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Are we living in a cyberpunk world now?
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Are we living in a cyberpunk world now?

>more people living in cities now and than ever, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down
>everyone even normies are adopting wearable tech, stupid bluetooth things around their necks, smart watches, smart bands, everyone has a super high tech phone even grandmas
>fashion is all out of wack its normal to wear weird shit now
>architecture is beginning to look like something out of some cyberpunk book city, New York is cramming more and more supertalls for super rich fucks into the city
>everything relies on tech
>i live in Baltimore and they're really knocking down all the vacant homes and getting ready to rebuild and gentrify the neighborhoods
>even this shit city that is usually slow on everything is rapidly approaching high tech shit being everywhere
>language being dicktated by a bunch of kids saying a bunch of slang shit that sounds like it comes out of Snow Crash
>Kanye recent thing reminded me of usually dystopian imagery of dark places and a punch of poor people with a bunch of rich people surrounding looking down
>again everything is just technology technology technology
>VR "and this time it's real" actually has optimism surrounding it and people are even saying playstation vr looks good
>the uptick in hacking and supposed coming "cyber wars"
>Isis becoming high tech terrorists with a bunch of them actually being on twitter documenting their live's outside of killing and blowing shit up
>everything can be done through a phone
>shit like vaporwave is getting poplar
>more and more music is becoming synthetic while guitar music is being push into a niche corner

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is western society done?
Almost. We've got all the bad shit but none of the style.
not until I can wear a gas mask and steel toe boots and a nintendo powerglove while running away from police drones
Basically without the cool robot or hacker or super power shit.

We're in a real life dystopia, though.
cities don't become cool cyberpunk areas unless you're super rich, they just become shitty sprawling cheap flats and projects, for my country at least
The few cyberpunks ive read the government is weakened by the sheer population and technology whereas now its the other way around, more population means more military and police bodies and technology gives them the ability to enforce themselves better on us
google glass anyone?

Somewhat this, our tech has probably exceeded, some visions of cyberpunk society, in certain aspects. But I'm yet to see the same aestethic in a functional-practical setting.
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Here's when we'll see real cyberpunk:

>Cheap asian manufacturing gets cut off for political reasons
>western manufacturers now unable to keep up with demand for technology
>business gets hit the hardest, they bring out all the old tech they have from storage as it gradually replaces their newer computers
>smartphones slowly phase out, impossible to keep up with demand, back to big blocks
>technology is salvaged everywhere it can be

Then we'll have people walking around with their wearable computers with exposed wiring and sweet aesthetics
Why would cheap asian manufacturing ever get cut off?
The more likely thing to happen is China cashes in on the debt America has and we end up manufacturing for them.
A few things could happen.

>China decides to be a warmonger, cutting off taiwan and other western friendly areas


>Rare earth elements neccesary for manufacture somehow run out/come into short supply
national debt does not work that way.

now, the chinese bubble economy imploding...
I also live in Baltimore, OP
They aren't really rare as the name suggests.

they could stop buying more debt and simply wait for the US to pay the current lot.
China's economy is already seriously wobbling.

They'll pull through it, though. If all else fails, they're far enough from europe and america to receive aid from us.
Western society isn't dead because only wester society has this standard of living anyway.
>dumb shitskins from arabia flooding europe
>dumb shitskins from mexico flooding us
>both already low on jobs
>us and europe turn into shitistan
Not for long.
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The thing about cyber punk is that it came out at a time in the late 70s-mid 90s when technology, the cold war, urbanization and rampant crime were influencing people like william gibson and philip k dick to predict a certain future. it was a particular aesthetic based on the way things seemed to be going, even the early idea of the internet seemed to suggest a cyber punk type place with hackers and AI and matrix-y type shit around it. however by the 2000s it became clear that architecture, culture, and society was going to continue to be pretty much the same just a bit slicker and while technology has been rapidly improving it's only really reflected personally when you come home to your shitty 90s apartment and turn on your ps4
They ARE uncommon and they're expensive to produce.

If there's some sort of situation where the world has to focus production elsewhere then all of that stops.
Yeah it's getting weird here to me. It's probably because I'm getting out more and going to more areas, we have fuckimg hipsters here now. I hate the area around UB and Johns Hopkins, and I spent a little time around the harbor amd it's all this new shit. Kinda reminds me of New York in a way now just with less people.
And hack the drones out of existence with my Commodore 64.
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