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>cyborg meme
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>cyborg meme
>"oh haha im a normie in public but im totally a robot at home!!"
if you're a normie anywhere in life, you're just a normie. real robots can't even pretend to be normie.
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failed normie < normie < robot < cyborg < wizard

Cyborgs are robots who studied and adapted. They're not normies who turned cynical- that is failed normie. Cyborgs are robots that evolved. They follow a more stoic sort of mindset, and actually get shit done.
i...i think i'm in love
>wizard < failed normie < robot < normie < cyborg
>I much prefer being at home!
>goes out with friends most days
Yeah whatever
Self proclaimed "cyborgs" are introverted normals.
I'm a cyborg and in public or formal situations like being at uni or attending mass gathering you'd mistaken me as a normie. I dont label myself as one but i rip off the benefits as appearing as such. I have zero close friends or lovers but plenty of acquintances.
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I'm extroverted. I'm a bit misanthropic, but I don't act edgy/ burn bridges in the real world.

I've gone through cynicism/ pessimism all my life. Extremely reserved. Negative. Introspective- not "oooh what am i gonna do with my life" or "i feel sad maybe i should kill myself" kiddie shit- I mean actual hardcore deconstruction of self, identifying my ego, separating myself from my identity shit.
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Just to point out, I'm "technically" extroverted. According to Jung theory, NeTi dom and auxiliary. I don't necessarily need people, but I am constantly on the move for new ideas/ perspectives. I've been in Si grip for most of my life, and over the last few years become more self aware in a positive sense.
>believing in psychology

I thought that unironically believing in memes was an old meme since 2011
why do so many people get these terms wrong, they are so simple

normal person
>failed normie
loser who wants to be normal, which is a very easy task, yet can't do it because they are that much of a fucking worthless loser. all failed normies should kill themselves.
does not engage in social activities of their own accord. period. there is no wiggle room, if you think "hey maybe that party would be fun" guess what? you aren't a robot.
a weird cross of failed normie and robot. enjoys being alone, yet is capable of being normal around normies. basically, they are the most adaptive individuals. they can be alone for extended periods of time, they can work in groups, and they can even lead like a Chad. though not as good as a Chad, it is still worthy of mentioning.
robot who has spent his time wisely, gained untold powers that most normies could not understand. Wizards are one side of a coin, the other side being Chads. the coin is ultimate power over mankind.

Like I give a fuck what you think.

>inb4 b-but you replied.

Not everyone is engaged in a race to the bottom. Some of us actually WANT to improve, instead of just giving up.
Jung theory is fairly straightforward and more grounded than a lot of other shit. It's crap for personalities, but it does play into socionomics/ communication. It's a focus on automatically preferred mental processes/ perceiving.

The stuff about deconstruction of self was through no means of psychology or philosophy. It was completely self contained/ unguided.
most fucking accurate shit I've ever read

That was what my fucking list was adhering to btw at >>26466786
cyborgs thought are master race because trough effort they can decide at any moment which side they can become, they can decide to become Wraiths or Chad Kings
that's like saying psychopaths aren't psychopaths because they can pretend to be normal.
no they can't
from the moment you put your pee pee into a stinkhole you're bound to a life of normalcy
you got failed normie wrong
its more like someone who was growing up and showed signs of becoming a normie but somewhere along the way fucked up and became a robot
Eh, both are kind of the same.
I refer to cyborgs who are KV or V and did not past 30 years
>robot who has spent his time wisely, gained untold powers that most normies could not understand. Wizards are one side of a coin, the other side being Chads. the coin is ultimate power over mankind.
I swear this is the stupidest meme I've ever seen
ultimate power to make any girl disgusted by your neckbeard, is it?
I am just stupid
okay, what is a wizard? a robot who never fucked anyone and turned 30 years old. what is a robot? someone who spends all their time alone.
there is a lot of time on someones hands who does not do social things, does not have friends, and spends all their time wisely. this is a wizard.

imagine what a man who has focused solely on his career would be capable of by 30. now think of what they can do at 50, or 75.
these are the rulers of the world, masters of their craft, these are the people dedicated enough to achieve greatness.
even when they are not
because nobody on wizchan actually achieved great thing
nobody of them is a philosopher, or a nation leader, or an army leader ecc...
>inb4 le shopenhauer
no they aren't bro
you're deluding yourself
most people that are kv are lazy cunts that stay inside 24/7
let alone 30 yo virgins
keep in mind this is coming from a 18 yo kv
wizardry meme is absolutely ridiculous
professional sucess and sexual sucess walk along
100% agreed, OP.

I robot can't even PRETEND to be normie. It's literally not in our ability.
Do you guys just love talking about yourselves because you all have massive identity issues or something?
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Have you seen any TRUE wizard discussions?
Any sort of subjective stance or feelings of desire for anything are IMMEDIATELY chastised and done away with. They are so removed from the whole prospect of society and identity that their presence literally is that of being god-like. But instead of supreme justice or some kind of beautiful appreciation.... It's this more distilled and refined cynicism- a completely objective view that peers straight into the void and chaos of the universe. This can only be achieved AFTER years and years of refining their trade on the internet.

Really intellectual normies hardly ever reach that level of prowess.
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>keep in mind this is coming from a 18 yo kv
You have not seen SHIT.

Le original
I have, believe me
>ITT marginalized folks with tendency to be out of touch with reality theorizing label categorization if one manages to accomplishes a task with value
who gives a shit about the wiz? this is real life, not posters on some faggy website
wizards control more than you. you have no idea how many are in top levels of finance, politics, military, and private sectors. pretty much anyone of worth is either a chad or a wizard.
>most people
we aren't talking most people, most people are worthless normies. we are talking about the greats. all the greats are either a chad or a wizard.

do note that wizards can have sex, many magik spells actually require it. it's abstaining from sex for long chunks of your life (most notable the being chunk) that grants wizardhood. Chads fuck constantly. So I can see why you are confused to the concept of weird virigns ruling the world. truth be told, mostly chads directly rule. wizards either do not care for that and are busy doing the profane things they do, others rule over chads indirectly.

Not him, but where are these TRUE wizard discussions you speak of?

I'd like to read some, because I lurk this board 24/7 and I've never seen them. What I HAVE seen is people talking, and KV's are no more enlightened than the average schmuck. In some cases they're stupider in fact.

Listen man, I have zilch against KV's. I would never insult or shame a man because of it. But shake those delusions of grandeur out of your head.
>giving value to intelligence
>believing in objectivity
>believing someone could be "redpilled" while being alive
>giving value to intelligence again
It seems that we have a rare case of idiot with inferiority complex towards people even slight smarter than him
chads proportion to wizards when we talk about great leaders of XXI century
100 to 0
accept it deluded faggot
File: AAAAAHAHAHAHAAH.gif (83 KB, 320x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're not even 20, and even the smartest 20 year olds who run businesses/ companies/ entire industries STILL know that they don't know shit

You're a delusioned fuckweasel, can't wait till reality fucks you in your poor soft little boy anus
>but where are these TRUE wizard discussions you speak of?
join the freemasons. get to a high level degree. maybe then you can find out.
there are other places wizard discussions happen, you just have to look for knowledgeable and powerful people. then engage in a worthwhile and meaningful conversation with them about a relevant topic. since you aren't a wiz or even a chad, you most likely can't do any of that. you're too dumb. this is the reason you don't know much of wizards. they are too high above you, both economically, intellectually, spiritually, and physically.
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You're underestimating my robotry
Try being called nicknames that make complete strangers laugh at your face
The normals stick out like a sore thumb on this board. Proctors could sit me in front of a computer and I could point out the normals from the robots with ease.

Theres just something different about their mannerisms. Sort of like they have this unfounded self worth and weird optimistic outlook on things that was bestowed upon them by years and years of a life without struggle.
Nope, they are actually amazing

This is not coming from a "make fun of them" or "wow this is what all people must be like!"

It's like when you see monks set themselves on fire; you might not believe in it, you might not agree with their methods, but god damn there must be some larger than life aspect to being able to do that and not scream like a real human bean would
actually, in this day and age wizards are growing in vast numbers. chads have stayed the same roughly. with the internet, modern tech allowing people to easily live indoors and study 24/7, and an already massive amount of base knowledge available to them wizards are excelling. every great medical, technological, and ideological creation and improvement in the last 30 years has been made by a wizard. the day man and machine meet it will be under the guidance of a wizard. when man has homes on other planets it will be because of the planning of a wizard. when we crack the last great mystery of reality it will be by the hands of a wizard.
chad can make his little business deals, he can become leaders, he can fuck women. but all of that is worthless without a wizard truly leading them forward. chad is only the best of the brutes. brutes can never compete with technology. and technology is the realm of the wizard.
If that's you, you're a cuck failed normie lmao

Being made fun of is nothing; successful people have it happen WAY more often than deformed monsters.
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>if you're not as pathetic as me, you're basically chad
so sick of hearing this shit
name 10 extremely important confirmed wizards
Cyborgs are actually people who go out on friday night and have friends and get a girlfriend, but all their friends are loud spergs and they go out to LARP and play D&D and some other manchild activity and their girlfriend is some weeb tumblr landwhale.

It can be the best of both worlds or the worst of both worlds.
I don't think cyborgs are like that
I think cyborgs are more like Rustin Cohle or Walter White
>Being made fun of is nothing; successful people have it happen WAY more often than deformed monsters.
I think you're confusing being made fun of to being straight up humiliated for simply existing
My robothood is far ascended you fucking normie
Failed normies are normies that spill spaghetti now and then, I spill spaghetti even when I'm completely passive, it's called tourette
>sudden energy discharge in the middle of a quiet classroom
fuck you normie fuck

You're right. I'm not associated with any freemasons or monks.

So you must be posting from a monastery I take it?

Or wait, no. From a skyscraper in your own personal office.

No no, just wait! I'll get it. You're in a thinktank for socio-economic planning.

Just fucking lol, anon.

Spare me your 'your puny mortal mind will never understand schtick' That's a fucking joke of a response and you should really know that.
A failed normie is an unattractive, socially awkward nerd who strives to become Chad aka normal.
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walking disaster.jpg
187 KB, 739x900

>cyborgs are this godly mix of robot and human that thrive in both worlds

Normies want you to be sociable and a selfless cuck but you aren't so you don't get ahead; robots don't get along with you because you hold a job or maybe you kissed a girl once or have a few friends. We cyborgs are the half-niggers in the world of social standings. You cannot mix the two ends of the spectrum, all you get is some fag that robots call a normie and normies avoid.

The true perfect form is the android; robot to the core but is also some sort of sociopath who is 100% normie through facade alone when faced with normies. He controls his fate because he's aware of the failings of normies and thinks not like them, but does what he wants with them to suit his own needs.
a failed normie is nothing but a tryhard normie with some issues
>extremely important confirmed wizards
that's kinda an oxymoron. wizards don't get huge publicity. when they do something great, their parent company takes the credit. when a cure for cancer is made you will not hear about the man who made it, but of the company that made it. wizards don't care about nomries knowing their name, they do what they do solely for mastering it. solely for knowledge. solely to conquer and tame what is wild and dangerous.
guy just because someone calls you too stupid to mingle with top tier humans does not mean they think highly of themselves. stop being such a little butt blasted baby and get over it

>stop being such a little butt blasted baby and get over it

I could say the same about you.

Those exceptional people you're talking were always going to be exceptional.

Being a virgin isn't a claim to greatness. I can laugh at you for thinking so all I want.

And I'd be right to do so.
Cyborg here

Robots are pretty much autistic and unintelligent people.

Cyborgs are keeping their weird interests but try to get as much fun as they can from normie activities.That's brilliant because we cringe and look down on normies but manipulate them for our own interest.
>Being a virgin isn't a claim to greatness
... if you had paid attention you would know that's a core idea about wizards and always has been.
it is not that they are virgin thus they have power, it is that because they did other things then fucking and chasing girls or doing social things they were able to attain power. sex is a small part of it, you can be a wizard and not a virgin. though it would be very hard to be a wizard and not a virgin before age 30.

>you can be a wizard and not a virgin

That's probably the biggest goalpost shift I've ever seen on here.

and that's saying something.

By that definition, I'm a wizard too. I devote my energies to other things besides chasing tail.

This isn't a productive use of it, but hey. I like to discuss our culture on this board because I value the people on here.
>believing anything in this thread
Is this wut you guys really want out of life
Oh man, I can't compete with this
Therefore I am robot
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