minded, can deal with my weirdness
>Smokes weed often, psychedelics are cool too
>Better conversation skills than me
>can have some form of mental illness
>likes to travel and take me places
Well, I fit most of those qualifications
Which ones do you not fit?
> i have brown eyes
> my hair isn't long
> no glasses
> and I dont do drugs
> I might have depression, but never really looked into it
>Brown eyes
>long wavy hair
>in shape
>reading glasses
>job + school
>animal lover
>I make music
>love 60s pop
>into scfi both movies and books

I'm near perfect!
>No drugs
Sorry anon but that's a deal breaker.

Hnnggg. Where are you from? Go ahead and crush my hopes and dreams by being far away.
Where are you from?
Nice! That went better than expected. I'm going to be moving there in a few days.
Ok so you have a kik or Skype? Or you want me to post mine? I'm gonna have to talk to you !
Post your kik and I'll message you!
It's @finitenight
Dream guy:
> 1-5 years older than me
>Tall (6'+) and built/chubby fit
>Wants to go on adventures together and try new things
>Passionate and sweet
>Socially aware and interested in issues
>Someone who's romantic, cutesy, and full of surprises
>Dominate and protective, but also lets me do things my own way
>Be able to be comfortable with each other all the time
>Knows what he wants to do in life and is successful
>Wants to travel all over the world
>Makes me laugh
"Dominate and protective, but also lets me do things my own way"
>Daddy in bed, but best friend in the streets
>every girl mentions height
Fucking basic. Not even short either just Goddamn.
I need your Kik right now, this is me 100%
Oh my god, do you actually? That's awesome
I won't lie, losing her is what hurts most about losing the EU
childhood crush for sure

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that isn't a mild fantasy
whats your kik?
What's your kik?
also me 100%, kik is Thorrbo
Cant find you?
no reason not to bite

Ideal Girl:
>Physically fit and proportionate, height doesn't really matter and fair complexion is nice, but so long as she's beautiful by some standard I'm not too picky about details
> Calm demeanour, Confident in interactions with people
> Dry humour and very ironic
> Ambivert preferred, ultimately just no super extroverts or super introverts
> Can enjoy and contribute to political or philosophical discussion, holds opinions that are her own and not regurgitated or ignorant, open to changing her mind during arguments
> Able to replace validation sought through rampant debauchery and hedonism
>Responsible substance user, at least knows how to let go
>Physically affectionate
>Sensitive to people's thoughts and emotions
dying thread?
Oh damn, Im definitely the male version of that. Oh well :p
I'm 5,4 but I sorta meet all... :(
>You a qt? ;_;
Short chicks are fun to throw around in the room.
>short hair
>cute face
>alternative scence
>no makeup
>plays guitar/bass
>good music taste (oldies, punk, stoner, alternative)
>maybe mentaly fucked up since i like mentaly fucked up girls that want to kill me
pretty much me but i'm not even near 30
Fit all that except I'm not a willing sub. Such is life.
Dutchman here.

>Female between 19 - 25
>Length doesn't matter
>no makeup / little makeup
>Semi-neet, loves doing stuff together alone (reading, movies, drawing), but has a job /school
>Loves animals moar then hoomans.
>Drinker but no drunk
>Can handle bipolar me
>Fit, but not /fit/ (not fat?)
>Low maintenance (clingy but not clingy?)
>Death dry humor
>Probably mentally ill (sort finds sort)
>Calm personality with panic attacks

Reading my own list makes me wonder about my own mental stability. I got this.jpeg
When the opportunity presents itself
>good taste in music
I like to think so
>have a passion/hobby that they love
>over 5'4" (that's how tall I am)
>good fashion taste
Decent fashion taste. Only recently started caring about my looks.
>doesn't get angry easily or yell at me
Extremely hard to piss off. I'm kinda loud in general though...
>pats my head
>watch studio ghibli films with me
>enjoys pretty walks in the forest
>glasses heh (theyre my fetish desu)
I actually wear contacts, but I love sun glasses. Don't know if that does anything for ya.

I'd like to know more about you. On here or on kik.
Kik: rpgspitfire
Dream Grill:
Thin/fit/skinny/petite/just not fat
Likes sex.... alot.... very frequent
Likes to try new things/explore
Not much else. I have been with all types of people but these are typically the things that cause issues if they are not in sync
Anyone else?
Only one person has said they fit and they apparently ditched the thread
IRememberCecil on kik
File: 1448603209439.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 1280x720

Dream lady:
>white (the paler the better)
>long hair
>sweet face with soft features
>natural hair color
>somewhere between 5'4'' - 5'10'' in height (I'm 6'0'')
>I like many body types... to me it's really about how you carry your weight and if you like staying healthy
>not huge on traveling but wants to see Europe/Asia someday
>likes the deep wilderness/camping
>loves animals + kids
>extremely caring and nurturing almost to a fault
>submissive towards me (not just in bed) but dominant with everyone else
>really good at reading people and understanding emotions
>wants more than a few babies

Skype: derrdurr
Kik: DobotRicks
>I don't ask too much, do I?
Not at all, that list is actually too reasonable for 4chan standards

> Male, 26
> Yes
> I think so
> Somewhat, working on it
> Yes
> Hm, I would say more or less yes
> Probably too sarcastic
> I'm a direct person, so not always, but I try to
> Gonna do my best
> Yes
> Yes
> Yes to food and wine (not a beer drinker but don't hate it either). Would love to travel more, but I don't like doing it alone for whatever reason
> Does couch cuddling, cooking together or an evening of board games with friends sound good?
> Last time I got wasted was over half a year ago, and before that over a year, I do like good drinks but I know my limits when going to bars
> Depends on your interests
> Love going to the cinema (used to go several times a week) and movies in general, so yes please. Never been to a concert but would love to go to a classical one.
> Depends, probably doesn't matter to me
> Love animals and especially cats, not a fan of kids and don't know if I want kids
> Yes
> I defininetly do, don't know what's excessively kinky for you though

> I'm ~1.96 so most likely yes to both
> That's what other people told me so far, though I wear what I want and like
(not as important)
> Beard, dirty blonde hair, grey/blue eyes, mostly wearing contacts when going out, mostly glasses when at home
File: fatboy.png (779 KB, 391x910) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
779 KB, 391x910
Dream girl(also cool with traps and transgirls)-

>More extroverted than I am, but not a social butterfly
>More intelligent than I am, but not pretentious about it (I'm not a complete idiot, I just have a thing for very smart women I can learn things from)
>Has their own hobbies that they're passionate about and willing to help me get into if I'm interested.
>Very no-nonsense when it comes to personality faults- They recognize their own, and mine, and are willing to put in the work to change both.
>Very affectionate and sweet, but not in public beyond hand-holding/bumping shoulders and the sort
>LOVES art- Will browse DA with me and make fun of shitty art but not in a spiteful way.
>Enjoys soft drugs
>Has enough life experience/hardships to be down-to-earth, but also sees the bright side of the experience gained.
>Can have abstract conversations about emotions/psychology/culture (Again, I like to learn so if they're more well-versed in it than I am I consider it a good thing)
>Confident in what they do but not cocky/arrogant about it.
>Honesty is mandatory, regardless of whether or not it's honesty about positive or negative subjects.
>Cuddles to near-sleep, then rolls over our opposite ways because cuddling gets too fucking hot at night.
>Not overly-sensitive.

>Somewhere between 5'2-5'8
>Preferably brown (+10 for biracial girls)
>White girls are okay too if they're super pale and have dark circles under their eyes.
>Has a moderate amount of scars on their face/body- I have a thing for old acne scars.
>Proportionate body. I don't care much about if they're fat/lean/fit/chubby but their body has to match.
>Short-medium natural hair (Bonus points for curly/kinky hair)
>Tattoos/piercings really go by a person-to-person basis, so I'd say I'm neutral on them.
>Moderately sexual, willing to bang a couple times a week but not daily.
>Kinkier than I am.
>Enjoys anything related to oral (giving or receiving); also kissing.
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