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GREENTEXT your valentine's day
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>be me
>thought valentine's day was tomorrow
>did my day as usual
>missed out on being sad and brooding
Oh well, there's always next year.
took a fat shit then made some nachos
>do the same things I do every day
>nothing changes
i wrote a letter confessing my love to my best friend that i'm never gonna send. he is busy plowing a roastie
>Had pizza
>Listened to VORW while listening to light swing jazz
>pass out
>Have one of those where all kinds of crazy shit is happening because you're dehydrated
>lurk /r9k/
>post this
>Get car fixed
>No gf, don't give a fuck anymore
>Watch Zoolander 2 with my brother, who also has no gf.
>Actually like it, despite everyone telling me it's shit
>Go home, eat cookies and browse 4chan.
Have one of those dreams*
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> wake up to a call saying my best friend OD'd and died this morning
> happy fucking valentines day

I still don't want to believe it's true
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>be me
>ride the happiness of watching a stream all day yesterday
>finish dragon ball start dragon ball z
>eagerly await walking dead
>watch walking dead
>doing homework
I really think you'll be disappointed with DBSuper, sis.

Anyway, Kai or Original Funi dub?
Original sub. Dragon ball only had sub on hulu. Z had a choice but I stuck with sub. At least it's not censored.
Slept till 3 pm, checked tinder, got a bunch of dudes texting me thanks to my friend fucking with my account, smoked shit ty reservation cigarettes until the sun went down.
>Wake up at 2pm hungover from clubbing/bars the night before
>Roll around in bed for an hour
>Eat thin mints and have a glass of milk
>Shitpost on 4chan
>Play CoH2 for a while
>Shitpost on 4chan
>Can't decide on dinner
>Now I'm here
I watched 20 episodes of anime and then an anime movie

I should probably kill myslf desu
eh, it warms up
>oddly woke up early
>ordinary breakfast including eggs, beans
>mom digital duties
>sea food restaurant
>woke up
>tried to get high from dead bowl
>started drinking wine
>onitis was hanging out with my place last night and left stuff in my apartment
>texted me saying she'd be over after work to pick shit up
>go to store to buy groceries
>make big brunch, eat it and drink
>call my mom
>play vidya
>text onitis that when she comes she should come up and have a glass of wine
>she comes but brings a female friend of hers, ruining any plan i had to try to do anything
>hanging out tomorrow though
>went to friend's place
>had a beer and chilled
>went to his friend's place and smoked from a volcano-like vape
>came home, made a steak and potatoes, got super full and a bit drunker
>played vicky ii
>realized I was late for my university radio

Now I'm in my university's radio station playing music. Pretty drunk. Kind of sad I didn't get to hang alone with my onitis. But at least I'm seeing her tomorrow.

Playin the love supreme on radio
Indeed it's not. Personally, I try hard to find uncensored AND dubbed stuff. Of course, I don't get this by regular means. Yargh.

(Assuming you're the same) Kinda, but the animations is just AWFUL. I like how it ties in the movies, though. It just pains me that it inconveniently resuscitated Z But in fairness, it's better than GT.
At least you've got companion
your drunk motor skills must've made you click on the wrong board, pal
Why's that friendo?
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Had practice today to distract me from caring

Feels good man
>meet qt on tinder about a week ago
>have a sarcastic flirty thing going on over text and snapchat, borderline sexting
>keep asking her to meet up and hang out
>keeps dodging my offers
>cut the bullshit and drop the act
>delete her from snapchat and tinder
>call her out on her shit
>I want to actually meet up and it seems you dont
>this isnt going in the direction I'd like
>her: alright, fair enough

So here I am, about to drink vodka alone on valentines day
Why would people be on those apps if they didn't want to meet up. I'm really autistic so I assume asking to meet would be like the 5th sentence in the text conversation, right??
>Wake up hungover
>2 hours of sleep. fuck it
>put on uniform
>somehow drive to the armoury
>do radio procedure all
>can do medevac requests with the best of them
>too bad no one gives a shit
>go home
>can of beer and a can of cold pea soup for supper
>brood while all coworkers go home to their wives and girlfriends
>think about how I just got lead on for a month
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>wake up
>eat breakfast
>go to grandmas to use internet on shit laptop
>come home mom is fighting and shit with her boyfriend and she is crying
>cheer her up
>sift through okc.. meet a girl that said she wanted to fuck
>get stood up, come home get belittling message from her
>become bitter about women
>want someone to love me... but realize no one ever will
>feel sad and empty inside
>sit at computer still browsing r9k and browsing jewbook aimlessly
>go home and eat dinner
>go back to grandmas to use internet
>no money, alcohol, or drugs to keep me sane

i should kill myself tonight... but i know my mom would be devastated thats the only thing keeping me from not doing it
>woke up
>played some sad chord progressions on guitar
>played minecraft for 8 hours while listening to feels music
>browse here
>snuggled up with my girlfriend
>watched Netflix all day
>took a quick break to make dinner together
>went to bed
>couldn't get off
Thanks for ruining an otherwise perfect day, cock.
waaaaaa. Such a sad story. fucking normie
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>left for college today, pulled myself out of the rabbit hole just in time to get 2 semesters in before I'm 20 (right on time)
>small semester program, only 16 students
>not expecting to like any girls here because I have strict standards (my height or taller aka 5'10+)
>5'11 qt sits next to me on plane
>we talk, it goes well and it turns out she is one of my fellow students
>I don't see her being interested in anyone else desu
>this is it, actual college romance is a possibility right out the gate

I'm not trying to shit on your hopes, but this is college, not exactly the most retentive of love.
>wake up
>play vidya
>get my chocolate from scratch and macaron from scratch gifts in bag, and drinks, and truffle oil.
>go over to buy things because came too early
>meet up with bf
>he gives me roses
>walk to grocery store
>buy stuff
>get to his place
>unpack stuff we bought
>hug and stuff
>give him present
>we eat
>he gives me mine
>go to bed and blow, because I'm still on period
>he wants to fuck
>bring towels and stuff
>we fuck
>cums inside
>go make pizza without an oven
(truffle oil mushroom pizza)
>feel unwell
>go lay down
>he tries to cook
>feel better and fin off the pizza
>eat pizza
>its burnt on the bottom
>wash faces brush teeth
>go to bed both play games on our own consoles
>go to sleep
>woke up
>went to church
>watched evangelion for three hours
>whacked off like the pathetic lonely loser i am
>watched half of madoka magica rebellion
>went on r9k
>cried off and on the whole day
>tfw my pornhub premium free pass never came
>stayed under the covers until 2
>went out, bought flowers, a card and cupcakes
>went home and shitposted on /tv/
>gf came over
>we fucked
>gf made me dinner
>we watched x files
>gf is asleep next to me
>back to shitposting
>woke up
>ate eggs
>played a bit of CS:GO, couldn't really feel it
>lie in bed and watch The newest season of South park start to finish
Pretty comfy desu senpai
>make chocolates from scratch
>go to dinner with parents after dressed in boy clothes
>go to wash hands in mens room
>little girl and her dad walk in
>she says "oh look there's a lady what's she doing in here?"
>get extremely happy
>come home and have a huge fight with my gf
not even she could ruin the happy i felt from that though
I don't want to marry this girl, but it's nice to have someone you're attracted to when you're gonna be in a small focused group for 3 months
The exact same thing i did yesterday and the day before that, except I'm slightly sadder than usual.
go away you fithy fukin fag
>dressed in boy clothes
>little girl thinks you look like a lady
>have a gf
im mtf trans and have a girlfriend
i still dress in boy clothes around my parents because im not out to them
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>Wake up at 2pm
>Stay in bed literally all day
>Go downstairs to get some pork chops for lunch at 6pm
>Shitpost on /a/
>Sleep until 11pm
>Keep shitposting until now
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>went to work and nearly got fired for being a pissed off sleep deprived asshole
>get out early anyways
>get home around 3pm, take a nap
>wake up at 6
>eat shitty dinner because too lazy to cook
>watch Strait Outta Compton, was actually pretty good
>shower and fap
>now here
Pretty normal day, actually!
>watching the NBA ASG smoking trees and drinking bourbon
>don't work tomorrow even though both my roommates do
>go upstairs to watch a patrician film (watershed down)
>have to take a piss but my roommate is using the bathroom with the door cracked open
>starring out my door cracked open crouched down like a retard cause I'm a retard with one eye creepily looking out the cracked stretched wide open
>roommate walks out and immediately locks eyes with me before i can recoile
>just walks into his room without saying a word and closes his door

shout i move out over night?
> went to a bar by myself
> lied to my family
> Drink my life
> now im in home listening to shit music
>send flowers to a friend and crush
>friend loved them took a picture for me
>crush didnt even say anything

then again i didnt leave a card so she had no idea they were from me
>Slept all day
>woke up at 8:00pm
>browse r9k
>listen to music
a typical day for a NEET that live on his own.
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i've just been playing vidya with my wifes son, since my wife went out on another business trip with her boss and wont be back until tomorrow.
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>Midnight saturday
>watching a movie with qt
>movie ends
>make out for 1.5 hours
>fall asleep spooning
>wake up early in the morning
>she leaves to get breakfast
>I sleep another 5 hours
>wake up
>she's napping
>I'm tired af
>decide to push back meetup tonight

I realize I spent more time with my tongue in her mouth than studying this weekend which is really shitty because I'm in engineering.
all of these things definitely happend for sure
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>Fuck i'm so lonely
>Just want to talk to a girl
>Don't know how or where to find one
>I only go on 4chan anymore
>See a thread
>Download tinder and bumble
>Take a selfie for a profile pic
>I look like an ogre
>"I-it's not that bad"
>Swipe right unless they have a male or kid in their picture to keep the algorithm on my good side
>One match
>"I swipe everyone right, don't make assumptions, i'm a 6' black Brazilian"
>Think about how to find a good gf
>Do some calisthenics
>Think about how I can get a job or something to not seem like a worthless shit because women don't like that
>Pass out at 8 AM
>Dream about a qt
>Wake up numb at 4 PM
>Regret all the stupid shit I did with tinder and bumble
>Browse 4chan looking for ideas for a game I would want to play
>Thinking about playing dota again
>Trepidation at the idea of having to relearn all of the heroes and mechanics when I wasn't ever any good, and learning all of the new shit besides
>Probably just going to fap again, watch some anime
Happy Valentine's Day, guys.
>Went to an anime convention
>pretty fun
>7 mile hike with friends
>drop acid while I'm hiking
>Laugh at women and their inability to properly climb rocks
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>wake up
>shit, alarm doesn't go off for another hour
>lie awake in bed for an hour thinking about all the shit that went wrong in my life
>alarm goes off, get up to put it out, lie back down
>think about how my crushe's date with Chad will be later that day
>Mom calls, says she'll be here in an hour
>check phone for messages
>not a single one because everybody I know is spending Valentine's with their girlfriends/their dates
>try texting some people, no response
>mom shows up, brought me some food
>she tells me that my grandpa had a stroke yesterday and is currently in the hospital
>talk a bit, she starts cleaning the appartment even though I tell her not to
>mom about to leave, so I pack my dirty laundry and have her drop me off at the laundromat
>literally only old people there
>sit there waiting, checking my phone every few minutes but no messages
>see all the happy couples walk by the window
>pack laundry, go to bus stop just as bus arrives
>6/10 qt is getting on before me, gets the strap of her back tangled in that gate thing they have on some buses
>help her out, she thanks me and smiles at me
>get off the bus before her, look back, she's smiling at me again, giving me a little wave
>get home, eat mom's food
>think about how my crush is on her date by now
>browse /r9k/ waiting for the All Star game
>still thinking about crush, devastated knowing she's getting fucked by now
>watch game
>browse /r9k/ some more
Nice cuck bait faggot

>woke up
>talked to mom about buying a house
>ate a strudel
>downloaded new kayne album
>wage cucked for 8 and half hours
>now im home and eating heated up sausage.
No more stories here?
>wake up at lunch
>do my laundry
>go to the gym
>eat food, talk to a someone from my class
>go sit in my dorm for the rest of the day and program
>post here
>worked from 10pm-6:30am
>went home
>fell asleep at around 9 am
>woke up at 4pm
>mom went out with her bf
>home alone
>cooked some grilled cheese, put bacon bits inside, garlic, pepper jack/American cheese, and fine sliced onions
> ate it with cookies my mom left me and browsed r9k
>watch some anime
>jack off
>got ready for work at 10pm
That was my valentines day, it was okay, right now posting this from work while on register at 2am.
I miss talking with you Ezra, i miss talking with anyone really.
>woke up
>picked up the mess on my room
>immediately connected my laptop to speakers and blasted the new Kanye album while mindlessly browsing Twitter
>get out of room
>family day, really fun overall

I missed out on being sad but I am kinda catching feels just now because this girl I like is explicitly stating how she fucked and I'm jealous
I was at work so i had a built in excuse.
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>tfw spent the entire day getting dubs
File: 80909[1].jpg (841 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>woke up at noon
>didn't finish fap, shit, shower until 1:30
>ate quick meal and went to work
>had to server couples going out for valentine's day for 6 hours
>have 2 shift beers after work
>get home
>have another beer
>decently buzzed/tipsy
>decide to watch 5 cm per second
>start crying at obvious points in the film, but particularly the end when music starts
>want to suicide really bad
>post on r9k to make myself feel better
>just downloaded helldivers and maybe that will make me feel better too
I just want a gf or something to make me feel like less of a failure
>wake up at 5pm
>play vidya
>eat pizza
>masturbate furiously
>go to sleep again
>be me
>dream about how I am married to Judy from Zootopia and how I must have tender sex with her
>wake up at noon
>fuck my life
>go for some running but the sun is too intense
>eat japanese
>all day with stomach pain
>shitpost on 4chan
>ywn be american
>time to sleep

My irrelevant life, if anyone cares.
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>Listened to VORW while listening to light swing jazz
holy fuck, same.

based brah connects us all
>wished I didn't
>thought about going to see deadpool, then remembered all the couples are probably thinking about doing the same thing
>stayed inside and did nothing
>eat japanese
Ignore him, your very specific story was pretty interesting to read. Good luck tomorrow dude
Japanese food*
Woah shit that escalated quick.

Everyone gets stood up, you probably are not thinking clearly after it, and seeing something slightly traumatic as seeing your mother crying. Give it a few days man. Life can be absolute shit, but don't kill yourself. Life can also have a diamond day in a week of shit
>i should kill myself tonight... but i know my mom would be devastated thats the only thing keeping me from not doing it

this is actually the only reason also i don't kill myself. I know if i kill myself she would never forgive herself. It has nothing to do with her though i just can't bother to be alive anymore
yea i understood it i just thought that was funny
This is it. Bleeding for an hour. Took this pic just now.
Shit wont stop. Happy v day.
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1 MB, 1080x1080
>got up at 8am
>went to church
>back home by 10:40am
>ordered pizza and fries
>back to shitposting
>slept for a few hours
>shitpost some more
At least my parents had a nice day together.
>wake up at 11AM
>chill on computer for a few hours
>make some vegetarian burritos for lunch, save leftovers in fridge
>work on music & art on the computer for the rest of the day
>play a vidya every now and then but not for very long, just as a break or whatever

Prob one of the best days off I had in a while. Not being depressed seems to make a world of difference desu going by this thread.
>singles get together scheduled tonight
>mom didn't get groceries yesterday
>goes out to a dance rehearsal because she slacked on the chore that she was supposed to do
>it gets relegated to the guy living with us
>I stay home, do the dishes
>he comes back, got the groceries
>except no ricotta cheese, we're making stuffed baked shells
>well fuck guess I've gotta do fucking everything
>hustle out to the store, buy ricotta
>get home
>sautee onions, garlic for tomato sauce
>put on the shells
>mix the prepared spinach and mushrooms with ricotta
>make tomato sauce
>eventually everything is put together, shells are stuffed and dressed
>oh wait I'm done an hour ahead of time
>guests arrive, half hour and hour late
>party ends up all going well
>get well and drunk
>card playing
>enjoy myself
>except tfw no gf

I can't shake it. it's the verboten subject of the 14th. We all assembled being single, but you better believe I didn't want to be there for that reason.
Run a warm bath and sit in it
dude what the fuck just hang yourself and be done with it god that's the most inefficient way to kill yourself
>wake up at 2pm cause sleepy
>shower and eat soup
>play tera then order pizza
>eat pizza while watching comedy animu
>go to sleep all cosy while happily knowing that the horrible weather has probably ruined some normies' date
>wake up and post this

10/10 would do again
> Woke up at 10-ish, stayed in bed till about 1 PM
> Smoke a bit, play guitar, eat cereal
> Go outside grab a bite and receive glorious Sunlight
> Climb a tree and get Sunlight and Wind
> Call buddy to get some ganja
> Acquire ganja
> Listen to Lute players whilst browsing 4chinz

Behold the magnificence of John Dowland, robots:
>wife and I celebrate on friday
>get a call from her uncle today
>Needs help moving beds at her grandmas house to prepare for grandpa coming home from hospital (heart attack needs hospital bed in the house)
>Move beds
>mother-in-law shows up
>starts screaming at my wife's aunt
>starts screaming at my wife's uncle
>because we're cleaning
>Without her permission
>she doesn't even live there
>wife's uncle and I laugh at how stupid my mother-in-law is
>She gets all crazy with wife's aunt
>tries to attack her
>uncle tries to get between them
>my mother-in-law is enraged
>I go to stand between them, wife's step-dad is doing literally nothing
>Tell mother-in-law if she doesn't calm down I am calling the cops
>She punches me in the face
>Call the police
>She freaks out
>I tell police that I just want her gone and that we're just trying to get the house ready
>My wife's whole family now loves me and hates my monster-in-law
Its not a suicide attempt, this is barely any blood loss. The one time I did try it was a deep down the line cut.

This is chronic nose bleeds. I have weak blood vessels in my head and sinus region, despite quarterization, a humidifer, septoplasty, turbenectomy, saline washes etc I still get these massive fucking nosebleeds on a daily basis. Just out of nowhere my head starts hurting and boom. It sucks ass because even if I pinch, use ice on my neck, etc it wont stop. I just have to let it bleed out and rub cold water on my face. Pretty fucking terrible today though, took longer than usual, just wanna sleep.
>Get text from gf at 1AM wishing me happy valentines day
>Neither of us mentions what day it is again because neither of us care
>Go about day as normal
>Spend the evening alone drinking that bottle of wine I bought to cook with, smoking a bit of weed, and watching Venture Bros.

Honestly, I'm pretty happy
>Wake up 9:30, 4 hours of sleep
>Parents come home, interact briefly
>Try to ignore depression from breakup
>Browse memes, procrastinate, play video games for hours
>Meet a friend. Play video games. Start making out. Been months since anything.
>Start having sex. I bust literally as I go in the first time.
>Go home
>Pull it together
>Cry again. Repeat.
>said the fat roastie slut, wishing she was a cuter roastie slut, blissfully ignorant of the irony
>wake up
>get coffee
>play fallout 4
>play rainbow six siege
>play cod blackops 2
>goto work
>think about how my dad hates me and my mom is homeless.
>wanting to kill myself.
Pretty normal day.
Getting punched by your mother in law is pretty beta.
Dude, your life is fucking metal. Sell your story to someone for a music video.
>woke up next to bf
>went to lunch with bf
>dropped bf off at airport
>went to best friends house
>highlighted her hair
>went home
>cooked dinner
>played league of legends
>currently laying in bed about to sleep

Could have been worse
Should have pressed charges
File: 1373070720353.jpg (90 KB, 448x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 448x466
>wake up an hour early
>fuck yeah take my time getting ready
>leave for work at 12:30
>traffic is absolutely insane
>I forgot about the golf tournament
>make it to work 20 mins late
>find out this old woman who works there was fired because she didn't show up for 2 days straight
>normal day at work
>get mc dolans on the way home
>film random shit on my phone throughout the day to turn in for my experimental film class
>text this chick I went to a concert with yesterday
>make plans to drop acid soon
>call my mom when I get home to wish her a happy birthday
>watch kripp
Same here what kind joke is that
>wake up to alarm
>go to work at supermarket
>frequent customer wishes me a happy valentines day
>we both laugh
>go home
>eat dinner
>browse 4chan and think about suicide
>go to sleep
>woken around 2am by gf freaking out about how I'm a lazy bum that never does any household chores and that she can't stand this mess anymore
I admit it's kinda my fault but she didn't hint at anything the like ever before.
>calm her down, get back to sleep
>wake up at about 9am
>gf gifts me some chocolate, I got no present because no monay (thinking of doing jap style and giving her a present in a month though)
>spend the day cleaning our flat
>finish watching Leverage (that heist series) with her
>shower together
>best buddy comes over, spend the evening with him
>he jokingly gifts me a can of beer for valentines
>watch a Bond movie
>go to bed
>wake up
>date cancels
>all you can eat
>all you can cry
>they come home with me
>get into my hot top
>they're eating eachother funcomfy
>sit there uncomfortable
>they go and "wash off" in my shower for nearly 1.5 hours
>get ditched by other friends I was gonna meet up with
>thrown away twice in the same day

My confidence has skyrocketed to say the very least.
Hot tub I mean
"How would you ladies like to see my hot top?"
>woke up
>eat breakfast
>watch Gravity falls marathon because I'm bored till finale
>torrent TLOP, listen to it
>I like ultralight beam
>shitpost on /g/ and /r9k/
>shitpost more
>woke up
>put on clothes, shower, etc
>go to plane
>some dick in a mask immasculates me then crashes my plane, no survivors
Maybe it's a carrot top
Me and my only 2 friends just sat around and drank.

One of them even blew off his girlfriend to drink with us, god bless his soul.
File: 8117053.png (73 KB, 251x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 251x202
Could you describe this guy?
File: 1444778099159.png (348 KB, 600x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
348 KB, 600x706
>Woke up
>Played Minecraft
>Got in bed
>Posted this

Oh and I took a shit too.
>Wake up in the middle of the night because of soreness in my cheeks(had my wisdom tooth removed the day before)\
>Go back to sleep
>Wake up
>Take drugs
>Go to church
>Come back home
>mom makes me soup and stuff like jello and applesauce, and mashed potatoes
>Take the drugs again and go to sleep
>Go to evening prayer group because mom makes me
>Get back home
>Post on r9k
he was a big guy
>woke up
>ate breakfast
>soccer game
All in all not a bad day desu senpai
>got up at 7:30ish
>came on /r9k/ and shit posted in britfeels
>watched some SouthLAnd and the devil is a part-timer while doing so.
>listened to some oasis.
>GF got up so we had breakfast together.
>she got me digimonstory
>give her her gift
>watched a shitty movie
>she did her arts and crafts stuff
>I played digimon
>orederd pizza/sides
>didn't tip (Pizza boys get an actual wage here)
>watched a movie while we ate.
>played more Digimon
>went to bed and had sex

Pic related, my main, along with Gekomon and GeoGraymon
what position you play anon?
>mom visiting me over the weekend
>have breakfast, help her pack afterwards
>tweaking around with my raspberry
>do some stuff for uni
>around 1 pm, decide to go for a long walk
>walk 8 km around town while listening to The Way of Zen
>on way home, notice that the Sunday market is held at the riverside
>stop at fruit and veggie stand, might pick up some stuff for dinner
>talking to the vendor as I casually look to the right
>see my ex gf that broke up with me last sunday
>our gazes meet, pull phantom protocol and walk away as fast as possible

What a great day
>Woke up
>Ate a poptart while watching Battlestar Galactica
>Watched Fight Club
>tfw no psychotic ubermensch split personality bff to convince me to take advantage of life
>slept for like an hour
>woke up, unfortunately
>watched more Battlstar Galactica
>watched The Walking Dead with parents
>They love it. I don't say anything cause I hate that fuckin show
>asked friends if they wanted to talk on skype
>played E.Y.E: Diving Cybermancy
>gained brouzouf
>went insane from overexposure to metastreumonic creatures
>legs were okay though
>Read random Wikipedia articles
>Consider following my friends advice and try to make a lets play video
>About to start but then I remember Tyler Durden
>Imagine him making fun of me for talking at a PC monitor like a dumb fuck
>try to talk to my mom for some reason
>she calls me out for being an autist
>laying here in bed reading /r9k/ and feeling
>just now realized its Valentine's Day and I'm almost 20 with no job or school or gf and I'm a pathetic piece of shit virgin cunt
>Imagine Tyler Durden fun of me again
>Fuck you Tyler Durden
When you sleep, don't sleep lying down like you normally would, but rather sitting. This will make the swelling on your cheeks less worse. Then again, days 1 and 2 are the worse after they pull them off.
I uninstalled EU4 and reinstalled it, but it still doesn't work.

I spent the rest of the day contemplating how there's only $70.00 in my back account because my university are incompetent faggots who forgot to send me a cheque, and so I couldn't even get drunk (because I might need that money for food or something)
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>wrote whole day
>clover app crashed

not writing it again just take this
Is pic related to your day?
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Not really just wanted to contribute with something
>woke up
>drank coffee, ate a cookie from gf and read her card
>went to work, was left by myself for almost two hours during rush (i work retail)
>came home, napped
>went to dinner with gf, tipped 30% because I was feeling generous and the waiter was really nice to us
>sexmaking (inb4 ree)
>played KOTOR while gf watched american dad
>hoping for more sexmaking while shitposting
File: 1455312254175.jpg (99 KB, 630x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 630x643

>woke up at 11 a.m. with my eye hurting like it got stabbed
>go to bathroom, fucking pinkeye, everything is swollen as fuck
>make some quick breakfast, chug it down with tea and painkillers
>watch some anime to uplift mood
>fail miserably
>just sit down and begin studying for math exams
>5 hours pass
>make a short break, pop some painkillers against migraine, watch through /a/'s valentine thread and news while eating lunch
>study for another 3 hours
>get ready for sleep early, get into bed
>chat with some online friend for another 2 hours
>feel like death, still decide to turn up some sad music at 2a.m.
>contemplate all of the problems awaiting me tomorrow
>cry myself into sleep

Gallery here
u fembot?
>stay up until dawn
>sleep until 3
>text back girlfriend
>she's mad at me and tries to start a fight
>my disinterest makes her forget about it
>says she can't come over b/c work early tomorrow
>we're going to get drunk and bang today
>got home drunk at 10am
>slept till 5pm
>woke up and felt like shit from hangover
>puked few times
>drunk some electrolytes
>went to sleep at 11pm
>woke up
>considered called old oneitis
>remember that she is sloot who broke my heart
>call "friends"
>no one answers
>walk outside room
>mom&dad reinforce my hate for people
>dad says im stupid
>mom says im lazy
>thinking about crying again
>decide to watch lost
>thinking about what "she" did today with chad(s)
>still might cry.

life 2/10
>got drunk with the lads
>smoked some weed and chilled with a few xanax
>under this combo proceed to chat with a grill
>wrong things were said
>wake up at 1pm
>my ex girlfriend is over hanging out with my brother, I still live at home for some reason
>play some runescape and cookie clicker for a few hours
>ascend and get 15k heavenly chips
>eat something
>shave because i'm getting scruffy
>mommy takes me and my brother to my aunts place
>eat dinner there
>drink a lot after dinner
>play some board games with them
>come home drunk and play more cookie clicker
>watch a bunch of random youtube videos
>go on /r9k/
And now I'm here
>woke up at 11
>played D&D
>free burrito from Chipotle
>come on 4chan and read some feels threads
>day went from pretty good to fucking miserable
>had headache
>spent the day depressed.

just like any other day
This is how my first V day with a gf went

>wake up at like 9 or something
>gf's on skype
>has to to go, realtors gonna come look at her house
>fall back sleep
>mother wakes me up at 11
>want to go eat
>get in car, mother starts bitching at me about some shit
>pretend I forgot my wallet, go to room and get headphones, also spray some shit on me, cause why not I guess
>get back in car and listen to music
>Anathema - Sleepless
>interrupts my music cause she can't make up her mind on what she wants to eat
>Say "Doesn't matter, anything you want."
>We go to Red Lobster, she wanted seafood
>I actually wanted to go to Chili's and get ribs
>Talk about my plans to get a job, how i'm doing in college, how gf's doing.
>Got a steak, some shrimp, brocoli, and mashed potatoes
>7/10 steak was mediocre and a little dry, everything else pretty good
>go back home
>fall asleep again
>wake up, play Dark Souls for a bit
>Make my way through the Royal Woods
>Quit for a bit take nap
>Wake up, gf's back home, calls on skype
>tell her about dream she interrupted, where she was on top of me grinding her bubble butt up against my groin
>talk for a bit
>go reheat left overs from Red Lobster
>eat and watch youtube
>finish and Play Dark Souls again
>fucking Artorias keeps killing me
>finally kill him, after I realize I needed to stop him from buffing himself
>proceed to Oolacile township, then the Chasm
>quit for today
>talk to gf again for rest of night
>she made a cute picture that's supposed to be a valentines day card, and sent it to me
>talk more
>I decide I should make one too
>make us in a little dress up game she's always playing
>make image
>send to her
>she liked it, but was too sleepy to have a really cute reaction
>decide to go to sleep
>say goodnight, love you, etc.
>can't sleep
>cover camera with little black paper and mute mic, so to not disturb her sleep
>write all this
>gonna play Dark Souls again now

I miss her.

Image I made. I'm not very good with words.
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>start watching The Shield around until 3 am
>Sleep until 9
>wake up and eat breakfast
>play vidya
>turn soil in backyard and spread manure for family
>buy stuff for Mexican food
>watch walking dead with family and the one of the two friends that I have

I can't complain

Holes are overrated
>Planned to work on projects
>slacked off/fapped most of the day
>listened to sargon livestreams while sanding one of my masks

Was a slow day, but at least I got slightly closer to finishing one of my commissions.
What he talk about today?
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Heart 3D.jpg
382 KB, 800x458
my Feb14 story.

>wake up feel empty
>spend 3 hours editing a video for youtube
>my video is blocked worldwide
>get depressed cause Feb14 day
>my exgf still hates me
>I think about doing drugs.. I have drugs in my closet, I haven't done this shit in many years
>thoughts of buying needles enter my head
>flipped 3 coins to leave it up to fate = 3 heads get needles
> 3 coins land in heads
> get needles
>get home, stress, shoot up coke
>Monster unleashed I need more
>My veins are damaged it's hard to inject
>stabbed my veins 10 times, only did 2 hits.
>hate myself
>take mdma
>still hate myself
>smoke joint
>go to bed at too early of an hour
>wake up at 5am
>Waiting for sunday Morning sunrise at 4Chan thread.

>feel empty
>wake up
>play games for an hour or so before i had to go to work
>work 1-9pm
>get home from work
>play games a bit
>wanted to drink beer
>couldn't, as i had to get bloodwork/urine test done this morning
>go to bed early (well, early for me)
File: 1455217075832.png (299 KB, 602x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>get qt gf a bonsai tree, flowers, her favorite candy, and a handwritten card
>get weed, a cool shirt, and to see her in some new lingerie
>get high with her
>drink hot chocolate
>she puts on lingerie
>we fuck
>lay in bed and cuddle while high
>she makes lasagna
>eat delicious lasagna
>go swimming
>watch stupid videos for a bit
>we fall asleep naked

All in all, a pretty good valentines day
File: 1449492400400.gif (2 MB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>really busy
>get about 100 couples give or take in and out
>go home see neighbor on staircase
>asks how my valentine day was
>talk about work and how valentine's day was shitty because i had nothing to look forward to in the first place
>bitched out for dissing roastie's favorite holiday and how instead of being the typical loser i should have just went see deadpool
>accept fate and go to bed

If you have a boyfriend and get pampered to your heart's content of course you're going to love that holiday.
>>brother in law bugging me for alcohol cuz he's a cuck
>>get alcohol for him and myself, cry on the way home
>>drunkenly text oneitis, she's going on okcupid date, told her not to go, proposed
>>says she loves me as a good friend but we aren't gonna get married
>>it's fine cuz we still fugg but I love her more than she loves me
>>told mom I'm drinking vodka. Gonna have a talk with her later tonight
>>think about blowing my brains out weekly

I fucking hate holiday shills.
If you talk about holidays as anything but a corporate wankfest, an excuse for lazy slobs to have their "well deserved break" or a buzzword celrbration of [enter buzzword here], you can hang yourself on the nearest tree.

You sound like some real trash human.
The encounter with that qt on the bus would have made me start crying as soon as I got home.
>wake up
>decide to take a nap
>wake up 1.5 hours later
>read a magazine
>shitpost more
>browse random websites
>shitpost even more
>hung over from hanging out with my loser friends the previous night
>check facebook quickly
>stacy was dumped by her boyfriend and she was posting all sorts of photos about how she is considering suicide and a bunch of things along those lines
>other chicks whining about tfw no bf and how depressed they are

The schadenfreude was strong that day.

>Tfw this is exactly what I did, down to watching the same exact show

Are you me?!?!?!
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