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Hello, I am a Reptilian. My species controls...
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Hello, I am a Reptilian. My species controls most of NASA, the U.S. Government, and Freemasonry. The main job of the Reptilians in power is to deceive the public into thinking the Earth is round, and a bunch of other stuff. But other than that, lots of us are pretty cool and normal people (other than the fact that we can shape-shift).

TLDR: I am a Reptilian, AMA!
The first time someone tried to explain to me the whole lizard people conspiracy I think I laughed for like an hour straight
lol meanie
can u make me rich plz
What did you do to David Icke? Why does he hate you guys so much?
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Lol, most "conspiracy" people like David Icke are actually aligned with the reptilians themselves - Controlled Opposition. They purposely want to make it seem really crazy, fringe, and shit. That's the real "conspiracy".

But nah, if you actually open your eyes, use common sense, and look around reptilians are everywhere, its not that hard to notice.
It's absurd
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Just want to add to my last post, I think us Reptilians are doing lots of positive work for society, and humanity would be lost without them.

For example: Reptilians lie and tell humans there is endless "empty space" around the Earth's "globe". But the truth is, the Earth is flat, and there is no empty space out there. The universe is filled to the brim with shit. But if humanity knew what was truly beyond the flat Earth, there would be mass-suicides. Humans are such that they function better when delusion-ed.
I noticed those dubs tbh fam
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Its an anonymous meme forum dude, so I don't think so. But in person sure, I have connections.

The picture I attached can technically be used to become rich if you analyze it well enough, by the way.
wow such trips
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I'm on to you, you snake in the grass
Reptilians control the dubconomy

Struggling to find dubs? That's because most of them are stolen by these cold-blooded shapeshifters

What are they doing with all those dubs?!

This guy knows
I thot reptilian life's matter two
Rules of life

1. Memes Are dank and will always be dank
2. Keking is dank
3. Using the word dank is dank
4. Using the word dank is not dank
5. /b/ is not for neets
6. /b/ is for intellectuals
7. The movie The Matrix is based on true events
8. Allah is one true god
9. Allah ackbar
10. General snackbar was lying
11. true love is lollita
12. true love is colorful
13. true love is anime
14. pedos are fags
15. ponies are fags (but better than pedos)
16. Pedos need to learn to stay in their own department
17. You can NOT for whatver reason stump THE trump
20. :(
21. Banana is funny
22. Nazi did nothing wrong
23. Hitler did something wrong
24. He had a terrible hair cut
25. asdf
26. ,youjdbgsnh
27. Fuck are we at fifty yet?
28. NO? What the fuck
29. okay, I'll keep going
30. /shit/ is true /b/
31. Check em
32. Bateman is not cancer
33. I just realized "bateman" "batman"
34. get it? cause christian bale played both characters
35. This list is cancerous
36. Andy Warhol art is kinda cool
37. The kreb is cancerous
38. Where would you be without chan boards
39. You're nothing without chan boards
40. OP is not a fag
41. You're a fag
42. At least op tried
43. Except when he's shit
44. In which case op deserves to lick an anal prolapse
45. XxxBl4z31t420xxX fucked your mom
46. Including me
47. God Save the queen
48. 1 penny is worth more than you are
49. fucking a member of your family is the ultimate win
50. ____ lied I cried and people died

Your fortune: Average Luck
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I don't even know what dubs are, dude. And the guy in the pic is not even a reptilian, lol. The reptilians in high power are masters at hiding it, and since they control the live TV broadcasts, they can just quickly edit it out if anything does happen.
>I don't even know what dubs are
what are you?
Have you got any evidence of reptilians?
Best place to find reptilians is not on TV, but just around your friends and family. They can't hide it as well as the masters can - look for a sudden unnatural change in appearance and behavior. You'll know it when you see it.
You are not funny
the native extension has filters for a reason
File: 020.jpg (240 KB, 1280x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fortunately for humans, there is little direct evidence for us in the physical world. There is indirect evidence, like Freemasonry, a vague organization which almost all politicians and rich guys are part of (even Obama...), and then you can get into the various deceptions on humanity like the moon landing, holocaust, united nations, bilderberg, et cetera. But "conspiracy theorists" who pretend to be stupid have made this information seem "stupid" as well. It's probably all for the better in the end.

I'm also a bit of a wizard though, and I'll tell you how you can find some DIRECT evidence. Go to the astral plane (Astral projection, any human can do it). Look for a place called the "library of records" or anything similar. You can find the firsthand evidence for all reptilians there.
Cool, so I'm going to start saying that there's actually rabbit people and those people are above you and they control the lizard people but there's no evidence of this because they're super fucking smart and have technology from aliens dude
I don't want to argue with you man, maybe you're right. All I know is that I, myself, am a reptilian who pretends to be a normal human.
woah that's interesting, I have tried lucid dreaming but it never worked.

My mum reckons she was visited by strange snake like beings right before my conception and that she didn't actually have sex with my dad. Is it possible that I'm a reptilian and just don't know it?
astral projecting to you now, hang tight
What is it?
Please, translate this into our new language.

File: 1452290813980.gif (2 MB, 250x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 250x256
File: 1451178333013-2.png (698 KB, 1255x1103) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There's a high chance that you are part-reptilian. Do you ever feel like there is something "else" in your brain which has no empathy or softness? Do you get dizzy and "overheated" often? Do you get otherworldly dreams and visions?

You need at least 40%-50% reptilian DNA to shapeshift - I know some who can almost turn into a reptile if provoked.

But please, do your own research and be careful about revealing your reptilian DNA to people. There are Hunters and groups eager to perform tests/experiments on people like you.

Its similar to basic project management/product development. The development chain is depicted with several feedback arrows pointing at an earlier stage for optimization reasons.
This pic shows a loop process of leeching money from a seemingly balanced economic system. You know, like the capitalist elite pushing money wherever they want and still get profit out of it. These strategies have been invented by us, the Reptilians - financial masters.
File: 1451178333012-1.png (2 MB, 1617x1026) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1617x1026
Going to post a few more pics. Most international organizations like the United Nations, Club of Rome, etc are Reptilian-controlled. Reptilians benefit most from a globalized world.
File: 1451178333013-3.png (927 KB, 792x946) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
927 KB, 792x946
Classified info.
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