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Almost Made It Thread
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Can we have a "Times we almost made it thread"?

>Go in to my local coffee shop like I do every weekend
>Immediately notice there are more people than normal (dawns on me later Valentines dates)
>Make my way to the line and some QT girl turns around and smiles at me like really big
>Can't believe my luck.
>Maybe it will finally happen!
>And on Valentines weekend of all times!
>Girl keeps looking at me in line
>She gets her coffee and comes toward me
>"How are you?" while smiling big
>"I'm alright, how are you?" still stunned
>Looks at me closer...
>"Whats your name?"
>Me - "Anon"
>"Hmmm, you look so familiar"
>Walks off

Almost made it.
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>7th grade
>qt girl keeps flirting with me
>i like her
>blonde hair,big tits for a 14 year old,funny and talkative,really popular
>i keep ignoring her
>one day she litteraly tells me im qt and that she likes me
>act like i find her disgusting
>go home and jerk off to pictures of her
i have no idea why i was that stupid
everything would be diffrent only if u wasnt so retarded
sucks balls man. i've done this same thing a few times.
That's happened to me so many times. An overload of anxiety forces me to act uninterested and I end up damaging their self esteem. I'm 25 and I still do this shit. You'd think after 13 years I would have corrected my behavior but I just can't.
I'm 32 and don't do it near as often but used to all the time. Granted I dont get many opportunities to do it
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>be me, 7th grade
>friend has crush on girl
>girl has confidence issues, other girls call her "<name> hooker", I get the bitches to leave her alone
>we become friends
>she tells me she has a crush on me
>I end up hooking her up with friend
>end up not talking to both for a while
>go to different high schools
>two years ago, decide to search them up on Facebook
>happily married, first kid on the way
>I literally cucked myself out of a potential wife

Nobody else will ever know this feel.
oh man thats rough
Scared off my oneitis who actually started showing signs of interest and shrugged off two of the other three girls in my class because I was still focused on oneitis.
Now that oneitis is a tumblrina, complete with short neon hair. Maybe dodged a bullet, but I still want to punch my 14 year old self for letting the other two go.
been there done that
>i-i-its anxiety

ok serious question what would you have done differently? do you have any clue HOW to move forward with this? how do people hang out? I'm all fucking ears, I know this fucking feel
>be 6th grade
>just moved to san antonio from small town
>be in history class
>girl who wasnt that cute at the time likes me
>girl comes up to me and says she likes me
>look at her but shes all shy and hiding herself
>im like um.... im not interested
>she goes back and tells her and gives me a smug look and starts to cry
>what have I done
>my anxiety made me look like an autist
>few years later
>high school
>shes one of the hottest girls
>straight white teeth
>fat ass and perky c cup
>green eyes
>dated football chad all highschool
>never got a girlfriend all of highschool

gave up after that
op here

I didnt approach after she walked off because she probably just legitimately thought she knew me. i didnt take it as a pass.
I'm not sure I can believe that
well when she went to her table, there was another girl and one guy.

i couldnt be for sure if she was with the guy and legitimately believed she knew me, or was with a friend who was on a date and made a pass.

regardless i froze up
She was dropping a subtle hint. You should have made it a point to say something like, "You might be mistaken, but have a seat. Let's become familiar then."

Boom. So, yeah... you almost did make it.
well it happened so fast

after she said you look so familiar, she just turned and walked off
>11th grade
>move from literal high-functioning autism school to charter school
>decide i'm gonna try to make friends
>it's a small enough school so everyone recognizes I'm new
>try to talk to me
>i give minimal responses, my voice sounding low and mumbly
>decide to shut myself out after second day due to embarrassment
>never make friends

In retrospect, I should have realized it was easy enough to recover from that, or better yet, just practiced talking a lot for a few weeks before school started so it never even happens

>notice qt petite blonde leaving class on her own (again)
>walk up to her
>start talking to her, she's smiling
>gives long, excited answers (usually reserved)
>we get out of uni and take a long walk
>she tells me about herself
>asks about me
>it's time to part ways, i gotta go to the library
>we simultaneously reach out for a hug
>i side hug her like a faggot
>the last second before i hug her i notice she's making a duckface
>fuck, too late dot gaypeg

>fast forward a few weeks
>she's sent me a facebook friends request
>add her
>start talking to her
>sperg out and ask if she wants to go out sometime
>she says she's not busy at all and that she'd like to go out
>sperg out
>don't talk to her again

fml, still fap to her
oh no senpai, oh no
well i mean she probably would have fucked chad as soon as she turned hot so you kind of saved yourself from that
>8th grade
>a chubby short girl i consider 10/10 leaves a note under my desk
>she tells me she and 4 other (ugly) girls like me and makes me pick one of them
>i write her a note asking her to talk to me in private
>this was 10 years ago so texting wasn't really big back then, and she didn't have a phone
>prepare the note nicely, plan how to give it to her discretely
>she's always surrounded by these ugly-ass chicks (grenades, like you americans call them)
>see opportunity
>try to go for the strafing run and hand her the note

kept that note for 10 years, recently burned it when i found out she went abroad, married chad and never came back lol
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>10 years ago
>texting wasn't really big back then
>texting wasn't really big in 2006

not in my country, famalam

not 1st worlder here. like i said, i was in the 8th grade (14) and she was in the 7th grade (13). not many kids had use of a phone in our tiny town back then.
ah, forgive my faggotry
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Thread images: 4
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