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This might be the wrong board but oh well....
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This might be the wrong board but oh well. Looking for advice.
>Horny on chatroulette
>Meet cute chick
>Ask for hand wave to prove she's real because gay guys
>She waves
>Pull out dick, slow jerk for her
>She likes
>She says we should add each other on Skype
>Sends me a video of myself jerking
>"Why did you record that?"
>"Listen, I'll give you a few hours to send me $800 or I'll send this video to "_____""(person with same last name as me)
>Forgot that Skype is linked my FB
>Freak the fuck out
>"Look, I'm a broke college kid!! I only have $400 in my account!"
>"Ok just send it all or I'll send the video"
>Send this bitch $400
>She deletes the video
>Next day, she sends me"Hey so I liked the way your dick looked"
>Starts flirting with me (!)
>"uh thanks?" still scared of this lady
>she keeps talking to me
>I eventually ask how she does this shit
>Informs me that she's a he, scams lots of people
>Uses a video of a chick, has recorded responses of her waving
>"Hey do you think I could see your dick again? You don't have to show your face. Just show me the dick."
>"Ok", I get an idea
>He calls me
>Start taking screenshots of him, ugly Moroccan dude
>has his dick out, face in shot, playing with ass
>he cums, "thanks dude!"
>Become Batman
>Search everything I can about him, use the name on the paypal he sent me to find him
>Find Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Youtube
>Even find his home address and phone number
>Let a few months go by just to make sure he's deleted the video
>Contacted him on FB today through a fake account
>Send him everything I have on him: about 20 pics of him jerking off, his personal info, the name of a few of his friends and family, and a wiki link to the anti-homosexual laws of morocco
>he shits himself
>asks me what i want
>what do i do now?
You've gone this far and you decided to ask fucking /soc/?

Pics or not real.
I don't know how i go about getting the money from him without revealing my name. I believe paypal tells you who you're sending the money to. I'm also kinda scared that he still has the video.

And what exactly should I send pics of? Don't want to send his name.
Make him send you an amazon giftcard via email, it can't be linked to your name.
Ugh. Just make a new paypal .-.

Profit off of this guy. And don't bluff; make sure you're ready to expose him for the piece of shit he is if he doesn't deliver.
What are the chances that he held onto a video? I think pretty low.

Also, here's a few of the screenshots i took of him when he was jerking.
is it possible to make a paypal account without your name? i thought they required identification
Extort him for the exact amount he extorted you, then report him to his government/police, and let them deal with it.
Kek what you get for being a desperate fag on chatr

I hope you get scammed again
>Wont say his name

Its right there
if this is real, tell him to at least give the 400$ back.

if youre up for some fun, tell him to give you more.
if youre feeling especially malicious, tell him to give him the money, but send the pictures to his family anyway.
oh shit you're right
that's the fake name he used though. Just for Skype. his real name came from his paypal account

haha that's fucked up. I get the feeling he does this a lot and I'm not sure what he's capable of.
sorry for the bump but any other ideas on how to get money from this guy?
The 4chan way would be to ruin his life. Send this to his mother, to his boss, to the police.
Bump for interest. I think you should blackmail him and get your $400 back.
I told him he needs to send the money as an Amazon gift card. He said he'll need some time to get the money. Not sure if i should give it to him.
Don't. He will figure out a way to stop you from sending his jerk off pics. How much money can he give you right now?
that's what I'm scared of. He said he isn't working right now and needs time. how long should i give.
How retarded do you have to be to hand over the money in the first place? Everyone has seen a guy jerk off, the person he'd have sent it too wouldn't have told anyone or shared it.

Also, you have all the evidence of this guy breaking several laws, yet you come to soc for advice?

The derp is making me cry.
Why would op ask for the money back? He doesn't know who op is. Op should demand a large sum of money as he did to op. Op knows he has made a lot of money from this. He didn't know ops situation but still demanded everything.

Op. Take all he's got. If he can't meet your demand, release the pics. Report him to his government as wel for good measure.

You don't go easy on this guy. Everything he says to you is a lie, an attempt to weasel out.

Last thing, be absolutely sure it's actually him and not someone he's framed. If it's him, it's his slip up and his loss. Why would you pity someone willing to ruin lives?
I was scared shitless when it first happened. Didn't really think it through and had the $400.
Also, I'm not sure how i'd get him in trouble. he lives in morocco after all. do i just go to my local authorities? that doesn't seem like it'd get much done.

I should but i don't want to push my luck. he's guessed several names already and one of them was mine. i really don't think he has the video though.

and it's $100% him. No way it could be someone else. He's already sent messages of "i don't do that shit anymore!"

The more I think about it, the more I'm tempted to post this guy's info here. Something tells me you know more about what to do with it than I do.

So far, I have his:
The name of his close friends and family
What I believe to be his father's name
His address
His parents' address
The two website he runs
His work email
Cellphone number
The dick pics I've sent earlier

Theoretically, what am I able to do with this info? I've thought about using his work email to get access to his personal sites, then post the pics on there.

What do? First, stop being a stupid cunt, for starters. Second, ask him for the money back, no harm, no foul.

But jesus, there's one born every minute.
sorry i'm not usually this dumb. i was blindsided by it all.

And I demanded the money back already. then he said he wanted 10 days and i said fuck no.
send him texts every couple of hours to fuck with him
He thinks he knows who I am and has started calling me by the incorrect name.
ok does someone want to do me a huge solid? post a pic of yourself holding a sign that says "Fuck you Youssef" or something. He's saying he wants proof that I'm not the guy that he thinks he is.
Make a thread on /b/
Sure they will probably tell you dumb shit but there will be some good advice on this here and there. They'll help you out more than /soc/
Make up give himself a paper cut on every web between each finger and toes. After tell him to give himself a paper cut on the tip of his dick. Then make him return your 400 back.
404'd on /b/.

He seems genuinely scared shitless and there's no way of tracking me.

He tells me he doesn't have a way of sending the money now. I'm not sure what to do
speaking as someone who has lived in france and been friends with several moroccans, the big advantage you have here is exposing him for homosexuality. In arab cultures it's a huge taboo and it would shame him forever to expose him to his family and work for something like that - so make sure to play that up.

Secondly, since he's not coughing up the info, you need to start slowly releasing his shit out to show him you mean business. Like send a pic without his face or name to someone, then show him. That will light a fire under his ass.

"Fuck You Youssef" sign incoming
actually wait - now that I think of it, we would have to have similar features or skin tone at the very least for him to believe the person holding the sign is you. Never mind; guess you're on your own for that part.

Personally I would ask for $600 - the extra 200 is for putting you through all this trouble of blackmailing him.

Also: have him send a money order to a PO Box.

The rest is up to you, you massive, massive dumbass
Well thanks for trying. He doesn't have a clue of who I am, so that wouldn't matter, but I guess he's passed it since he isn't talking about it anymore. He's pretty much just panicking right now.
Blindsided? Didn't you say you sat on this shit for a few months? You didn't plan any of it out?
I mean blindsided by the fact that i was getting blackmailed
Look man

everybody masturbates

Who cares if he sends it someone?

Outside of embarrassment it wont matter. Even then you could have just told whoever he would send it too the situation and they would understand.

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