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Has anyone here dropped out/failed college...
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Has anyone here dropped out/failed college and then came back later and succeeded?
Yeah, I dropped out of college and joined the military. Now I get like 74k/yr accounting for the benefits and all for doing almost nothing and I'm in charge of almost 24 other people. I command them to do busywork some other asshole told me to tell them to do.
Okay, I'm done. I need the truth. In just this week I have seen like 3 posts of people saying that they went to the army and then went to college for free and now live the easy life.

What the fuck? Are you the one who has this experience and you are just posting it over and over again? Are there actually a bunch of military 20 something fags here in 4chan?

Or is it as I suspect, that the US government has started recruiting in 4chan. If this is true then m8, the kind of soldiers you will get from here will need a lot of training before you get them to do anything.

Initially, you will have to train them not to stare at their commanders fat cock.
i was an arrogant faggot and tried to get a physics degree as quickly as possible but realized i was being stupid too late and failed out. Now I'm studying information science and CS and am doing much better. It's probably not what you were looking for but I think my mistake can be valuable to learn from.
>I was studying a real degree
>Realized I was a dumbfuck
>Downgraded to a dumbfuck-tier degree

I would be happy for these kind of stories but unfortunately I ended up working in software so all of you underachieving faggots end up being my direct competition. PLEASE STOP OVERCROWDING THE MARKET JUST TOP. GO BACK TO YOUR PHYSICS OR WHATEVER JUST STOOOOOOP.
Nah, man. I'm 30 years old with a wife and kids and shit.

The military kinda sucks, it takes adapting to, 12 hours of the workweek, I'm at work in some capacity. I wake up at 5am for my commute, I come home around 6pm. That said, it takes minimal effort on my part to hold down this job.

I fucking hate this life, but I've been doing it too long now to do anything else. Cvilian mployers want 57 year old fellow babyboomers to employ, for the kind of work I can do in the civie side.

I feel sorry for you faggots that are in debt with some worthless degree you pursued out of interest in the subject and not out of a goal to get a job. You faggots got hornswoggled harder than any number of amputee Iraq war vets combined. Those faggots will collect $3k a month forever just to stay out of society. You fags will pay money for the credentials you earned that are not worth anything.
Holy fuck man that sudden change of tone.

>Full sob story about the hard life in the military
>I feel sorry for you faggots!

Fucks sake man. You sure you are not an edgy 15 year old girl who just got dumped?

>Not even in the US
>Not even in debt
>Not even charged for my education
>Not even expected to be a military grunt for this benefit

Also, if you pursue an interest that will not directly lead to a job then you are retarded.

For example, I study mathematics. I'm already getting the benefits.
I can imagine that you take education way more serious and bring more discpline along the way after dropping out. You see a real purpose in what you are doing. I got these guys in my classes which are 27-30+ years old and they are on top of almost every class. I just can explain it that they really take this all a bit more serious than the other ones.
>I want to artificially limit competition because I'm not in the 99.9% percentile of IQ/problem-solving ability naturally
now who's the dumbfuck with the meme degree
>Bringing in the IQ meme

Anyways, 131 IQ confirmed by shitty online test.

What I am saying is true. This industry is getting to crowded and at one point, people hiring will care less about who's the best and more about who will accept the least pay.

With tools getting better and even higher languages being developed, CS people are at an advantage because they are born naturally retarded. They are comfortable with being paid shit because they know they are shit.

That is something I can't do. I can't simply devalue myself to the level of a monkey like CS people so happily do.

My best efforts are now into getting a way to get into another industry earning at least as much as I do here. I may do a masters so that I don't have to beg too much.
I dropped out and bummed around my house for a year because of a combination of poorly treated mental illness and laziness.
I'm 3 years into a bachelor's of math now.

If you go back with an attitude that you're just going to fucking do it, you'll do it.

College is only hard for shithead kids who think a few hours a day of work is unreasonable.
Man, I never said it was 'hard' I think it just 'sucks'. I mean, it's not all bad and it's not that great either. It is what it is. I'm pretty sure I'm not an edgy 15 year old girl, but my daughter probably will be despite any attempt at conditioning her otherwise.

But yeah, if you got into debt and owe money to lending institutions not even publicly traded to get a set of credentials ( a fucking sheet of paper that says you don't suck enough at it to get washed out) that leads you to no fucking job opportunities, you're a fucking delusional faggot and I'm gonna laugh at you. That's just how life works.

I swear, I know most of you faggots are intelligent enough to do great things, but a liberal general-education isn't what you want. You fags would be better off learning a trade like computer programming, welding, civil engineering, soldiering, or armored car driver where you get treated like a professional but don't actually have to be personable, intelligent or good-looking or have broad fields of knowledge to excel in.

With all the Jew-conspiracy memes around you fuckers sure sacrifice a lot of money and time on obtaining degrees that are literally worth nothing.
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