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/obscurefeels/ ?

>Tfw you will never be a clone.
>Tfw you will never have to contemplate if you are a seperate personality or your own person.
>tfw you will never walk in new york city completely alone
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What music would be playing anon?
>tfw you will never read the great gatsby for the first time again
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>You'll never live in the 50s
>why live
>Feeling really sad when you see a really old building in disrepair.
>The families that used to live there long gone.
>The happiness and warmth in the ground with them.
>tfw ywn be atticus finch
Respected by everyone, smart as hell, has several bitches begging for his cock.
>why even live
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>You will never understand the universe from another perspective other than your own.
>You will never know with certainty
>You must submit to a master, for this is how knowledge is gained

And mabe to expand on op
>You will never be able to expand your consciousness beyond yourself, wishing you could live out 2 or more lives at the same time.
Atticus cared for none of those things, only about the safety and future of his children.
>tfw museums make you sad
>tfw you will never save anybody
>you will never be born in Scotland in 1982
>you will never drop acid with your mother
>you will never have an Oreo Cakester again
>you will never be Nikolas Lloyd
>you will never inherit lots of money from a rich relative
Good, it was such a chore
>tfw you will never not have tinnitus
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I want to understand everything.
Why do letters have this shape? Why is grass green while the sky is blue?
I want to understand why I am the weird way I am. I want to see what goes on inside other people's head, because I feel I'm different in some sense. I want to know why did aliens create us, I'm confident they did, and they are the Gods of our religions, right now it's the Jewish god that's winning, no wonder they're dominating Earth with the Gods proxy wars of domion over Earth, some point in time we Christians lost long ago, but anyway, that's another topic, and I won't explain my metaphysical/physical alien God time travelling civilization theories.

I also always wanted to die in a banzai charge against American infantry in some island in the Pacific, for some reason.

I like pizza, soda and ice cream.
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>Tfw you'll never be the template for a clone army
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i strongly understand you
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>tfw you will never go on a cool adventure and save a bunch of people
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[inception sounds].png
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>tfw you will never be a geometrical trans-dimensional being capable of destroying all of your foes
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>tfw you will never have an at least sub average sized dick
>tfw you will never force yourself upon a woman whom you think is a virgin and dismiss the tweak of pain you feel as you batter past her hymen but then you later start to turn into a woman yourself and then learn the woman you raped had a telapthic snake living in her pussy which bit you after she basically let you rape her and soon you will be expected to host a snake of your own and continue the cycle of punishing rapists

Thanks, Nifty.org
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>tfw you will never be a badass loner fending for himself in a post apocalyptic wasteland
>ywn roam the wasteland with your trusty dog looking for oil and water
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Hah, that was good times. Made me realize that I was fucked in the head, and that my classmates were near illiterate.

>reading the book in class
>near the beginning, the first time the mc gets drunk
>mc removes hat from chandelier
>start laughing
>class stares
>nobody realizes what is going on
please explain your god theories, anon
I hate you. I really do. Whoever you are and wherever you are; I hate you.
>that pic

I see that character everywhere, what's the source?
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download (29).jpg
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>tfw you will never be a member of the Rothschild family lending money at exorbitant rates to competing warring nations, profiting off of human misery and infecting the world with your Jewish subversion while raking in mountains of money

>tfw you will never be an illuminati elite doing coke off of 10/10 demonic sluts' tits while fucking everything that moves at an exclusive sex magic orgy ritual with high ranking demons in attendance
>what is reverse image search

hmmmm orignael
this was a good short story
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I have come to realize that we've been created by other intelligent life forms, but we have a given purpose.

I believe there are several different intelligent civilizations out there, and they're all fighting each other. One of their "proxy wars", so to speak, would be to control Earth.

Each faction is funding a group. Each faction on Earth is understood by a religion. Christians are one, Jews are other. In the end, different religions = different Gods = different aliens.***

As you know, Jews are currently winning the battleground and I suspect they might be really close to achieving their goals. I don't know what their goals are, I have come to suspect it might have to do with disassembling complex compounds found on Earth into more simple ones, but even then, I cannot grasp why. It's out of reach. Most religions talk about "men being created to dominate X" a lot.

We might never find out. Maybe we're lost, or they forgot about us.

I believe there are many other humans near our solar system, an intelligent civilization would send several probes across the Universe as though they were seeds to generate life. That's how I believe life came to Earth. Probes, like those we send to outer space, intentionally sent to Earth with a lot of organic material to spawn intelligent life as time passsed. This is highly compatible with pantermia.

(will continue)
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you fucking what.jpg
330 KB, 1300x1734
>doing coke off of 10/10 demonic sluts' tits while fucking everything that moves at an exclusive sex magic orgy ritual with high ranking demons in attendance

what the fuck
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So I have an understanding that it is physically possible to time travel in to the past. We already know how to fast foward, using gravitational fields and time relativity, but I don't know exaclty how to time travel to the past. But it's completely physically possible given the wide range of Universe/Multiverse theories - M theory, Newton's time arrow theory, String Theory, and so on. They all accept time travel to the past. At some point in the future, we'll find out about it, and when we do, we'll use that time travelling technology to change the past to suit our needs. Imagine a timeline where the Allies lost WW2 but a bunch of nerdy Jews found out about time travelling in a basement and then used that tech to save themselves from the Holocaust and win WW2, taking themselves to a position of power.
These alien civilizations well could be us in our future forms that time travelled to our current time.
Remember, time is just the 4th dimension. Someone who can time travel can go from 1939 to 2025 just as you can go down a hill or climb a ridge.

***reference: To my understanding, there are different kinds of religions. Those with metaphysical Gods, and those with physical ones. Metaphysical religions try to explain the Universe itself, what came before singularity, multiverses and the like. A good example would be Hinduism, it is very close to the string theory if you take a good look. Physical god religions are the ones that relate to the orders of our overlord alien masters, examples being jewish, christian, etc. Some religions are neither, like Shinto, Islam and Confucionism, and are merely a mechanism used to justify pre established social traditions.

I have come to many more conclusions based on analysis, instinct and observation, all together, but I'm not going to take any more of your time, neither will I spend mine typing my crazy theories.
That's part of it. Having all those things and not caring.
Wait, hang on, I was just referencing NGE, is this an actual story? Pls give name
Hey, you might be schizoaffective, just a heads up
i think you have schizophrenia anon, you might want to go see a doctor
and no, its not just because of your strange theories, its because you type like every rambling schizophrenic ever
that's obscure
I liked your post anon, please continue
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I might have autism but I'm not a schizo.

That's where you are incorrect my friend.

And schizoaffective isn't schizophrenic just FYI
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>you will never again go for a drive with your dad and discuss possible college choices, each one a separate unknown path branching off into the future, the choices not yet having been made which set your failures and regrets into the immutable concrete of the actualized

>you will never again play Morrowind in the living room of your parent's house on a quiet early summer day, your dog curled up asleep on the floor, perfectly content in a time before hospital visits and crying relatives and a feeling of dislocation that never ends
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>ywn attend your own funeral
>ywn be able to know whether you will be missed or did good for someone else
It just reminded me about some mathematical short story based around a 2D plane and shapes that lived on it. The more sides you had, the more status you had- it was some allusion to politics at the time. If you're interested, I can find it for you
It's called Flatland
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I like that your dick is small
anon your theories are interesting, and I want to spend my time reading them.
>tfw wife isn't 14 anymore
>tfw no soft middle-school-girl body to squeeze
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>tfw ywn set foot on terra incognita
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To my knowledge, someone scizophrenic hears voices and the like. i've watched enough movies to have an intuitive understanding of it.

I mean, I hear voices, but they're mine own, it's not like Ed Harris is telling me to break trough the Soviet codes.

So I'm going to ask you to thoroughly elaborate on that. Why do you think I'm a schizo?

And most importantly, if I do, why should I even care?

I believe I'm more inclined to autism because my mind is like a small cosmos of its own. If you are a supporter of the Multiverse theory, you might say its several multi accords. If you believe in classical Universe theory, let's just say it's a super cluster.

I keep imagining, seeing things, all inside my head, and behave in the most weird manners, because of a number of reasons. I have tried to be normal in the past, but it was unhealthy and frustrating to do so. I'm very weird.


There's more than what I just posted, I have nobody to talk to outside of 4chan so I can really have fun with my mind alone and come up with all sorts of bullshit. You just need to get me on my mood.
Are you Stirner?
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Stencil Wojack.png
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true robots will know this feel

>be 6 years old
>same quiet, anxious, mentaly broken aspie i've allways been
>at an indor pool
>was having one of my first random panic attacks
>was also feeling down because my older brother was a huge dick to me and wouldnt stop makeing fun of me
>had and have no desire for social desire for interaction or people to keep me company, just perffered to be alone
>get out of pool
>walking down a narrow, tiled hallway to where our lockers were so i could change, was looking down to not attract anyones attention
>large group of kids my age walk past me they were all smiling, laughing and started chaseing each other down the rest of the hall
>dat distant feeling
>they looked alien to me and i looked alien to them
>sunden euphoric feeling like i just brushed with a different world but i knew i dident belong there

>mfw nothing has really changed about me

>mfw most people on this board were jthose kids basically
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esfera 2.gif
2 MB, 384x384
>you will never go back, time has passed, you lost your opportunity to be happy
"museums make you sad"
so much fucking this.
>tfw you will never walk out of your house one morning only to discover everyone's gone, and you will never walk around an empty city with only the noise of your footsteps with you
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