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Incest Confessions time!
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Incest Confessions time!

We are a couple and we run a Twitter account ( https://twitter.com/IncestConfess )
and thought it would be good to ask here for your confessions!

You can post them here or to our Kik - Taboocouple1

We will start off:

When I was younger my aunt would often grind on me in my sleep as we shared a bed sometimes. It progressed quite quickly until we were doing everything apart from sex.

After a few months I couldn't take it anymore and decided to fuck her in her sleep. She woke up and we continued for a while after that.

I also fucked my cousin and have done since we were young.
I want more in-depth stories
also any pics?
One time my brother got very intoxicated and passed out in my bed, and I sucked him off to completion.
My brother and I both went through break ups at the same time and moved in with each other. Shared a one bedroom. Got drunk and ended up having sex. Kept a sexual relationship going for about 8 months. We dont anymore (for varies reasons) but I do get an occasional hand slip or extra long hug.
Ate out my aunts ass while she was passed out drunk one time. I was like 13 and was raging with hormones. She had a phat ass so i was in love her butt for the longest time and still am. That's pretty much it nothing really exciting lol.
I have a few female cousins, and when I was 10, 3 of them (aged 8, 11, and 15) would bring me to a room in my aunt's house that no one bothered going near for reasons I don't remember.
Anyway, the three of them would bring me there and we would, in their words, "play house." We did a lot of stuff in that room, nearly everything short of actual fucking.
It's awkward to now be around them. Whenever we see each other nowadays, they pretend nothing ever happened and treat me like a normal cousin. I honestly don't even know how they feel about it all, since I'm a bit afraid of ever mentioning it.
Can't remember the age but it was back when I was pretty young, probably about 11 or 12. I was new to the whole masturbation thing and curious about it. Found some porn pages in the back of some magazines and comics.

One day my cousins come over and decide they want to sleep over. I show them my porn to which my brother was surprised at. I can't quite remember exactly how it happened, I think I repressed most of it, but my cousins would show us masturbation techniques, me and my brother switched cousins every few minutes. This happened at least three times from memory. Part of me thinks we kissed, another part thinks we didn't. But on one occasion that I definitely remember; my cousin tried fucking me in the ass. Yes, they were both boys, so yes, it is an embarrassing gay incest experience. Fortunately I was a shy kid and I didn't get ass raped by my cousin. The funny thing is, there's a rumour in the family that he's done it to my other cousins as well, all guys. Also, I'm straight.

Also I remember when I was pretty small, I saw some sexual positions in some porn I found on TV late at night, I foolishly told my cousin and he threatened to tell my mom if I didn't show him. I showed him the positions and he had his hand down his pants. There was a weird smell in the air. Only years down the road, when I hit puberty did I realise that it was the smell of cum.

That was my actual experience, what follows is something from my past that I wish to rekindle and take further. When I was little, like primary school little, I would hang out with my cousin a lot, I believe she's three years younger than me. My god, we would be inseparable when we were around each other. Everyone else would be together, playing, talking, whatever while we were off on our own* showing our rooms to each other, talking about whatever. I haven't thought about her this much in quite some time and I've only just realised that when our younger cousins wanted to play with us in her room... EOP1
... She'd always tell them to go and play with her sisters and I've only just realised that she would do that so we could be alone. One time everyone was downstairs and we went upstairs because she wanted to watch a movie, so I put it on for her and we both jumped on the bed together. We were watching it and talking for a bit, and I swear we got so close to kissing but my dad walked in the room and told us to come downstairs. He explained that it wasn't right for us to be alone together all the time. After that I didn't see her much. I think I've seen her about three times since. I'm really different now, but she's still the same. The first time I saw her since that happened was last year, it was very awkward. There wasn't much I could say to her. Thankfully a member of my family started arguing with another one so she and I were told to go in the other room and watch the kids. After all these years, we're still the ones who have to look after the younger cousins, it kind of brought some familiarity. She started asking me about my girlfriend at the time, I asked her if she was in a relationship and she said she recently got out of one. We started talking about old times and how we never see each other any more, and we started laughing and becoming like we were before. Next thing you know, my cousin from the first story (we can call him ButtMuncher) came in the room and started playing around with all the stuff. It was blatant that she was bothered by him being there as her laughs turned to silence. I asked ButtMuncher why he was there and he said he was bored in the other room, we asked him what was going on and he told us. Then the three of us started talking while the kids were sat on the sofa. I can't quite remember how it happened but he started insulting me and pretty much asking for a fight. ButtMuncher is the same age as me but a few months older. I am not much of a fighter any more, I used to be... EOP3

...I used to be but my highschool friends kind of turned me soft so I haven't fought with anyone in years apart from the occasional sparring with my brother. So I was fairly certain I was going to get my ass kicked in front of the cousin who I hadn't seen in years. My little cousins were cheering us on for a fight and I turned to my cousin, she just looked back at me so I thought there wasn't really a way out of it. I thought I'd better just try my best and get this over with. Maybe a miracle could happen and somebody like my brother or another family member could walk in the room and take my place, right? Well that didn't happen, we were both stood up in the small room, he tried to scare me by moving forward (yeah it worked, shut up) but the second time I was focused. Apparently not focused enough because moments later he had me in a headlock.

It was shameful. It was humiliating. In front of her as well. By this douche of all people. I was so frustrated. I have no fucking idea what possessed me to do this but *cue Rules of Nature* I put my arms around his waist, stood up straight, lifted the bastard with all of my strength and decked the mother fucker.

The last time I saw her was at a funeral so we just glanced eyes and didn't exchange words. Honestly, I feel like she really feels the same way about me, and boy do I want to fuck her. Every chance I get to meet her I seem to always not go though, I don't know why. Sometimes I don't want to because other family will be there and other times I just didn't know she'd be there.

Any advice would be cool. That's all the incest I have unfortunately.

*: Just remembered repressed memory which was the second story.

TLDR: Almost got butt fucked by cousin. Older cousin masturbates over me in sexual position. Story about my other cousin who I totally want to bang. End of Part 3/final part
If it's a female cousin then I'm interested.
Yes she's female. And I want to fuck her so hard. One of these days, I will.
Go on...
>be on vacation/family reunion
>be rather attracted to cousin
>sneak chances to hold her hand when we can hide it well
>she is okay with it

>be in car one day
>she has blanket on
>go for her hand again
>she moves my hand to her crotch
>not sure what to do
>start rubbing her
>car pulls up to wherever we were going
>we get out
>the end

not terribly interesting, I know. that's mine, though.
When I was 11/12 I lived in a house next to an old woman who was alright with us. I knew her grandson who came to visit on weekends was 10/11 at the time, seemed like a cool kid, often went to their house to play with lego and shit with him and they had a dog, so was cool playing with it.

Played around as kids do all through summer, doing kid shit. Towards the end of the summer I tell him I'm moving away in a couple weeks and he seemed upset but not the end of the world.

The next day we are playing as usual in his room, for some reason we decided to pull our cocks out and masturbate, and while we were he sucked my cock. After that I went home and didn't see the guy again.

The (more) fucked up part:

8 years later, after living my life, moving homes a couple times then moving to university. I move in with a lesbian for a year. her best friend is a gay guy. Chilled with them, thy smoked weed and were cool people. Cool with the guy but wasn't "friends".

Summer comes and I move out, look at the guy on facebook and it was the same fucking kid who lived next door to me.

I created a faggot.
EDIT: sorry not incest, but still
"I created a faggot."

Top kek.
Well... That's it. I haven't seen her in a long time, we used to be close, one day I'm gonna get close with her again and then I'm going to screw her.

This thread should become an embarrassing sexual story thread.
When I was like 14 or so, I had to spend the night in my cousin's room (obviously without her) and I ended up fapping to her underwear and stealing some. The only weird part is that I am fairly certain she knows. Everything was pretty neatly put away, and I just kind of shoved shit back in the drawer which (I didn't realize until some time later) made it pretty obvious someone had gone through it. She's never said anything though so maybe not. I dunno.
My younger sister and I have been fucking each other for a few months now. I have been shamelessly cunming inside her when i finish and am planning to creampie her ass. will post more an pics if requested
Do go on. How did it start? And also greentext the buildup and your first time with her.
>was jacking off to her pic
> she walks in
> shocked at first, then says its kinda hot
> walks over seductively
>grabs hold of my erection and jacks me off for a good 10 minutes
>use her spit as lube and i get even harder
>goes down on me and gives one of the best head ever
> takes off her bra an tells me to fondle her premature tits
>shes only 17
>tells me she wants me to enter
>slow insertion into sisters pussy
>wasnt a virgin wheew
>slow fucking at first, getting a feel for my sisters pussy walls
>pace picks up and i start fucking her hard and fast
> i finish and unload my semen into her fertile womb
>she smile and says its okay were family
>told me to do it again soon

you want a pic?
File: 87yjhf56.jpg (46 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 640x640
heres a pic of her
which pic of her were u fapping to
this one, cuz it shows her cleavage and those tits and that face mmmm
are you guys flips? would you record a sex tape while fucking each other? do you always cum in her?
Please, PLEASE more!!
26/f here

my only incest story is when i tried to kiss my cousin when i was 11. she was 9. she got scared that her mom would find us, so she wouldn't let me kiss her.

i would never do anything sexual with any of my family (except my step-cousin, maybe)
More about step cousin?
M/F? Why?
not really true incest but my half sister and I have been fucking for years...basically whenever we're each single we fuck. I'm in a relationship now but can guarantee if it falls apart we'll be fucking again.
yeah we're flips, i gotta ask her if she agrees.

yeah i always cum inside her, i also make sure before i cum i bury my cock balls deep in her

ill let you all know what happens later
you want more pics of my sister dont you?
File: calling-bullshit.gif (183 KB, 214x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 214x200
at the very least I want more pics, which country are you guys in? and if you so end up making a sex tape be sure to let a fellow Asianbro see
I fucked my sister when I was like... 13? She was 14 a the time, it was an awkward situation, kinda wish it didn't happen.
>be me, 4 or 5 days ago
>drive to Mississippi from Texas to meet some family and pick up some too
>8-9 hour drive, boring as fuck
>get there and meet my male hillbilly cousin who's a bro and his sister, my female 8/10 cousin who is pretty awesome, we've always kinda flirted and i've been into her for a while
>we go to his room, all talking, catching up, we drink
>hillbilly cousin and i start talking about fucking girls
>my female cousin looks uncomfortable but i figure it's because she's listening to her brother's sex life
>hillbilly passes out
>female cousin and i sit on a recliner, cuddle together, talking.
>eventually turn off the lights
>a few minutes of awkward talking
>i keep looking into her beautiful eyes and can't help it
>kiss her all passionately and shit
>make out for about an hour, i try to go farther but she says nah because her brother is across the room
>afternoon of tomorrow comes
>take female cousin, younger cousin, and great aunt to my parents' house to spend the next week or two
>the entire car ride we text stuff and talk aloud about unrelated stuff
>she tells me she likes daddy/daughter and she brought her knee high socks
>get home at like 11
>big family ketchup, erryone talking
>cousin and i say we're gonna go to my room and watch scary movies
>go upstairs and turn on 'grave encounters'
>she comes up, we start making out
>get in bed
>she confesses that she is not very experienced, only fucked one other dude who had no idea what he was doing
>tell her i will take care of her, to relax and enjoy
and it just ends there?
oh my bad I posted too fast
I have a Gdocs archive of wincest for anyone interested. Also, /b/ is where nearly all the wincest happens.

http://goo gl/j18y4x

No, it doesn't. He's reposting from a thread in /b/ where he just posted. There's some texts as well.
>afternoon of tomorrow comes
>take female cousin, younger cousin, and great aunt to my parents' house to spend the next week or two
>the entire car ride we text stuff and talk aloud about unrelated stuff
>she tells me she likes daddy/daughter and she brought her knee high socks
>get home at like 11
>big family ketchup, erryone talking
>cousin and i say we're gonna go to my room and watch scary movies
>go upstairs and turn on 'grave encounters'
>she comes up, we start making out
>get in bed
>she confesses that she is not very experienced, only fucked one other dude who had no idea what he was doing
>tell her i will take care of her, to relax and enjoy
File: image.jpg (555 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
555 KB, 1600x1200
Fuck wrong one. Sorry guys.
Have her bikini picture.
>afternoon of tomorrow comes
>take female cousin, younger cousin, and great aunt to my parents' house to spend the next week or two
>the entire car ride we text stuff and talk aloud about unrelated stuff
>she tells me she likes daddy/daughter and she brought her knee high socks
>get home at like 11
>big family ketchup, erryone talking
>cousin and i say we're gonna go to my room and watch scary movies
>go upstairs and turn on 'grave encounters'
>she comes up, we start making out
>get in bed
>she confesses that she is not very experienced, only fucked one other dude who had no idea what he was doing
>tell her i will take care of her, to relax and enjoy
File: 1396437345493.gif (1 MB, 320x227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x227
>be Northern Irishfag
>be 19 working in a posh hotel bar as a barman
>be new years time
>Im working away quietly cause fuck sake im working new years eve and new years day early
>everyone else is fucking drunk. fuck this shit.
>pop out for a smoke, see 17yr old cousin who is pretty hot looking for somewhere to party
>invite her and her 3 friends in to the bar, serve them drinks all night
>cousin gets absolutely shitfaced
>her friends are going home, im still sober and offer to take care of her
>I get to stay over in a spare room of the hotel for early work the next day
>carry her drunk ass to the room give her some water and let her rest
>carry on with work for an hour or 3
>I come back and she is awake and asking quesitons
>"where am I? Did you do anything to me while i was out?"
>"nah mate I'm not that perverted"
>"I wouldnt have minded though... if you had"
>"that reminds me, i didnt get a new years kiss from anyone
>go to give her a small kiss on the cheek
>she suddenly pulls me down into a deep kiss
>i very quickly get undressed and we start fucking.
>after i realise i hadnt closed the bar
> I tell her I'll be a minute and i have to close the bar
>close bar, phone her parents and say cousin is staying in a spare hotel room because drunk
>they are very thankful
>go back to the room, more sex
>sleep eventually
>wake up more sex
>I Call her a cab to go to my sisters and get fixed up for the day
>her parents send me a gift basket for being such an awesome dude to their poor underage girl
>"god knows what weirdo could have found her, we are glad your the one who found her"
>top kek

and thats the story of how i fucked my cousin
ugh, talk about constant repost
don't know whether to be proud or annoyed that this shit is reposted/you thought it was.

i wrote this like a week ago for a /b/ incest thread.

Where abouts in N.I.?
Newcastle. about 31 miles south(ish) of belfast. its a shitty little town by the sea and the slieve donard

Oh, I know Newcastle. I'm up in Portstewart, north coast. Wanted to be introduced to your cousin, hoho
Ok this is more of advice rather than confessions...this happened about 8 months back.

>be me, 27 yo. married
>watching TV on couch with my sister and wife
>wife falls asleep in middle of movie
>winter time so we have a huge blanket over all of us
>I move my hand to her hand under the covers and she doesnt respond, pull away or grab for it.
>I slide my hand under my sisters leg sort of like pretending its cold and trying to warm it
>she doesnt move
>then move hand to top of her thigh
>no movement
>rub her leg
>still no response from her
>this goes on for sometime
>we never make eye contact since i was afraid it would be weird
>the movie ends and we go to sleep

>this happened 2 more times since then.
>we never talk about it or anything of the sort.

What do? Give up? Try harder? What do you all think she is thinking?
yeah she has a boyfriend now, he is like 7 years older than her and he's called... wait for it
Phelim Young
apt to say the least

me and her still chat, says if we are both single in the future she'd be up for som no strings attatched sex, no awkward incest here yo
The sooner you talk about it the sooner you can fuck her is the way I see it,
>Fucks up again
Ah-ha, this is the thread for me.
I had a long term incestuous relationship with my brother.

It wasn't abusive or anything, actually he was the more dominant one even though I was older.
I can vaguely remember that we used to play silly games as children, "you show me yours and a I'll show you mine" kind of thing. Then about aged 12 we tried a few things and decided we rather liked it. We were at it like rabbits when we had the house to ourselves and in some other places too..swimming pool changing cubicle was our favourite I think.

Anyway yes, we enjoyed ourselves until I moved to uni. He's got himself a steady gf now and I never really got over it. Spoilt I think, having a partner I'd known my whole life..it's given me a very unrealistic expectation of how long I should know someone before getting into a relationship.
Well if you do nothing you'll never know one way or the other. Call it like poker and see what happens.
Also, it;s nice to know I'm not alone. there are precious few opportunities to talk about it in life.
I miss sleeping/living with my brother. It was super taboo and fun. Do you guys ever talk about it?
>>big family ketchup, erryone talking
slept with my sister twice both times i had a gf. sister started feeling bad about me cheating on my gf so we stopped. i will fuck her again.

first time i fucked her was at our family business. was in every hole in her, she wouldn't let me finish that.

second time she was house sitting. i went over as she pretended to sleep. started feeling her and then sucking her nipples and wound up fucking her again.

next time will hopefully be more forceful
We didn't for a while, and I got worried I was misremembering things..like maybe it had been abusive. I talked to him about it earlier this year and a)he remembers and b)didn't mind. So great success really.
will you continue where you left off? or let the past say where it is
I don't see how you know. We're a close family but we seem to naturally spread out, 'every tree needs room to grow' is our explanation. I have a job here now, 200 miles from him. Truly distance is that deadly killer of all relationships! Plus he's been with his gf for a while now. I don't resent them for it really, seems happy enough. Wouldn't like to force a choice even if I could.

Damn.... either of you willing to email me:


I'd really like to hear some of the stories.
It was just regular sex, nothing to get too worked up about. I don't even consider it that taboo to be honest. Admittedly sex since has been lacking something, a true connection I suppose.
We havent talked about it since I moved out and sometimes I feel like there is a lot of sexual tension between us. Was it awkward talking about it? Who brought it up?
Hmm, I do kind of understand what you mean. It's always a bit..tense? When we meet. I rang him since it was nagging him and just came out with it.
Not real incest so to speak, but I had a four year on going sexual relationship with my stepbrother.
File: myhat.jpg (19 KB, 278x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 278x225
I've had very mild, indirect experiences with my sister. All happened in the year before I moved out of my parent's house.

Back when I was 17 and she was 15, and our parents were out for the night, we would sometimes go into the bedroom and co-op on a few Wii games, which was all she ever played.

One night we were playing some Mii basketball minigame that involved "shooting" the ball from half court. I didn't really jump each time I shot so much as I thrusted forward onto my toes.

The mini game went by kind of fast, so it wasn't until about halfway through one of my turns I suddenly realized my cock had flopped out of the front of my pajama bottoms and was swinging up and down each time I threw. I glanced at my sister out of the corner of my eye, who was sitting on the couch a few feet away. Her eyes were locked on my dick. She wasn't being subtle at all. I'd never thought about her sexually before, but I found myself getting off to this, so immediately looked back and I kept going like I didn't notice.

By the time my turn was done I had a full erection and the tip of my cock was wet. When we traded places my dick brushed up against her hip, but I just tucked it away while she was up there. It only lasted about a minute and we never addressed it.

Over the next year or so I would sometimes let my cock hang out in front of her when we were alone. She always seemed hypnotized by it and her eyes would follow it around as I walked by, but nothing ever came of it. I think we were both content with it.

She also caught me jerking off once. It was around midnight Christmas eve, later that year. She invited herself into my room for some reason the instant I was blowing my load. She just kind of recoiled back in shock while she watched me cum for a few seconds, then closed the door. Again, we never addressed it, but as an exhibitionist it always turned me on.
File: 534t.jpg (40 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 640x640

and here's a pic for yoj
>my dad is dating on of my aunts
>go to her house often
>my cousin who I hardly talk gets into some trouble has to stay with my aun for awhile
>start talking to her more
>spend the night, sleep in the same bed
>some pillow talk, she says I'm a really interesting person
>aunt up drunk all night so can't do anything
>next day
>still at aunts house
>browsing 4chan on aunts computer
>she asks me to find something to do with her
>just follow her around at one point she says "To bad were cousins"
>can't do anything just answer with "why?"
>she says "I don't know"
>later that day get some courage to ask if she wants to fuck
>"We are cousins anon"
Before I could discuss it any further my aunt and dad walk in. I stay for another day but she just avoids me and ignores me. My dad and aunt break up a little while after so don't see her until Christmas. Everything is cool we are talking normal. Is there still a chance I could fuck her?
Dont have a throw away email. :/ sorry. Plus its nothing exciting. Just a lot of tension and extra long hugs. Sometimes I get a forehead kiss but thats pretty common among my brothers.
I fucked my cousin of some sort. She's rather distantly related to me, so it's no big deal. It was really awkward though, kind of regret it. Never saw her since, but my parents told me she asks about me, what I do, how I am and stuff. I don't care much about it, I'm not sure why it happened in the first place.
She must really like you?
>be 17
>Female cousin is 11
>I have to babysit her often
>One night sitting on couch, watching porn
>start to jerk off
>halfway through see my cousin on the stairs watching me
>tell her to fuck off back upstairs
>decide I have to do some damage control in case she tells my aunt and uncle
>I ask her what she thought she saw
>she starts talking about how she knows what I was doing
>goes into a rant about how she loves to watch porn and wants to suck dicks
>I'm fucking stunned
>she tells me her and her friend Casey practice on Bananas
>admits to sucking off some 12 yo kid from her bus in the woods
>"he had a small dick though.. I want to suck a big one"
>her eyes literally go to my pants
>"I'm really good, you'll see"
>I stop my brain from thinking just long enough to undo my pants
>she's on her knees and pullingmy cock out
>I'm already super hard
>she's all smiles looking at my cock with eager eyes
>she starts and I just watch her
>her technique is awful, but he makes up for it with enthusiasm and effort
>she tries to deep throat me, and gags every time
>I can tell she's been watching porn
>she spits on my dick and jerks me off
>She keeps repeating herself "cum for me, c'mon... Cum for me"
>i can't help but start to fuck her face
>she looks up at me as I do, and its all I can take
>"you ready to be treated like a big girl?"
>she opens her mouth and hangs her tongue out
>I cum buckets into her mouth
>she starts coughing and gagging, spitting it onto the floor
>"uhhhh, too much" she says
>I'm immediately hit with pangs of shame and regret
>she is super proud of herself
>"our secret, okay? This is a bad thing... Fuck."
>she gets serious, and agrees
>she goes back to bed
>I wait for aunt and uncle to get home and then get the fuck out
>every time I babysit after that, she gives me blowjobs, and I give her pointers
>rest easy knowing there are scores of teenaged boys who will get better head thanks to me

Well the email is there regardless - it's a subject I find interesting outside of the hotness
You've created fuck-all dumbass, the guy was obviously already like that.
I am aware.
When I was younger maybe at the age of 10/11 I used to pretent I was asleep when in the same room as my little brother. I would softly moan how my tits were cold and my pussy was cold. He groped me a few times, sucked on my nipples and touched my pussy.

That's all, we never mention this, thank god.
>Tfw would've lost my virginity when I was 10 if I didn't pussy out and turn into a fucking moralfag
>Tfw 14 years later and still a virgin
Ahh goddamnit!
step sister and me

randonite 1
be winter watching movie under blanket
hands move to her thigh
she doesn't move
after couple mins she moves my hand closer
I felt the warmth coming from inbetween
couldn't stop, started rubbing from outside
not knowing what to do this happened for awhile. called it a night

randonite 2
be summer swimmin
jus the 2 of us
holding each as we swim
grinding one another

go inside to watch a movie
after a couple of mins we kiss
decide to go into room
in dark on top of her
move down she pulls huge tits out
I go lower
not knowing what to do I just kiss and run
she moans
she flips me over and rides on top
feeling my dick slide against her
she goes down
putting her mouth around my cock
almost made me cum

we stop before anything serious

there were other times but nothing exciting
Greentext the story for us? You may think your stories plain and boring, but /b/ loves reading the buildup of the longer stories, and the sordid details of the act. I don't imagine /soc/ will be much different, seeing how this is 4chan and all.

This author stopped halfway. Not sure why. Full story from when he posted in /b/ is available here.

My sister and I decided to get married and tried fucking in the bathtub when we were kids.
in belfast? other northern irishfag here
get nudes of your sister
yeah ill try, ill be fucking her again later tonight when our parents sleep

ill let you all know about it
>come back home for the summer
>9/10 beautiful blonde girl with slim leggy body and amazing ass at our pool
>can't get over how hot she is and end up rubbing one out
>later text sister begging her to tell me which of her hot friends was over using the pool
>sister gives some evasive answers while asking for more details/description
>texting descriptions with lewd comments about the girl's tits and hot ass and asking if she's single
>hear a knock on my bedroom door and open it
>hot blonde girl standing there laughing with her middle finger up
>realize it's my younger sister

She lost 30 lbs, grew taller, dyed her hair blonde, and matured everywhere that it matters. I literally did not recognize my own fucking sister. I couldn't play it off to save my life, just apologized like crazy. She hangs it over my head though and teases me about it a lot. No actual super incest, but:
>knows I'd beaten off to her due to some prying while drunk and said she "doesn't mind"
>has started giving me hugs (but slapped my shit when I tested the water and gave her ass a squeeze)
>will sit next to me on the couch with her legs draped over my lap
>constantly fishes for attention and compliments

It's a really weird situation and my balls have been blue for weeks.
That's not going anywhere.
Interested in seeing where this goes.
File: puma pants.png (340 KB, 610x457) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
puma pants.png
340 KB, 610x457
Yeah, she really just seems to enjoy the attention or keeping me interested without things going further. She has a boyfriend anyway, being a 9/10 and all. I'll keep testing the water though, despite the guilt.
when i was 6 years old, my retarded 16 year old cousin always wanted to play hide n seek with me and when i was hiding, he would hide with me and pat my vagina. what a weirdo, he would always do the grossest things
File: allta.jpg (125 KB, 678x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pretty soon after I learned how to jerk off, I jerked off and came in front of my brother to teach him how.
It might be a little gay and incesty, but I just had to spread the magic.

I sincerely hope that's fictional, coz it's slightly fucked up.
Sharing is caring.
It would be very interesting, I think, to see a proper study into the commonality of incest. I don't include cousinXcousin in that because it's really only the americans that get upset over that in particular. I wonder if incidents of siblingXsibling incest are way higher than people would expect, especially with brothers and sisters of a similar age.

It's a shame that the majority is parental incest is abusive or near abusive, because for me sleeping with my brother was a fun, safe way to learn about sex with someone I trusted..so I should like to one day see it normalized, since it strikes me as a very sensible method of diminishing sexual tension and improving familial relationships.
I am not sure if this counts since we were younger... But my aunt was a bit older than me- yet still close enough to my age that we just told everyone we were cousins. I was in like sixth or seventh grade when she stayed with us for a summer. It started off with her asking me sexual questions and then sort of making fun of me for being misinformed. Anyways she decided to "teach" me what felt good. It ended up being a lot of mutual masturbation or she would just have me like suck on her nipples for an oddly long time. - Touch me.. show me where to touch her.. - my room had a little loft above my bed filled with my old toys and she would take me up there every day- I grew to listen and like it... It felt good and was new and... idk. She is a pretty successful woman now and whenever we see each other at family events she never even looks at me. I wonder if she even remembers :/.

Sounds like she does remember and is feeling the shame.

>Go through super bad break up two states away from family
>Brother goes through divorce.
>Always been super close as kids. People tell us all the time we look like twins.
>Keep in contact through hard times.
>Decide to move in together cause we are low on money because of divorce and moving two states home.
>Can only get a one bedroom place.
>We share one full size bed.
>Doesnt matter at first cause we have opposite shifts at work and sleep opposite of each other.
>He loses job due to cut backs.
>Start hanging out at the bar where he used to work cause he knows all the regulars.
>Get super drunk one night and go home.
>Wake up half dressed and so is he.
>Ask him why we are half dressed.
>He tells me that I took off my clothes in my drunk stuper and he just normally sleeps in his underwear.
>Not that weird.
>Kind of like.
>It was winter so it was super cold.
>We cuddle because cold. (which isnt a super weird thing anyway. I have 5 brothers and I'm pretty close with all of them)
>Still kind of drunk and can feel his boner. It turns me on a lot.
>He puts his arm around me and puts his hand very close to my breast.
>I pretend to shift and his hand brushes my breast.
>This turns me on a lot so I turn over to say something but he kisses me instead.
>Kiss him back
>We end up having vanilla sex.
>First time orgasming during sex.
>Continue to have sexual relations for 8 months.
>Try anal, showers together, blow jobs, and he ate my ass a couple times.
>We start to have serious feelings for each other.
>Parents sit us down to have a weird yourrelationshipisawkward talk.
>They tell us that we need to move out and find SO's cause living together is inappropriate.
>We start fighting cause we have feelings but know it has to end.
>End relationship.
>Be super sad.
>Get over it and now we have a lot of tension pretty much every time we see each other.

Sorry its so long.
A tragedy.
Why do you say that?
a pair of star-cross'd lovers limited from their passion by society
Well, even though mine wasn't technically forced to end I always wish it could have gone on. Now you too(two) have to live with that for the rest of your life.

I have learned a lot from the situation and my brothers and I's relationship has never been better. We might have tension but I can tell him anything, express anything and confide in him. He is my best friend and I'm his. I love him in many ways. I see it as a blessing. Idk.
Good for you. I wish I had a sister to fuck.
She'd be Amy Cousins, then?
Was too young to come, but I also remember showing my brother this "thing I've discovered", which was of course jerking off.

You're not alone, but you're still a faggot.
Does fucking your cousins really count as incest?
Second cousins are allowed to marry, first cousins aren't. Meaning, first cousins=incest.

Depends where you live in the world.
Yes. Incest also extends to step and adopted relatives.
>Second cousins are allowed to marry
u fucking wot? incorrect
>Sorry its so long.
Longer than the average 4chan post, sure, but for a wincest story it's very short.

You did good, girl.

>She'd be Amy Cousins, then?
Is that supposed to be someone famous? Should I have heard of her?
Honestly, if you both want it, why does it have to end? Just don't go bringing any kids up. They wouldn't deserve handling the stigma/potentially being retarded.
No, she's the girl dating the Phelim Young that fits the profile given.
pretty hard to have a healthy relationship when the gap in power is as large as parent and child

plus, you know, someone willing to fuck their own kid tends to not be willing to wait until they are mature enough for sex
ITT: Fucking sex offenders.

Incest aside, practically every story is either an underaged family member who is not legally able to consent, or you're describing how you sexually abused a child.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Except that in most incest stories, both are underage, or both are overage, or they are within the age gap for Romeo+Juliet laws.
I have this sick twisted fetish...
I want nothing more than to be the very first tongue that ever touches my little sisters phat cameltoe.
However I think it would be so much hotter to watch someone else get her before me
Yes, in most of the world first cousins ARE legally allowed to marry. And it's not just the shitty places, either. The United States is the only western democracy where it's illegal (and not even in all states).

In Japan, adoptive siblings are allowed to marry, because lol Japan.
Well the main reasons it's made illegal is because it'll stagnate the Gene pool leading to genetic defects in the children etc. So no real reason adoptive siblings shouldn't be allowed tbh.
>be 11
>cousin is 10
>Learn that older boys joke about being gay
>Misunderstand joke
>Start playing with each other's dicks
>Put each other's dicks in each other's mouths

this didn't last more than a month. We haven't talked about it since.
In the UK, first cousins are allowed to marry.
Hm it's a tricky business, but I don;t feel it's inherently a bad thing.

Oh come off it.
I don't really remember it that well but here it goes:

>Me and cousin grow up as really good friends
>she's 5 years older than me
>Our families neglect us
>always hang out apart from them
>one time she was like 14 or something, I noticed she grew pretty big tits, thought it was weird
>one time we were all going somewhere and she was wandering away, so I go and try and grab her shoulder
>She turns around and I touch her right in the boob
>"You touched my nipple, anon"
>ummm okay
>See her again in another year
>full figure, mega curvy, huge boobs
>she sees me, runs up to me and squeezes me hard against her for a few seconds, she never did that before
>Every time we hang out, she puts short shorts and low cut tank tops
>Families openly criticize her choice of clothes since you can pretty much see everything
>even when we're in front of family, she keeps doing all these weird sexual poses to get my attention
>family keeps a close eye on us
>goes on for a few years
>Terrified of actually doing anything, yet find her super attractive
>Everytime I see her, she says semi-blatant sexual stuff to me, sometimes in front of family
>Actually start resenting her for making an idiot out of me
>Is she a psycho or something??
>Nobody ever lets us be alone for any time, but she starts grabbing her boobs and stuff whenever someone leaves us for a few seconds even

>Goes on like this for a while, start being afraid of seeing her since she makes shit so awkward even if she's total boner material
>As she grows up, she starts doing more and more drugs and liquor
>Once she was drunk when she's shows up to family get together and asks me if I'm horny in front of family members
>family pretends nothing is happening ofcourse, yet distance me
>Once my aunt says "Anon wants sex with annonnette!"
>everyone starts laughing

fuck I hate them, I remind you I'm a sane person, don't know how I was created from them

>She gets a breast reduction eventually cause 2manycurves
>Drugs make her kinda ugly
>One time after grandmas funeral
>Were all sitting in a room, me saying nothing
>She walks over, sits on my thigh and starts not-so-subtely grinding on it in front of everyone
>Bitch get off

>Still does shit like this when I see her
>I'm 20, handsome and I'm still fucked for intimacy because of her and my family
Not asking for it?

Amy and Barry Cousins

lel, the irony
File: DSCN7985.jpg (2 MB, 3072x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i fapped with this
the legs of my sister
File: DSCN7982.jpg (2 MB, 2304x3072) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i have another one
Kinda lame and weird but

>me, age 10 or 11
>cousin Jessica, same age
>at grandmother's house on the beach
>both of us with our families at the beach
>bored and decide we want to play vidya back at the house
>we head back together, house empty
>no memory of how things progressed
>have solid memory of pulling her bathing suit bottom off and rubbing my face on her ass
>remember her touching my dick and asking "does this hurt?" lol
>never spoken of again
man i forgot how fucked up some of the people on 4chan are lol
fuck no, god writing all that shit up has me so fucking pissed now, I really hated how she did that shit in front of everyone despite me obviously being uncomfortable about it.

someone was probably abusing her, I have a good idea who. I hate how my fucking family ruined my only friend during that time. I hate my fucking family for being such weak cunts who can't solve even the slightest crisis
We're not that bad.

Yeah that sounds fair enough.
you're the weak cunt
be alpha, throw that bitch off you, tell you family members to fuck off, then go use some power tools.
They probably hate you for being such a whimp bitch.
Not an interesting story but I've always wondered what could have happened from it.

I got one of my cousin (older than me) who always told me I was cute and wondering why I had no girlfriend, At her sister wedding, she started to get tipsy and asked me to go dance with her and while dancing she was talking kinda sensual to me and always give me that hot look and also dancing really close to me.

I never tried anything because she had a boyfriend but she's seems playful. I also heard from others cousin that she "went out" another one of my cousin too, so maybe she's into that.
Strange the things that happen. There is a girl in my circle of friends and she seems to date exclusively within this group.
I hate how much I loved this story

Fuck you, anon
I was 16, cunt. I sure as hell do throw her off now.

And that's basically what I ended up doing, minus the power tools.

Some of you guys are seriously either already abusers or are abusers in the making. You don't know if doing something like this will totally backfire and end up making the person pretty fucked up.
I should say, I was around 16 when I stopped putting up with what she was doing
Why do I have a boner, why am I jealous.
>this thread
it's just like in my chinese cartoons
wow, this is really terrible. I'm sorry you went through all that.
My first sexual experience was with my brother, we both fucked each other in the ass raw. It was pretty fucking horrible
>>Once my aunt says "Anon wants sex with annonnette!"

typical. bitches be crazy yo
I'm fapping to them as well, anon. Thank you.
I would kind of like to have a relationship with someone who has had a similar experience, but there's not really a way to segway a conversation to "by the way, did you have any incestuous encounters when you were younger?"

You don't know this feel.
Share a rough location, and see if anyone else wants to contact you.
Central UK.
Might also be worth posting your request to other UK /soc/ threads.

>man i forgot how fucked up some of the people on 4chan are lol

Everyone on 4chan is fucked up, or else we wouldn't be here.
I hear ya.

Long story ahead:

Lived with my grandma for 3 years, and it was the center of my family, everyone went there. I'm close to all my cousins, but the daughters of my godfather there's a special relationship: i was the cousin who did everything for youngest one, and i always helped the older one.

My godfather always brought me back from school, and when i got my car (18) after i graduated and entered college, i was the one responsable for bringing the girls back from school. On the course of one year, i grew really close to the older one, she was 15, all her friends were in love with me, she was just discovering alcohol, boys, etc. and she always wanted to talk with me about it because i was the "black sheep" of the family, even though i entered the best Law uni of the country (Brazil).

She always told me i was really handsome, that i should take more care of myself, etc., and i started to do that, began lifting, and i had a good body by the time i was 20 years old, she always complimented that. She was 17 now, so she wanted to go to parties with me, talked how her friends wanted to fuck me, but i had a gf at the time.

One day, i got single, she was disappointed with a guy she was going out with, i dropped her at a party with her friends, i went to another party. Got really drunk, etc., but i had to take her home, so when she called i picked her up.

In the car, the dialogue was something like this:

"hey Melissa"

"how was the night? hahhaa fuck i'm drunk, my dad will kill me"

"fuck, i'm really drunk too, i don't know if i can drive to your home" (by this time i was living with 2 friends on another part of the town and her home was 20km from where we were)

"well, you could talk to my dad for me and say i'm going to sleep at your apartment"

"ahaha alright, i'll do it, but i have to get something back, don't you have any friends that want to sleep there too?"

"well, there are, but i won't let them fuck my cousin" (it's common to talk like this in brazil)
"relax, no need to be jealous, there's enough of me for everyone"

she looked at me, i knew that she thought i was hot, i thought "well why the fuck not, let's try to fuck my cousin"

"i don't know if this is right"

"relax, no one will know, i won't tell anyone"



i kissed her, i always had a boner for black girls, she was skinny and really, really cute, not HOT, we went to the backseat of the car, kept making out, it was hot, took out my shirt, she started to touch my dick through the pants, i took it out and she started to jack me off and i started to finger her, but she wasn't really confortable, so i stopped and just let her do things at her own pace. Then she started sucking me, not a good blowjob, but enough for me to cum. Then we went to my apartment, and slept together in my room.

There's more, but i have to go now, if you guys want, just ask
My time to shine.

I actually found someone very similar to my sister on gonewild on reddit. Started chatting with the girl that posted. More clues added up as I kept talking and I absolutely knew it was her.

She had no idea it was me. We kept sexting and stuff for a while and had a great time. Best fun I ever had.

Eventually I started dropping hints about who I was and finally got the balls to tell her. She figured it out a while before i told her too so it went well.

Now in a siblings-with-benefits situation. fun is being had.
Also if you want the detailed story with the updates and the threads i posted on reddit asking for advice, check this one out - reddit-url/user/anonymessi/submitted
>meet cousin for first time in like 5 years
>wow, he's grown up to be cute.
>mom and I visiting, mom chatting with family in living room, cousin and I just hanging out in room talking about internet stuff
>he mentions caturday, introduces me to 4chan (this was like 6 years ago)
>go to /b/ cause that's where all teenagers go.
>ooops, there is porn
>we start talking about porn
>talk about traps
>he asks "are you a trap?"
>"No." we laugh.
>looking at porn together, getting horny ... I think he is as well
>"Yeah right, you always were a tomboy, probably just a really convincing trap."
>I'm kinda flat but com'on "Fuck you, anon, what would you know."
>blushing, we sit nervously, quiet for a bit
>"Com'on, let me see your dick" he says
>"I don't have a dick."
>"Prove it"
>I stand up. Was wearing leggings but with long shirt to cover my ass. I lift shirt to show my crotch.
>"See, does it look like I can hide a dick in these?"
>He is staring, I'm blushing, feeling hot. "Can I feel?" he asks
>... ok
>he gently rubs his fingers against my pussy through my leggings.
>I push him away. omg what are we doing.
>he is clearly horny. I notice bulge through his gym shorts.
>"see the difference is obvious" I tease
>"want to see?" he asks
>I nod
>he pulls out, average, cut, but hard
>"can you suck it?"
>I nod and go down.
>blow him for 10 minutes or so, idk.
>he cums in my mouth, kinda bleh but I swallow.
>he apologizes and I just run to bathroom
>we don't do anything else that day.

Few days later we were all going to hang out again, I wore something relatively sexy for him. Family get together at park. We did more that day but never again.
Would you ever do more?
I would yeah, it was fun but we live too far apart and only see each other once in a while. Also I have a BF now.
Would you do more even though you have a BF? ;o
idk... it was pretty hot. Maybe if my BF let me or something. In a perfect world with no consequences, yes.
You're a good cousin. x3
dude we want the fucking link to the gonewild pictures
im really interested on seeing more of her and you dude
I fucked my 3rd cousin. Here's the short, greentext version:
>be 25, she 24
>we live in same town, got jobs here after college
>we meet for first time then
>we hang out a little bit
>she discovers BF was cheating on her
>she comes over once and gets "close" to me and kisses me
>she comes over again a few days later and she gets drunk
>we make out
>we go to 2nd base
>then 3rd base
>i cum on her stomach
>we haven't spoken since then

I could write a longer version.
isn't 3rd cousin ok to bone with?
yeah, but try explaining that to the folks...
UK fag here :)
>black girls
Story ruined.
A while ago we hard a party at our house and I ended up walking in on my little sister topless making out with some guy. We had been swimming so she wasn't wearing anything but a pair of bikini bottoms, and he just his swimming trunks, and their almost naked bodies were pressed together. I pretended to be mad, but really, I had never been more turned on in my life.

It's been months now and I can't get that scene out of my head. I've gotten borderline obsessed with the idea of him fucking her, of seeing my little sister's innocent body writhing underneath him as he groans her name and pops her cherry.

I know that's not much of a story since nothing's come of it, but now every time she's wearing shorts, all I can do is think about how her legs would look wrapped around his waist, and every time I see her sweat, all I can think about is if that's how she would sweat while he pumped his hips into her. I've got it bad, /soc/
most people don't even know who their second cousins are. Hell, I can't remember most of them, and my family actually had reunions and shit.
Will you greentext your story?
i found a bunch of naked pictures of my mom and fap to them all the time
please share
>him fucking her
>underneath him
>he groans her name and pops her cherry
>wrapped around his waist
>he pumped his hips into her

Sir, you want her badly. Be a good, big brother and buy her a Lelo vibrator. Really. Get a discussion going and she will "help you out," in all likelihood, or at the very least set you up with one of her very impressionable girlfriends.

How old are yo and her, anyway?
Nah, it wouldn't be like that at all. She's really innocent. She's never even really had a proper boyfriend. I'm 24 and she's 16.
A while ago we hard a party at our house and I ended up walking in on my little sister topless making out with some guy. We had been swimming so she wasn't wearing anything but a pair of bikini bottoms, and he just his swimming trunks, and their almost naked bodies were pressed together.

>She's really innocent.

Yeah, that's kind of the point. It was so, so out of character for her.
That is pretty hot, would you want to fuck her?
No, that would be way too weird. She's my sister. But holy fuck, do I want to see him fuck her.
that's boring. Would you jerk off while watching them go at it?
Oh my god yes. Pretty much my biggest sexual fantasy.
Would you want them to watch you jerk off while watching them fuck?
No. I wouldn't want them to know. It'd make the whole thing so awkward and embarrassing for her.
Ok, then what if she saw you jerking off to her being fucked and asked you to stick your cock into her mouth?
No. Mostly because that's really unrealistic. I'd be surprised if she asked him to stick his cock in her mouth, let alone me. I just want to see her have her first time with this older, way more experienced guy.
it's 2014 man, she is 16, she was making out topless with a dude, and according to you, she was hot. Your GF is no virgin. The number of cocks she has sucked likely way more than even the number of girls you have kissed.
Nah, I know that's not true. We're really close. We talk about these kinds of things.
believe whatever you want man, but chicks these days aren't as innocent as you'd think. I lost my virginity at 16, had sucked 4 dicks prior to that. Your sis was already half naked with a guy and you seriously believe they weren't going to do anything? There's naive and then there's older brother actually thinking his little sister is going to tell him about all the action she gets.
I know they were going to do something. That's what gets me so turned on about it.
But I don't think the idea of a teenage girl not wanting to slut around is such a radical idea.
bless you you poor poor fool. Oh well, I'll just go ahead and imagine the idea of her catching you watching her being fucked and saying "ugh bro, wtf are you doing, well if you are going have your cock out you may as well let me suck it, I've been wanting to take two guys on at once"
Again, really unrealistic.
But whatever. Apparently you know better than me.
For those who have played bioshock infinite.... Would that image be considered masturbation? o.O
File: 1382042974407.gif (879 KB, 229x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
879 KB, 229x188
yeah i could see that being masturbation, but balls deep would be better.
This is a great thread. Mine is fairly tame but here it goes.

I happen to have two female cousins. When I was 13, one was 12 and the other, 8. We slept over in each other's houses somewhat often, so we were used to seeing each other in underwear and such. However, for a horny teenager, that's not enough. So I invite the younger one to my bedroom in order to play. We were both in underwear, and my erection was huge. So when I was holding her up in the air to play, her tiny butt kept grazing my throbbing dick. Once I put her down, her face was flushed red, so I was sure that she had noticed and probably liked it.

Then she told me we were now playing hide and seek, so I had to close my eyes and count to 100. As I did that, my cock throbbed even more. She used that opportunity to rub my dick over my pants with her clumsy small hands, which I found very funny and arousing. When I was around 20, I had to stop and whip out my cock. She was all wide-eyed, in a good way. I remember her words as if it was today. "Whoa! ...it's a lot different from what I expected. C-Can I touch it?" "Yes. Pull it like this." As I said that, I started masturbating really really fast. "Oooh. It's like, Yes, No, Yes, No". I was getting too aroused, so I jammed my hand inside her panties just like they did in my favorite porn movie. The result? A loud scream of my name. I immediately put my dick back inside my briefs and kicked her out of my bedroom out of fear.

Fast forward six years. She's now at 'that' age, and I haven't seen her for a while. When we meet, she looks at me with a smile that sends shivers down my spine. "Hey. Remember that time when we played hide and seek in your bedroom?" Needless to say, I shat myself. "N-No...". She looks long at hard at my face for a few seconds. Her answer? "Awww. That's too bad. Tell me if you remember it, okay? It was really fun!". Oh, how I wish she was legal...

I have another story with my other cousin, but it's even more tame...
>Be 8
>meet aunt from grandma's sister (once removed, I don't know), 17
>moves in with us as a boarder
>about a year later
>has me shower with her one day
>she insists on wearing panties
>has me lie down
>start grinding on my cock
>looks like she cums cause she stiffened and lay down on my chest for a bit before she showered with me normally
>for months after this I would make an excuse to my mom about having her put me down for a nap
>use that opportunity to lock the door, unhook her bra and play with her tits
>this titplay continues sporadically for a couple years (she goes off to her parents every once in awhile but comes back when mom needs help around the house)
are you from canada?
>be around 11-12
>she's around while mom goes for a work thing for a week
>sleep in the same bed
>grope her/nibble on her nipples in her sleep
>fairly certain she's awake through all of this
>happens several times
>about a year later
>same thing happens
>except I man up and rub her pussy through her shorts
>could feel her breathing
>fairly certain she came
>the next year I gain a conscience
>have her sleep on the floor

One of my biggest regrets. Tried to make her remember all the shit we did when we were younger several years later but by then she had a boyfriend and wouldn't have any of it. Didn't stop me from groping her ass in her sleep anyway.
Are you going to ask every single "fem" if they're Canadian?
One time when I was like 13, I went to disney land with my extended family over summer vacation. It was my aunt, uncle, and cousin with me. My cousin was like 10 years older than me. AKA a fully developed woman. We stayed at a hotel near the park, in a two bed room. I slept with my cousin in the room separate from my aunt and uncle.

I was wide awake with my little boy boner throbbing most the night. I would occasionally bounce around like crazy to gauge her reaction, and when I was certain she was asleep, I started groping her big titties and rubbing my cock along her ass. I was about to bust a nut all over the bed when she grabbed my dick and squeezed the fucking life out of it. She never said a word but she had my dick in a death lock for the rest of the night. I woke up inbetween the bed and wall and don't remember anything else.

Except that morning she tried to get into the shower with me while my aunt and uncle were gone, but being a huge embarassed virgin I told her to gtfo.

That's my childhood tale of how I unquestionably blew it.
>>19820483 maybe :3 in liking for friends. Not butbuddys. Are youfem?
>I created a faggot

I henceforth dub thee, Gaylord, creator of faggots.

The only time I ever did anything with my sister was I just came out of having a shower, I was 15 she was 16/17, and I came out only in a towel as I always just left my stuff in my room since I was next door to the shower room.
Anyways, as I came back into my room that night, my sister was sat there playing on my N64 and I was like, Uhh can you go out the room for like 2 minutes while I get dressed?
She was like, no just get dressed I wont look anyway I'm playing this.

So I just think meh, take off my towel and start searching through my drawers for something to wear, I catch he taking a peep, but she can't really see anything anyway because I had my back to her.
So I catch her looking again and turn around and say just look if you want to it's not weird or anything if you're just curious, so then she just says ok, doesn't it get bigger than that?
And im like, yeah obviously when it's hard, so she tells me to get it hard so she can see how big it gets.
Anyways after about 30 seconds of thinking "this is weird" I just go along with it and say that I need to play with it a little before it gets big, and she's like ok that's fine.

So I start rubbing my dick just stood there while she's looking at me and it was just really awkward, and wasn't going to plan, so I start getting dressed and she's like "no, I want to see it" so I say it's not working it feels weird doing this in front of you.

Anyways, she stands up and takes off her clothes and walks upto me and starts pressing her body on me, and starts rubbing my dick to get me hard.
I get hard and she starts playing even more with it saying she wishes we wern't brother and sister because we'd have a bit more fun.

I go in to kiss her but she pulls away, but is still giving me a handjob and says that she just wants to see me cum -tbc

After about 5 minutes or so I start feeling my dick pulsing and I'm like "I'm gunna cum" so she drops to her knees and points my dick on her chest and I explode all over her, and she then took my towel off the floor whiped it off and said it was fun

That's th eonly thing that's ever happened, now it's just really awkward when I see her, I'm 25 she's 27, we never really get on anyway, it was just a weird encounter.
Jeffrey Mennega?
File: 1395865305278.png (321 KB, 500x690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 500x690

Well an opposite gender version of you is a sibling, the way I see it.
same guy different device.
if i remember i will
i had a friends 8yo sister try and do this with me when i was 15
i had to shut her down it was too weird
shes pretty hot now though
i found one of my son's used condoms and sucked the cum out
I await your greentext, good sir.
Whined on /b/ already, but don't see why not repeat myself here, since I'm feeling really down
I'm into my sister. Always had something for her but it grew as of late.
I feel down because my life is a mess and I feel bad for feeling this way for her and I feel worse knowing I won't be hers and she mine.
We used to be rather close (or I like to think that way) but later we drifted away. This was related to the situation in my home at the time, a lot of frustration, tension and hostility. But that's behind us now.

We had an episode back in the day, some 10-12 years ago. Playing together and we somehow ended up piling up on an old teddy (fucker was the size of a kid).
Bear on the floor, I on it, on me stomach, and she on top. Don't know how or why but it led to her slinging her hands under my sweat pants and feeling me up. Felt her hips moving around my ass. It felt good, but only lasted a moment before our pops showed up (not busted, but close). When the old man fucked off to whatever he was doing, she told me she landed her pussy bare on me. Nothing followed, nothing ever happened. Our relations went to shit not that long after.
And now I'm here, sinking deeper and deeper and in no position to ask her out on this, or even have a conversation (we not only lack topics but also incentive). She has a lot of friends, unlike me, with one probably railing her good (ain't sure though), which makes it this much worse.
Can't even jack off without her image showing up.
File: 1289686148128.jpg (75 KB, 532x1190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 532x1190
Sorry for the wall of text.
File: =gg.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like guys jacking off to pics of my mum
File: 1467052266.png (1 MB, 614x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Confront her about it. The more time that goes past, the harder it will be. You will regret it if you don't.
Man this thread... all the wishes...

Grew up in a family full of brothers (m here), all cousins are boys, all second cousins are boys, not a single girl in sight (23 cousins, all boys...). I've always fantasized about what it would be like if a family member did this. Still to this day it turns me on to no end to pretend I'm in that situation and I envy every last one of you that have been able to :(

Please continue to post more, for my sake and my imagination. And this massive hard.
For those who want to see the story in full, I've copied my Gdocs archived version into a separate document with the archive of this thread.

>Archive folder view
http://goo gl/j18y4x

>Texas in Mississippi plus this thread
I had one semi experience with my sister when we were kids where she was wearing a dress, took off her panties for whatever reason, and kinda just stuck her pussy in my face. We were kinda wrestling though and were being loud so just as that happened my mother barged in. Got really awkward when my sister immediately said she needed to put her panties back on. I didn't realize at the time what my mother must've been thinking after she said that but now I do.

Either way that's the closest thing I've got to an experience. Nothing else really. Never really had any interest in going any further either. We were kids. There was nothing sexual going on there.
post more
File: DSCN7979.jpg (2 MB, 2304x3072) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2304x3072
Still waiting on this guy to greentext his story.

>HIM fucking her
>underneath HIM
>HE groans her name and pops her cherry
>wrapped around HIS waist
>he pumped HIS hips into her

this guy wasn't hot for his sister

he wants the dude she was fucking!!
any more?
Give it up son not even cock/soc/ is that desperate
I've got a story, but it isn't ideal.

>be 6 or 7
>sister is 14 or 15
>we're up late talking, can't fall asleep
>hear parents fucking in the room next door
>I didn't even know what that was at the time
>sister asks if I want to see something
>gets flashlight, tells me to get under covers
>has me look at her pussy
>5 minutes later she says she wants to see mine
>flacid kid penor
>asks if I want to try what my parents are doing
>uhh Kay
>lay on her not sure what to do
>say I'm tired, go back to bed
>never tell anyone about this except my best friend
>15 years later and my relationship with my sister is fucked up
>can barely talk to her/look at her

my niece is a different story though.
then lets have the other story
Thats fucking hot
>Confront her about it.
I don't think I'm in a position to do so. We barely even speak at all.
>You will regret it
I already am, but I regret not being a real brother more.

Like that one time when she was hit by a car. Fucker was barely rolling, but knocked her off her feet and left with nasty bruise. I didn't even hear about it first hand. Good thing I walked in to the kitchen that moment. I'm not even a go to male figure for her. Not that I could blame her.
I guess the best would be to fucking forget about all this.
Sure, forget about it if you want to. But then it will never happen. If you tell her, then there's a chance it will happen. There's also a chance that it will ruin your relationship, but your relationship is already ruined, right? So tell me, what do you have to lose?
>what do you have to lose?
The little amount of comfort I still have in life.
I already keep a thick rope under my bed anyway.

By the end of next month she'll be back from the holidays for good. I will try to get close to her.
Even if things don't go well, if you use that rope for anything other than sexual purposes, I will butt rape your corpse.
Femanon. Just turned 24.

I had a sexual relationship with my male cousin in Wyoming since I was 15, until he got married when I was 19. We fucked every chance we got (which was maybe some if we visited each other in the summer). One of the longest running and best lovers I've ever had. We fucked 2 days before his wedding too, on a washing machine in my parent's house. No one knows, but I think some of the family suspects.

Also had really loud and hard and fast drunken sex with my older brother when I was 16. He claims he doesn't remember any of that night except fucking some girl at the party, and he thinks it was my best friend at the time who he started sleeping with a week after that anyway. He gets cuddly and kinda flirty and gropey with me sometimes, so I can't really tell, but would so fuck him again if he went for it.
In my opinion, it sounds like he knows.
Don't know. I flirt back and cuddle back and have 'accidentally' been naked in front of him, but he's never made a move, so oh well.
I think he knows too. Why don't you initiate a little bit more? Accidental nip slips. Rubbing boobs against him more. You should ask if you can go visit him!!
Would you be into any other wincest scenarios too?
Wouldn't it be the most delicious irony if he's not sure if you remember or not.

It's funny how much more intimate sex with a family member is, I don't think standard couples could hope to approach it. It is somewhat of a mystery to me how people do it with people they barely know.
Lol I've done all that and more, trust me. I've done the "walk out of the shower oops drop my towel" thing, and the "Walk around the house naked and oops I thought I was the only one home" thing. Several times. He also used to 'accidentally' walk in to my room when I was naked and playing with my pussy, and a couple times I even told him to stay because he wanted to 'talk' about something. I don't see him very much now though, not since he moved out from our bitch mom's place, she kicked me out, and we both avoid her like fire.

I've also caught him several times jacking off in his room with pictures of me up on his computer.

What other scenarios though? I'm not in to older men at all, and have no daddy issues. I also used to fool around with a female cousin of mine if that's what you mean?

We've hinted at it, and I told him I also fucked someone that night, and that they were... really... fucking good... but yeah, no idea.

And yeah, it started out really awkward, but once his dick was inside me and I guess he realized what was going on (I started it) it turned in to this animal passion, like we had wanted to for a long time and just never thought it would happen.
You people are fucked up and you all need help.

I don't feel that we are, why should you?

I just don't see why you would want to fuck your relatives. Cousins, at a push, isn't too bad but personally, none of my female cousins are that attractive (M here).
It's a game with two players, they have to want to fuck you just as much I should think.

Each to their own, to an extent, but I've seen my sister naked and I wasn't that impressed. The thought of it just makes me feel sick to my stomach. It's something I (hope that I) will never understand.
I like your attitude so much. You seem super sexy. I love the accidental body flash!! What did you do with your female cousin? Do tell...
Thanks ^_^

I used to party with her a lot around 16-17. We'd go places and get tipsy/drunk and then use each other to tease guys. Just kissing and groping and stuff. The farthest it ever went was me sucking on her tits in front of people and fingering her in her pants, but that was it.

It ended when I talked her in to fucking some random guy in a dirty gas station bathroom while I sucked off his buddy in the car. She hasn't really talked to me since then.
>She hasn't really talked to me since then
That's a shame
Yeah, we were really close until the whole unprotected-sex-in-a-dirty-bathroom-with-some-stranger thing...
Can't tell if I'd care.
Might have something to do with it. Maybe that's something you should bring up with her?
When I was around 6 or 7 I slapped my soft, tiny dick on my moms lips when she was sleeping for a split second then ran out the bedroom if that counts as anything
It's been a long time. I don't think she'll want me to bring it up :P It's not important.
>Lol I've done all that and more, trust me. I've done the "walk out of the shower oops drop my towel" thing, and the "Walk around the house naked and oops I thought I was the only one home" thing. Several times. He also used to 'accidentally' walk in to my room when I was naked and playing with my pussy, and a couple times I even told him to stay because he wanted to 'talk' about something. I don't see him very much now though, not since he moved out from our bitch mom's place, she kicked me out, and we both avoid her like fire.
>I've also caught him several times jacking off in his room with pictures of me up on his computer.
Kill me.
> Be 14 hanging with stepbrother 15
> playing sega genisis, taking turns playing the other dies
> start coming up with different ways to make other person die to get your turn faster
> he's laying on his stomach on the bed, I lay on top of him trying to squish him
> He starts to wiggle his ass, my cock starts getting hard
> I start grinding into him, eventually his turn is up
> I start playing, he lays on top of me. He's already hard
> Do this for a couple of weeks
> Things start to escalate from there
> One night after parents asleep, I get in his bed and we blow each other
> Become nightly thing of hj/bjs etc
Do step-siblings count as incest if they are from a different mother and father?

Let's say that you're a guy and your dad leaves your mum and meets another woman who has a daughter from a previous relationship. Would she be your step-sister and in that case, because you aren't related, would it be ok to fuck her?
My brother fucked me yesterday for the first time. Last weak I posted my story and everyone told me to go for it.

I promised to greentext it and then post it so an anon can add it to the archive, but I'm barely past half with monday's story and so I'll just wait and post the week's most interesting stuff in the weekend.
Not exactly an incest story, but a close call to an awkward situation with my sister.

>Decided to fly out to New York to see family. Don't give a fuck about my dad, just wanted to see siblings.
>Messing with my 14 year old sister, try to take her phone to message her friend again, she said she was going to bite me
>Normal reaction is to flirt with the girl if she says that, a split second before I said "Kinky" catch myself
>Tell her I hate her because I almost said something interoperate to my sister.

A few days later I took her and my little brothers out to a movie, me and her was talking about something, ended up staring into each other's eyes for 10 seconds, that kinda stare you do when you like someone. Like I said, not really an incest story, just an awkward moment with my sister. In case you're wondering, I'm 26 so yea incest not gonna happen.
>be a guy
>live with male cousin and mom
>be chilling afternoon
>mom decides to take a shower
>grab a digicam and decide to take some pics of her
>there's a small hole below the door of the bathroom where you can get a good angle on an actual shot of the entire bathroom
>cousin watches tv in the other room
>go near the door
>crouch down
>heart is racing
>start filming
>take some pics
>hear footsteps, manage to hide the digicam, but still end up looking awkward as fuck
>it's my cous, he just turns round the corner
>sees me sweatin
>"what are you doing?"
>shrugs it off, goes back to watch tv
>fap furiously all night
If it wasn't for his shitty ass living here, I'd probably fuck her long time ago.

you should hear some of the shit I had to go through in order to fap normally, because this faggot sleeps in the same room as me.
File: h-HONTONI.gif (933 KB, 450x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
933 KB, 450x253
im so excited
Was about 10, just starting to be able to get hard-ons. Was at a family xmas thing, in the basement with sister and stepsister, both about 12 or 13 while adults were upstairs. Watching tv, boring, have spontaneous erection. They notice. At first think it's gross and make fun. But then they act curious. I say I can move it by flexing muscles in area, they say no way. I take my fully hard cock out and prove it. One girl on each side, both have eyes glued on my cock. Stepsister asks if it's hard, I say it is and start rubbing it in front of them a bit. Stepsister reaches out and touches my cock for a few seconds then pulls her hand back, after encouragement sister follows suit. Both girls then go into side room and whisper. After a few minutes they come back out, I'm still sitting on the couch with my cock out. Stepsister stands in front of me, says nothing as she lowers her jeans, guides my hand onto her pussy and has me rub back and forth. Sister watches. Feel stepsister getting wet on my fingers. I try to slide my finger in like I read in my dad's penthouse mags, she tenses up and I can't though. (part 2 to follow)
part 2

Stepsister pulls her pants up and looks at sister. Sister lowers her pants and I start doing the same, touching my sisters pussy while rubbing my cock in front of both of them. This goes on for a couple minutes then both girls go back to the side room again, whispering. Stepsister tells me to lay down on the floor, I comply. She lays down beside me, naked from the waist down. She grabs my cock and rubs it against her slit, feels amazing to me and I instinctively start pushing my hips forward. My sister watches from the doorway as my stepsister positions herself and guides me inside her, taking both mine and her virginity. I thrust a few times for about a minute before she stops and goes back into the side room. Shortly after we hear adults at the top of the stairs and we all sit on the couch quietly, now fully clothed like nothing happened. We've never spoken openly about that night since it happened.

Nowadays I have an understandable incest fetish. particularly with daddy daughter but all forms really. kik is AlexShiro if anyone wants to chat.
any more stories?
File: incest.jpg (26 KB, 444x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh hai. you must be the Portuguese sister, right?

File: image.jpg (25 KB, 560x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go check it out please. I'm enjoying creating little funny ideas. It would mean a lot. Thank you.
I'm not seeing any "family orientated" content.
>this entire thread
>nothing but sisters, brothers, and cousins
>no success stories about older aunts/moms/etc
I've wanted to fuck my much older cousin and my aunt (different sides of the family) for so long, but I hardly ever see them. It fucking sucks.
>father has a new gf
>three kids, two brothers that stay with Dad mostly
>one daughter, six years younger than me
>overtly sexual, gave me a kiss on the mouth the first time we met
>tries to be sneaky about it but young and stupid
>"catches" me in the shower multiple times
>aggravating because awkward beta virgin and "What am I supposed to do with this boner now?

>goes on a streaking spree for a couple days
>dad and gf clueless, big surprise
>awoke once late one night with Daughter touching me, hard as diamond, let her finish me and tried to play convincing sleep
>the Force of One Thousand Suns
>next morning, amazed at the enormous patch of cum on my blanket, rush to the laundry

>start to get horny for Daughter
>she notices
>once morning, both folks gone for work, sleeping on couch, morning cartoons (dont'cha mis those =3)
>Daughter appears in a bolt of sunlight coming from the kictchen window, sheer nightie and clearly no underwear
>"Let's watch cartoons downstairs, Anon.." she says, shifting and twirling her nightie so I'm sure to see her bottom (downstairs is the parents bedroom)
>instant raging stiff and dripping precum
>follow that little twitching bottom all the way to the big bed
>she flops on mother's pillow, clearly not concerned about me seeing her nudity

brb, need to smoke a bowl and rub one out in the back yard
>16 year old cousin visting
>jokingly ask if she's kissed a boy before
>move my face closer
>maybe I can teach you
>damn anon you got really desperate and creepy since that girl left you
>she changes topic
brah how long is that bowl gonna take
must've OD'd

ripip Anonymous 38F12P1H
Absolutely try harder
Did you trip on your way back in and die?
Do continue.
Go on anon
Kind of covered by the mists of time and not hardcore but here goes.
Now, 27
Was between 5 and 10
Start masterbating early, don't really know what I'm doing because religious uptight parents
Share bedroom with sister 1.5 years older
Rub my cock over my pants and hand down pants in front of her cause don't really know what doing
Can't cum cause to young
Have 4 female cousins that we see regularly
Younger two are my age and sisters age, cousins are blonde and kinda hot.
Never had any attraction to sister
Don't really know what happens
Get boner
2 younger cousins and sister want to see it
I take it out, they are amazed when it moves
Super hard erection
They ask if they can touch
I encourage touching
Only get a little pat and squeeze
This happened at least twice
Cousins always openly say I'm handsome and hot etc when we see each other now.
Younger cousin just got married
I've never really obsessed about it but I like other peoples incest stories cause they are taboo
I probably would fuck cousins if the opportunity came up but to be honest don't care enough to risk it
>be 15 teen boy
>family visits from another state
>meet aunt and uncle and cousin
>female cousin cute af, 16
>awkward at first but then got to know eachother
>speed up til night time
>mom tells me i need to share my room
>told me to sleep on couch,and cousin on bed
>be around 7pm
>need to go to store for tomorrows party
>not enough space in car, so we are left home
>be bored
>asked cousin if she wants to watch a movie
>put the japanese version of the grudge
>both sit on couch,cousin uses blanket just in case of scary scenes
>scary scene pops up
>cousin does a small cute scream
>cousin wraps around my arm
>asks her,"is it really that scary"
>says nothing and shares blanket with me
>i didnt say anything or react, but gets turned on
>cousin moves hand on top of crotch over my shorts
>i get hard obviously
>i moved a bit
>before i say anything, she tells me "its ok"
>she then starts rubbing my cock from outside my shorts
>door bell rings
>she gets up like nothing happened..

>be night time around 1am
>still awake , family alseep
>laying on couch
>cousin on bed
>both in the dark
>asks me if i'm still awake
>says yes
> tells me she cant sleep because she is scared
>i know its total bull
>i joke about letting me sleep on the same bed
>she says ok
>are u serious?
>tell me its ok we are family
>i didnt deny doing so
>joined her on the bed
>bed is twin size , so its small
>awkwardly close
>we talk about random stuff for a bit
>i start dozing off, then fell asleep
>dont remember how long, but woke up to her spooning me
>pretend im still asleep
>feels her hand around my waist
>she slides her hand undey my shirt and feel my stomach area
>i get hard, still pretending to sleep
>feels her hand go to my crotch area
>rubs my cock outside my pajama pants
>she then stops for awhile,bout 10 mins
>raging boner still there
>turns around to check if she is awake
Damn not enough text space, well she ended up blowing me til i came in her mouth
more pics from your sis pls
goddammit continue it
File: 1294750379954.jpg (8 KB, 251x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 251x251
>That ending
I want to watch my 20 year old little sister lose her virginity to another guy...
Does that count as incest?
although after thinking about it, you could be the one to take it from her
What if I told you I want nothing more than to be that guy?
But for some odd reason I think it'd be so much hotter to watch someone else get what I've always wanted...
if that is what you are into then go for it. set something up, i'd love to be that guy. does she know you are into her?
No I don't think so...
She's really attractive though
36D's and a cameltoe to die for!
You'd love it
Any pics?
Yea but none I want to put on here...
Do you have AIM?
any other way to contact?
Do you have AOL Instant Messenger
yeah hideaway.pete
Take a look at >>19818157
I have a really similar desire. I didn't think there was anyone else out there with this weird fetish.

Although I do have to ask, why do you think your sister's still a virgin at 20? That seems kind of old...
>Be me
>About 13-14 years old, not sure exactly
>Have a sister that's 2 years younger than me
>Play vidya at times together
>Go through a phase of playing wrestling games
>Leads to play wrestling with sister
>She found it hilarious in WWE games when Rakishi rammed his ass into opponent's faces
>I've sneekily looked at porn by this point, found out that I get really turned on by facesitting
>Play wrestling with sister on parents double bed
>Parents aren't in
>I let her throw me to the bed and kneel over me, pinning me down
>"Now I've got you anon, time for stinkyface!"
>She lifts her skirt up, turns around, and plants her ass on my face.
>Wearing pink cotton panties, and I can smell her.
>Pretend to struggle, but actually loving every second.
>She gets pretty into it, laughing about "beating me".
>I half shout into her ass, "Well at least you still have your pants on", knowing full well what would happen.
>She laughs and pulls them down.
>Holy shit I'm staring at my sister's naked ass
>Holy shit that's her asshole
>She sits back on my face and starts grinding against it
>"You've lost the fight, this is what happens".
>I can't help myself anymore and stick my tongue straight out
>It pushes against her asshole
>She squirms and squeaks before laughing
>"That tickles! Do MORE loser!"
>Holy shit
>I "protest", saying it's not fair
>"I'm the winner, I'm in charge, MORE!"
>Asshole shoved right back against my mouth
>I start tonguing my sister's asshole
>She keeps me there for a good half hour
>At one point I try to lick her pussy
>"Bad boy! Do as you're told!"
>Positions her ass against my mouth again and continues the "torture".

We did this a few more times, the last time ended up with me offering to lick her ass, since I was her "slave". We went ahead with it, but a few weeks after she asked me if what we did was sex. I never mentioned it again after that.

Pic related I guess!
jesus my boner
File: ViJinx.png (721 KB, 518x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
721 KB, 518x677

I hope that I have her as insatiable an ass eating fetish as the one she gave me.

>Be me
>Be the last time we did stuff
>Play wrestling on the bed again
>She very quickly sheds her underwear, in anticipation of quickly trying to pin me under her ass.
>"I shouldn't have to fight you again, I've won plenty, you should just be my slave."
>I stop and put on a mock horrified face
>"Please don't make me do it again, it's not fair!" I say.
>She's kneeling on the bed when I say it, and she giggles.
>Bends over and plants her hands on the bed
>Sticks her ass up/out as far as she can
>"Do what I want!"
>"You...*sigh*...want me to lick your butt?" I scrunch up my face.
>"YES stupid. I'M not moving. I'm the queen, you're the slave. YOU move."
>I get off the bed and move around behind her.
>Fuck pretending
>I grab her ass cheeks, spread them and dive in.
>She squeeks and laughs as usual, I feel her asshole winking under my tongue.
>we'd discovered over the other handful of times we'd done this that she liked it when I made wet, slurping noises.
>"Slurp me slurp me!"
>Don't need told twice
>Hungrily eating her ass at this point, complete with very loud slurping and sucking.
>Little rosebud is gaping
>I plunge my tongue right in
>I swear to this day she moaned
>Can smell her pussy
>Juices all over my chin
>I do something I hadn't since the first time
>I lick lower
>She tastes amazing
>She MOANS and instinctively pushes back against my tongue
>No idea what I'm doing, just licking wildly and pushing my tongue inside her
>Gently slip my index finger into her asshole
>Incredibly tight
>She doesn't complain, still moaning from my licking
>Move the finger very little over the next 5 minutes until we stop
>She's incredibly flustered and leaves the room while I'm still stunned by what happened.

And then after that, a few weeks later she asked about sex, and I noped the fuck out. First sexual experience with a female involved me licking ass and fingering ass before pussy!
bumping with my crap story
>Im like 4
>halfsister is like 13-14
>no one else is home and she's watching me
>she invites me in to her room and tells be to get naked
>has me lay on her bed and starts sucking my dick
>I'm loving it
>tries to get me to eat her out but I'm 4 and dont want to
>shits hairy
>eventually she gives up and keeps sucking my dick
>I cant cum, so it just feels good
>happens 3 or 4 more times

then I accidentally told my parents after some cub scouts stranger danger shit, but this was years later.
How long ago?
File: images.jpg (11 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cousin problin saw it on /b ;)

Its a second cousin anyway, which isn't fucking incest. No fucks are given by society.
Sweet mother of god WRITE please.
how the hell did you find that out? lucky guess?

But yeah. I just wanted to say I did it but there was no wincest thread in /b/.

I've finished writting what happened monday though. I guess I could post here if anyone wants. I'm writing what happened on tuesday, and both yesterday and today were just more of the same so there's nothing to write about. Maybe tomorrow we'll do something more kinky. I'm open to non-risky suggestions (regarding being found out).

I'm really scared about someone finding out though. Every time I let out a louder moan I get scared shitless the neighbours happen to take a day off work and heard it and somehow find out only me and my bro were home.

You mentioned earlier about parental/child incest always being abusive. I had experiences with my mum which I would more or less call 'learning with support', even though I was super young...it's not always the case that it's abusive. 28 UK here.
I have a similar relationship, and one of the things I'm more scared about, other than being found out, is screwing up our brother/sister relationship. Do you have any tips or advice?

I just started so there's not much to say. I'm 19, he's 17, we still live with our parents since my uni is close to home and he's finishing highschool. I thought I'd be dominant but he made it rather clear he was the dominant one. We did it for the first time this week but I've been teasing him for the past 5 years.
post the story anon!

Memories are vague but it was mainly handjobs, or me wanking myself while she helped me control the pace. When I got older she gave me my first blowjob and explained sex to me, let me play with her breasts and pussy. A lot of this happened in the bath and shower. I know it's a common thing to say, but it honestly didn't do me any harm and it's never been awkward between us, it just felt like a bit of sex ed.
Hmm, ok, I'll post monday. It's already written so this will be quick. Also, I'm focusing more on what important to me, so more talk and less sex descriptions.

>Almost one week after that thread
>Meet my boyfriend at his place, planning to break up with him
>Sitting next to him, with his arm around me
>"We've been growing apart for the past half year, haven't we?"
>He grabs me tighter
>"Are you breaking up with me?"
>"Can you honestly say that it's not true?"
>"It is, but I still like you."
>"I like you too, but can you promise me that you will still like me a year from now? You know this isn't going to last, right?"
>"Yeah, but I thought we would at least last throughout the summer."
>"But that wouldn't be fair to me..."
>"I know. So we're breaking up for real?"
>He kisses me, pushes me down with one hand and places the other hand on my tight
>I'm now laying down in is couch, with him on top of me
>"What are you doing?"
>"I still want you, let's we do it one last time, if not I know I'll just keep wanting you."
>I don't say anything
>he starts kissing me and undressing me
>About 1h30 later we're done, this was probably one of the best sex we've ever had
>I take a shower at his place, we say goodbye to each other and he hugs me before I go
>It's now 2 pm
>I call my girlfriends telling them what happened
>I'm more than a bit tipsy
>"Thanks, but I think I'm going home now."
>"That's ok, I'll give you a ride."
>"Let me just phone my bro."
>"Hey bro, do you think you could come home?"
>"I'm already home. Why?"
>"Me and my bf broke up, and I don't want to be alone.."
>"Oh, are you ok? I'm already home, if you want you can talk to me."
>"I'd like that, I'll be home in 20 mins or so"
holy shit, more details!

got any (non-dentifying) pics of your mum?
lucky bastard, nobody else gets anyone to teach them the ropes.

In the Earthsong series by Orson Scott Card when the men reach puberty they are sent to one of their aunts for their first sexual experience and taught how to please a woman. lord knows i woulda gave it to my aunt back then.

>I get home, it's about 4 pm
>He's on the couch, playing
>"I'm home.."
>He tells his friends he has to go and puts down the controller
>I sit on his lap and hug him without saying anything
>After about 5 mins
>"Aren't you going to tell me what happened?"
>I tell him like I did here, including the sex part
>He rubs his nose on mine, but I look away
>And then I lie. I say that after the sex I told my now ex-bf about my fantasy
>"What did he say?"
>"He said he found it disgusting, but he won't tell anyone about it."
>"What was the fantasy anyway?"
>"You won't think I'm disgusting as well?"
>"I don't think you have to worry about that, I'm sure I've seen worse."
>"Are you sure you want to know?"
>I tell him about what happened when I was 12, how I put our dog's penis in my mouth and how ever since then I've had a thing for dogs
>"And you never did anything more with our dog?"
>"No way, that was it, I swear."
>"That's not too bad, it's just a fantasy."
>"I wanted to tell him about another fantasy, but I thought it was too much already, so I left."
>"Go on.."
>"You sure you want to know?"
>"Once I tell you I don't think you'll look at me the same way.."
>"Just say it, you're my sister, I promise I won't love you any less."
>"Ever since I was 15 I've been masturbating thinking about my little brother.."
Definitely not posting pics of any description, sorry! What details do you want?

Yup...it was definitely fun to think about now...I used to fantasise about my aunt more than my mum but nothing happened there. I guess at worst it's given me taboo fantasies...I get off on some of the recordings on GWA now.
do you want me to continue? I'm pretty bad at greentext and now that I'm rereasing this it doesn't sound good
no worries about the pic anon - could you describe her?

as far as details, just any actual stories you could tell/ remember e.g. first hand job she gave you, story of the blow job, was there any cumplay, what happened when playing with her pussy (fingers? tongue), what advice she gave you bout sex etc...
hmm ok. but it sounds a bit weird in english

>He stares at me for 5 seconds, still processing what I've just said
>Too ashamed to look him in the eyes, there's no going back now
>He pushes me off his lap onto the couch, starts kissing me and undressing me
>Shirt off, bra off, pants off, and he finally pulls out my panties
>His cock is pressing right against my pussy lips
>"Are you sure you want this?"
>Still too ashamed to say anything
>I wrap my legs around him and try to push him towards me
>He doesn't budge one bit, but gets closer to my face and rubs his nose on mine
>"You're my sister and I'll never hurt you, so I won't do this until I hear a yes from you"
>Still trying to push him inside me
>"Are you sure you want this?"
>"Yes.. "
>"I have some condoms in my room."
>Tries to leave but I hold him tight and don't let him
>"I'm on the pill.."
>He stares at me for a bit still not sure but I open my legs and push my chest out
>Finally he sticks it in
>My little brother is now pounding me pretty hard, not gentle at all
>It's only been a few mins, but I've had this fantasy for so long I'm on the verge of orgasming
>"Lil bro.."
>I orgasm even before he did, and he can tell
>He starts pounding me much harder now
>About 2 mins later I feel him spilling his cum inside me
>He stays inside me for a while, pressing his face against mine
>Finally he takes it out, and sits back on the couch
>"I'll clean it for you."
>wrap my lips around his cock, start sucking him and cleaning him
>As I suck him he plays with my hair for some reason, but I like it
>He was becoming a bit limp but gets hard again in my mouth pretty quickly
>he pulls my head away
>"There's no point in cleaning it any more."
>"Why? You don't like my mouth?"
>"I do, but I'm going to fuck you again, you can clean it after."
>He's still sitting
>Get up and get on top of him, his cock directly below me
>He places his hands on my butt and forces my butt down and his cock slides between my buttchecks, grinding between them
>"I'll be the one fucking you now lil bro, just stay still."
>Move up my hips and lower my body until he's completely inside him
>Moan a bit too loudly as he enters me
>My little brother is inside me again, there's really no going back now
>Start bouncing my hips up and down
>With his hands he helps move my hips, not faster but with more force
>I'm getting closer, once again earlier than him
>I try to slow down, there's no way I can cum first when I'm on top
>Still grabbing my hips, he forces me to keep moving
>He starts thrusting up and down as well, matching my rhythm
>Start losing strength in my legs, I can't keep up
>Try to hug him so he stops and I can rest a bit while the orgasm passes
>Instead I'm pushed to the side like before
>He's now on top
>"Didn't I tell you I'd be the fucking you?"
>He's pounding me really hard again
>I can tell by his face that he's not even close
>So humiliating, in my fantasies I'd be the one teaching him how to fuck properly, but I can't keep up
>He stops for a second
>Thank god, we're almost done
>"Get on the floor and put your ass up."
>fuck, he's not getting close, he just wants to take me from behind
>"But that's going to hurt my knees."
>He kisses my neck and my cheek
>"Ok, we'll do it on the couch."
>I'm now on all fours as he pounds my pussy
>Look to the side, his dog is watching us
>Start moving my hips again, pushing into him, trying to make him cum faster
>His dog isn't doing anything, he's just watching his master fuck his sister
>I think back to our dog fucking that stray
>Fuck, three orgasms and it's not even been half an hour
>My brother is pounding me faster now, I can tell he's about to cum as well
>He cums inside again
>I lay down for a bit to catch my breath
She's brunette and now quite curvy but not so curvy at the time. I honestly can't remember the 'first' time, but I do have memories of being in the bath with my back against her chest, her legs either side of me, and her hard nipples against my back. She'd encourage me to get hard and 'rub' and then her hand would guide mine up and down until I came.

She would show me how her parts worked and she'd place my hand under the water against her pussy and tell me to rub at the same pace, again her hand would guide mine.

I started mucking around with her lingerie, wanking into it...she caught me and that lead to first blowjob...I remember that well as I came all over her chest.

I always wonder how common this type of incest is...not abuse as such just play.
posting it here is weird. I thought it'd be fun and exticing but I just feel ashamed
I also wrote much more than I thought

>"Weren't you going to clean it?"
>His cock is full of cum, when he was pounding me his cum from the first time must have spilled out
>The sofa is stained with his cum too
>"So you do like my mouth.."
>I try to take his entire cock, but as I try to pull out he doesn't let me
>Fuck, I can't breathe
>He slowly let's me out as I tighten my lips around his cock and make sure it's cleaned properly in one go
>Look at him as I swallow it all down
>Clean him up a little better and then go get powder for the stains on the sofa
>When I'm finished I smile and try to kiss him but he dodges my kiss
>"You have cum in your mouth."
>huh? is he serious?
>"No, I already swallowed it out, see?"
>I put my tongue out
>"Even so.."
>fuck, I'm his big sis, I'm still the one in charge
>"You don't have any choice, you have to do what big sis tells you to."
>He's a bit against it but he doesn't move away this time
>He plays with my boobs, kisses my body, and we go take a shower

>We're both cuddling on couch
>Mom gets home
>"You two look really cute together."
>"Sis and her boyfriend broke up."
>"Sorry to hear that."
>Mom gives me a peck on the forehead
>"Are you ok honey?"
>"Yeah, I'm just a bit sad.."

>Later than evening, after dinner
>the three of us are in the kitchen, dad is watching TV
>"Bro, do you think I could sleep with you tonight?"
>Mom looks at us but doesn't say anything
>She probably thinks I'm just feeling lonely
>"Sure, it's fine by me, but don't wake me up."
>"Don't worry, I'll go to bed when you go."
>He tries to hide his smile

>We both go to bed
>Talk about us, where we're going with this and all that
>Bro starts rubbing my pussy and fingering me
>"If you get blue balls you're still not going to fuck me."
>"I don't care, I'll just fuck you tomorrow."
>He keeps rubbing and kissing me
>We keep talking about stuff and eventually fall asleep
and that's it for monday.

I thought posting would be more fun writing it though, my greentext looks pretty boring. I have a bit written from tuesday but it's not much. Should I even bother to finish writing it? Maybe I'll skip the talk and make it short

that is


I'm glad it worked out for you guys.
no write it all, details, everything.
Please keep going,

there's nothing wrong with your story, it's fantastic.

I envy you two so much... as a guy with 23 guy cousins and not a girl relative in sight. But please let me live vicariously through you two.
Well, I don't think you can say that this has worked out. Sure, we're doing it, but this is the easy part. I'm really worried that this ight ruin our relationship. Even though there's always been a bit of sexual tension between us we were always really close, we talk about everything.

I'll keep writing the same way then, but it takes a long time specially since everything is in portuguese and I have to make it sound right in english, some things just sound weird when translated.

I can post what I've written of tuesday, but it's probably not even enough to fill 2 posts
that's amazing anon

I suppose some people would say a parent doing anything sexual with their child is always abuse, but what you've written is...hot

how old when she gave you the first blow job?

how long did the play continue?
someone needs to make a novel then turn the novel into a movie based off this post cause
>she never even looks at me
hit me in all my non existent feels
I had a really shitty relationship with my siblings and cousins, so nothing ever happened. I had an Oedipal complex when I was around 11-12, but outgrew it.

No fun stories for me.
still around anon?
bump for more about anon's mum
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my last fap with this pics, occurred 3 months ago
but /soc/ can enjoy it this
Yes Pls.
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Dear /SOC/ post pics of your sista plz
File: IMG_0389.jpg (4 MB, 4272x2848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you sister had pics like this?
what's the story with these pics? your sister likes taking photos of her stockings? did she give them to you, or did you find them?
GOOD NIGHT /SOC/ until random guy in /SOC/ post photos of your family(women) like this
i post more ;)
my large story is
>i fapped with these photos
Soooo hot. Do post more if you feel like it.
My family never had hot genes. I can't wait to fuck my ex though.
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Yes, it's a shame most of it is really. Doesn't paint the best image of the ones that aren't.

I wonder how other cultures treat it. I seem to remember reading how in some part of the orient it was normal for nannies to give oral to kids to get them to sleep.

I did not know that. A lot more efficient doing that, I should think.

God wouldn't it be something to know. It's a catch 22, it's have to be an anonymous servey to get a large enough answer..but then you couldn't rely on the results. I honestly believe it's [incest in general] much more widespread than people believe.

Does it still happen now?
Posta em portugues : o quero ler isto na lingua de camoes!!
It will ruin your relationship. But whatever,I don't feel like explaining or telling you why because it'd take forever.


No it stopped ages ago...sometime during the transition to high school I think. I live on the other side of the country now so it's not something we could do even if we wanted to. That doesn't mean I don't fantasise about it though ;) and like I said I'm into the more taboo stuff on the FSA threads. It made me feel a lot less nervous when I eventually started to do it with girls my age.

I also think sibling incest is more common than people think, not sure about parent/child....but it's nice to know there's others out there with similar attitudes that don't get massively freaked out by it. Do you have a throwaway email?
Ah, I suppose that proves it really was a teaching experience. Sorry, FSA threads?

I agree, it seems to me that there's almost a natural tenancy with siblings of a similar age to share and experiment. Parent is tricky. I recall in a previous thread there was a guy whose parents had just included him in their sex life like it was normal and I thought that was interesting.

Sure, if you'd like: Brotherfucker@gmail.com
Reposting muh archive yet again.
http://goo gl/j18y4x

>how the hell did you find that out? lucky guess?
I'm the guy who owns that archive, so I generally have a rough idea of stories with loose ends. You also identified yourself as a girl (almost all stories are from guys) and gave me a timeframe and mentioned resopnding to me. That made it easy.

>I don't think you can say that this has worked out
We look forward to hearing about how it develops, win or lose.
>I'll keep writing the same way then
Yes, do keep writing. Post when you're ready, /soc/ isn't anywhere near as fast as /b/ so you'll be fine. Your English is actually prefectly fine.
Please don't.
You realize you just called it a pussy anyways right
Why not?
Why not?
When I was young I experimented with my younger sister 3 years younger I was about 11 and her 9 and we liked it later on we kept doing it till we got caught one night we didn't know it was wrong just that it felt good. Later on my mom got a job and had to take us to our aunts to be babysat I was about 12 and she had 3 daughters one 1 year younger the others about 5 years younger well my sister told my cousin and she was curious and one day we made a fort in my aunts room and my sister and cousin took turns with me while my cousin was a little scared but eventually I started sucking her small boobs and touching her down there eventually she liked it and rode me for a good bit till my uncle came home later on when I would go more she would grab a cover while we watchedtv and give me hand jobs while I was fingering her and now shes still remembers and is actually pretty now and she says I am too and she told my sis she would still do me if I tried to but idk what to do. On the other hand I have a hot cousin who likes me nothing happened but one night she got drunk and I went to a room to lay down she kissed me all over my face and kissed my neck and told me ill talk care of you papi ill come every 30 hour and she did and always came and kissed me but I wanted to try something but I was too scared with the other people in the other room it was a small party
Well as I said we would do this foot thing, but we did it only like 3 or 4 times. Now skip some years and now Im 13, shes 12. Our mom started working with dad so we had the home for ourselves when got back from school. Well we were really immature and would go to our parents room (there was a phone there) to make prank calls. Then we started with the wrestling thing, and That was something that I really liked (specially when she sat on top of me, like really on my dick)... we did it a couple of times too, then stopped for no reason. There were some more things that happened but nothing worth to mention. Some times later our dad suspected there was something going on and would never leave us home alone together. That shit lasted for some good years, its getting normal this last times, but me/my sister never did anything like that again. Pretty much because now we grew up and wrestling would be weird... but I still masturbate thinking about her sometimes.... and always feel ashamed after it...
What exactly did you guys do?
You skipped through the details,
So I'm guessing though you guys had sex?
No oral stimulation?
My cousin did go over a few times to our house we had bunk beds so my sis and cousin would take turns or both at a time the only one who ever liked giving me bjs and taking it up the ass was my cousin and to this day she still holds me longer and always compares me to ryan gosling saying im hot and that she wishes we could h and out but my sis and I dont talk about it we get along but we lasted years not talking after that
Lame story coming through.
>be skinny shy girl
>bro is like 13, i'm around 9
>early in the morn bro comes out of shower and i'm waiting outside
>bro walks across the hall towards his room
>usually play silly games like i'll show you mine if you show me yours
>always fucking fall for that shit
>ok let's play. 3, 2, 1,
>drop my towel, he keeps his on and laughs
>don't give a shit, go take a shower
>finish and go in my room to get ready for school
>he knocks on door, we usually exchange books for comics or pokemon cards
>i want a calvin and hobbes comic book so i let him in
>i know he wants that LOTR collection to re-read
>he's learning about sex ed, says he'll teach me something
>says he wants to see me, i'm unsure
>bribes me with book, repeats he wants to teach me what he's learned
>still hella hesitant, sitting on the edge of the bed
>i tell him it's ugly, he doesn't care just wants to see
>school skirt jumper on, take off underpants, slightly curious
>hold my knees to my chest and expose pussy to light
>he stares for a while
>can't believe i'm going along with it
>can tell he's nervous, but keeps a serious face
>asks to touch
>i'm still super hesitant
>let him touch (feels cool)
>tells me about my hole
>I tell him there's two
>we argue, he ony thinks it's one
>I feel for my urethral and show him
>he feels more, but we have to go eat breakfast
>he throws book on my bed
It all gets really foggy here and I think we just went to school and never talked about it again.
Isso seria mais facil que em ingles, mas n vale muito a pena se é só pa uma pessoa ler. Ainda da trabalho reescrever tudo.

Then why even say anything? That's not helpful at all.
But I think you're wrong. We've talked a lot today and I think we'll be fine. We're like fuckbuddies, no romantic attachment whatsoever. Tbh he's more mature than I am when it comes to relationships. We've laid down some rules too.

Oh, there's no need to send you a mail then. I'm going to just post the rest here since it's easier.

I've finished writing tuesday, so I'll post it after dinner.

Oh, and today was really kinky, way worse than tuesday. Tbh I'm still not sure if I want to post it here, but I'll say something when I make up my mind about it.
up to you. i'm sure everyone in this thread will be disappointed if you don't, but what you've already posted is hotter than the surface of the sun so it's kinda difficult to complain
Data is taken from the website itself apparently, so take it as you will. Interesting none the less.
Oh, and it seems to have been limited to america.
Over here it's perfectly normal to marry your cousin. Well, not exactly perfectly normal, but normal enough.

I probably will, but I'll decide tomorrow.

Anyway, here's tuesday

>Wake up
>9h30 am, parents are working
>"Bro, are you sleeping?"
>"No, I just woke up too."
>He kisses me and we start making out
>Panties come off
>He's about to go inside me
>"Are you still sure? We can still leave it as a one time thing."
>Fuck, he's more mature than I am
>Open my legs, push my chest out, look away
>"Last chance. We can still go back, but if I fuck you right now be prepared to have your little brother pounding your pussy every single day."
>Saying that is only turning me on even more
>"If you really wanted to give me a chance to say no then you're saying the wrong things."
>Grab his hand and rub me with his fingers
>I probably had an erotic dream or something, it usually takes much longer for me to be like this
>"If you keep saying you're going to pound me every day from now on it'll only become worse."
>He's still staring at my pussy, playing with his fingers
>"Lil bro?"
>He pulls up my shirt and plays with my tits as he kisses me, slowly moving his lips across my body
>Look at him as he licks me down there
>He's not very good at it, but that means I have chance to teach him
>If I teach him how to do it now then every time he goes down on another girl he'll be thinking about me, and this really turns me on
>"Start sucking my clit like I did with your cock.."
>He raises his head, but I put my legs around his shoulders and force him back down
>"Don't worry, big sis is going to teach you how to properly eat a lady out."
>Guide him through it, how to use both his fingers and his mouth
>My brother is eating me out, really focused too
lost my internet for a while, but my bro already fixed it.

>"I love your pussy, I've wanted to eat you out so bad."
>"Ever since you stole my panties?"
>"You knew about that?"
>"Yeah, since you were 12."
>"But no, it was ever since I saw you bent over in the bathroom to grab something. You had already opened the door and your pussy and ass were showing."
>"It was before I started stealing your panties."
>almost cumming
>"Thrust and suck a bit harder."
>Orgasm, but he keeps going.
>"You can stop now.."
>He doesn't
>I squeeze his face against my pussy with my legs, smothering him, and he stops fingering me
>He's still eating me out, but I slowly loosen my legs and he stops
>"When did you see me in the bath?"
>"A bit before I turned 12 I think."
>Wut? my brother started stealing my panties like 6 months before I found out
>"But I'm more interested in something you've said yesterday."
>"What did I say?"
>"Tell me that story with the dog again."
>Completely forgot I told him that. And now I'm not drunk, there's no way I can just admit it like that.
>Decide to change the subject.
>"Shouldn't we go eat something? It's almost--"
>"You're not going anywhere until I fuck you and I'm not going to fuck you until you tell me the story."
>why the hell is he so forceful now?
>"No way, it's too embarrassing to tell you.."
>"You already told me yesterday, I just want to hear it again."
>"No, I can't.."
>As he hugs me he sticks it inside me and starts fucking me slowly
>I eventually tell him the story again
>"So you want our dogs to fuck you?"
>"Don't ask that.."
>"Is that a yes? You've been thinking about our dogs fucking you all this time as well?"
>Don't answer for a while
>"Stop being a bully."
>He fucks me for a while longer and then cums while I suck him
>I clean him up and we go have breakfast
casa comigo
lost my net again

>3 pm, he gets home
>"Sis, I have a gift for you".
>"What is it?"
>"You'll see, get on your knees."
>"I'm not getting on my knees until you tell me why."
>He lowers himself first
>"Come on, you'll like it."
>I get on my knees, we're at about the same height now
>He kisses me and pulls his gift from behind his back
>He got me a collar
>"Wtf? You want me to wear that!?"
>He pats me on the head and puts it on my neck
>"Now there's no reason for you to be ashamed about liking dogs, right?"
>I've fantasized about it, but this is way too weird right now
>Say nothing
>He takes the leash off his dog and attempts to put it on me, but stops halfway
>"Sis, I'll never force you to do anything you don't want."
>"I don't want you to treat me like a dog yet."
>He kisses me again and tells me to get up
>"You're still going to wear that collar for me, ok?"
>"Ok, I can do that for you."
>He grabs my hand and takes me to his bedroom
>strip naked
>He tells me to get on all fours
>"You can't stick it in right away, I need a bit longer."
>He kisses me on the cheek and starts rubbing my pussy
>After a while my lil bro takes me from behind, like a dog would
>I orgasm and then he cums in my mouth
>I clean him up
>"From now on when we're both alone you'll wear that collar, ok?"
>I don't mind.
>Wait, my lil brother just turned me into his bitch. I'm supposed to be in charge, not him
>Take off my collar
>Pretend I'm going to hug him
>Attempt to put the collar on him
>He grabs me and pins me down
>"Sis, if you wanted to be in charge you're a few years too late."

não me achas nojenta?
>Being helpless really starts turning me on
>Still pinning me down, with my ass up
>I try to break free
>"But I'm still your older sister."
>"So? No one's in charge sis"
>He watches me squirm for a bit
>"And I bought that collar just for you sis, are you really going to throw it away?"
>He kisses me on the cheek and puts the collar on me again
>"Lil bro, I'm still going to be the one on top."
>"Really? Yesterday you barely lasted 10 minutes on top."
>hahaha, how amusing
>Pin him down like he did with me, but facing me
>He tries to get up but I put my weight on his shoulders
>"You always liked my lips, right?"
>I go down on him to buy myself some time
>After about 2 mins he pulls me up
>"Weren't you going to to be on top?"
>Fine. Get on top of him
>Start bouncing my hips up and down, slamming him inside of me each time
>He cums inside me
>Look at the clock
>Just 5 mins? That was weak.
>"The thought of you hungrily cleaning my cock really turned me on."
>"You were thinking about before?"
>"No, I'm thinking about now."
>He gently pushes my head down
>I start cleaning him, licking and sucking, really going down on him
>"Sis, look at you, how can you say you want to be in charge?"
>Ignore his comments and keep sucking his cock
>"I think that leash would look pretty good on you."
>After a few mins I stop, get up and tell him I'm going to take a shower, leaving him behind rock hard
>He gets up and pulls my collar a little bit, but I ignore it
>Wtf, he just put the leash on me
>Look, didn't I tell you---
>Pulls me back a bit harshly
>"If you're not being a good doggy then you need to be leashed, right?"

ate eu acho que nao gostaria mm nada se o meu futuro marido tivesse comido a irma. seria sempre bue awkward qdo ele fosse visitar a familia sosinho ou uma cena assim. n sei, acho que sou bue ciumenta

>He sits down on the bed and slowly pulls me down
>He's still rock hard
>so humiliating, I start pulling away but the collar hurts a bit
>"Bro, I really don't want to be used like this.."
>he stops pulling me with the leash, grabs my hand and pulls me to the bed
>"I'm not using you at all, this is just a fetish I have."
>"So you're not going to treat me like just a toy or pet?"
>"Only once in a while, not all the time."
>he kisses me on the lips
>"But only if you're ok with it sis."
>"If it's just once in a while then it's ok."
>He kisses me again, sits up and pulls the leash again.
>He pulls my face into his cock and just holds it there, then pets me
>I open my mouth and start sucking him again
>After a while he pulls me further
>I try to take it all in but it's really hard and I'm starting to gag
>He pulls me out a bit so I can breathe
>"Just try to relax"
>I suck him normally, but he then pulls me in again, almost all the way
>can't breathe but try to endure it
>my eyes start tearing up
>At this point I'm crying and chocking on both him and my own drool
>I'm pretty scared, it feels like I've been 5 mins without breathing
>I try to pull away but he holds me even thighter instead
>As he holds my head he starts cumming directly into my throat
>I'm finally freed from the leash and get a chance to catch my breath, still crying
>he comes down to the floor, hugs me, cleans my face and kisses me
>"You are pretty good at this sis"
>still hugging him really hard
>"That was really scary, I thought I was going to choke for good."
>"It was just 20 seconds sis, I'm not going to let you choke"
>"I knew you weren't going to hurt me, but it was still really scary."
>He kisses me again and holds me tighter
>"Do you want me to clean it? There's so much drool"
>I go down on him once more, just to clean him up a bit
>"You don't have to if you don't want to."
>"I know"
And that's it. We still fool around on wednesday and thrusday, but it's just more of the same. He eats me out, I ride him, he fucks me, I clean him, nothing really worth writing about.

I think tomorrow I'll write what happened today. We can't really do anything on the weekend though since mom and dad will be home
It's pretty obvious none of your story is true and is just still a fantasy of yours. But it's very hot so it's okay
This. Tuesday has to much fetishes and cleaning.

The beginning of Tuesday worked out well, though. You should have emphasized on struggles a bit more.

Your greentext is more like a usual story, but still pretty good. Look at >>19833239 story sucks, but his greentexting delivers it properly nevertheless.
Why do you say that?
Not that I really care tbh, whether you believe it or not isn't my busisness.

But, just so everyone knows, I'm omitting a lot of things we said/did, I'm only writing the things I found more important which are basically the ones I remember. There's a lot of talking actually, specially after we do it. I think I made it seem like an entire "scene" takes like 5 mins but it's more like 1h. I think too many details will make it boring.
I think we're talking less though. Yesterday we barely talked when we were fooling around. Thought I think that's just because there's less need for reassurance.

As I said, I'm focusing on the things important to me, bascially what he said and my fetishes. One of my biggest fetishes is using my mouth to clean, but I can stop talking about that part if it's weird for you guys.
And yeah, I struggle a bit with green text, so it's much easier for me to write things we said than things we did. I actually take like 20 mins to write each post. I tried to read other greentexts to copy the tenses and such but as I said I think mine looks a bit weird too. What I wrote doesn't feel right, but sadly that's the best I could do.

It's not like I really wanted to do this anyway. The only reason I'm even bothering so much with this is because the anons in the other thread asked me to.

Still, you can give tips if you want, I still haven't writen what happened today. I was starting on it but now I don't feel like it anymore, maybe tomorrow.
>You should have emphasized on struggles a bit more.
What do you mean by that? Like, between us as brother and sister? We talked a lot about it, but there's no memorable stuff, it's just talk.
It might not go anywhere but the fact that she fishes for attention and drapes her legs shows that she probably wouldn't mind seriously if you did keep pushing your luck. She might hit you but it probably won't ruin your rekationship
You dumb faggot. You should have just arranged to sneak out at night or something .
Sent you a mail :-)
>>"Are you still sure? We can still leave it as a one time thing.">Fuck, he's more mature than I am>Open my legs, push my chest out, look away>"Last chance. We can still go back, but if I fuck you right now be prepared to have your little brother pounding your pussy every single day.">Saying that is only turning me on even more>"If you really wanted to give me a chance to say no then you're saying the wrong things.">"Why?">Grab his hand and rub me with his fingers

I was referring to this part. I mean he's pretty manipulative, even though, it doesn't seem like it. He should have harder tried to talk out both of you continuing, which is allowing you to mention your feels of remorse and inner struggle. But he keeps talking it out and gets you more horny.

Greentexting isn't easy, especially if you are not a native speaker, and I've read what you said. Just wanted to cheer you up.

You should try to rewrite it a few times, then you will get better in greentexting, if you'd like to achieve this.

I'm not good at it either I only like reading it. You should cut unnecessary words and put in some style elements.

>>At this point I'm crying and chocking on both him and my own drool
>>still hugging him really hard

>I'm crying
>choking on his cook and my own drool
>I try to pull away, he won't let me
>even tightens his hold on me
>thisShitisScary.jpg <-- IMAGE
>he cums directly into my throat
>I'm almost gagging now
>he lays of me
>can't stop crying
>my body is shivering
>he looks at me, then hugs me
>"Are you fine?"
>mfw I'm my brothers bitch <-- 4chan CONCLUSIO
>>"Are you fine?"
should have been
>"Are you fine, Anon?" <-- ANON

you can also add mistake like
should of
instead of
should have
but this is sometimes really hard, as you are not a native speaker.
Your sex life should be a movie.

Like, academy award winning movie, if i was you i'd keep the material for a screenplay one day.
Well, tbh, the one who's been manipulative is me. I'm the crappy sibling, not him. I'm 2 years older and all I did was tease him and manipulate him into fucking me when I should be the one who was thinking straight and giving him a chance to think and say no. Even though he's rough with me during sex he's been really careful and makes sure I'm always ok. Every time we do it he even makes me tell him how I feel afterwards and talk about to know if I'm ok. He's not manipulative at all, and the one who should have tried to talk us out of it was me. You just made me realize I'm really crappy as far as older sisters go, so thanks. From now on I promise I'm going to be the reasonable one.

Sorry. I'm fine if someone says they don't believe because who cares but I got pretty upset that after I spent several hours writting this and you told me I suck at greentext. I didn't realise you were trying to cheer me up and help me. Sorry for not understanding, and thanks for the tips. I don't come to 4chan very much, only when there's nothing interesting on facebook, so I haven't read a lot of greentext. I promise I'll try a bit harder tomorrow though.

And on that first night we decided on some rules to make sure we're not caught and such, three taps means stop and calling each other by our second names means we're being serious, but thanks to that he always knows that even if he pushes a bit I can always stop if I don't like it. I guess I made him seem a bit pushy and mean but it's really the opposite. Even when I couldn't breathe I could always stop if I wanted, but I didn't want to "quit", I think I want him to remember how good I was when some other girl can't do it as well as me. So I guess even when pleasuring my brother I have ulterior motives. Really shitty of me.
I don't think it's shitty of you exactly. I mean it's not like you're actively going out to sabotage his relationships.
I had a very pretty cousin that I loved spending time with. We'd go off alone and "play house," which as we got a little older was largely kissing and touching each other. I rubbed her pussy through her panties and she touched my dick a few times, but that's as far as it went.

Fast forward several years: we've drifted apart, just with school and college. But another family member is getting married and we reconnect at the wedding. After a few drinks at reception, we start to talk about the good old days. We go outside for some fresh air, flirting a little more, until I kiss her. We've got our hands all over each other, but agree that it's probably not a good idea to make out when there are so many people running around.

She gives me her hotel room number. I show up at her door around midnight and she lets me in. We fucked like bunnies and I shot my load inside her, feeling very proud of myself.

We've hooked up a few times since then, but we know we're not really in a position to have a relationship. I think we prefer a friends with benefits approach, anyway. It feels like we would have ended up doing this when we were teens if I hadn't moved away for school.
To be reasonable would mean to not do it at all. So nobody of you is reasonable. For example: if one is trying to start anything, the reasonable one rejects and apologizes such that the other person doesn't feel bad, even though the other person initiated the wrong doing.

I may called it wrong doing, but I'm not judging here, as this is only a story for me. If you are Portuguese you are probably Catholic. And this is why you are probably feeling crappy now.

Anyways, he is manipulative, but you are being manipulated. So you don't see it. He is asking you to such that you affirm. Sharing responsibilities for actions. So he doesn't need to feel that bad about it. He doesn't stop it. Both of you are not in control of what you are doing.

Would you mind telling what age you are.

Don't worry about greentexting. You've done well enough. No need to improve now.

My greentexting was just for storytelling. For me this story isn't real.

As I said, both of you are not in control of what you are doing. And both of you have these motives.
>Would you mind telling what age you are.
She's 19, he's 17. It's mentioned earlier I think, might've been in previous thread. Guess I should separate her story into a section of its own now.
>thisShitisScary.jpg <-- IMAGE

No, don't do this. It's stupid
I got nothin' I'm afraid? It's frustrating because I'd just post my main address, but I know what people [on 4chan] are like for ruining people's lives over things like this.
Has he put it in your butt?
Pic? Please be a hot fem or cute trap haha
Created a faggot
I lol'd
Oh I want to see that good sir.
It's probably weird but I wish my older brother had fucked me when I was in my early teens. Your sister is sexy.
are you femanon?
I'm with anon
I am n_n
sound sweet. Im having an insomnia session, wanna chat? email or skype?
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Sure C:

Good morning :-) I tried sending another, if you don't get it maybe try a different throwaway add.
Nah, if I didn't do it we would just move on and it'd just stay a fantasy.

I still don't think he's being manipulative, and either way all the responsaility falls on me, not him.

No, I'm not catholic, though I don't see why that's relevant.

is right. we're 19 and 17.

Nope. I'm a bit afraid of screwing up anything down there so I've been loosening it slowly for the past 2 months just to make sure it doesn't hurt as much and doesn't rip anything. I was planning on losing it with my ex-bf, but I guess if my lil bro wants to I don't mind doing my first time with him.

Should I write what happened yesterday? I mean, you guys don't believe so should I even bother?
Btw, you all fantasize about incest and stuff, but how exactly would you feel/what would you do if you found out your girlfriend/wife had done it with her brother? Would you break up with her or would it just be weird? And the same thing but with her dog, would you be open to it, would you be ok as long as she didn't do it anymore, or would the fact that there has been a dog inside of her too weird for you to date her?
definitely keep writing! And give your brother anal, he will love it and will make a great story.
>Should I write what happened yesterday? I mean, you guys don't believe so should I even bother?
Why would you care about a few nay-sayers? Post!

>how exactly would you feel/what would you do if you found out your girlfriend/wife had done it with her brother?
If I ever had any, I guess, I'd feel excited and jealous.
>Would you break up with her or would it just be weird?
Hard to say. If I was sure I'd always be the second one behind her bro, then maybe.
>same thing but with her dog
Sorry, but I'm strictly against it.

And remember to post the rest, pls.
No it isn't. It makes the writing more trash and less sophisticated, which is a good thing. Green text is junk food of literature. Furthermore, it mimics multimedia in text, especially if you are familiar with meme.

Nevermind, it would be to long to elaborate, and it wouldn't be easy to follow, and would subsequently lead to more misunderstanding. But I say only this much in this matter I do this for a living.

So please go on with your story. People are waiting for it. I'm sorry for my unnecessary interjection.
>ate eu acho que nao gostaria mm nada se o meu futuro marido tivesse comido a irma. seria sempre bue awkward qdo ele fosse visitar a familia sosinho ou uma cena assim. n sei, acho que sou bue ciumenta

epa awkward sim.. agora nojenta? há coisas tão piores para mim, tipo ter comido 40 gajos ou assim

anyway, continua a postar
Spent all day today at the beach with my family and tbh it wasn't weird at all. It was no different from how we acted a week ago, despite everything that happened. I'm pretty happy actually, and much more confident that this won't affect us much.
I deleted what I wrote yesterday cause I was a bit mad but later today I'll write it again and post it. I don't think you guys will like it though.

I'm not sure. I don't mind doing it with my brother, but I feel really bad that I promised my bf and he was really patient and supportive and now we broke up. I think I'm going to still lose it with my ex-bf

Now I'm curious, what do you exactly do for a living?
But yeah, I still have catholic values and still believe in some sort of god but I don't affiliate myself with the church at all.

>Sorry, but I'm strictly against it.
But would you be ok if she didn't do it anymore?

Se calhar nojenta n é bem a palavra certa, mas pronto tbm n interessa
>Should I write what happened yesterday?
Keep posting errday.

>how exactly would you feel/what would you do if you found out your girlfriend/wife had done it with her brother?
Would be pretty fucking hot. Likely break up as I'd be too jealous of that bond. How the fuck can you even compete with that?

>And the same thing but with her dog?
I knew a girl like this for a while. This would be pretty fucking weird at first, but if it really got her off, that's what'd matter. No fucking way would I share holes with the dog in the same session, though.
I'm a grad student currently working for a department of Practical Philosophy.

Of course you have Catholic values, but since in society bonds with church are loosening people disaffiliate. Gravitas. The burdens that come with it are to heavy for many people to carry, and so they do as you do. They seek possible joy elsewhere. Taking an individual point of view this is comprehensible.

Was I the cause for your madness? Then please accept my apology.

According the dog and the other guy: I think he thinks of something like defilement. Taking this concept serious there is no chance that such actions can be undone, even if they have been done long ago.

According to anal. The other guy meant that you should give your bro anal, and not receive anal from him. He would like you to have your brother's prostate massaged by you.
Ah! Now you understand where I'm coming from with the feeling of closeness.

It's obvious in my mind. I'm a straight guy, grew up with my bro, but am extremely jealous/protective when he picks girls up. Can't compete with a family bond with intimacy thrown in. Didn't understand how the brother-sister relationships described in this thread stopped/ended to begin with. My I Lu theory is guys being guys get bored and want different pussy, while it's more intimate/emotional for the girl.
Well, you don't have to compete. It's not like I'm going to cheat on someone with my brother, so there'd no reason to be jealous of him. I guess if you're the jealous type it'd be a problem, but then so would any ex-bfs.

Did she ever tell you how other people reacted to it? And how did she let you know?

I don't really understand what you mean but I was never really raised as a catholic. I was baptized, but that was it. Outside of weddings and such I only went to chuch once when I was young with my grandmother. I have my own spirituality though.

It wasn't madness, but I was a bit upset. No, I'm the one who's sorry for misunderstanding you.
Yeah. That's my biggest issue with doing it with my dog. I'm fine with my dog doing it with a person, I don't agree that it's rape like some people, dogs wants to do it, you don't even force it. But I do understand that once I do it it can't be undone, I'll always be someone who has fucked a dog, and for that reason I won't do it, for now at least.

Oh. I don't know about that. I mean, I see a lot of pegging threads and I do gay twink porn so I'm fine with male anal sex, but for some reason I don't see my brother like that. If he wants me to then I don't mind but it's not something that turns me on tbh.

I can only speak for myself but I see my brother more as a best friend with benefits than a boyfriend. I don't think I'm romanically attracted to him. At least if I try to picture a perfect family for me he's definitely not the one by my side.
Though tbh I've been thinking about going on holidays for a week somewhere far away and pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend, just to know how it'd be like. But I know that would be a really stupid thing to do.

I read your posts and I'm wondering, if you could go back and redo anything, what would you change? Did you make any mistakes or have any tips to give to those in a similar situation?
Hmm, the only thing I can think of is I wish we'd talked about it more. Not things like "what is our future together", but more about how we feel.

I mean we made stupid mistakes like taking risks where we could have easily been caught, but it went pretty well apart from that I think.
it is both amusing and worrying that you're such a moralfag. i fear for your sanity if you continue to feel this "bad" and conflicted
ninguém vai achar você nojenta AQUI. principalmente porque todos nós somos nojentos. isto aqui é 4chan, for fucks sake
e tem muito mais anão solto na sua cidade do que você pensa (a não ser que more numa comunidade cristã ou sei lá por isso que você tá tão preocupada)
you really gotta decide if you're gonna enjoy your bro's dick as something naughty and cool or "break away from evil doing". you sound like you're waiting us to scold you or anything. we're not like that, in this thread at least
don't mind me
That's good to know. Talking is something we do a lot, we have always talked about everything, so that's fine.
I know we're going to do something stupid eventually, but that can't be prevented.

I don't really feel conflicted, everything is fine according to my own morals. My problem is what will other people think. What if I get married and one day I tell my husband about this and he leaves me? I guess the easy way to prevent this is to nevertell anyone, but still, that's what I'm afraid of.

Anyway, I'm almost finished writing what happened yesterday so I'll start posting.

>wake up, go have breakfast
>half hour later
>"Sis, let's watch porn together."
>"Huh? Why?"
>"Come on it'll be fun."
>"No thanks, I'll pass."
>I don't like normal porn, I just like stuff from helix studios or x-art
>turn around, but he hugs me from behind
>"What if I ask you really nicely?"
>kisses me on the neck
>"Fine, if you want it so much."
>bro grabs me by the hand and takes me to the living room
>sit on the couch as he plugs his pen into the ps3
>"Is it like an entire movie or just random clips?"
>"You'll see."
>sits next to me, tells me to get onto his lap
>gives me a kiss on the cheek and puts an arm around me
>grabs the controller
>video starts
>seems like a random clip, definitely not a proper movie
>there's a girl at first
>she calls for her dog and starts kissing him
>"WTF? What are you thinking?! I'm not watching this!"
>I try to leave but he has his arms around me
>the girl is giving her dog a blowjob
>stop struggling and bro starts rubbing my pussy
>the dog cums in her mouth and she swallows
>"You're getting really wet sis, are you sure you're not enjoying this?"
>ignore him
>starts stripping me down and I take off his shorts and shirt
>try to take off bro's boxers
>"No sis, we're not doing that now"
>"You want to go down on me then?"
>"No, you'll see."
>He calls my dog
>"WTF? NO!"
Genetically, its Ok to bone 3rd or even 2nd cousins. according to wikipedia, third cousins shares only .781% of the same genes you have
As I said, I'm pretty sure you guys won't like this one

>my dog comes running down the stairs, tail wagging
>"No no no, please don't let him fuck me. please."
>"But you're so wet, at least see if he wants to lick you."
>"Of course he's going to lick me, don't let him."
>"Why are you so sure he'll lick you?"
>"He always tries to when I'm changing."
>my dog is sniffing my panties now, which are on the floor
>"So you tease him by getting naked in front of him?"
>"It's not teasing."
>"You teased me all these years, and when I got a gf you started teasing your dog instead. You even give him your panties like you did with me."
>"What? No!"
>"Why are you so wet anyway if you're so against this?"
>don't answer
>pushes me a bit to the edge of the couch, ass sticking out
>"Do you want him to lick you?"
>don't answer
>"Sis, I won't do anything until you say yes or no."
>"If you want him to lick me I don't mind.."
>"Yes or no?"
>"Yes.. but only licking!"
>he calls my dog again and pats my pussy twice
>my dog starts sniffing me
>I can feel his breath
>my dog starts licking me
>so humiliating
>he's licking all the way across my pussy, starting from the bottom and ending on my clit with every lick
>every stroke is strong enough to part my lips, and the pressure he puts on my clit with his tongue is amazing
>"Lil bro.."
>open my mouth to show him what I mean
>takes off his boxers and puts it in my mouth
>my dog is licking me while I'm licking my brother
>best oral I've ever gotten
>his tongue is a bit rough but it feels so good
Fuckin hot. Keep on writing. :)
That whore has titas the size of a planet.

I demand more.
we're adoring it. stop thinking we're gonna judge you and go on

>What if I get married and one day I tell my husband about this and he leaves me?
then he's a "faggot" and not the right guy for you
it will totally depend on the guy you choose to marry and spend your life with, if he's a "disgusting person" "like you" (notice the quotes) or not
I fapped my german sheppard a couple of times. Not sure if it counts itt.
lol it doesn't. this is the wincest thread
i don't think if /soc/ could handle a bestiality confession thread tho? it's worth a try

Holy crap! Are you female? If you are then email me: anonseverywhere@hotmail.co.uk

I don't think the thread will be eager for the stories but I sure as fuck would!


Are you contacting anyone from the thread? I loved this!
>raise my butt a bit and my dog starts licking my butthole too
>this feels really awesome
>after a while my pussy is getting too raw, but it feels so good
>try to push him away with my legs but he just tries even harder to stick his nose in
>take bro's cock out of my mouth
>"I can't take it any more, please make him stop."
>"You're his owner, not me."
>tell my dog to sit but he's ignoring me a bit, though that's normal
>after some persistance my dog finally sits
>there's still doggy porn on the tv
>get up, but bro pushes me down
>kisses me in the cheek and neck while rubbing me down there
>"Did you like it?"
>"Yeah, he's much better than you."
>bro pulls my ass up
>starts pounding me
>he's being pretty rough
>"So he's better than me?"
>"Yeah, a lot better."
>bro is even harsher, it's hurting a bit
>cums inside me, and then he takes it out and pushes me to the side
>I can see in his face that he's a upset with what I said
>"I was just joking, don't be like that."
>"I can tell he made you come."
>hug and kiss him on the cheek
>"But you did too. Stop being silly."
>we cuddle for a while and talk about stuff

>we went to the beach later that day
>when we come back home we start fooling around in my room
>mom gets home
>still not done, but we have to stop
>go take a shower and he pretends we just got home too

And that's it so far. Today we couldn't do anything since our parents were always with us. Tomorrow will most likely be the same, so if anything interesting happens it'll be on monday.

I know you're not judging, but this is more bestiality than incest.

Do they like handjobs? I don't think I'll do that, I might hurt him.
contacting? What do you mean?

and thanks, I'm glad the trouble I had writing this was worth it.
This is screenplay worthy.
damn. your bro is awesome

You know, like emailing/chatting independently of the thread!

Email me: NorthernIrishanonymous@gmail.com

If you want. Don't if you don't!
Again , the way it's in my mind the sibling bond would be too strong with intimacy thrown in. So any relationship with someone else would be just "filler" compared to the bro-sis relationship, and I would hate feeling like just "filler". I'd stay if I was just in it for the sex, but wouldn't have any plans on anything serious with her. I try to avoid being jealous. I know girls make their own decisions and my decision is I won't be with someone if there is anyone else in the picture. :^)

The girl with the dog, I was either the first or second person she'd told. She hadn't done anything if there was a first person. She told me during pillow talk while we talked about our fantasies. She had wanted to tell me and was a bit nervous, but she knew I wouldn't judge her.

That's odd. I've always considered my best friends as soulmates/another extension of myself, so intimacy and romance have seemed natural with bonds that deep. You could definitely go on a trip. "I want to travel, but I'm afraid of going alone. My bro and I will take care of each other if we go together". ;)
I am male. My dog was like a my bro. So I think it is wincest.
Poor little thing never had sex, so he seemed to love it. It was sort of weird, but I was helping out a bro.
Half sister is true incest... It's not like she's your step-sister.
You're married dude. That's fucked.
Ah, no. I don't think I need people to talk to, I just want to know what other people think or some advice from those with more experience.
I mean, I do like to tell, I'm terrible at keeping secrets to myself, so this is my way of being heard. But yeah, I don't need to chat.

Even after they stopped being intimate?

That's really weird, I don't even understand what you mean by that but I've never seen my best friends as romantic partners, both boys and girls. I've actually lost my virginity with my best friend, and we fooled around for some time, but I've never thought of him as my boyfriend or anything. I don't know, maybe I'm the weird.

From what my vet said we shouldn't neuter our dogs until they're 2 but even after that if we don't neuter there's no problem and no frustration unless he's close to a female dog. At least their father, our older dog, never seemed frustrated.
wait so your dad is fucking his sister?
Btw, I have 2 questions and maybe someone can help

Does anyone know about a forum or something for animal "lovers"? I'd really like to know about other people's lives after they do it with their dogs. Not exactly about their "love" stories but more about how it affects their lives and relationships.

And my brother's load is a bit weak. I mean, each day's first is somewhat decent, but after that not much comes out and they're really clear too instead of white. I assume this is normal, but is there anything he can do to have bigger loads?
eu vim-me duas vezes a ler a tua historia, foi awesome! de onde é que és?
for bigger loads.

Egg whites, L-Arginine, Zinc, lots of water.

and the for big loads try edging him. Like let him get close but not orgasm and repeat for about 30 minutes and when he finally cums it will be a much larger load and a stronger orgasm.
a sério? wtf. ha tantas cenas na net lol nem sei o que dizer

Epah, sou da zona de lisboa, mas mais não digo.

I guess I can try to get him to drink more water, and maybe even egg whites, but the other weird stuff is a bit too much. There's no way I'll tell him I want him to have bigger loads.

And if I do that won't the next load be smaller? Or will that "increase production"?
It doesn't matter that your older. Your brother is totally manipulative. The point is that the person being manipulated is meant to think everything is their fault. He's actually abusive too but it seems like you're into that and it's not my life
eu sou do algarve... achas estranho que eu me tenha masturbado com as tuas historias? e importas-te em dizer a tua idade e a do teu irmão?
He's not manipulative, he never made me do anything I didn't want. And everytime we talk he always puts all the responsibility on him even though I keep telling him it should be on me. And there's no way he's abusive, he may be a bit rough but he's always really sweet and always makes sure I'm ok. Why do you guys keep saying that stuff? He's really really sweet.

Eu tenho 19 e ele 17, mas isso ja tinha dito na outra thread >>19841284

Epah, eu tenho consciencia dessa possibiliade, mas nao tava à espera que me dissessem isso assim. É estranho
if you just push him to the edge of orgasm, but don't let him cum several times once he finally gets to release the load will be much bigger and more forceful, also more pleasurable. He'll thank you for it.
Eu só fiquei tão "turned on" porque eu já fiz umas cenas com a minha irmã então, pronto... Gostei das historias!
You're fucking retarded.

Being sexually dominant and being abusive are too different things.
Even so, how the hell do I know when to stop? I can tell more or less if he's closer or not, but there's no way I can just stop him at the edge

fico feliz entao, nao perdi tanto tempo a escrever pa nada
make him tell you when hes about to cum.

another good way to do it are handjobs, you're gonna eventually be able to feel when hes about to come, the base of his shaft will start pulsing. listen for his breathing.
>make him tell you when hes about to cum.
yeah, nvm, I'm stupid.

Well, I've only had 2 best friends/soulmates/people I've been IN love with. Both moved and I believe in letting nature/fate takes it's course, and not forcing things. Other friends I don't have the same craving or bond with. I may love them and sex may be involved, but I don't see them as an extension of myself. Same with the 'dog-girl'. You're not weird, we just have different ways of looking at the world.

Also, your brother seems pretty dominant. I think it was pretty stupid of you to compare him to the dog. You can't compare people to X and embarrass them about it, unless they're into humiliation (which is a submissive trait). Humiliating, even playfully, someone who isn't into it will make them jealous and resentful. Don't ever compare him again, instead tell him what you like that he does the dog can't do.
Doktor, turn off my pain inhibitors...
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>used to be close sisters
>i'm the younger
>were into the whole physical affection thing in our teens
>would cuddle
>watch movies together
>hang out
>now its like nine years later
>and she lives elsewhere and is engaged
>window for spooning is long since dead
>i'm cold

please please please have more
it'd be hotter if she pegged you instead
Nunca te lamberam o cu?

E estás surpresa com o que exatamente? É obvio que tens gente vais bater umas a ler isto, como se nunca tivesses feito o mesmo. E não tens de contar nada a ninguém. Eu tive com a minha prima e ninguém sabe de nada, como tu dizes, em portugal isso é comum, alis em comum em todo o lado, se conheceres alguém bem o suficience eles dizem que fizeram X com alguém de familia. O facto de viveres com ele é que é mau, a novidade vai passar, por isso aproveita.
>But would you be ok if she didn't do it anymore?
Hard to say. I'd definitely encourage her to not do it anymore, but what happened happened I guess.
And something about how people come and go but fetishes tend to stay with you.
I don't really understand that. I've never seen someone as my soul mate or as an extension of myself, but maybe I've just never been in love.

Yeah, we talked about it after and even though he never admitted to being hurt I know he was. But tbh I liked the feeling. It was like he was fucking me out of hate. So I can't really promise I'm not going to say stuff like that again, he just needs to not take things so seriously.
And he's always trying to make me say humiliatiing things, it's only fair he gets the other end of the stick once in a while.

Por acaso não. Mas isso é uma coisa normal?

Não é surpresa, é apenas um bocado estranho, mas pronto. Eu sei que não tenho de dizer nada a ninguem mas eu gosto de não ter de esconder coisas.

Well, if she did then it'd be cheating, it wouldn't really matter who it was with. But I don't see it as a fetish at all, I don't fantasize about my cousins or parents or anyone else in the family, it's just my brother. The dog thing is a fetish, the using my mouth thing is a fetish too, but I don't think I have an incest fetish.

Anyway, cya. Off to the beach.
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Sorry I haven't been on for while I apologize.

Anyway, we fucked last night and I came in her pussy balls deep. I;m starting to think we can keep this up this fucking up until we get married, we fuck each other when our SO's are out of the city or something
can I touch your urethral?

That's a real shame, anon. I'm of the belief that between consenting adults, sexual incestuous relationships can be perfectly functional. The only problem is that when they end its not just like going the other way with your SO, it's potentially destroying a relationship with your brother or sister and that's much worse.

kinda good you were estranged with each other then, she's just another bitch you fucked and can fondly remember it

You fucking your cousin two days before his wedding is fucking hot - details please. Also why do you think your family suspects?
Lamber cus. Ya. Ou como beijar alguém depois de um broche ou depois de uma gajo de ter lambido. Isso para mim sempre foi banal, e são raras as gajas que não gostam.

E esconder o que? Mas contas tudo a alguém? É obivo que não podes andar por ai a contar tudo o que seja a todo o pessoal. Contas tudo o que fazes na cama às tuas amigas?
>The dog thing is a fetish
I thought we were talking about the dog thing.
which part of the phil are u guys? manila?
The thing with the church is that even if you don't go there and are not interested in it you are, nevertheless, influenced by it. These influences come from society and tradition, but they aren't necessarily obvious. It's sometimes very subtle. That's independent from your own spirituality. You can call it a framework in which you are embedded. You can compare it to your nationality or your language. You mentioned that your story sounds weired in English, because you are embedded in another language framework.

I wouldn't start with pegging. Next time if you want to finish him and go down on him, insert one or two fingers in his asshole and massage his prostate. Check wikipedia if you don't know where it's placed.
yeah why?
just curious..damn u have a hot sister no plans on sharing her?
was thinking of whoring her out?

but im kinda giving it second thoughts
yea give me a heads up email me vincentbrooke0@gmail.com
Totally super late into rhis thread, but why the fuck not. This is a confession thread right?
Mae and Marie come to mind...
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So I'm pretty sure I'm in love with my cousin, and I have been for nearly all of our childhood. We did things when we were younger...but never anything serious. We would touch eachother or dry hump but never went all the way. Recently I have been dreaming about him and thinking about him none stop. I really want to go tto him when his girlfriwnd is away and pick up where we left off and fuck his brains out! I've been visiting him at their new place more frequently and my desires are becoming stronger....