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(Realistic) What you want in a gf
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>at least average looking
>good cook who likes to cook
>likes to clean
>happy with a relatively plebeian standard of living
>will satisfy every sexual demand without being too slutty about things

This doesn't seem like too much to ask for
to bad modern western women arent like that anymore, and the few that are like that are already in relashonships
That is actually a fuckton to ask for
Just average looks and being able to sleep away from her without having to wonder if I'm getting cheated on that night
Not trolling this is genuinely what I look for.
How so?

I'm capable of those few easy things so there's no problem in asking for a gf of such stature
>about equal in looks to me
>not extremely fat, fit, or skinny
>similar interests to me (nerd shit, sports, and nature/history)
>honest and willing to communicate her thoughts and feelings
I'm doomed.
>can cook
>can clean
>cute looking
>likes to be physically and verbally abused
>will never ever refuse any sexual action with me
>cuts off all her male contacts so I can control her completely
>cuts off her female friends as well
>Has a fucking job

Even your momee and your mommy's mommy didn't "like" doing those things.
>average looking
>between 20 and 28
>not extremely fat (neither am I btw)
>not a complete normie but also not mentally ill
>not an SJW or feminist

It isn't really that much to ask for but in our case it probably is.
>actually wants the relationship
>somewhat attractive (I'm not picky)
>matches my personality well
>doesn't mind getting cuddly
>6/10 looks
>thinnish, don't really care bout tit size
>nurturing, funny, kind of sad but not in a miserable way,but the kind of sadness that can be shared and alleviated in a good relationship
> I Just want her to love me
a western girl that isnt a massive degenerate money hungry whore that lives for her vagina and has no real interests, hobbies, dreams or ambitions
>Average looking at least
>Dress well, not showing her skin...
>None or only a little of makeup
>Flexible (I'm flexible too)
>Never had any sexual experience
>Believe on one of the Abrahamic religions
>Be my best friend

>Not materialistic
>Not shallow or focusing on looks
>Doesn't follow trends
>be alive or at least has been in the last 24 hours
apexkek, nice dubs btw senpai
>be at least as intelligent as I am, I hate talking down to people
>have an actual interest in science that isn't the meme factoid bullshit that most people talk about
>be willing to entertain opposing viewpoints even if they are wrong
>Works out with me
>Be fucking female
>Can be chubby but not hamplanet status
>Interested in nerd hobbies
>not a feminist/sjw
>around my age
>6.5/10+ face
>7/10+ body
>not white trash
>no stupid hobbies
>doesn't believe in horoscopes , ghosts fairies ect
>relatively innocent/ kept in
>not judgemental
>affectionate but not too overbearing
>self respect
>decent hygiene
>can enjoy hobbies with
>keep off my money

Pretty much it. Meaning it's never gonna happen.
>not obese
>completely faithful
>actually wants to be with me

How can something so simple be so difficult to find? i feel i've set my standards to what should be relative mediocrity and yet i'm still alone. It's probably the last two that are catching me out the most
If we're being brutally honest...

>Intelligent, not much more than me or I might get intimidated
>Has her own passions and is perfectly capable of having fun without me (I can't want her if she needs me too much)
>Organised mind (I have the opposite so I need the assistance)
>Enjoys sex as much as I do, I lose interest if they're just doing it to please me
>Has a nice face/smile
>not ugly
>good hygiene
>not stupid
>likes me
>has at least 1 similar interest with me
>willing to be the dominant one in the relationship
>I'm capable of those few easy things

yeah no shit, now think about your mom not being there, and you will have to do those over and over until you get so tired of it that you just say fuck it all
So to recap:

about 99% of us want some above average looking/attractive doormat
>girl who laughs at my shit jokes
>is alright looking
>has morals and doesn't follow stupid trends she sees on the internets
>we both of have the same interests
>is best friend material with girlfriend benefits

This is what I want. Looks aren't even that big of a factor to me.
>Genuinely likes to be around me
>Can handle the bantz
>Intelligent and has a job, or can find one
>Likes getting eaten out
>Similar interests are a plus
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>8-12 yo
>virgin obviously
>will stay at home all day with me and play games
>will not age
>preferably 2d and will also transport me into the 2d world
>will never leave me or lust over another person

Cooking is so easy high school dropouts do it for a living, and if you have reasonable personal hygiene, you hardly ever have to clean.
This is why I don't feel bad for you guys or think of you as brothers in feels
>not fat (i'm not fat either)
height doesn't matter but since i'm a manlet im fucked regardless of who they are
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>every post involves some sort of obedient good looking women that shares your hobby

>high school dropouts

No, it's actually middle aged Mexicans and white drug addicts. Nobody trusts kids to cook anywhere except fast food and that is LITERALLY just heating up some tendies
>okay looking (im not that picky, my past gf was ugly by most peoples' standards but I wasn't phased)
>Have decent, in depth conversations with, and also appreciates my humor.
>not mentally ill
>fine with physical contact
I don't even think that is much to ask for, like at all. This is coming from an ugly 4/10 with weight issues though.

And to paraphrase: cooking real food incorrectly can kill people or make them very expensively sick.
what op said; except
>happy with a relatively plebeian standard of living
nah son am working hard cause i wanna live like a king and spoil myself and my queen
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>Pretty enough
>Acts feminine
>Isn't a bitch or a slut
>Isn't fat

That's it. I can get past philosophical and political differences. If she's religious I don't care. So long as we get along and she accepts that we might not agree on some things too I'm okay with that. She just has to be pretty (to me, and I find a fair amount of women pretty so long as they aren't uncleanly and fat) and be feminine. So many fucking women at my work pull this "haha I'm not very girly XD" shit and its so unattractive. Be a fucking woman please. Don't act like a man. Why. Why. Why do they think that shit is good.

I'd also like for her to not be a slut that flirts with every guy and is incredibly sexual. My sex drive isn't incredibly high so I'm not going to satisfy a nympho.

Is that too much to ask for? A nice girl that keeps herself up and gets along with me?

I've had multiple chances to get a girl like that and I fucked them all up. There's one I'm still not over. Pic related.
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I don't have some strange archetype by which I filter out the females I meet as potential romantic interests. If I begin to like someone I take it from there. This thread is potent evidence of the amount of autism saturating this board.
What's wrong with standards?

What's the point of a relationship if you're worse off than not being in one? Faggot
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>sex robot
When AI female robot is a thing I will buy it no matter the cost
>customisation (breast or butt size or even iq)
>won't cheat on you
>never complain about you
>download skills into her hard drive
>you can kill her if you want
>Cute looking
>doesn't constantly need my support for her issues
>not a drama whore
>has sex with me
>shares some interests with me
>likes good music, or admits her music tastes are poor
>fine with my bisexuality
>can argue her point well
>cute personality
>like's to lean on me

Honestly the girls i get with are usually a little needy, I guess i kinda like that. I also like girls who are kinda motherly (as in they make sure im dressed well, and consul me in shitty situations. In conclusion I like girls who need me, but then also are there for me. You can already see my psychological problems.
Nothing at all, except those standards will make sure that you are never going to have a relationship if the r9k poster stereotype fits you. Plus, you are still going to have problem with not having a relationship.
>anywhere between 4 - 6 /10
>height between 4'11 - 5'4
>slightly chubby
>small breasts, nothing over b cup
>genuinely likes anime and not fotm shit like sao and opm
>genuinely likes vidya and not casual shit like lol and zelda
>be introverted and not like going out very often
>high sex drive without being a cheating slut (this is probably asking too much)

i think that covers it, traditional stuff like cooking and cleaning no longer exists in western women and i'm used to doing those things myself anyway
>except those standards will make sure that you are never going to have a relationship
You don't think I know that?

I'm going to die alone because there's nobody good enough for me and I'm not good enough for anybody.

In other words, any girl I could attract isn't one I would prefer to be in a relationship with rather than be alone and I can't just delude myself like normalfags into settling for less just to touch a vagina.
>average looks, as long as she ages well, isn't over weight and has long hair (ideally black or dark brown)
>nice voice, this is a must.
>Thinks before she speaks, knows what she doesn't know, generally well adjusted to her place in the world
>Virgin and faithful, a must obviously
>Shares my fetishes

I hope that's not too much to ask for.
You can pay for hookers tho if you don't want a relationship.

You are being way too tsundere mate, own your shit.
Sex is near the bottom of the list of my desires, you fucking anal retard
I'm not the one throwing insults around mate.

Nice knowing about your asexuality if that makes feel special.
Maybe people insult you because you're stupid, stupid

>le original comment maymay
>not significantly or disproportionately overweight
>reasonable hygiene
>not a vapid, narcissistic, constantly selfie taking normie
>get's along with me
>helps me want to do things but not overly pushy
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>Don't really care about looks. Concerned about weight and will try to get you to slim down if you are an unhealthy weight, but aside from that I don't really care.
>is a complete social autist, or is at least able to empathize with one.
>Actively pursuing some kind of creative outlet, whether its writing music or drawing/animating or programming, or whatever.
>Also heavily invested in games (kind of important cause I'm a gamedev), music, animation, art, etc. (At least enough to have conversations about and happy to share and enjoy stuff together)
>typically likes hanging out indoors, but doesn't mind going out every so often
>isnt really driven or defined by sexuality (but likes to have some fun every now and then)
>is ok with the fact that I'm a huge fag and like a lot of gay furry porn (but am neither gay nor furry, honest) and shit like that.
>doesn't ever want kids ever. maybe.
>is cool with dating a dumb ugly idiot fag shitter
>is also not phased by my constant self-deprecation (I can put up with yours if you do the same)

you can submit your resume at xXrune_scimmyx@aol.com for further review
Cute. Slender and womanly. No children, doesn't want any. Non smoker, no drug addictions, including "therapies" since psychiatric meds dry out vag/reduce libido/wrinkle you prematurely too (hence why I said no smoking as well) ......

think pretty much any rather cute female on chaturbate, nearly any SEC gymnastics team member......

unfortunately...... my fetish my type.... the only thing that actually gets me off would humiliate me.

and there's just no realistic proxy....

ps slutty without stds and broken but functions without "meds" is also fucking GREAT!
i'll cook.
So after you fuck her in the ass she can fuck you? And since shes cleanly and likes cleaning, she wont make a mess. And youll clean up yours by yourself. Oh and she doesnt feel like makingndinner one night, so youll be making it the way she likes?
Likes me.
>I'm a huge fag and like a lot of gay furry porn (but am neither gay nor furry, honest)
>Not obese

And, that's pretty much all.
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look i like weird things ok fuck you

>Thin (hell, "thin" might even be an overstatement I'd just accept "not fat")
>Has a face that I at least find somewhat cute
>Not promiscuous
>Traditionally feminine
>Not addicted to social media
>Has her own tastes/interests and likes shit besides what's "cool" and trendy
>Actually has female friends and doesn't pull that "I just like hanging out with guys tehe xD" shit

Maybe this isn't realistic though.

To some of you, it sounds like high standards but keep in mind this was the fucking norm not too long ago and still is in some parts of the world. Girls like this make up maybe 1 in every 200 now, and most of them are in relationships.
>Shares at least one common hobby with me
>Is willing to try things before shitting on them
>Doesn't smell
>Attractive enough to at least keep me hard during sex
>Is not a SJW/Feminist

Not impossible, but fairly hard to find.
>Average attractiveness
>interests/hobbies at least kinda similar to mine
>Likes me
Is not a basic normie bitch

Will at least consider some of my weird fetishes.

Is not skinny af but not a complete land whale that would be hard to go in public with.

Will talk with me about personal things.

Can cook and clean when I am not their to do said things for her.

Has a job(even low income job)

Does not want to have kids till we have a decent savings fund.

Will consider opting out of most if not all of the diaper phase and adopting.

My ex said seemed like the type but I am not one to initiate pda so we grew apart and she started dating her chad ex bf.

Could also be a gay bara type guy that works out.
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annoyed pepe.jpg
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>"I just want an average looking-girl
>posts pic of girl far-above average looking
>2.5/10 sjw landwhale detected
I am a skinny white male btw
what she wants in return
> at least average looking
> financial security for the two of you and at least two children
> no freaky stuff or butt stuff
> mechanically inclined
> 5'11" or taller
>>at least average looking

this is my only requirement

Unfortunately, I'm ugly af.
I meet all those requirements except for the financial security but I'm working on that

I'm about as vanilla as it gets when it comes to sex I've done it all and realized that about myself

O sorry I forgot I was about as ugly as it gets

>I'm around a 5 or 5.5
>I might have that when I'm older
>thats fine
>i could be this
>6 ft

Pretty easy
I am a guy and you sound like a good choice. Be gay and we can talk.
Where u live senpai
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I just want an average looking girl
>is not repulsed by me
that last one is the part I keep getting hung up on.
Are you cute?
I'm really not that into guys but I can make exceptions if you're attractive enough
I'm in MA
If you haven't been fixing cars and air conditioning units and televisions (I remember when tv's had tubes and weighed 100 lb) since childhood you ain't mechanically inclined nigga
>Relatively fit, at least can go for runs and hikes with me
>Not stupid
>Actually enjoys my company
>Can hold real and interesting conversation
>Shares at least some interests with me
>Won't cuck me

I feel like that really isn't much to ask.
>submissive personality
>doesnt have to be overly smart, but I would prefer someone I can talk to similarly
>passionate about something creative
>shaved legs & pits
>dark hair
>under 5'2
wait surely that's only like 5% of people though

I mean I'm not a complete spastic, I know what the stuff in a toolbox is for and I've helped my dad put up a fence and a basketball hoop etc

I'm sure I could get to the stage of having decent handyman abilities

I don't think girls expect you to be able to fix air conditioning units and that sorta shit
Alright, here goes:
>not fat (chubby is ok)
>not dumb (average is ok)
>not loud
>helps motivate me to be more social, but is also cool with sitting in on a friday/saturday watching movies
>is politically moderate (can lean left or right, but doesn't go on about privilege or complain about "liberals" constantly)
>is either committed to her faith and takes it seriously or has no faith
>has at least a 5/10 face (because I'm about a 5/10)
>wasn't born into a wealthy family
>would preferably is black like me but i'm open to any race

Is that really too much to ask for? I figure I have enough negative aspects for my personality that I can compromise and accept some of hers.

If people on death row got a choice on how to be executed so long as it doesn't harm others, I would purposely get on death row just so I can have my cause of death to be suffocation via Brie's thighs.
Last part should say "preferably is", I had "would preferably be" at first but I ended up changing it
>Girl; hell i'd even take submissive guys at this point (Not just traps!)
>Won't break my heart by cheating on me
>I have a massive Saviour Complex (ironically) so I find your mental problems attractive
>Looks don't really matter, just look human
>Likes to cuddle
>Enjoys nature walks every once in a while
...I may be asking for a tad bit much.
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fuk plas no.gif
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>le classic "realistic" gf thread
>White or lighter Latina or Middle Eastern
>Average to chubby
>Spiritual but not religious or follows family religion out of tradition, no euphoria or religious fanaticism plz
>Likes hiking and camping
>Not messy
>No exes or friendzoned boytoys hanging around gunning for me
>>I have a massive Saviour Complex (ironically) so I find your mental problems attractive

Mentally ill girls aren't like they are on TV/books/comics, dude. You think it'll be like Scott Pilgrim or Questionable Content but once you deal with all the cheating and suicide threats you'll realize the awful truth...
File: 1448135484708.gif (49 KB, 69x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You do realize the anon above you is literally just looking for anyone with the ability to cuddle, right?
I don't really want a girlfriend. They seem like such a pain. I don't really need someone else in my life judging me and criticizing me.
I've dated some crazies before, one actually stabbed me out of her insecurity... Still found her attractive.
File: MGUSyvt[1].png (188 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 750x1334
Puffy Vulv
>likes to spend time with me
>is enjoyable to spend time with
>isn't crazy
I would like to think so.
Will post pic in a sec
Also how old are you?
I am in nc...
Is that the chick from community?
File: 1445991942643.jpg (35 KB, 640x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Has to Meet:
>Non smoker
>Minimal tattoos and piercings
>Not a ridiculously high number of former partners (between 0 and 2 is ideal given that I've had 1)
>Similar interests
>Can't be asexual or waiting until marriage
>No kids and no strong desire to have a kid

Would like:
>About as awkward as me
>Not big into fashion and celebrity gossip
>Doesn't talk openly about our sex life
Are you from an alternate reality where google reverse image search does not exist? Because that would be the only valid reason for you to ask that question. Stupid.
It's probably even less these days but I had an early interest in that stuff and it helped having a dad who expected me to do all that stuff
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Let's crunch the numbers back of the envelope style. It should be obvious, but I'm going to estimate pretty generously.

7b people * 0.5 gives 3.5b women.
Men, unlike women, rate female attractiveness on the normal curve, so greater than average is half of all women, 3.5 *0.5 gives 1.75b women.

"Happy with a relatively plebeian style of living" cuts out, say, the top 50% of earners. Let's assume women's earnings are distributed roughly evenly to men. 1.75b*0.5 gives 0.875b.

Additionally, of these 0.875b women, not all are in your age range. Many are too young, or too old. Approximately half of these women are younger than 18, and older than 40. Let's just stick with half to keep things simple, but realize that we're being really generous with the age range here.
0.875*0.5 gives 0.4375b.

Now for cooking well it gets harder since stats aren't as well defined. Google gives 68% of women (in the states) cooking on a daily basis for their household, so let's go with that.
>link:first link on Google from Time magazine, can't be fucked to dick around with the spam filter.
0.68*0.4375b = .2975b

As you can see OP you've got just under 300 million women to choose out of our starting point of 3.5b, and we haven't even touched the sexual stuff or restrictions based on proximity to you, language barriers, etc. What the average robot considers (myself included) to be a basic list of bare minimums for a girl is actually incredibly restrictive. It's fine tohave standards, just realize that they're usually part of the reason why you're alone.
Will you let me fuck your ass anon?
File: Alison-Brie_02.jpg (648 KB, 1100x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nigger take a chill pill goddamn

she's pretty HIGH TEST
at least for a white girl
Mentally ill chicks are a fucking nightmare

I dated one for 5 years and my shit got pretty fucked up as a consequence
Damn near two years removed from that shit and still recovering, not trying to get over her I did that almost immediately but mentally illness will break down people who are around it not just the sufferer themselves
File: 1434489189966.png (75 KB, 198x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 198x198
Sure, if your dick is bigger than mine.
Not much of a challenge
You fed it
True, they are a handful... But somebody has to take them.
>i find her physically attractive (i don't have very high standards so this should be easy)

> finds me physically attractive (this is the hard part.)

> is a nice, caring person

> can talk to her without spaghetti

> not required but bonus if we like some of the same things
File: 1447503839457.jpg (394 KB, 1149x611) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
394 KB, 1149x611
Please don't poison the high test well. Thanks.
File: 1455117975032.jpg (9 KB, 229x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 229x221
>Average or above
>Interesting to talk to
>Isn't a whore
That's it.

I bet that's probably too much to ask for these days.
>high test

anon she doesn't even have an ass..
you do know that boobs are basically fake asses, right?
>I dated

Stopped reading here. Fuck off normalfag, go back to facebook.
>cares about me
>not developmentally handicapped (downs, seizures, severe autism fits)
>ok facial symmetry
If you're average or above it shouldn't be too hard

Also most girls aren't whores and it's easy to spot the ones who are
If that's all you want out of her, and you'll take care of everything else, those are feasible standards, only a little above what the average man could expect.

But if you want her financially contributing and/or raising kids, it'd take a miracle to also get all you asked for.
File: 1438919449534.jpg (45 KB, 313x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 313x294
Honestly, I want a homeless gf.

Not because I want to be the one who saved her, or because I get off on dependence.

It's just that I have my own place and I don't want it cluttered up with some slut's garbage. No, my bedroom would not be improved by a massive vanity dresser. No, I don't need two couches. No, I don't want to put my nendoroids in the dumpster.

On top of not fucking up my layout I have to admit some enthusiasm for the gratitude-fueled promiscuity that would ensue.
I don't want my wife to work but I would like to have kids and cooking and cleaning is part of raising kids, I don't expect a Korean-tier level of cleanliness but a well put together and kept home isn't too much to ask out of anyone

Fucking price of oil is crushing my earnings ability (petro engineer wooooo)
>Average or above
half of women
>Interesting to talk to
half of women if we're being generous

Half of half, you want the top 25% of women. Are you in the top 25% of men?
The thing is the top 25% of men that you're talking about only exists when looking at it as men look at women

If you're confident and can provide a middle class lifestyle there's no reason why what he wants is out of reach

Confidence is the hard part needless to say given that everyone here myself included doesn't have any
>wonder if I'm getting cheated on that night

that too. and pretty much all that op said. I don't know about the "every sexual demand" part, because I don't know if I would be able to do the same for a girl. But like someone else said, it shouldn't be too much to ask a girl to do what you would do in return. It's not the case in this day and age though. MOST women just fuck chads, and then leech off of the successful "good" guys when they get older. It's not even a female problem though, I just think our modern societal values are backwards, and women's behavior is just a symptom of that.
File: file.jpg (111 KB, 602x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 602x619
>have a gf
>dream gf is my current gf except not depressed and cripplingly anxious
>MOST women just fuck chads, and then leech off of the successful "good" guys when they get older

Some do that's for certain but I wouldn't say most
There's not a lot of men out there that women will put out for just on looks or status alone
File: 1394307891184.png (94 KB, 306x243) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 306x243
>doesn't give a shit that i'm neet and will never work/study. doesn't value people by their job/status/wealth/superficial bullshit
>actually LIKES ME and my personality (quiet, gentle, shy), not just 'accepts' it and wishes that I was different
>doesn't mind staying in, doesn't think me "boring"
>wants to be around me/have me around them
>smart enough to have a conversation about things outside of pop culture
>not a cunty, feministic bitch
>finds me physically attractive
>has a face that I find attractive
Oh god, normally I wouldn't reveal my gender but that's horrifying. That's about all I wear since they used to send out coupons for a free pair every couple months. I always pick the brief style, maybe that's why they cover everything but the other sizes still have normal crotches in them They're literally just normal underwear...
>literally nobody wants a fat girl

you're all shallow as fuck cunts
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326 KB, 500x269
I'll play:
>under 200 lbs
>at least attempts to clean themselves up on a regular basis
>honest and willing to communicate if there are problems
>has a sense of humor and can laugh at herself sometimes
>takes commitment seriously
Realistic enough? All shit I can manage on a work-home schedule. I don't expect any less than what I can do at least.
I simply want an Asian mommy gf
I'm a simple man.

All I request in a female mate is for her to not have any traces of pubic hair in or around her vagina and asshole.
File: necrons.gif (378 KB, 550x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 550x600
You degenerate robofucker. Toasters are your enemy, not your friend.
>demanding fat girls
You're the shallow cunt. I don't care if you fill the rest of the spec. Be whatever then.
>into anime and vidya
>independent, can entertain herself

>smarter than average, a little or a lot idc
>physically fit
>works out at least once per week
>long, luscious hair
>not a liberal
>believes in everything i believe in
>able to make lots of babies with me
>doesn't complain too much
>actually loves me
>some more things but who cares anyways, haha
Looks ok
And truly loves me for who i am
Thats it, everything else will fall in place
Wtf should I do guys? I was just screwing around on Yik Yak and a girl asked me if I wanted to grab coffee with her at the school cafe. I'm obviously not expecting a good-looking girl, but it could be good practice to talk to a girl. It just seems really weird. I know tons of people meet on tinder though, so is it THAT weird? There's also a pretty good chance she'll forget entirely.
File: 1453986859422.gif (776 KB, 514x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
776 KB, 514x667
More for me.

Replace that first one with
>at least 200 lb.
and then it's perfect.
File: a little sleepy.png (614 KB, 505x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
a little sleepy.png
614 KB, 505x680
>Roman Catholic
>Not fat
>Not disfigured
It'll never happen
>mentally ill
>a bit obsessive
>doesn't watch porn
>into conspiracy theories
>doesn't have female friends
white guys can't be robots
>female, or at least kind of female looking
>not completely stupid
>not disgustingly ugly
>white guys can't be robots.
Everyone else except Asians and maybe Indians start out with the benefit of the doubt. When people see me their metal detectors beeps and the sprinklers in my eyes go off.
at this point any white girl that i am at least somewhat attracted to. i fucking hate being alone. but i wont racemix. thanks /pol/
>normal looking
>decent sex drive
>a little bit of ambition would be cool
File: 1453755186201.jpg (21 KB, 540x542) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 540x542
add black to that
>literally the race everyone hates or treat as their clowns
Honestly, I only want a warm body to cuddle and stick my dick in, preferably though she wouldn't be an idiot or too below average looking. Good taste in media would be nice too.

Asking too much will leave you disappointed, other people will never really bring you satisfaction.
>Somewhat decent looking. Their body doesn't matter massively unless they are excessively skinny like a skeleton or fat like a hippo.
>likes to have fun
>can take me out of my comfort zone a little but respects my need for alone time
>similar interests in stuff like videogames, cooking, comics, shitposting. I'm not too elitist about what she's into. I'm pretty open minded, but as long as it isn't weird like having a scat porn fetish I can deal with it.
>is loyal and willing to put effort in. I don't want someone who just sits on the sidelines. I see so many women like this just floating around expecting things to happen for them. I don't want that . I want a girl with a bit of initiative (and common sense).
But people don't assume you're bots. Not me and my peers atleast. You will always have that 'maybe he's a thug', but you also get judged as a cool dude if that's somehow overridden (by dressing non-hood for instance).

It's a shame it is like this though.
>Physically attractive to me(not fat, decent face)
>cool person (no specifics, just an interesting person I'd enjoy hanging out with)
> no stds
>good hygiene
Is that too picky?
>likes to clean
Who actually likes to clean? I mean I wouldn't want a gf who refuses to clean but it's not like a fun hobby or something, just a chore that needs to get done.
No that's really reasonable seeing as that's most people
got a slav woman, pretty happy about it
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33 KB, 600x434
I just need a nice girl that I can take to restaurants with me.
It's an incredibly lonely feeling having to eat out alone, year after year.

One time I went to an Izakaya restaurant by myself. Everyone around me was with family and friends, laughing and drinking. I left with an empty stomach, and an empty heart.
>Actually likes music, not just one of those girls that """"likes"""" music
>Older than me would be nice, but I don't care about age
>Loves me
>interested in philosophy, history, and language
>Smarter than me (not difficult to achieve)
I hope this isn't too much
Well you'd probably find 60% of women your age physically attractive enough to date. Of that 60% maybe 45% have a decent personality? And then of that 45%, most would have good hygiene and be std free.

So you're looking at about 40% of women. Not too bad.
getting friends is a lot easier than getting a gf, and then at least you'd have someone to eat with sometimes.
File: xIA0Rvth.jpg (119 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 1024x576
>petite/athletic/avg body
No fatties
>great hygiene
>wears qt skirts but also cool streetwear like beanies and jeans
>clingy, but knows when to fuck off
>not overly sexual
>same sense of humor
>some sort of job or career
>doesn't want kids
>realizes she will ALWAYS come second to my cat
>has own interests
>no male friends
>open to foreign media like anime, Spanish soaps, and Korean gangster movies
>bonus: she knows her memes

Also has to praise Yeezus
My ex really enjoyed cleaning, actually. She would clean her house every week, whether it actually needed to be or not.
All of the people that I've known since grade school are broke and picky fucks who only eat at Tim Hortans.
The most "exotic" places they've gone to are Korean run AYCE sushi joints. It's like pulling teeth to get them to drop over 10 bucks on a meal.
Oh man.
Perfect girlfirend would be one that sings cheesy rock ballads with me.
My gf is pretty much ideal as it is.
Golly gee, look at those dubs. Those are some nice dubs right there. Don't see dubs like those every day.
>glasses preferred but not necessary
>can take a joke and not be offended
>not fat but not a skellington
>above average intelligence
>wants kids
>not a whore, but not a prude
this is based off someone i know i wont get her tho :(
File: 1454921870875.jpg (2 MB, 2621x3931) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2621x3931
>have a nice hobby
>loves me more than anyone
>sex is great
>short black hair (bit shorter than pic rel)

Fuck your lower level dream gfs
File: 1439342361150.jpg (67 KB, 720x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 720x541
What about this short?
This woman is my goddess
Yeah those could be, I prefer a little bit longer and straight
>Average Looking
>Does something else than only clubbing and gym
>Not too clingy
>brunette or black hair
>younger than me 1-3 years
> must be a qt
>nice body
>can cook and likes it
>likes same music tastes
>likes to play vidya with me
>virgin or very limited sexual experience and 0-1 previous bfs
>good hygiene
>likes winter
>likes cuddling

i could go on.
>love sex
>be loyal

thats fucking it
I don't really give a shit about the sex, can wait till marriage for all I care.
Woman, however, needs to be attractive and fit.
Need to trust her and genuinely fall for her (actually enjoy spending time with her).
Would be nice if she could cook but I don't care too much.
Relatively intelligent hopefully.
Sure, why the fuck not.
cant mute me
10 years old
Not fat
>will cuck me for BBC

life is suffering
I like this thread. It really makes people think in a non-retarded way:
>independent i.e. can enjoy her own company, but also enjoys spending time with friends, S.O etc.
>enjoys sex
>enjoys conversation
>likes fantasy novels
>can communicate feelings, wants and needs without feeling the need to bottle it up
Obviously I'd find her sexually attractive as well. That's all I can think of.
File: baby elephant.png (2 MB, 709x1172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
baby elephant.png
2 MB, 709x1172
>relatively cute face
>I don't care about body (she can be flat as a board), as long as she's not fat, since I'm fit, I think that's realistic to ask
>not mean personality

That's pretty much it, I just want a gf to spend time with, be cute and cuddly together, talk about our aspirations and help each other with our problems

>tfw will definitely die alone never having experienced love
oh also, I'd like her to be introverted and clingy (which I don't use in a negative way)
>just want a girl to hug
>know I'm not fit to date anyone
>Consider other options like those dating sites were you agree to just hug
>they're dead in my area
I wish I was hot enough to go up to strangers and hug them without them calling the police. I don't even think I need many hugs to cope right now. But no hugs is too little.
>7-8/10 if we are being realistic
>brown eyes
>enjoys what I enjoy or is at least open to trying new things
>size 9-10 feet with long toes because I have a foot fetish and to me feet are the most important thing besides the face, I can deal with a flat chest, and somewhat flat ass
A girl that won't betray me and leave me after 3 years like my fucking ex
File: 1439102897442.jpg (9 KB, 303x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 303x276
>7-8/10 if we are being realistic
cmon now lad

>had foot fetish but wants gf with manfeet
wew lad, honestly wew
>not a bitch*
>won't cheat
>likes deep-throat
>isn't sub 100 IQ

*this could be acceptable, depending on how much of a bitch she is
If you find a second woman like this, please do send her my way.
On a different note, does anyone else here feel like although they can offer what they are looking for and a bit more, they are not sufficiently relationship material to have enough to offer in return?
Like, being average in many ways yet assuming that a woman who's average in as many or almost as many ways can easily find a man well above average and thus not pursuing anything as you'd rather not hold a person down.

I'd date a female version of myself (including personality and thought process staying the same, but a woman) in a heartbeat, yet if a woman as average as me was to show interest in me I wouldn't go for it unless she'd make it clear she consciously wants my average ass and not "someone better".
I guess that's why I'm single, because I refuse to go any lower than that realistically. I'd rather be a virgin my whole life than date some fucking troll. Not everyone is dealt a great starting hand, but I'm not going to bend and just accept it. Fuck that.

Yeah you're right, I want small sausage toes, what was I thinking? I also want small tits because what am I looking for, man tits? No thanks. Smaller is better. Fucking idiot.
Yes that's exactly what I feel. That's why I go for 'ugly' girls (girls with low selfesteem). It may seem like a terrible plan (because of all the things these girls entail) but it works out quite nicely. They're not abusive or mean for no other reason than wanting more, they're often very generous and usually they tolerate you being very close with them a lot. Like staying over night hugging.
idg how people can have such high standards but bring nothing to the table themselves
Why not just ask your mum to fuck you (but not be slutty about it!)? Sounds like that's what you want.
Late night roast poast
Chad didn't cum over tonight, ladies? :(((
Not fat
Isn't religious

Literally all I'm looking for.
I don't have a problem with long toes but girls need to have cute elegant small feet, not big manfeet, retard.
That does sound nice, yeah. I met one woman with low self esteem who I found interesting, but she's way too messed up, too many things she will want to fix first; she's even worse off at the moment than I was 5 years ago and I knew that I was in no way relationship material back then.
I do hope I'll be able to help her through it a bit as a friend, but that's all there is to it for me.

I also think that part of my passiveness to romance and my preference of a woman being more forthcoming and clearer in her interest in me stems from that feel. Even better if she still has this when she knows I'm only average or after I lowball my claimed capabilities (I do that a lot to artificially lower expectations; if people expect below average, average is suddenly relatively good), so that it's not high expectations that make her interested in me but that realistic (or lowballed) me is already interesting enough for her.
Ideal would be for a woman to make most of the first moves, but that's surrealistic.
Funny enough once it's clear to me that actions I want to initiate or take the lead in, I can do so with ease. But getting to that point of clarity seems very difficult.
There's this woman who seems to show signs of interest clear enough even for me to see. I find her interesting too, would like to get to know her, I'm seriously considering going for that even though she's probably out of my league. Lowballing myself without making it too negative might become a tricky thing, but there's something about her that makes me feel like taking a risk for a change.
>long toes on small feet
go date a frog
File: 1411329014893.jpg (69 KB, 598x605) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 598x605
Let me break it down for you tiny brain to understand
>big tits: womanly
>big ass and thighs: womanly
>big feet: manly and gross
Her feet are fucking disgusting. Very plain, short toes. I love how you come on here and try to convince me that what I look for in a woman is wrong and your way is right.

I'm just glad that the Internet exists so people like you can insult others without repercussions. Still, I hope that you insult the wrong guy and get a dose of reality you fucking cunt.
lol you're taking this disagreement too seriously, I bet you have a neckbeard and fantasize about sucking on your brother's big feet you freak
>Looks ok-ish
>Might possibly sleep with me. Not mandatory
>Might let me hug her. Again, not mandatory
>Doesn't hate my guts
Don't have a beard or a brother. You realize there is a difference between men and women's feet right? With your mindset, I could just as easily say you like little boy's feet because they are small and therefore, according to you, feminine.
>5ft 6 minimum
>can cook basic meals
>doesnt have brown eyes
>is friendly and kind
Yes, there's a difference, typically women's feet are small and cute, which is how you should like them instead of liking men's feet you disgusting faggot
>Leader of a major European country
>Piercing eyes
>Black hair
>Wears mostly brown uniforms
>how I SHOULD like them






I'm done here. Keep being a keyboard warrior.
>still having shit taste
wew lad, honestly, just wew, keep being a neckbeard
>Not wanting feet which can envelop your head
File: 1439040987652.jpg (55 KB, 500x447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 500x447
>wanting men to envelop your head with their feet
Clearly you all just want a girl to satisfy your needs rather than be your equal in a two way relationship with you.

Just buy a sex doll cunts
>good cock who likes cock
I wonder why did I read that.
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 290x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 290x400
>mfw I have 7/10 gf who only has a few friends cause she's an introvert
>small tits, 9/10 ass
>plays video games with me
>doesn't mind my BDSM kinks and let's me call her names, tie her up and spank her till her ass is red
>also has a femdom streak and does the same to me, makes me kiss her feet
>likes to chill at home and fuck all day
>unequal beings can be equal
>wondering why you're single

Kill yourself faglord
>implying I've ever wondered that
>implying women and men can ever be equal
hello chad why dont you drink bleach and die in cancer you fucking normalfag
>clearly you all
>several people voiced wanting equals
A lot of them seem to want what you claim, but far from all. Also, that's with the assumption none of them have something equal to offer.
"they're literally just underwear that feels fine"

>fuck off trap faggot

"I'm a girl..."


>ok with me being a degenerate tranny
>at least average looking
>doesn't have disgusting/boring Stacey aesthetic
>similar interests (vidya, manga, anime, VNs)
>not full sjw
>willing to take care of me, as much I do her (not lazy, an equal relationship is gr8)
>Lives relatively close to me ( Cape town)
>Good Hygene practices
>I dont mind some chubb
>boy or girl but id prefer a girl and a feminine guy
>Enjoys cuddles and hugs
>Be somewhat creative/occupied with something in their life.
>Prefer minimal tattoos and or piercings.
>6/10 face (aka above average)
>6/10 body (likewise)
>laughing at my jokes
>not too needy or outgoing, I don't want to go out every day
Not too hard
This guy is too cute. Contact details anon? I'll bite
>at least 7/10
>no cheating unless I cheat her first
>no tumblr, no vidya, no 4chan, no r9k, better if no pc at all
i forgot to say that I think this is the most realistic and non-faggot post itt
>at least average-looking, in particular, if she had a decent pair of tits and a nice enough ass
>pretty enough feet
>good cook, or at LEAST willing to learn how to cook with me since I've been wanting to learn too
>nerdy or at least willing to check out nerdy things with me
>submissive, kinky, and willing to do a lot of slutty things in the bedroom
>also willing to try out new sexual things
At least average looking and skinny (i.e. I'm able to feel sexually atracted to her), not retarded, shares some interests with me.

That's all I ask desu.
>average looking
>anything but fat
So what are you fucking losers doing to improve yourselves to the point where you deserve these sorts of girls?
>at least my height (5'5"), exceptions can be made if shorter
>laid back personality
>intelligent and/or wise - just having some semblance of better than average brain-power
>dresses nicely
>isn't obese or anorexic
>has an appropriate job for his age and education level

That's my ideal really, but it's still realistic to me because I've known many males like this.
Must have job that supports her life and hobbies
not a feminist/sjw
Tumblr stronk. Believe it or not, plenty of women do want to be home-makers if someone is willing to take care of them. It's not impossible to make your life interesting by taking up hobbies and doing volunteer work and enriching your children. This coming from a fembot.
>that last condition
where do you live? how ugly are we talking?
What is "girly" to you? No one really like being called "girly" it seems childish. Being called feminine is fine though

>tfw I'm not feminine
Yeah I really don't like how people look down on home wives. We really should be at the stage where 1 earner households are accepted again.
your only psychological problem is that you'd fuck dudes in the ass
>high-powered executive
>feminist/female supremacist
>keeps me at home doing chores
>i'm her feminized rubber gimp suited slaveboi
>only penetrative sex is when she pegs me
>loves trying out wild new fetishes
>keeps me safe, secure and comfy
>kind and loving and calls me her good little girl
I'd be fine with it, accepted or not. However, like most things nowadays, it's really not possible until later in life IF the husband can obtain a good enough salary. I just don't see younger people surviving on one income. Wages are not matching the rise of prices at all.
Kik: IntelligentHeavy im working right now, I can talk in a few hours
File: 11Holo.jpg (42 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 512x512
>a woman that loves me
>average looking
That's literally it
Hmm. The thing about wages is that the housewife probably worked an estimate of less than 100%. If you imagine both are employed and work 200% and they just hire a maid for the home stuff and (competent) caretakers for the children then maybe the family is earning more. Society and if the result is similar then society production output. That's probably why things are as they are as they are.

Damn it I really want citizenship pay or 4-6 hour days.
>about my own age
>not particularly outgoing but not a complete shut in
>Average looks
>Is affectionate and intimate
>Not chavy
>is willing to put up with my shit
>Is always gonna be faithful

I think the trouble is us is that we don't meet enough people.
with us*
>not fat
>unsocial, not interested in bullshit like eating out or having some annoying circle of friends
>still likes to do some things outside like walking or visiting places, not a total shut in
>isn't messy or untidy and doesn't do degenerate things like eating in front of a computer or movie
>likes me, this is the unrealistic part
>6/10 normally 7/10 or 8/10 with make-up
>preferably a year or two younger than I
>kind of chubby but not too much
>nice tits and ass even if they aren't porn star tier
>enjoys anime even if she's only seen Naruto and Inuyasha
>dabbles in vidya, even if she's not any good
>shares my fetishes
>gets my sense of humor and has a good sense of humor herself
>loves me more than anyone she's dated
>only slept with two or three guys before me, none with bigger dicks (7.7in)
>her pussy gets super wet, like absolutely drenched
>enjoys hip-hop (not fucking juicy j and yo gotti, hip-hop with actual lyricism)
>enjoys classic rock
>as long as these two are true she can listen to top 40 90% of the time and I won't care
>as long as she can appreciate the music I like when we're riding around together and it's my turn with the aux cord
I can't think of anything else right now. But that's pretty close to every thing I think.
I only want 3 things in a girlfriend:
1) Not
2) That
3) Kike
Anyone else will do. Even a different kike.
File: 1.jpg (773 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
773 KB, 1536x2048
>not deformed
>enjoys housework
>not a bleeding heart liberal
>not a crazy bible thumper neither
Dresses kinda cute. Built like picrelated.
File: 3.jpg (937 KB, 1718x2046) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
937 KB, 1718x2046
f-fuck I miss her.
File: 4.jpg (380 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
380 KB, 1280x960
She had some smooth skin and nice nipples.
File: 5.jpg (343 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
343 KB, 1280x960
And some serious dick sucking lips.
>google search traits of an abusive spouse
>types them into a thread on /r9k/
This will get upvotes for sure!
>being a dominant male is now abusive
Yeah thanks feminism
File: 7.png (136 KB, 370x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 370x385
Hnnngggggggggg asha'fkangaihga;kgaa;hga
File: 2.jpg (1 MB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1536x2048
File: 6.jpg (290 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
290 KB, 960x1280
Just senpai my shit up fuck
get a mexican massage parlour. They're experts at everything there
>likes to be physically and verbally abused
If she enjoys it, how is it abuse? We live in a society that allows mentally ill men to chop off their genitals and inject themselves with artificial female hormones, pretty sure she passed
>likes to be physically and verbally abused
Years ago
From the op's first post i have always been against that view of woman. I have never been into the housewive type, my current girl is lack of a better word my type of crazy. No lie she is a 30 year old stripper she is a handfull but at the end of the day she always holds it down with me. Everyone that knows us is quick to think that she is not loyal cheats whatever. I love everything about her she is litterally my harley quin she definitly resembles her
File: 1455338494137.jpg (67 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 640x640
>has hobbies
>nice smile (doesn't have to be perfect straight white teeth)
>same sense of humour
>pleasant voice because i like to listen more than i like to speak
>can understand when i want to lock myself in my room for hours to read
>02/15/16(Mon)17:29:26 No.26518972
Okay anon
Not physically repulsive (also not fat)
>not fat
>open minded
>not judging
>sees the best in me
>is willing to compromise
>has a realistic view on what a relationship is all about (partnership)
>not selfish

And I'll never meet her.
im so desperate i just want somebody who truly loves me and isnt completely hideous (but i do have low standards)
>online gf only
>spends most of her time on her home computer
>likes to talk about anime and vidya
>like to play coop vidya
>is needy and wants to chat and play all the time
>doesn't have a lot of other friends
basically a lazy hiki neet online gf without any pressure of ever having to meet up irl
>Decent face, body doesn't really matter unless she's truly deformed
>Pleasant voice, no vocal fry
>Long, natural colored hair. Can be dyed as long as it's not blue or something stupid like that
>Honest. Would rather leave than cheat
>Center or right-wing politics. No hippies, commies, or feminazis
>Has interest beyond binge-watching and food.
>At least 5'7" tall.
Fine, I'll bite

>Relatively normal or attractive
>Likable personality
>Not an SJW
>Isn't a hardcore FBer or Instagramer or whatever
>Is cool with cuddling and sexual things
>Knowledge of some geeky stuff very welcome but isn't a complete idiot about it (Can hide power level if she has one)
>Just a person who would enjoy being around me and I around her. I really just want to find love.

Personal bonus: Likes to read but isn't a hipster about it
>average build as long as not fat
>shorter than me
>likes to smoke weed and do psychedelics
>likes similar music or is willing to experiment with listening to music i like
>good teeth
>generally a happy person

is this too much to ask?
also she has to be independent. aka doesnt need me to fucking drive her everywhere.
Giant squishy cellulite filled thighs and ass.

That's all I need.
>Virgin (or at least never had casual sex)
>Attractive to me, don't care what anyone else thinks but must be attractive to me
>Aged 20-23 (I'm 25)
>Petite (short and slim build)
>Nice ass, legs and waist (she does squats or some sort of fitness thing regularly)
>Intelligent (must at least have a degree)
>Independently wealthy (I don't want to have to pay for her all the time, and I'd like to not to have to worry about money again)
>Similar taste in music and TV shows
>Must like watching TV shows and movies A LOT regular trips to the cinema
Most important
>Good sense of humour, must make me laugh and must find me funny and laugh at my jokes
You will not find a virgin at 25 you moron.
File: _laughs_.png (52 KB, 721x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 721x305
Man, you guys are no better than women.
>Not a cunt (extremely important)

>If she has a pretty face, she's good enough already
>If not, I hope she has a nice body and height (I have a thing for tall girls)
I said 20-23.

Why are you calling me a moron? This thread is about ideal fantasy woman.

Fuck off retard.
This is strangely adorable
Who said you have to date a woman your own age?
>hasn't had many partners
>genuinely loves me
>good personality

that's it
Usually I want them to be pretty and intelligent. I'm more picky or less picky when I feel like shit.
File: tiny.jpg (64 KB, 564x518) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 564x518
>Good sense of humour
>Pretty face
>Not overweight
>Willing to watch movies with me
>Similar interests (this one will NEVER happen)
>Not an idiot

I don't ask for much.
>not too fussy about looks, but above 7/10 is preferred
>is there for me
>isn't afraid to tell me shit
>has some similar interests
>can stand/share my incredibly dark sense of humour
That's about it
Won't fucking cheat on me like every woman ever
hi anon

it might happen

>Similar interests (this one will NEVER happen)

please explain your very unique interests
>Not ugly
>Realistic personality
>Hopefully a nice ass
>at least average looking
Fair request
>good cook who likes to cook
Also fair
>likes to clean
Anon, nobody likes to clean. You sound like you want a maid.
>happy with a relatively plebeian standard of living
If you're implying that she should be okay with you being poor and barely doing anything, that's not gonna happen.
>will satisfy every sexual demand without being too slutty about things
You're contradicting yourself a bit there.

will you date fatties pls respond
They're not even very unique, just ones that aren't very common among women. I'd say my main interests are weapons, military history, aviation, movies (not romcoms or superhero movies) and video games (although I don't play games as much as I used to).
visually, someone i can honestly tell that she's cute and a personality that i don't hate which makes it somewhat difficult
I really hope that you're trolling.

>tfw he's probably not

most of your interests are boring 50 year old dad tier crap

but lol @ "girls only like romcoms :("
>Not insanely ugly
>Nice personality
>Not fat(chubby is okay)

You guys have high standards.
>choose one
I'm not particularly demanding

>not sexually promiscuous
>enjoys literature and classical music
>5/10 +

Thats it

>funny, sense of humor
>knows things and has opinions she's willing to stand up for even if they're opposite of mine
>serious about a relationship and values me.
>not materialistic.
>takes care of herself hygiene wise.

That's it. Looks are some of the least important things I'm worried about. So naturally I'm prepared to die alone.
>not fat
>not a massive cunt
>can bring up topic when she is required to keep a conversation running

let me guess, im not entitled to have one of these
>>will satisfy every sexual demand without being too slutty about things
This is your problem it's a Madonna whore problem. You want her to be innocent but slutty. You are asking for too much you don't get both
I've given this some thought and really, I can't afford to be picky in any one place.

Really, I need waifu to do one thing. I need her to be happy with following me around the world when I join the airforce later this year.

And that alone is too much to ask.
>wants to talk about the shit i go on about
>makes discussion, about most things
>especially movies and similar media
>similar interests (given)
>similar lifestyle, watching movies and reading books.

all i want my gf to be is like a best friend, im really close to that wants sex from time to time.
Hi anon
It won't
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