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I've applied for a computer science...
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I've applied for a computer science degree and got offers but I don't really know what I should be looking for within the course structure that makes it a good course. Could someone help me out?
If the CS program doesn't look like the following then it's shit

>Fall 1
Calculus I
Intro to Proofs and Abstract Mathematics
Physics I
Chem I
Intro to Programming
Technical Writing

>Spring 1
Calculus II
Matrix Algebra
Physics II
Chem II
Digital Logic and Automata
Data Structures
Problem Solving and Heuristic (Seminar)

>Fall 2
Vector Calculus
Probability and Statistics I
Combinatorics and Graph Theory I
Physics III
Circuit Analysis I
Computer Architecture
Unix and Shell Development (Seminar)

>Spring 2
Ordinary Differential Equations
Complex Variables
Circuit Analysis II
Parallel, Distributed, and GPU Programming
Operating Systems
Algorithm I
Debugging and Source Control (Seminar)

>Fall 3
Numerical Analysis I
Real Analysis
Mathematical Logic
Combinatorics and Graph Theory II
Electronics I
Programming Languages and Compilers I
Documentation (Seminar)

>Spring 3
Numerical Analysis II
Fourier Analysis
Electronics II
Algorithm II
Computability and Complexity Theory
Compilers II
Database Theory (Seminar)

>Summer 3-4

>Fall 4
Abstract Algebra I
College Geometry
Applied Analysis and Engineering Mathematics
Signals and Systems Analysis
Internet and Networks Technology
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Advanced Topics in Complexity Theory (Seminar)

>Spring 4
Abstract Algebra II
Probability and Statistics II
Information and Coding Theory
Digital Signal Processing
FPGAs, Microcontrollers and Driver Development
Computer Graphics and Image Processing
Game Engines and Advanced Faggotry (Seminar)

>Summer 4-5

>Fall 5
Classical Number Theory
Communication Systems
Computer Vision and Robotics
Digital System Design
Software Engineering Essentials
Professionalism, Ethics, and Conduct (Seminar)

>Spring 5
Probabilistic and Approximation Algorithms
Linear Programming and Optimization
Quantum Computing
Computer Security and Cryptography
Senior Project
Personal Grooming and Hygiene (Seminar)
I choose to believe this is a joke
Well...it's copy-pasta, but the original poster was dead serious.
I would actually take CS majors seriously if they still had to do this much math.
Delete Physics and Chem and it's perfect.
>Personal Grooming and Hygiene (Seminar)

I lost, well played.
Would EE/CE look similar to this?
Programme Year One

Compulsory modules

Introduction To Programming In Java (COMP101) Show
Introduction To Databases (COMP102) Show
Computer Systems (COMP103) Show
Operating System Concepts (COMP104) Show
Human-centric Computing (COMP106) Show
Algorithmic Foundations (COMP108) Show
Professional Skills In Computer Science (COMP110) Show
Logic In Computer Science (COMP118) Show

Programme Year Two

Compulsory modules

Software Engineering I (COMP201) Show
Complexity of Algorithms (COMP202) Show
Database Development (COMP207) Show
Group Software Project (COMP208) Show
Advanced Object-oriented Programming (COMP213) Show
Decision, Computation and Language (COMP218) Show
Artificial Intelligence (COMP219) Show

Optional modules

Principles of C and Memory Management (COMP281) Show
Advanced Object Oriented C Languages (COMP282) Show
Applied Database Management (COMP283) Show
Scripting Languages (COMP284) Show
Computer Aided Software Development (COMP285) Show

Programme Year Three

Semantics of Programming Languages (COMP317) Show
Honours Year Computer Science Project (COMP390) Show

Optional modules

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (COMP304) Show
Biocomputation (COMP305) Show
Multi-agent Systems (COMP310) Show
formal Methods (COMP313) Show
Technologies for E-commerce (COMP315) Show
Ontology Languages and Their Applications (COMP321) Show
Introduction To Computational Game Theory (COMP323) Show
Complex Information and Social Networks (COMP324) Show
Computational Game Theory and Mechanism Design (COMP326) Show
Mobile Computing (COMP327) Show
Robotics and Autonomous Systems (COMP329) Show
How is this?
> Introduction To Programming In Java (COMP101) Show


> Introduction To Databases (COMP102) Show


> Human-centric Computing (COMP106) Show


> Professional Skills In Computer Science (COMP110) Show


> Software Engineering I (COMP201) Show


> Database Development (COMP207) Show


> Group Software Project (COMP208) Show


> Advanced Object-oriented Programming (COMP213) Show


> Advanced Object Oriented C Languages (COMP282) Show


> Applied Database Management (COMP283) Show


> Scripting Languages (COMP284) Show


> Computer Aided Software Development (COMP285) Show


> Biocomputation (COMP305) Show


> Multi-agent Systems (COMP310) Show

What year is this, 1980? Shit

> Technologies for E-commerce (COMP315) Show


> Complex Information and Social Networks (COMP324) Show


> Mobile Computing (COMP327) Show

what about this
Core Modules

CS118 Programming for Computer Scientists
CS126 Design of Information Structures
CS130 Mathematics for Computer Scientists I
CS131 Mathematics for Computer Scientists II
CS132 Computer Organisation and Architecture
CS133 Professional Skills

Optional Modules

CS139 Web Development Technologies
CS140 Computer Security
IB104 Mathematical Programming I
PH121 Issues in Philosophy
PH123 Elements of Scientific Method

Core Modules

CS241 Operating Systems and Computer Networks
CS258 Database Systems
CS259 Formal Languages
CS260 Algorithms
CS261 Software Engineering
CS262 Logic and Verification

Optional Modules - List A

CS249 Digital Communications and Signal Processing
CS254 Algorithmic Graph Theory
CS255 Artificial Intelligence
CS256 Functional Programming
CS257 Advanced Computer Architecture

Optional Modules - List B

EC204 Economics
EC220 Mathematical Economics Ia
EC221 Mathematical Economics Ib
IB207 Mathematical Programming II
IB211 Simulation
IB242 Digital Business and Workplace Technologies
MA228 Numerical Analysis
MA241 Combinatorics
PH253 Philosophy of Mind

Core Module
Examined/ Assessed
CS310 Computer Science Project
Optional Modules - List A

CS301 Complexity of Algorithms
CS313 Mobile Robotics
CS324 Computer Graphics
CS325 Compiler Design
CS331 Neural Computing
CS341 Advanced Topics in Algorithms
CS342 Machine Learning
CS345 Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications
CS346 Advanced Databases
CS347 Fault-Tolerant Systems
CS348 Social Informatics
CS349 Principles of Programming Languages
Optional Modules - List B

IB242 Digital Business and Workplace Technologies
IB313 Business Studies I (Value Based Management)
IB314 Business Studies II (Management of Change)
IB3A7 The Practice of Operational Research
IB320 Simulation
IB349 Operational Research in Strategic Planning
IB352 Mathematical Programming III
this desu... I've never seen so much shit crammed together, and I'm in CS
The problem is that I'm only predicted a C in Maths but an A in both my other subjects so all the universities I'm applying for don't require a high grade in Maths and are therefor not as Math orientated. I'm probably going to get an A in all three of my subjects so I can try to get into a better university but there's no guaranteeing it. Do you think employers will really look into what is involved in the course? The modules I posted are for Liverpool University which isn't a shit university and the entry requirements are still AAB
I'm going for Maths at Imperial and was predicted a bullshit B1 in maths (from Ireland) when I've had the entire course covered since before the MAT (in November)
Cant wait to get out of this shitty third world country.
>PH253 Philosophy of Mind
My predictions so far are AAABB and not only did my maths teacher predict a B, my physics teacher refused to predict before Christmas break and have kept putting it off so the application isnt even going in until tomorrow.
Fuck this place
Tfw somehow have an interview at manchester soon despite getting shit grades first year
5 A-Levels? You're set m8 I bet they'll practically be sucking your dick
If you didn't take that whole first semester in high school then you're more useful committing sepuku
What did you get and what are you predicted?
Got BBC first year and their site says you need AAA for entry. On my application I was predicted ABB then on our end of term report thing I was predicted AAA, idk why my teachers didn't put the better prediction on the application considering I sent it about a week before the reports
Was the A in Maths?
Its Ireland, I'm taking 7 but one is what we call "ordinary level" which is retard tier because Unis here only count 6 so people generally take retard tier in something to ease the work load.
Its AAABB before the physics grade, and I hope you're right, people always say "you'll be set, fucking 7 subjects?" but over here this is the norm so its strange to hear that.
academic CS:
>discrete math (set and graph theory)
>linear algebra
>Data structures
>algorithm analysis

if you want to study codemonkeying
>any class that has the name of a specific technology in the course name for any purpose beyond clarification
>>ie "Data Structures in C++" is ok, "Programming in C++" is not
>any class with the word enterprise in the course name

basically go tour the campus, if there are more brown undergrads than white, the CS degree is a worthless codemonkey degree.
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>classes for old people and people learning to use the internet for the first time
If you want to know if your CS program is good, look at the course requirements for the top rated CS programs, e.g. Univ of Washington, University of Waterloo, CMU, Univ. of Michigan, etc. These are institutions that Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. directly recruit graduates from.

Doesn't Imperial list having an A* in both maths and further maths as being minimum entry requirements?
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