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I wanna hear your sex stories!
be it amazing, disgusting, odd or hilarious. get in here and share!
>Meet girl
>Flirt for a while
>Have sex

Crazy, huh?
I had an ex who really got off on pretending we were brother and sister, and that i was raping and cumming inside her. We even did it on her sisters bed a whole bunch of times.
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Well I've made a shit ton of mistakes when it comes to sex. Here's a pretty good story
> Be 19
> Beta as fuck chubby bisexual kid
> Hanging out with my friend, his dad, and his ex sister-in-law in a hot tub
> We're all getting wasted
> Dad turns in early cause he has work
> Get more wasted with friend and S-I-L
> Friend keeps suggesting i make a move on ex SIL
> "n-no that's weird"
> Haven't mentioned but SIL is fat as fuck like 275 at least
> Friend says SIL thinks I'm cute
> SIL is "resting her eyes" friend tells me to grab her boob
>mfw he puts my hand on her boob
> He leads me underneath her bikini top and i start kinda kneading her boob
> she starts moaning like shes really into it wtf
> Look at friend, hes jacking off
> Pull SIL tits out and start sucking them while seeing if friend is still enjoying
> Eventually start fucking this jacuzzi beast
> Shes way into it
> Friend is way into it
> I'm into my friend being way into it
> Door to the horse opens, SIL's fucking 4 yr old daughter comes out
> " Mommy?"
> Friend leaps out and tucks his dick away and leads little girl inside
> tfw I'm still fucking her mom
> tfw she and I splashed half the water out of the jacuzzi
> tfw when my friend won't stop calling me "motherfucker" for the following month
Be male
Be 21
Fuckt up every of the little occasions life give to you
Fuckt up even when you are in a fucking bed with a girl
Be me
Be virgin
were you into that though?
holy shit that's intense
Not exactly a sex story but I want to share it anyway

>8 years ago
>be me, 17 yo french female, hardly ever left my 2000 habitant village
>finished highschool with best notes, parents want to send me to paris to go to "maths sup", some sort of an elite preparation class
>problem is, living in paris is expensive as fuck and i won't have anytime after school to work, depend entirely on my parents for the money
>plus, my father got diagnosed leukemia six month ago, aunt died of this shit last year
>he had to drop his job and everything. doctors are optimistics, was detected early, by he needs all of our support
>i feel like shit to need so much money and to leave him alone

tl;dr: be me 17f alone, broke and emotionally unstable for the first time in the big city

>lives in a maid's room, too small to stand in, leaking roof, bathroom and kitchen in common
>landlord calls, he's finally gonna fix the roof but rent is gonna be 500 from now to cover the works. i dont have that money. my parents dont have that money.
>still have good grades at school but competition is just exhausting, got no friends, family is far, im worried about my father, and now that, its too much.
>go outside to walk in the streets by night, first time in months that i actually take some time to relax, cant stop crying
>shit what time is it ? where am i ?
>walked for hours, im at la défense, no subway yet. need to be at school in two hours, there's no way i come go back to my slum in the 10th district, have a shower and grab my books in time
>i look around completely lost, no idea of what im gonna do
>i guess thats what draw him to me...

now lets get to the kinky stuff
>car stop by me
>"how much"
>"how much for what?" (yes, i was that innocent)
>driver opens the window a bit more
>he is like 50 at least, kind of looks like stallone, can't tell if its wrinkles or scars or both all over his face
>looks at me from head to toes. i must be miserable after the night i had
>his voice changes completely "can i help you miss?"
>i dont know why, maybe because he's the first person to be nice to me in ages, but i completely forget about the "how much" part i didn't understand anyway
>instantly i trust him and cry that i cant go home to be at school in time
>he offers to drive me home
>couldn't be more grateful, i jump in the car right away
>once im inside i realise how frozen i was, i hope i wont get sick
>as i get warmer im still crying and start tell him about all of my troubles
>when im done crying, at look around me. shit that car must worth a fortune, who's this guy ?
> i look at him.teenage me was seeing him as an old man but he is actually tall and super fit. definitely over twice my weight
>what have you done you goose, starnger danger remember?!
>get quiet and try to take as less room as possible in that big car
>guy is still not saying a word
>what a relief! i recognise the street, he is really driving me home !
>drop me "take care, see ya"
>after school walk back home slowly
>still got that money issue, had no sleep, and can't get over that strange event this morning
>almost home
>car stops by " hey ! how was school ? are you feeling better ?"

>"get in the car, lets have a talk as i drive around, you need to chill more"
>guy must have been waiting in my street for hours. that's creepy
>but on the other hand he's nice and all, he drove me home this morning, i should be grateful
>i don't dare to refuse, don't want to be rude
>we start chatting, he's name is Aksel, he's turkish, but the guy looks white and speaks with no accent with a sweet low voice
>im not comfortable, i decide to dare asking : " what did you meant by "how much" first time you some me ?"
>he doesn't reply right away, doesn't even look at me, just drives
>i start wondering if he heard me when he finally looks at me
>he smiles but his eyes are dead serious, im scared
>looks the road "because i though you were a prostitute"
>i'm not even offended i'm just surprised
>"what? you wanted to have sex with me ?"
>was kiss less virgin at that time. i've always been the smallest and the skinniest in my class, kids use to bully me because i had good grads, i never tough a second that someone could be attracted to me
>plus i dont have any money to put in clothes or make up, im always in jeans tshirts and hoodies
>guy doesn't answer but i insist
>"of course look at you" its true though that my boobs grew like crazy last year from small B to solid D cup. but still : someone would like to sleep with me ? and pay for it ??!
>but i don't understand, guy got money and everything, must be easy for him to hook up girls
>"its just more simple like that"
>we are quiet now, im thinking about all this
>guy break the silence after long minutes "i am still interested by the way"
>he looks at me, cant tell if he's serious. he sounds like he just offered me to buy my bike or anything and wait for me to give a price
>"lets see, you still have 5 months before summer leaves, means that you need 5 times 500e to pay, so how about 2500e the night ?"
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All of this stories occurred in the same day, have fun. //first story

>be 16
>just lost virginity but broken up w/ bf
>went to a camping in summer
>met 2 boys
>then go to shower (mix public showers)
>with one of the boys
>was the second time i had sex, my pussy was tight af but very wet. wanted to scream but he covered my mounth
>in fact i get foking horny when boys do this

>in the time span between i met the 2 boys and afternoon i met a whole group of friends
>went with they to the beach
>in the way, the showerguy said me to stay with him
>went to a forest and fuck like animals
>a couple saw us in the act but we continued
>i became a dirty exhibicionist
>even today i still have no idea if that's a reasonable price, but at that time it sounded like millions to me. i wonder if he was willing to pay more because he guessed that i was virgin.
>i try to mumble some excuses to refuse, that im underage, it would be illegal etc but he refutes every point i make
>i point out the fact that im only 48kg for 1m65, and he's over 1m80 and could crush my skull with bare hands
>"you can tie my if it makes you feel safe, i would love that. Here we are, this is my appartement"
>i was not even paying attention to where he was driving me. we juts entered in the underground of a fancy building
>he parks the car. im too scared to move a finger. out of question to say yes, but somehow, cant say no nether. what if he gets mad ?
>he gets out the car and open the dore for me, taking my hand like if i was a lady or something, thats super weird i still sleep in sakura card captor bed sheets at home and that guy is treating me like an adult
>he slide a hand in my back and pushes me gently toward an elevator, im still not saying a word im too tensed
>elevators door open directly in his appartement, first time i saw such a thing
>he take of his jacket and drops he keys in a bowl. he can hear that he's opening a fridge at im still on the mat. maybe if i don't move he gonna forget about me ? how about i try to turn into the size of a mouse ?
>he gets back in the entrance and looks at me, with the same smile and bad eyes

>i liked so much the other boy
>somehow i was alone with him
>went to a creek to have some privacy
>he started to kiss alllll my body
>hand and blowjob
>he came
>want more
>went to my tent
>we had no condomos, but 2 horny
>fucked like 1h, my mouth was closed by his hand *wetwetwet*
>came in my face
>go on fetlife
>look for easy lay, dont really care what it looks like
>find fat chick with tattoos
>message her and arrange to meet that afternoon
>we meet at a burger joint and I tell her to eat up because im going to fill her stomach with cum after this
>she looks scared for a second but goes along with it
>take her back to my house and smoke some weed with her
>Tie her hands behind her back and have her lay on my bed face down ass up
>she is really fat, folds everywhere, massive ass, she was shaved and clean though
>slap her ass until its red, stick my fingers in her hot cunt and bang her out while she moans and squirms on the bed
>pull out my dick and feed it to her
>face fuck her so hard she throws up off the side of my bed
>make sure my cock is showered in her vomit before putting it back in her mouth
>call her a dirty pig and tell her im going to fuck her ass
>she tries to beg me to stop, tries to work her hands out of the ropes but i put my belt around her neck and tell her its happening and if she keeps struggling ill choke her until shes dead and fuck her fat corpse
>she quiets down and starts to softly cry
>I go into her ass raw and she creams in pain
>I pull back on the belt and tell her to squeal if it hurts and that shes my toy now
>she starts to squeal and cry as I pound her tight little asshole open and gaping
>tears and snot are running down her face and i rub it around her face as im balls deep inside of her
>tighten the belt and choke her while I fuck her ass hard, I look down and see some blood on my shaft
>I tell her i took her ass virginity and go harder
>her ass is clapping and sticking to my thighs and shes crying and squealing like a pig
>she begs me not to kill her
>all she can say over and over is "dont kill me"
>I tell her to moan like a slut or ill do it and that shes not the first slut ive buried in my back yard
>she begins to cry and moan at the same time
>I dump my cum into her ass and hold it there while her convulsions milk me
>i pull my long dick out her ass and wipe the blood and cum off with her dress
>untie her hands and she goes into the fetal position
>call her my fuck pig and tell her to get dressed I have to go to work
>she does while im watching, she doesnt look at me and is still crying
>before she leaves i tell her to stop
>"I still havent given you the cum i promised get on your fucking knees"
>she does and I fuck her face until shes crying again and gagging
>I cum in her throat and hold her against my pubes while i cum ropes down her throat
>when im down stand her up by pulling her hair and tell her to get the fuck out
>she stumbles out and down the street
>she texts me later that day telling me how much she enjoyed it and if she could come by again later that week
>I tell her if she does ill make it worse for her
>she says she'll be by friday afternoon
>i try to speak but it's only mumble. i tell him that all this is too chic, im out of place i should go back home. first thing i have in mind is that my old vans are gonna get he's floor dirty.
>"i can give you something else instead" disappears and comes back with a pair of heeled shoes and a small pile of lace fabric in the other hand. I can tell right away that this is lingerie.
>not saying a word, he knees at my feet and remove my old dirty pair of shoes, then remove my sockets. Good thing these ones don't have holes, almost all of my sockets does.
>he puts the heeled shoes on my feet. i though i would lost my balance and fall, but its easy to wear, just highly uncomfortable because they are too big for me
>then he turns back to the lace fabric he left on a console. I want to vomit this is too creepy for me i start to panic.
>i look down not to see his eyes and i take the fabric off of his hands, asking where is the bathroom. in the sound of his answer i can tell he's smiling im disgusted.
>i go in the bathroom and not once it occures to not to do what he expects of me. i could blame it the panic but i afraid im just stupid.
>i put on the lingerie this is ridiculous. i shave my arm pits and legs but my lady parts have always been bushy since i grew hairs. i feel shamefull and am even more ashamed to care about what that creep will think of my body
>taking my hand like if i was a lady or something, thats super weird i still sleep in sakura card captor bed sheets at home and that guy is treating me like an adult

>first thing i have in mind is that my old vans are gonna get he's floor dirty.

These made me chuckle and you sound cute, I hope this story doesn't end in tears.
>i go back in the entrance, feeling like a gorilla, lace is itching. he calls me from another room, i leave my clothes with my bag on the console.
>the apartment is a loft, he is waiting for me in a huge bed, naked
>first time i see a dick in real life, i want to laugh and cry in the same time
>he starts masturbating and tell to come closer
>i walk hiding my panties with my hands and sit on the very opposite corner of the bed turning my back to him. he laughs
>feel him coming closer, he starts touching my shoulders and kissing my neck. i breathe heavily. i used to be asthmatic when i was 4 or 5, i wonder what would happen if i had a crisis right now
>he touches my boobs. i realize just now that the bra is fitting perfectly. im disgusted that such a perv can guess my bra size in one look even though i was wearing baggy clothes. its like he is almighty, i want to cry
>he slides his hand between my boobs toward my stomach and im so afraid my abs start to convulse uncontrollably. its too much i get off the bed and stand up, still turning my back on him

>he gives me again he sweet weird voice "its ok we can go slow, look"
>i turn back, he points out paper currency on the nightstand. 5 times 500e. paper looks so fake like monopoly or something. i wonder if my bank would even accept such a deposit and not call the police right away
>then he opens a drawer full of weird stuff and takes two pairs of handcuffs
>he hands it to me "you do it"
>i make few steps to come back to the bed, to take the handcuffs i have to choose between covering my stomach still convulsing with my left hand or covering my panties so he doesn't see my pub hairs. i dont care much at that point, i cover my stomach
>he lies down on his back, i dont want to see his face, i look down and i see his dick is fully erected now looks disgustingly huge i want to cry
>i come closer on my four on the bed and he is raising his hands, waiting
>they are some holes on each sides of the metallic badhead, this freak made a bed specially designed for his sick games.
>im revolted and i tie his hands violently, making sure he cant excape. doing i try not to touch him but everytime our skins touch, he was moaning or laughing, i cant tell
>when its done i step back and stay on my knees on the bed, he looks really happy now he smiles almost childishly, for the first time i feel a little sorry for him, but i cant stan his look.
>he is pointing his dick with his eyes "touch it"
>the drawer is still open and i see one of those thing to cover your eyes to sleep in a plane. i grab it and put it on his face. he laughs its making me sick
>for the first time, with him tied and his eyes covered, i can put myself together
>what the fuck i am doing here ?!
>i remove the shoes i get off the bed quietly, but he cant feel that im steping away, he is still laughing
>i dont even care at this point i ran to the entrance, garbbed my stuff, got dressed in the elevator when ran away from this place like crazy, so fast that i did felt a bit of asthma eventually
>i was not far, somewhere in the 7th distirct, but i was constantly looking behind me and it took me over an hour to get back home
>days later i was so afraid i couldn't even go to school, it was over for me
>after ten days like that i called my family saying that school was too hard and i wanted to go back home. my sister told me "im here in 8 hours"

Please tell me, are you crying while you're typing this?
i felt unsafe for a while, i even started to browse /b/ because i hear that every stolen pics ended up there, and i was so afraid that this creep had some sort of an hidden camera.
i never went back to paris, never graduated. three years later i met the guy who is now my husband. my father is much better now. so, happy end after all
no but im still shaking when i think about this

Few months ago, GF and I had talked about having a threesome, and how hot she thought the idea was, but didn't know if she could go through with it with a stranger, and also couldn't look someone she knew in the face again if that was who joined us. After some conversation, we hit upon the idea of my picking someone we both knew, and we built a list of guys whom she thought she'd like to fuck.

Over the course of a few months, I surreptitiously gauged the willingness of said guys to find just the right one. After some thought, I met up with the Chosen One for a beer, and brought it up. How would he like to join me and GF in bed for a threesome? She'd be blindfolded, have no idea who he was, there'd be no commitment for another go, just an evening of good sex.

He was totes interested.

So we made it happen. I had her in bed, blindfolded and hands bound one night, and snuck the guy into the room. Told her there was a surprise for her, and he sat down on the bed next to her. She nearly backed out, I could tell, but in the end not only went along with it, but got her wish for double penetration.

Super good times.
You ok kiddo? I can hang out and chat or post my stupid sex stories if you want?
Anon, you realize you could have taken the money

Right? I mean he's tied up and soliciting sex from someone underage. He has literally no recourse.
You should not be afraid of him.
He was stupid and you controlled the situation.
The origin of your vulnerability sensation is only the gender role of the woman in society.

Glad it all worked out for you and you did nothing you'd regret later... besides going with him in the first place.
>dumb small 17 year old without anyone in one of the largest cities on earth shouldn't be afraid of strangers
Dumb small 17 year old without anyone in one of the largest cities on earth shouldn't be afraid of THAT stranger in THAT case, and specially now.
Question anon
Did you know everything when you were 17?
I'm not criticising her, I'm telling her not to be afraid anymore.
And also, that she was controlling the situation in that case., despite she was too shocked and frightened.
True however it was still an overwhelming experience in a very formative time in her life
Its ok now im fine
They really looked fake to me. Plus, how could explaim to my parents how i find this much money. Once i was home, i was really glad i didnt take the cash. At least i dont feel like i owe him somehow
File: 1452101865214.jpg (2 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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From a moral standpoint you did everything perfectly
Also are you a fan of dogs?
>19 a year ago driving 20 yo curvy 5'4" gf back to uni from her home about an hour away
>had stayed for karaoke to watch her sing, she kissed me as soon as she saw me, hung out at their family bar, start driving her home
>Shes cuddled up on my arm in the passenger seat, comfortable as can be
>Boobs pressed against my arm, she wore perfume (she never does that... figuring out what's up)
>Slip hand of arm she's cuddling to thigh, then leading to her crotch
>hit her slit, she jumps and I can feel her raise her head to look at me but my eyes are confidently on the road
>start massaging her clit as she rests her head back on my shoulder, heavy breathing ensues
>still have about 30 minutes to go at this point
>She starts to grab my hand and pull me away
"Anon that's not fair... you're driving and its been too long"
>focused on the road, she actually is able to move my hand from her now wet jeans
Oh fuck no.
>Look back at her and watch her face turn to shocked as I break her trying her hardest to push me away
>She had played rugby and was pretty damn strong for 5'4" but I had her weight in muscle, so it was pointless
>Use this opening to FORCE her back into her chair with an overly stern push on her chest

File: 1446386351218.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2048x1631

>Start groping her breasts, she lets out a small moan and breath before going
"Anon, I said No-"
>Hands pinned behind her head, smack her tit right on the nipple and put my hand back down to her slit
>very audible moan, she's practically given up
>hand stays up above her likes its glued to the seat
"Undo your jeans"
"Did I stutter?"
>Looks up with the biggest most innocent eyes and undoes her jeans
>force her own hand down her jeans and she looks shocked and confused
"I don't want to see your hand leave your clit until we're home"
>Obviously reluctant but unable to control herself, she continues

>Get home, her jeans are ruined
"Thanks, I just did laundry you ass"
"C'mon let's get your stuff out of the trunk
>Exit car, she forgot to button her jeans. I'm not even going to feel bad about this.
>Open trunk, she reaches for her stuff and leans forward
>In the middle of this extremely well lit parking lot where all 4 floors of 2 apartment complexes are facing
>Bend her over, force hand down her pants and bring her blouse up over her chest in the middle of this parking lot. Who knows who's seeing her legs shake out here, or her nipples pressed against the trunk of my car
>Legitimately hear her moan echo and decide that's enough, time to pack in (I'm not one to share)

Was probably the most primal sex we had. When we got in, I straight pinned her to the wall, forced her jeans off and ate her out while standing up, her about 3-4 feet off the ground (dragged her up the wall). Shit was cash. Got a few other stories if interested
Consider me interested. Do continue.
Good shit, happy to oblige

>3 years ago
>Just started university, had been dating a girl for awhile since my senior year of high school
>Also short, curvy, but grew up in the ghetto (I was in that "Im a good guy I can fix girls" phase; which to be fair I got her gpa from 1.9 to an acceptable 2.6, shes actually able to college now)
>She worked for a knock off jewelry shop in the mall by herself, kinda in a bad neighborhood, people would steal all the time from the place
>Surprise her at work later at night (around 8), visit from uni out of no where
>She's ecstatic to see me, as she always was (thankful for the school help)
>I help her run the place cause why the fuck not, just sitting behind the counter
>Another couple of people leave, she joins me back behind the counter, sits on my lap
>Booty of dreams... its been awhile
>Hand comes down to boner behind counter; can literally see people walking by through the glass walls to the mall
"You've been gone for a month, I'm not surprised"
"Don't act all high and mighty"
>aggressively grab her chest, still facing the mall outside
"I know you've been missing this too"
>groping in front of passers by commences for a while, but we were 18 and 17 so when we saw a mall cop walk by we were like nope
"Follow me"
>follow her to the back of the store
>Lots of displays and racks, heads over the top but no one can see anything else
>Put hands on shoulders, force her to knees


>Don't even have to say a word, shes already worked my pants and my dick is sitting in the middle of her face
>As I watch people walk by, get blown but look like I'm rearranging shop stuff
>Look down and see those eyes staring back at me, shes playing with her tits
8 year old me would be proud
"Anon this isn't fair"
"You're right"
>Walk to the back room, fuck the shit out of her standing up, leaving the store unattended
>She's getting loud, don't care
>She gets off once, shakey legs (she had a problem with that haha)
>Make her finish me with ONLY her tongue, eye contact the whole time
>Shoot 2-3 ropes over her head, she's laughing
>Some land on her face, a bit in her hair
>She cleans with her mouth, but no tissues for hair
>Walk out at the same time, two black girls getting jewelry see us
>Just laugh as she cleans her hair as inconspicuously as she can

Different girl, crazier sex. I got some Dom/Sub and some more public stuff if interested.
had sex with a bunch of older guys from when i was 16-18; best friends dad,teachers,bosses.
can tell full stories if anyone's interested
Yes please! Details. I want to meet a girl just like you! You are a girl?
One time I took a guy home from the bar. I was severely intoxicated. We were making out and I noticed a bottle of duster by my computer and was like "have you ever done this?" I took a huge hit and knocked myself unconscious. When I woke up I was still setting on him, but it was very wet. I jumped up and accused him of peeing on me, although it was obvious that I had done the peeing. He pointed this out to me and I pulled a sword out of my closet and threatened him. He calmed me down and I took off my pee pants and we had really fucking hot sex. I was also on my period.

Tldr: one night I got really fucked up and ruined my sheets.
>be me
>19y at the time, visiting family with first real gf
>we get the guest room for ourself
>she was easily a 9/10, it didn't las long though
>we get to action in the second night
>start with a little petting, me fingering, her gently touching my dick
>i remember the sentence: "oh that's your dick?! i thought the whole time it was your hand... why is it so big today?:D"
> dick isnt really this big, just average, but she's been dating asian guys for the most part
>we start getting serious
>I'm rubbing her clit with my tip, it's wet and we're in heat
>she starts moaning and whispers: "go, please anon, im starving, please"
>her voice hits me like a truck
>to hot too handle
>bust all over her belly
>she's confused, but the goes with it, laughs with a smile
>i finish her with my tongue
>we get to the bathroom to wipe the cum off of her
>almost done, when i realize a shadow on the toilet
>sitting there, confused, quiet, smiling
>he runs for it

>next morning, family at breakfast
>gf and i holding hands
>little shit cousin looks at me, then at my gf
>he's smiling with all the evil in the world
>opens mouth
>"i saw anon and gf this night. i think they made a mess with the vanilla ice cream. also they were butt naked haha"
>grandpa, grandma, uncle aunt, mum cousins looking at us
>no one speaks for 10 min
>cousin smiling his ass off
>worst little gobbler in the fucking world
holy fucking shit. that's intense you poor chick. far out.
I had a partner recently orgasm so hard that she pushed out the butt plug and shit (a little bit) on the bed. That was a .. Less than pleasant surprise. :|

Though all in all the bed was pretty fucking wrecked anyways because she holy fuck is she ever a squirter. Biggest squirter I've ever had by far. BY FAR. *Everything* was covered in cum.
the end
You know you have to like try to squirt right? And that its basically pee. Why do people do this?
This one time I put my wiener into a girl's vagina, then I ejaculated
>lel its piss XD
youll understand when you grow up
I can force her to orgasm. Forced orgasms will make her squirt whether or not she wants to. Intense stimulation in general makes her squirt, whether or not she wants to. Not everyone has to 'try' to squirt.

In all honesty, yes, it is mostly urine. Just have them pee before hand and stay hydrated. Not a big deal.
> Be little country tomboy
> Hang out with the boys all the time
> As I get older boys start to get more and more randy around me
> Play it off but kind of like it, begin wearing very small short shorts/cutoff shirts
> Age 15
> Running around the woods with two guys
> They have their shirts off
> soaking_wet.jpg
> Decide to cool off in a pond
> I'm feeling crazy
> Decide to go in topless
> Boys get real quiet as I take my shirt off
> Next thing I know one of them has their hand between my legs
> begin to protest but mind goes blank when he rubs me
> legs spread open like I have no control over them
> yanks my shorts off, begins fingering me
> my mind going blank, other boy watching jerking off
> motion him over and begin sucking his dick
> Other boy is teasing my pussy with his dick
> hips shaking, twitching, can't think of anything but how good it feels
> Slides it in me
> I moan so loud it echoes
> Fucks me so good I can't even think half the time
> other boy cums in my mouth but I don't care
> boy in my pussy tries to pull out but I wrap my legs around him
> Feel him pulsing inside me
> Feels so good I almost can't breathe
> cum so hard my eyes roll into the back of my head
> later when we calm down everyone freaks out that I might get pregnant
> Go on adventure to get morning after pill without parents finding out

And that's how I lost my virginity
I was really fucking worried that you raped her. Consensual nonconsent?
Figure I'll do another embarrassing one. I want the one having sex this one's funny enough.

>Be me, age 16
>Have two bros, we get high together alot, their names are Travis and Mark
>Travis is really stupid when he's high, he tried to jump out of the car once to feel the air

There were several insurances that kinda lead up to this happening.

>Mark is strumming on his guitar one day while we're all high
>Travis gets teary eyed, and Mark stops playing
>Travis looks at him and says "no please, its beautiful
>Mark resumes playing and singing about how cool and handsome Travis is
>A week later Travis is having a party
>A Parents-Out-Of-Town-Let's-All-Get-Wasted kinda party
>Me and Mark are playing rockband and Travis comes in shirtless and drunk
>Travis comes over to Mark and looks down at him and squints
>"You wanna fucking kiss me?"
>Travis pushes Mark on the bed and falls on top of him, they kiss and start giggling
>Next morning they claim they don't remember that and I'm making things up

Here it comes boys and girls

>A week later we're spending the the night at Marks
>All high as fuck, I'm playing Portal while Mark and Travis watch from the couch
>Travis is complaining how his gf hadn't been putting out lately
>mfw Mark says he can help with that
>Travis says "no dude, that'd be cheating"
>Mark says "No, if you put a blanket over me and pretend I'm her it won't be cheating"
>Awkwardly playing Portal when I look behind me and see Mark getting under a blanket
>Hear a belt unbuckle and see up and down movement
>oh my god
>Travis leans back enjoying himself, then Mark comes out from under the blanket to kiss him
>Travis freaks out and shouts "NO DUDE THAT'S GAY"
>Shoves Mark back under the covers and makes him finish
was it a one time deal with them?
>pushes Mark back under

Oh yes. Ohhhhh yes.
>be at work
>slow day
>fine ass waitress and I have been exchanging fuck looks for the past week
>ask if she's up for a quickie out back
>"sure anon"
>pumping away like a champ, time is of the essence gotta cum fast
>dishie, who is effeminate looking boy about 20 years old walks out back
>catches us
>oh shit what do I do?
>decided to give him a warning to keep his mouth shut
>say first thing that comes to mind
>"Keep your mouth shut or your next"
>what i just say?
>he gets the fuck out of dodge
>waitress is laughing too much
>got blueballs and two people think I'm a faggot now
>doesn't matter had 3/4th of a sex
yeah i'm a girl

>at best friends house, getting ready to go out
>go downstairs as she's getting dressed, her dad is sitting on the couch
>he was like 38 but well built, been divorced for two months
>been flirting with him pretty much since i hit puberty and tonight's no different
>sit on the coach opposite him, pretend to be on my phone while pull up my short black dress a little
>friend comes down stairs tells me to come to the store with her real quick
>i tell her i have to got to the bathroom, as soon as she leaves i go over to the kitchen table
>i pretend to reach for something and bend over the table making sure he can see up my dress
>He slowly walks over to me and slaps my ass full force i let out something that's half scream half moan
>he starts to slowly move his thick fingers just around my clit and soon i'm pretty much drenching my panties
>suddenly he pulls me by the hair and grabs my neck,tells me he's gonna 'fuck that pretty little smirk off my face'
>forces me back down on the table and grabs me by the wrists, pulling my arms back as he hate fucks the shit out of me
>feel him stretching me out and it's painfulas fuck but i can't stop myself from moaning
>he turns me on my back and starts fucking my with my leg over his shoulder while he has both his hands around my neck
>when he hears me moaning uncontrollably he pulls out and slaps his dick on my clit
>this literally makes me loose all control, start convulsing with pleasure
>cum all over his dick after about 10 minutes
>he's on the edge soon after, lifts me from under my arms and puts me on the floor, rubs his cock all over my face smearing my make up and finishes, getting most of his load in my hair
>i just lie there exhausted while he puts his jeans back on
>hear the front door opening and rush into the bathroom
>wash myself off as best i could, we're now about an hour late and friend is getting pissed

The most primal and amazing sex i ever had, turned me submissive as fuck
File: 1451885531597.jpg (14 KB, 317x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 317x345
I guess I have some sexy time stories.

>Be 17 at the time, with bf
>Bf drives me home from his house, late at night so my mom and her bf are asleep
>Can only enter house through garage door
>Normally kiss n hug good bye before I enter house
>He motions he's horny, so I start to give him blowjob out of distance from the door
>Also have two dogs in garage chillin while i give him a bj
>Bf is about to finish, haven't gotten very far sexually so I decide to let him finish on my stomach/shirt
>While he cums, hear one of the dogs start peeing on floor
>Kiss n shit, then he says "I think one of your dogs peed"
>Awkward as hell
Other times consisted of me giving him blowjob in his room when suddenly someone knocks on door and having to hold door shut(no lock like wtf) and pretend we weren't doing anything

What else, hmm recently..
>Be 21, just left place after eating dinner with bf
>Driving home, feeling frisky
>Decide to give him blowjob while he drives
>Get halfway home when we get close to a stop light, see tons of cop sirens and lights ahead
>Complete stop
>I move away, throw jacket over his crotch and continue stroking him
>Cops are dealing with fender bender on side of road, walking past our car while I have his dick in my hand
>Eventually get past cops, go back to giving him head
>Sit out front our house, jerking him as he finishes in my mouth.
>Then stare up at the sky talking
Holy fuck. More?
Happened last night

>Break up with girlfriend of over a year
>Absolutely love this girl but she has mental health problems that I simply can't help her with
>We cry a bunch and talk for about four hours
>Ultimately come to terms with the fact that we'll still always be friends
>The mood lightens and we both start talking about things we loved about each other and how our future would have gone down
>I tell her how I was going to propose
>She starts sobbing and I start sobbing
>Holding eachother and I get hard
>Her hand moves down to my pants
>She whips out my cock and shoves it inside of her
>We're both crying and fucking eachother and saying I love you over and over again
>Look in her eyes and get really really turned on
>Pick her up
>Bounce her on my cock while standing
>She starts sucking on my neck and her pussy tightens up
>My cock starts throbbing inside of her
>We cum at the same time, I cum inside her
>She immediately pushes me onto my bed and sucks the rest of the cum off of my dick
>Immediately hard again
>Rip off her shirt and start fucking her mouth while between her tits
>Fingering her while doing all of this
>She starts cumming and I jizz another huge load in her mouth
>At this point we've both cum at the exact same time twice in a row
>Hold eachother and fall asleep
>She leaves an hour later and we're both crying

I feel like we made a mistake but I also think it needed to happen. That was amazing last night together though.
>Guy i was hooking up with had a boat and tells me he wants to take me sailing
>he makes it sound like it's just gonna to be us two
>i go out to buy the sluttiest bikini i could find, didn't really cover anything
>we get there and some fat guy is sitting on the back of the boat
>he introduces me, tells me the guy is a good friend of his
>i'm getting upset, because it was supposed to be just us two
>he tells me his friend is just coming to fish and he wont mind us.
>its not the same but w/e.
>we sailed for a while, we all chatted, they drank some beers.
>we stop like 3 miles from shore. his friend goes to the other side to do his fishing stuff and we went inside.
>we laid down in a little mattress and started making out
>he's getting hard so i undo his shorts and give him a bj.
>like 5 mins in he stops me and says he's gonna cum
>he strips me and lays me down, he gets on top.
>trying to be quiet cuz i don's want his friend to hear, really hoping he doesn't come in the room
>after sex we chilled a bit more, he told me to wear my bikini for him
>i refused cuz his friend would see

>he said he wouldn't care and after a bit more nagging i finally gave in
>we went back out and found his friend sitting next to his gear, just watching the water
>we sat down across from him, and they started chatting again
>i'm sitting between my guy's legs and he keeps running his hands all over me and kissing
>his friend's eyes were fixed on me,sometimes just staring at my crotch
>without warning, my guy slides his hand down my bottoms and starts fingering me
>while this is going on the man sitting across from me opens his shorts and takes out his dick and starts rubbing it
>my guy then tells me that his friend likes me and asks if i will let him fuck me.
>im so wet by this point, i can only say yes
>guy comes over and starts playing with me/getting me naked
>goes down on me for like 10 minutes, my guy's cum has leaked out
>my guy tells me to turn around, from behind his friend lifts my ass and slides in from behind.
>we try dp, but the guy is too fat, its awkward
>give my guy a bj instead
>his friend came first then my guy came in my mouth.
>i stay naked and spend the rest of the time playing with either of them until we got near the shore again.
Isn't that just a lovely scene. I'm sure deep down all girls dream of having sex with their guy's fat awkward friend on a boat.
he was really sweet desu
this is hot as fuck
Sounds like what my bf and I did last year before he "dumped" me for a week to clear his head up.
Told myself I wasn't going to get sexual so I wouldn't get hurt further, given we were breaking up and I figured it was over.
Counting down the days I was moving out we did stuff, I cried afterwards regretting it. Thinking he was manipulating me.
bumpin' with a new story

> be 17
> summertime, both parents at work, I'm home alone
> it's 100+ degrees and muggy as hell
> AC is broke
> laying in bed naked, sweating, trying to keep cool, got 3 fans on me
> not doing much
> but the breeze from the fans is making me incredibly horny
> Call bf (same kid who took my virginity) and ask him if he will come pick me up so we can go to a beach
> while I wait for him I begin masturbating
> hear his car pull up
> he sees me through my window
> when he comes into my bedroom he's already naked
> he's sweating like mad
> the scent turns me on like crazy
> literally have never been so aroused in my life
> we have hot, sweaty sex
> activity just makes us sweat anymore
> All I can think about is his smell and his skin sliding against mine and his dick pumping in and out of me
> don't bother with condoms or BC, too horny to think straight
> mind goes foggy
> we fuck until I pass out from dehydration
>Meet girl
>Date for 5 years
>Get married because it seemed like the thing to do
>Occasionally get to stick it in her butt a tiny bit while she complains or her front hole while she lies there

That's it
Your wife sounds extremely boring.
satay tuned for the "my crazy girlfriend is pregnant" story from OP.
That's not!! Your first time?
i know this feel bro

but nobody fucks better than crazy. nobody. it's the best sex on on earth
Yeah she said she wanted it rough on the website but I decided to turn it up on her because she was so fat and I didn't really want to take alot of time with her, she came back a few more times I had her squealing and screaming in pain but she kept coming back. I had to cut if off because I was afraid I'd end up killing her
Ex liked calling me daddy and shaming her in the bedroom.

Which is nice because the first time we ever had sex she said she didn't find me attractive.
I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help myself!!!

I came home one Friday night and there lying on her back on the couch was my older sister. She had passed out. The light from the hall had her nicely illuminated. She had a blanket half covering her. Her legs were sticking out.

I could see she had been out partying. She had on a short skirt and stockings. The skirt was up so high I could see her red panties.

I'd had a thing for my older sister for years. Ever since I was maybe 12 or 13. She is two years older and gorgeous. About 5'6, long red hair, average build, maybe 130 lbs. and size 34 B tits.

To make things worse, She loved to wear these little bikinis around our backyard in the summer. In the winter, she often walked around the house in her pyjamas or sometimes in only her bra and panties. She would make me so hard.

There was never anything physical between us. I only looked at her then went to my room to beat off. She never gave me any indication she was interested in me other than being my sister.

When she was 18, she left for college. I only got to see her a few times each semester. Then in the summer she was home again. Most of the time though, she was either working or out with her friends. Again, she had no time for me and I infrequently got to see her in those bikinis.

Now she was finished school and living back home. She had not found a job yet so she had no money to live on her own.

Standing there looking at her, my cock rose quickly. All those years of looking at her were boiling up in my groin. I had to do something.

Quietly, I kneeled down beside her. I gently put my hand on her leg. Angela did not move. Her leg was so warm. The feeling of the stocking was incredible. It was so silky and smooth. Slowly I moved my hand up her leg. I was on her thigh now. She still didn't move. Now I was at the top of her stocking. My fingers touched her soft warm skin of her thigh.

My cock was rock hard. I started to rub it through my pants.
... continue
I leaned over and kissed her upper thigh. My lips touched the softest warmest skin I had ever felt.

Just then, I could smell the sweet aroma from her pussy. My nose filled with her scent. I moved my lips over and kissed her panties. I kissed her mound.

She let out a little moan. Although it was soft, it frightened me. I jumped back and froze. She didn't move.

After waiting a few seconds, I leaned in and kissed her panties again. Another soft moan came from her lips. My hand was back on her leg as I continued to kiss and smell her pussy.

A couple of minutes passed as I continued to kiss her lightly. Then she moved her hips. I jumped back again and froze. She rolled toward the back of the couch but quickly rolled onto her back again. The blanket was now completely off her. Also, she had opened her legs.

I waited a few second to make sure she was asleep again. As I waited, I was looking at her tits. They were in her bra and standing up nicely. I reached out my hand and gently placed it on her tit. It was not big but it still felt wonderful.

I leaned toward her pussy again. With her legs open, I could see her panties were wet! I was turning her on with my kisses.

Slowly I moved my head between her legs and kissed as close to her pussy as I could. She responded by opening her legs a little more for me. This time I was able to kiss her on the wet spot. My hand was gently squeezing her tit.

I had to see her pussy. I had fantasized about it so much I just had to see it. I leaned back then with my free hand, I hooked a finger in the leg hole and gently moved her panties over.

THERE IT WAS! My sister's bald pussy! Her lips were clearly visible. They were also wet.

My cock was so hard. Leaving her panties pushed over, I took my cock out. Quickly I beat it. Only a few strokes and I shot my load. Most of the cum I caught in my hand. But some of the first blasts landed on her leg. I cleaned her up as best I could and went to the bathroom to clean up.
I had sex with a french celebrity in November, his drunk friend found me on grindr at 3am, I was arguing with the guy I was dating badly at the time AND coming down off shrooms lmao.... I crazily decided to meet these two guys at the most expensive hotel in town, I expected to get murdered outside it or something haha. It was legit, stayed in the fucking royal sweet. They poured me fuckloads of pricey minibar wine. We drank even more wine. We headed to bed. I started to suck the famous guy and he signalled for his friend to leave. I gave him THE best blowjob. He called me beautiful. He ate me out. He tried to fuck me but we were very drunk so it never got in. He came. We slept. The next day he told me to leave before him so that no one would see us together (very politely). He also gave me a goodies bag with shit his fans had gave him and some wine. I left and now I'm meeting him again! He messaged me first! Ps im 19, he's 37
>Be me
>Having boyfriend stay over for new years
>Half way through fucking me while bent over the bed he pulls out and presses againt my anus
>Have a dd/lg relationship that seems to be more prominent than any other role play fetish we have in the bedroom
>"Suck my thumb, Princess"
>"Okay, Daddy"
>Full body orgasm, surprised I didn't squirt
>Spent the new year squeezing cum and blood out of my ass
I bet she was disappointed that you didn't finish her.
I don't know if she ever knew. I don't think she did.
I almost guarantee that she did, since she was moaning, pulled the covers off, and opened her legs for you.

She wanted you too anon.

I'm not saying you should have fucked her, but you definitely should have ate her out, there's no way she would have stopped you.
Plus then I could have gotten off to this. Tis strange, I don't even have a brother. But your story made me really hot.
I can be your brother!
Eh, I don't rp. You could just make up a story for me though. I'm actually at work, but I think I could go to storage room and get off without getting caught.
Email me if you want a story--it's too hard to write a good one here with the text limits. If you're interested, [email protected]
That would have been some Victor Hugo shit if you did actually have sex with him and became a prostitute out of desperation for money. Glad it didn't go down that way.

Also the guy might have starved to death if the handcuffs were legit
I'm a fat friend and can confirm my buddies ex was down with the double team. Fuck it story time

>in college and have a 2 bedroom apartment right next to the pool. My best friend and his GF came down and we decided to go for a late night swim.
>everyone was fairly drunk and I had known the two of them for years (known friend since pre school)
>now I'm not good with ladies and I'm fairly chubby. At the time I hadn't been laid for a year.
>Not sure why but out of no where I look at them and say "you know I've known you two for so long and I've never seen her titties (they're at least big c's if not d's)
>she cracks a nervous smile and looks at my friend seeing what he thinks
>he says for her to go ahead and she looks back at me before taking her top off
>friend begins sucking on her tits and I decide to walk over and suck the other tit
This is where my memory fades. This was essentially pandoras box being opened and starting a chain of a few sexual encounters between the three of us and a few times just me and her. I'm not sure if the following happened that night or another time.
>friend and his girl decide to sleep in my bed and they start to duck while I'm laying beside them.
>she's on top and I lean up and get behind them
>play with her ass a bit but it's tight as fuck.
>finally I'm so horny I grab my buddies dick, pull it out and stick mine in.
>I fucked the shit out of that pussy and busted a fat nut in her then my friend went back in and blew in her too.

We had a few more of these, and my friend has since told me she liked it and asked him to do it more. We wound up trying to DP. It was so amazing I made the mistake of slowing down so I didn't cum in 2 minutes but then it was too much for her to take. They eventually broke up but me and friend are still close. Bros before hoes I guess.
He couldn't have. He could easily walk around. Blindfold just needs to be rubbed off using a wall or something.
nice pasta faggot
File: 1449012360124.jpg (62 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Same girl from the store action, but we were younger (I was 18 her 17 at the time)
>Some sex during day hours was restricted to my car, but we had found a new school being built out in the country
>Big huge, open field behind the school with bathrooms (first time I ate a girl out there, nice memory... got her off twice then carried her over my shoulder to the bathroom because her legs were shaking)
>Anyway, next to that field is a parking lot that we would frequent, and we were feeling pretty randy
>Get there, park, and hop in the back seat
>Cuddle, heavy petting, and making out commences
>Got her shirt off before we see this family pull up. She looks at me confused
"Hold on"
>Fix blanket so that it covers one of the windows where they would see, others are tinted
>2 old women now walking for exercise, she's getting a bit more nervous
"When did they-"
>Grab her by her hips (for some reason her spot was squeezing right above her hips) and she shuts up real quick, back arches
>Bend the seats forward, she blows me as I see the family mother walking the dog not 20 feet from our car, the ladies heading this way a solid ways out and the rest of the family playing frisbee
>Put my arms under her and pull her on my lap, her yoga pants the only thing between me and her slit
>She looks around but has given in
"fuck it"

>Dick is now playing with her hole, she's got wet rolling down her thigh
>The mom is gone but the ladies are now almost directly walking in front of the car
>She freezes waiting for them to go past, hovering about my dick
>Full force enter her, her eyes go from the old women to straight forward, wide open, and she covers her mouth
>Thats when she starts shaking. Women now directly in front of car, her ass facing them I'm looking at her tits bouncing in my face, car is probably moving
>Women look back but windows tinted and blanket positioned right, they keep walking
>Car was almost definitely moving later, the family and the women didn't come close to us again
>I came pretty hard, she hopped up last second and I shot straight up, hit the under side of her chin and 2 more ropes reached her tits
>The look of my cum sliding down her gorgeous abdomen and crotch. My god.

Let's see... I also have a kinda shitty FFM threesome story with my last ex, but some of you might be into it, idk. friend used a strap-on on my ex, I didn't get much out of it.
Also have a story where my ex and I got back together, we messed around in front of my other female roommate who was drunk and out of it, crazy shit happened that night.
no,it was my first time with an older guy tho
umm,,, lets see

used to work as a swimming instructor, gave my manager and his friend a hand job so i wouldn't have to work late hours

I'm grown as fuck. Its urine. Google it. Unless its a SMALL gush of thick fluid.... you're getting peed on.
Was that the only time you fucked your friend's dad?
The first time I had sex was with the best friend of a girl I was on a first date with.

It was mostly by accident as I had been a shutin for about a year after some bad shit in my life. I went out, got shitfaced and made a huge mistake. It would get worse when i broke up with that girl and I moved across the country with the one I had been one a first date with. Thinking I might have a shot with her down the line. Then she fucked my best friend, who happened to be dating my sister. In b4 JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!
Yep. Also I'm a girl, I've had plenty of orgasms. I've never squirted. Because you have to do it on purpose. It doesn't shoot out like that unless you push when you climax. Idgi. Why? Why pee on people?
All of the above, pleas
this is so beautiful :')
Enlighten us with more stories pls
I did post another story but no one seemed to notice
It was awesome! I wanted to be the sweaty bf

I LOVE sweaty sex. One thing I've always wanted to do (but never have) is tease a guy while he works out naked, and ride him while he bench presses something. I got the idea from a porno.

My girlfriend HATED sweaty sex, but I sweat so easily, it was impossible to not be slippery af during. I loved it, but she was always displeased.

I don't get that. It seems so primal and hot to me, plus I love the smell guys have when they sweat. Maybe it's just a hormonal thing or something.

At work, will post when home
hope that faggot cousin of yours grew up to guzzle cum for a living, what a shit cunt
Sweaty sex is awesome. I first realized I was interested in it was when I was 18 out dancing with a friend and all of a sudden wanted to uncontollably lick the sweat of her shimmering body.

Just out of curiosity, y'all guys or girls? Don't make much a difference to me. Anyway I'll do those two really quick. Also, let me know if I have too much detail (the extraneous scene setting), but I think the build up is what makes it hotter.

>Ex and I broke up a few months prior to this, but still great friends, share everything, she knows my roommates really well
>Roommate turns 21, wants to drink with us rather than go out. We have 3 so I call my ex over
>Start up Mario Party 3, turn into a drinking game
>the two girls (roommate and ex) have 6 shots a piece in less than two hours, other roommate and I are bigger guys (I was 225 at the time, really in shape, he was 6'4") put away about 12 each
>Ex at some point gets pretty friendly when she's drunk and kisses me on the cheek, but realizes how weird that probably looks so kisses 2 roommates too
>kinda ignore it, but then at some point she puts my finger all the way down my throat when no ones looking
>Get the picture, I'm getting pretty hot now (hadn't had sex since break up, this was the girl that I drove home and fucked up a wall. Love when she shoves my finger all the way down her throat, shows me how bad she wants it, and reminds me of her crazy deepthroat shit)
>Other guy roommate helps me get lightweight, 110lb girl roommate to bed (Let's just name her J)
>Me and my ex (Let's name her B) are helping her deal with her first drunken night (came from a strict christian family)
"Put on aristocats, I wanna watch that"
>wut. ok. Put on aristocats on her PS2
"It's too bright, you can turn it off"
>Dark as fuck now, barely any light coming in the room but enough to see most things with eyes adjusted
B: "Hold on really quick"
>B just pukes up some of the alcohol like a champ, then gets a slice of bread for my friend as I get a glass of water
>another hour goes by of just sitting there with her, she doesn't wanna be alone.
>Getting real tired of waiting to fuck like animals
This is great! Keep it coming

>We both keep giving eachother the fuck eyes, roommate puts pillow over her head, but is still talking
>Grab B from behind, firmly squeeze her chest not a foot from my roommate on the floor, I'm sitting in a chair behind her
>She squirms and tries to keep her moan in, only getting me hotter
>Pull her back between my spread legs, keep groping her and shove on of my fingers down her thoat, and she sucks like she knows she's supposed to
>Push her a bit forward, start really pressing against her clit through her jean shorts and she's talking to my roommate all the while
>Fast pants, shallow moans, and she's wiggling her perfect round ass around my hand
B: "No sweetie, you're not *exhale* annoying us, we're here for you. You're our frien-"
>Grab her by the hair and pull her back, start making out
>Roommate a bit confused but too drunk to care
>Kiss disengages, I pull the straps of her top over her shoulders and let her breasts out of her shirt
>She looks up with an innocent annoyed face, which good god I love. Ugh. Anyway, we haven't talked for a bit, roommate realizes and kind of leans up
J: "Why are your boobs out?"
B: "Oh I had to fix my bra hun, don't worry about it
> J continues to confusingly stare but can't connect the dots
J: "I have to go to the bathroom. B you come, but Anon you don't... cause THAT'd be WEIRD hahaha"
> B looks at me, we help her up, but I let her stay in the bathroom with my roommate
>We've made a little progess on getting her to go to bed, but it's been 2 hours at this point and we're getting restless
>Don't see B for awhile, perfect time. Pull out my dick, in the middle of my roommates room (her bathroom was attached) and start stroking
>B asks me to get her the water glass, and I put it in the doorway
>B comes up and grabs it, looks down and her face lights up upset
B: "What in the fuck are yo-"
J: "What?"
> B gives her the water and I return to my chair, dick out, diamonds, stroking
File: 1429557463987.gif (3 MB, 692x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 692x388
I intend on it haha. M/F?


>B sits down at the door of the bathroom so that I can see her, but J is out of view, I'm assuming on the toilet
>She bites her lips and grabs her breasts, looking back and forth to make sure my roommate isn't watching her start to feel herself up as she's dying for my dick
>I make a sly smile, the one where you know you're about to fuck the shit out of them, and make a come here with my finger
>B fucking CRAWLS toward me, ass swaying as she does it
B: "I can't believe you took your dick out, you're fucking crazy"
"You didn't look to upset crawling up here"
>Annoyed but unable to help it, she licks from the base of the shaft to the tip and takes all of me down inside her throat in one motion
>Begins bobbing head, I'm grabbing her breast, roommate still in bathroom
J: " B where's my water"
>Very audible pop as she takes her mouth off my cock
B: "Hold on" >as she walks toward the bathroom, looking back at my dick
>It seems like she just walked in, gave the water, and walked back out because just as fast she was back on her knees sucking me off again
J: "I think I want to go to sleep guys..."
>Annoyed, I grab her hair and bring her up for a kiss as she gasps
>Get roommate into bed (this fucking 3 hour endeavor) and tell her goodnight
>Walk out, close door, cross the hall, open door, close door, on top of eachother.
>Hardest we'd made out, didn't need foreplay after that, ripped her jeans off and literally ripped that shirt and proceeded to bang my bed against the wall and fuck her brains out

Shit was pretty good. Should I do FFM now or probably in a bit? I did just write quite a bit
M. Wishing I had an ex like that
Sorry bud. Cool shit though, glad you like it! Got worked up with these memories though; I'll probably be back on to write some more later
I can't wait to read more!. Not to bum everyone out but I knew a girl like this, she was amazing, shr chased me for 5 yrs! unfortunately 2 days after I told her I was finally ready to get serious she died. So dude go find this girl and keep her lol

You mean these fucking lies?
>This past wednesday
>Have a girl who I see frequently come over
>We made small talk, like we normally do
>I usually have my bed made and my room tidy
>She makes herself at home, knocking shit over and slither under the bedding, twisting and knotting herself in it
>By the time I pull her out from the sheets and blankets, she's half naked
>I join her and we cuddle for a bit
>Like clockwork, we spoon, then start kissing and grinding
>She starts unbuttoning my shirt and I unhook her bra
>Get right down to foreplay
>I'm kissing and biting her neck, groping her boobs, we're feeling each other up
>Begin to get handsy, immediate heavy petting
>She pulls my pants off and I have her sit on my face
>Shine her pussy with my tongue and the better part of my face, sucking as much of her pussy into my mouth and loudly releasing it
>Tossing her clit and fingering her deep enough to touch her cervix, she's loving it
>By the time she's orgasmed several times, leaving my face a sticky mess, she bites and kisses her way to my cock to give me head
>I'm always floored when I feel my dick hit the back of her throat, it feels amazing
>Once I'm all warmed up, we get back into foreplay, I make her cum several more times with my hands
>She then mounts me, expecting to go to town and fuck
>I tease her for several minutes, dipping just the head of my cock in, quickly pulling out, slapping her tits, and kissing her while telling her she's getting nothing
>She grabs my hips and forces herself on me, almost angrily grinding me
>She's moaning loudly and ready to cum again, so I pick her up slightly and jackhammer her pussy from below, the deafening ballslapping second to her screaming as she orgasms
>We continue this for another twenty minutes as I grab handfuls and twist her tits (giving her some crazy blood blisters I later found)
>Now she's begging me to cum in her
>I flip her on her back and fuck her until she pulls me in and I cum inside her, she coos and we cuddle, still attached.
A great part about the after sex cuddling, we have some great real talk that follows, I think I convinced her to buy a foxtail buttplug for her submissive boyfriend.
File: image.jpg (11 KB, 250x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 250x198
>2 days after I told her
>she died
>blood blisters
absolutely disgusting
File: 1451691368623.jpg (23 KB, 960x852) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 960x852
Congratulations, you're a low IQ subhuman whore.
Fem anon here. Just thought the stories are awesome haha
bumpin with another story I guess

> live in small town
> bored
> Go to movie theater with bf
> no movies playing we want to see
> Decide to see Frozen (this is after it's been out a while)
> it's late at night
> we are the only people in the theater
> Sit down, quickly get bored
> bf sticks his hand in my pants
> begins fingering me
> getting way too turned on by this
> sit in his lap
> feel his dick getting hard through his pants
> could literally feel the pulse of his dick through his pants and mine throbbing against my pussy
> biggest turn on in my life
> adjust myself
> take his dick out
> pull my pants down
> begin riding him
> he takes my shirt off to play with my nipples
> I say fuck it and kick my pants completely off
> I am now completely naked in this movie theater except for my shoes
> cum hard during dumb "let it go" song
> bf dares me to stay naked for the rest of the movie
> I do and he continues fingering me and I climb on top of him to fuck him again
> Have at least 5 orgasms while watching this movie
> Cannot watch frozen without getting turned on now
You have got to be the best gf ever lol
bumpin' again probably for the last time

Man I like this thread but it seems like it just won't stay up
Currently posting one in another thread.

It's about how I realized I'm not into traps/trannies as much as I thought.

I have a bunch though.
Anyone here?
Listening...... Air your dirty sexy laundry anons
Roger that.

I have a lot of stories ranging back from when I first lost my virginity about 7 years ago.
So if you guys want me to just start from there and move forward I can.
The tranny one would be the most recent story so it would be the last one you hear.
Start from the beginning

>Be me
>Sophomore in high school.
>Kind of a punk but I look okay.
>Dating a girl for like six months, things are actually pretty great.
>Before I learned the struggles of the world
>Decide that I'm not gonna get laid
>Better leave her abruptly and find someone to put it in.
>Leave her
>She's heartbroken
>I don't give a fuck
>Spend a month or so alone
>Hear from my older brother that this 18 year old chick thinks I'm cute
>Find her on facebook in the day when that was acceptable
>Way back in 2009
>Hit her up
>At first she wants nothing to do with me
>Coax her into letting me tag along to the mall
>She kinda brushes me off as an annoying kid at first
>She starts getting into me since I'm being super nice
>Remember, I'm still pretty innocent. Just touched boobies for the first time
>We ride around in her car and hang out with my brother and his girlfriend.
>His girlfriend is cool, turns out this chick (Vanessa) and her are friends.
>Vanessa and I decide to go back to her place the next evening.
>She had a detached garage on her house.
>They had the upper floor built to be like an entertainment area.
>Totally separate from the family, insulated, heated and Air conditioned, the works.
>Giant TV too with surround sound.
>In retrospect, pretty badass.
>Spend some time getting comfy
>Watch part of a movie, then start making out.
>Feel pussy for the first time
>She rubs my dick
>shit was so cash
>spend a little while doing this, cause once again I had no idea what do
>Watched enough porn though, got the general idea.
>She takes her pants off and I play with her.
>Probably sucked, but I can't remember.
>She tries giving me head.
>Can't even get the head in her mouth.
>Fuck that
>Go to pound town for like an hour
>bruise my balls we pounded for so long
>Shit felt great
>I did all the work though.
>Get home late
>Mom grounds me, takes my phone

The story goes on. Continue?
Please continue
>Was sleeping over my gf's house
>She told me she had a surprise waiting for me
>I walk into her house
>No one's home
>Went upstairs to her bedroom as she guides my hands up her legs
>She told me to sit on her bed and wait
>So I waited
>She comes out looking smoking hot in schoolgirl outfit
>Instant boner
>She proceeds to suck my cock off
>I leave her clothes on except for her panties
>I like fucking chicks while they have clothes on
>She teases me like she always does
>She bites my neck and the ends of my bottom lips
>She slowly guides my cock inside her tight pussy
>Over the months of having sex with her I was always too big for her even after I popped her
>She gives a brilliant display of painful pleasure in her face
>I jam it into her really hard
>She rides it with a tear streaming down her face and a smile
>She held my hands against the headboard and kept bouncing on my cock
>She cums two or three times
>I've always had trouble cumming
>When she was done having her multiple orgasms I pulled out
>I jerk off onto her beautiful face and watch the cum get into her eyelash a bit
>Was an amazing experience
>I asked her, "When did you buy the schoolgirl outfit and how'd you convince your parents?"
>She told me she borrowed it from her dad

Apparently her dad was a crossdresser with folders upon folders of shemale porn on his computer.
We went into his closet and there were dozens of outfits of all kinds--this whole time I thought they were hers.
There was also dozens of KY Jelly bottles littered all over the place as well as Playboy Magazines.
Used tissues in the bin, and I always thought this man went to work in this room; didn't realize it was his own personal wank place.

Still a hot experience... minus finding out her father wore that outfit before her.
We broke up not too long after that--she cheated on me afterall.
This is hilarious. Clearly you made this up after watching porn. Half the things you describe don't physically work, or are completely unreasonable and unenjoyable. You've either never had sex or are very, very bad at it.
File: Ava Taylor.jpg (69 KB, 667x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ava Taylor.jpg
69 KB, 667x1000
That sucks dude I'm sorry. She broke things off with me, we both have some mental health issues and I think she has a problem with commitment, so we're good friends still and fuck every now and then but I'm waiting to get into great shape and get my life together before I go all out and try and nail that shit down.

Glad you like them!

Agreed. 10/10 would treat like lady in streets and monster in sheets

Alright starting on that story I was going to write like 2 days ago

>B is now my ex, hang out on the regular with her and a girl we are going to call A
>A is about 5'1", average build with perfect tits (pic related, not her but what they look like about) and an ass that defies gravity
>She is odd in an awesome way; very independent, likes the viking vibe, gender fluid and kinda goes day by day
>We had dated for all of a month but were cool with just being friends
>B helped A experiment with her sexuality a few times and they fuck every now and then, both before and after we were together
>Anyway, rest of our friends not living it up in college, we decide to make drunk jenga and have some fun
>Played one night, all ended up naked, giving the fuck eyes, B masturbated as we played cards later on as a dare
>Hit about 4 am though and we were tired, packed it in

a couple of weeks past, and then...

>Text sent out, saying hey girls we should play jenga again after these midterms
>They're in, play beer pong later that night and some hard fucking jenga, drinking quite a bit
>roommate isn't home, we start stripping for the game in the kitchen
>B is naked (When she drinks a bit she gets horny as fuck and loses all inhibition) and we dare her to masturbate again.
>A and I both get distracted, we're half naked when we start talking about sex toys and shit
"I've always wanted to get one of those inconspicuous underwear vibrators with a remote"
A: "You know I've been thinking about getting a strap on too"
B: "Yeah my vibrator from high school is shit now too, doesn't do much"
>Look around the room, B is still massaging herself... groping her boobs... FOCUS.png
"We should just go to a sex shop then really quick"
B and A: "yup."
>All put clothes on, go to sex shop (woo college)
>I get those remote controlled undies, A the strap on, and B a rabbit I think
>Get home, resume jenga
>Bet if I can get a ping pong ball in B's shirt she has to get naked and put the undies on
>I've drank quite a bit, but I drove to the sex shop and was fine; B doesn't put 2 and 2 together and thinks her odds are good
B: "Ok, I know you can'.... fuck."
>A and I watch greedily as she strips, puts on panties and inserts the vibrating part after getting some lube
A: "Does it work?"
>flip the switch, B sits straight up, eyes widen, then slouches
B: "... yeah... -pant- ... they fucking WOrk..."
>A and I have the most evil look between eachother
>begin passing the remote back and forth between the table, B can't keep track of who has it
>making her fuck up from the vibrations as she pulls the blocks, means she owes us dares
>Tell her she has to guess who has the remote when we ask her, if shes wrong she gets punished
>She keeps getting it wrong, smack her nipples, suck her breasts, make out with her
>I don't remember how, we're naked now though.

>A and I exchange the "Oh, this is happening look"
A: "I hope this doesn't affect our friendship, Sex isn't as important as being able to hangout"
"A, you are one of my best friends. That being said, I am not passing this up."
>Hash out a couple of other important guidelines beforehand, had already sent B to the bedroom and to wait and touch herself
>Actually, remembering back, the image is pretty funny; A and I talking seriously about what's going to go down while we were flipping the remote control switch
>Get to the bedroom, B had taken the undies off
"Who said you could take those off?"
B: "I was waiting for you guys and-"
>Push her down into the bed, doing circles around her nipples with my tongue and sucking
>gotta get that pregame pee in though, dismount, go to the bathroom
>Come back, A has the strap-on on, and is having B blow her
>Oh, ok.
>A not used to having dick, makes B deepthroat her and B pukes
>Oh. Ok.
>Clean that shit up, we're not deterred
>Go down on B, shes sucking off A
>B gets off twice, A wants to try this out
>A struggles to fuck and keep it inside B, I'm having her blow me off and on as shes getting fucked on her back
>long story short, A awkwardly learns that penis is hard to do, go down on B, make her get off twice more for her troubles, but then is too tired to fuck afterward
>tfw have FFM threesome, don't even get off -_-

Let me know if y'all have been enjoying these, what parts, and if you want to read more! I'll see what I can think to write about if you want
I am currently seeing an 18 year old poly girl. The sex is legendary. She likes heavy impact and pain so she usually gets hit a lot. But when you tell her to bend over she wears nothing but mini skirts, so her big beautiful curvy pawg ass is staring you down with an itty bitty thong on. Anyway i smack her so hard she quivers and shakes her little legs and lets out the sexiest groan ;3
This stuff is gold! More please!
>mfw I fucked a stuffed Mr jellybean back in highschool
>Clearly you made this up after watching porn.
Either you're leading me on to ask for pictures like most cucks on /soc/ do, jealous, or you're looking for validation. Sorry kiddo, nothing for you.
Actually it looks more like he doesn't believe you because there's no video games, awkward sperging, and the theme isnt "how I accidentally had sex for the first time because some girl pitied me".
Wouldn't surprise me.
>Half the things you describe don't physically work
You're probably the kind of guy who asks for "gentle sex," because you're, "sensitive," amiright?
>or are completely unreasonable and unenjoyable
Refer to the statement above, girls like being manhandled, they'll tell you if they're not enjoying it. There's your sex tip, be a man.
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