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>can't pass driver's knowledge test
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>can't pass driver's knowledge test
>feel like a retard
>everyone is calling me a retard here
>do a bit of research
>most states have like 20 question tests
>mine has 50, need 40 right to pass
>not being able to drive is a prime reason why I'm a robot
>my fucking face when
>be me
>shit at memorizing
>didnt pass drivers tester
>2 times
>whatever Im a Hikki so I don't need to go anywhere...

I wish I could. It would make a lot of things easier, I wouldn't pay that much either because my parents think I'm a loser so would help me out on the payments
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i want to drive so bad, but i just cant pass that goddamn test. FUCK NJ AND FUCK CHRIS CHRISTIE WITH HIS FATASS. I wonder if getting my license would be easier in Pennsylvania
you from the NJ too?

cool man
Is yours on touch screens or in a monitored class room?

I'm going to assume you're a lazy cunt who can't be fucked to study, like me.

What I suggest is watching the practice videos for your state, ignore the common sense ones that you can get right, and write all the rest of them in a note on your phone.

Just read those hard ones and the correct answer over and over in the lobby.

CA has touch screen unmonitored tests so I could even pull out my phone if need be, but the cramming in the DMV had me covered
my last attempt had touch screens but we would be with a few other people around usually sitting right next to us.

there would also be someone monitoring us from behind, im sure they could catch us... They also clearly stated no cell phones with signs around the computer station.

x= person monitoring in desk , p = computer seats
| p
x | p
| p
----- p
You know most people pass that shit when they are 15 without reading the book right?

Dude, if you can't pass the fucking driving test, you shouldn't be fucking driving.

I don't know how many times I am screaming at dipshits on the road, I wish my state's test was more strict.
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crap well it didnt come out... here
I took it when I was about 15. I passed it without studying. Neglected to take the driving portion
I took it at the testing center and suddenly I got a bunch of bullshit questions. None of those even showed up on the test i took back then.
If it makes you niggas feel better I can't stop hitting parked cars
>Anonymous 02/14/16(Sun)03:52:56 No.264722
Don't worry you'll pass your test then you'll just need to find something else to be your excuse :)
The tests in CA are ridiculously easy. Sucks for you I guess.
I passed my written and practical tests my first time. Suck it you faggots! >:D
OP here

fuck this awful state
>American driving tests
the questions are pretty hard but it's 17/20 you need to get right

only took me a couple tries
Each state has online practice tests that shares questions the real tests use. Just go through it a couple times and you'll be good.
>shares questions
>500 different questions
>50 on actual test
nigga nobody got time fo that
You're still mentally challenged if you can't pass it.
>hur I can't pass this stupid test waaaaaa
>Why don't you study?
>Why the fuck would I do that?

On second thought, good thing you're not taking my advice. I don't want someone like you on the road anyway.
>implying that will save you in anyway
>using the hurr durr meme

you don't have to pass that shitty test to see if you would be a good driver or not. its mostly basics. and the chances of anything extreme happening are slim

I don't go out much either.
why was this boipussi deleted
Saying that the test you can't pass is just basics does the opposite of helping to prove your point.
I have a 3.7 GPA in uni though, so what does that say about me?
In my country we have to learn about a few hundred questions and the theoretical test is 30 questions.

2 wrong questions can cause you to fail already.

So technically youre a retard among retards, you should change some things about you.
That american universities are easy as fuck.
>take drivers ed
>get permit
>pass drivers ed
>don't get enough hours
>never get license
>permit expires
>still don't have license
>never went to take the test
>will very unlikely ever be able to afford a car
I don't even see the point in trying. I probably shouldn't get behind the wheel ever again anyway. I'm rarely ever sober and the HPPD/derealization would probably cause me to be a terrible driver
I never said the test was just basics. All I said was driving was basic.

The test itself can include fuckall questions and even if you manage to pass. That doesn't mean there won't be bad drivers out there.
I was able to pass it when I was 15. Come on man
maybe I'll just live in a small town for the rest of my life
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I'm 28, American, and I still don't have a driver's license. Things I've done: sex at 17, drank alcohol at 18, got high at 20, graduated college at 21, worked as a paralegal for a few years. (but I'm NEET now.)
Thing I have never done: drove a car.

driving is overrated
So you've never done it but it's overrated? Damn son, how sour are those grapes? ;)
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