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So anon why haven't you started on anti-depressants yet?
It would involve going to a doctor which would itself involve admitting to my mom that she was right and my life is shit
The therapist my mom makes me go to is some sort of hippie lady who's against meds and who just wants me to complain about things. My mom doesn't let me see anyone else.
stick your jew poison up your ass
Fuck your mom, go see a proper doctor. It fucking helps.

It might be hard bro, but once you accept that you're life is shitt hen you'll realise that there's ways that you can make your life less shitty.
>proper doctor
>serotonergic antidepressants
just go to a proper doctor and get your leech therapy while you're at it too
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They're just drugs. Why would one want to make one's life dependent on some chemical crutch?
You're entire consciousness is just chemicals.
I did, twice. The only thing it did was made it hard to stay aroused and cum. I stopped taking them and they gave me brain zaps.
>allowing the pharmaceutical jew to prescribe brain altering chemicals to you

Good goyim. Take your medicine. You'll feel better
>am actually on welbutrin
>wonder if i should stop it since i'm still depressed and robots say ssri's are basically meme drugs that fuck your shit up even if they do help you
S-should I just stop with AD's?
too much anxiety to go to the doctor

aint that ironic
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i did and they don't help not even a little bit
wellbutrin isn't a SSRI retard

It's basically a mild stimulant
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Le modern chemistry is an upgrade to nature meme
I can't masturbate with them which is one of my few joys in life. It makes me feel emasculated
>been on ADs for over a year now
>barely any difference

>be on citalopram
>1 month of 20mg per day did nothing
>get upped to 40mg
>lethargic as fuck
>can't cum unless I smoke some weed
fuck this
I hope my doc gives me a benzo on my next visit
>enjoying masturbating/reaching climax
What are you, 15?
I'm on 450 mg./day of bupropion tho
Just make sure you don't look like a drug-seeker by specifically asking for benzos, try to describe panic attack symptoms (which benzos are especially helpful for)
fuck off normie scum

>>>>>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
I've been on them before(mirtazapine) and they were of limited efficacy (the insomnia that came with me ceasing to take mirtazapine was horrible). Seeing as I've been wrestling with suicidal thoughts for about a year, I'm especially wary of taking them now - especially SSRIs, as they can make suicidal thoughts even worse.
I think you're misunderstanding
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If I even hint at not being mentally entirely "normal" my family instantly reassures me that I'm perfectly normal, they would never consider me to have a mental illness because they don't want me to be a failure or something
And by that I mean if I hint at being depressed
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I was on zoloft for 8 months. decided to stop because I felt like a zombie, my lows weren't as low but my highs got knee-capped and I still felt meh most of the time.

for a month after coming off I had weird "buzzing" like "mind zaps" side effects. never do that shit, robots. it puts holes in your brain.

I still have depression, but I manage it by exercising daily and moderating my weed use (never more than three times a week)
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I tried Zoloft for a while but it made me too drowsy to actually achieve any effect. Had me nearly sleeping through lectures. I switched to paroxetine and while I didn't feel drowsy like before, I felt a sort of detachment from everything that made me sort of want to stop taking it.
Still have depression senpai and its only gotten worse.
I was on anti-depressants for about 4 and a half years from age ~10-14. I had been taking them for long enough that my parents and I weren't sure they were still having any effect, so I stopped. Turns out they were still having a massive impact on my personality. They turned me into a high-energy outgoing relentlessly positive attention seeking class clown type. By nature I have a lot of classic depressive symptoms like extremely low self esteem, lack of energy and difficulty expressing or feeling strong positive emotions, particularly happiness (although my sense of humour is still intact). The idea of taking pills that essentially turned me into a completely different person bothered me so much that I've refused to take any kind of psychological medication ever since, despite strong pressure from my parents to do so ever since (I'm 22 now).
my father took antidepressants about the time I hit puberty

not so coincidentally my father went from being my father to being a bipolar hateful piece of shit that would be a family man and suddenly become a complete asshole multiple times within the same week, usually the former if he was even doing something besides watching tv sleeping or doing work

coincidentally my mother got titty cancer and that fucked her up in the head slightly, and my brother started having seizures

can't say I'm fond of the thought of ever touching antidepressants given lack of a social life and my father being the only person I really looked up to as a kid.
usually the latter* sorry
You right, it's an NDRI. My mistake. But the question remains, is there any good reason to stop taking it or should I just keep putting chemicals into my body?
because I'm not a slave to the jews senpai
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i'm depressed because i'm alone and i'm alone because i have anxiety

my dad pressured me into taking his prozac once for a couple weeks and i hated it
i did and they just made things a million times worse, now i'm completely unable to function in society and am pretty much braindead. dont fall for this meme guys
This, it's jew poison
>took antidepressants
>lost sex drive, standard side effect but
>turns out my desire to fuck women was the only thing keeping me male
>all my trap fantasies explode out of the closet
>even came out to my mum
>got referred to gender change clinic
>no brakes on this train because I no longer have any interest in using my dick
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I was on these drugs for years. These drugs are horrible for you. Most people gain weight. I gained about 20 pounds. For some people the weight gain is severe. They limit the severity of your lows but also your highs. You become dull and apathetic. Most people have sexual side effects include reduced or complete loss of interest (give up on ever being normal.)

Commit to a serious exercise regimen, eat healthy and use marijuana instead (vaporized preferably.) Instead of feeling dull and apathetic you will actually feel good. Instead of harming your body you will become physically fit. I am moving to a State with medical weed for this purpose.

Most doctors are well meaning but they only read big pharma-approved literature (advertisements, really) and only prescribe big pharma-marketed crap. Pfizer, Novartis, et al do not profit from the steps I prescribed above; that's why you won't find that advice in mainstream, corporate channels.
>a pill turned me into a normie

what were you on and how the fuck can I get it?
Fluoxetine. It didn't turn me into a normie though. It made me positive, energetic and outgoing but I was still VERY weird. It also delayed the onset of puberty until I was 15 (almost immediately after I stopped taking it) so the entire time I was that weird chubby baby looking kid who was constantly seeking attention. At a time where people were hitting puberty and starting their first relationships I was still a strange, stunted child.
I don't want to feel like I have to be required to take a foreign substance to feel normal.

I also don't want to take them and lose myself, just to know it was the drugs, and not my own doing.
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You are just a collection of memories and habits operating under an illusion of a persistent self somehow separate from its environment. Rejecting a better life just because it forces you to think about your fake-ass sentience is full-on retarded.
I'm just taking nearly unhealthy amounts of Vitamin D and telling myself it'll fix me. Not claiming causation, but I became a cyborg since a month after I started taking them.
/fit/ said something about 5000 LU being ideal, which is way over the RDA. You're probably fine at whatever dose you're on.
Too paranoid to visit the prescribing doctor.

But I am. Also an anti psychotic. Improved my derealization and panic attacks 10 fold.
Because anti-depressants have erectile dysfunction and loss of libido as potential side effects.
Fuck the jews, they couldn't take my foreskin from me when I was born so now they're coming back with their mental jew pills promising me I won't want to kill myself and I'll feel normal if I give up my ability to have healthy erections with full sensitivity.
Am I the only one that feels high as fuck when I take a multivitamin?

Is it possibly the B vitamins, does the tab have like 600% or more of some of the Bs?
Sodium as Bicarbonate - 230 mg
Vitamin A as Retinyl Acetate - 2000 IU
Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid - 1000 mg
Vitamin E as dl Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate - 30 IU
Riboflavin (B2) as Riboflavin - 2.8 mg
Magnesium as Oxide & Sulfate - 40 mg
Zinc as Sulfate - 8 mg
Selenium as Chelate - 15 mcg
Manganese as Gluconate - 3 mg
Potassium as Bicarbonate - 75 mg
Herbal Extract Blend Proprietary - 350 mg

Other ingredients:

Lonicera Flower
Forsythia Fruit
Schizonepeta Above Ground Parts
Ginger Dried Rhizome
Chinese Vitex (Fruit)
Isatis Root
Echinacea Above Ground Parts
Amino Acids Blend 50 mg*
Glutamine as L Glutamine
Lysine as L Lysine HCI

Sorbitol, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Orange Flavor, Mineral Oil, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose
Sounds like those Equate orange shitty for your health flavored tablets you put in a glass of water and once it is finished dissolving, you then consume.

Things you do not want:
>Artificial Orange Flavor
>Mineral Oil (a distillation product of petroleum, plus it makes you not easily absorb vitamins).
>Acesulfame Potassium
>Sucralose (splenda, which is horrible).

Can ruin your teeth if consumed too often:
>Citric Acid


Sugar and citric acid together on a daily basis will ruin your teeth, especially if you have a shitty diet, because brushing your teeth is not what keeps them perfect, your diet is to thank for that, but brushing does help with a clean mouth.
I'm taking buspirone and Zoloft

Changes were noticeable but I still dislike being around or touched by other people and I hate leaving my house.

No sex drive is kinda great. Don't use the dick much anyway so the worthless sex thoughts aren't welcome

Unfortunately I'd still rather be dead. Can't tell the doctor though. Living is painful and extremely repetative
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So, what exactly would happen if I went to a doctor and told them I'm depressed/suicidal? Would they just refer me to a therapist or would they put me in a psych ward for a few days? I wanna get help but going to the doctor makes me anxious as hell.
General doctors push pills. If the doctor goes through all his favorites and you're still not fixed he'll get grouchy and tell you to go see a therapist.

If you can describe a physical reason for your depression he might send you to another doctor like an endocrinologist or something. Otherwise he might get pissy and tell you to go see a therapist.

If you tell them you're suicidal he might not want to perscribe you any pills out of fear but go straight to the therapist route. Depending on the severity, yeah, maybe a psyche ward.
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Been on them for a couple of years, being admitted to a mental hospital while I switch off the one I'm on now because I quit my job and "tried to kill myself" (bought some rope and let my parents stop me, you don't have to tell me how pathetic that is)
>I'm looking forward to the human contact and hoping I can make friends
>at the mental hospital
I did about 2 years ago

Helped immensely, helped me help myself turn my life around and things have never been better.

ED and libido loss for the first year or so, but that's not exactly a problem for us is it.

Thinking about stopping them now but
he can't put you in a psych ward if you don't say you have a plan and a way to kill your self
he will prescribe you a SSRI and he should also give you an anti-psychotic
you will be fine

Fuck up. marijuana has literally zero fucking positive effects for someone with depression and anxiety, even if you convince yourself it has...it's only temporary.

Anti-depressants are just big pharma sugar pills with the added bonus of dependency and brain damage.

Diet and exercise is a fucking normie meme to the equivalent of JUS B URSELF.

I've come to the realization there is no fucking fix for this shit. The only way to make improvements is to fucking decide to do it. Do the things you want to do, fuck other peoples and your own expectations and opinions and simply start doing the things you want to do for no reasons other than you want to.

t. a 7 year NEET about to be in uni, physically stronger than I've ever been yet feeling EXACTLY how I always do.
because i live in third shit world country who doesn't give a shit about mental illness
Because that's more financial pressure.
Aside from that though, I tend to wake up from it in due time. I am merely lucky in that regard.
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