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What's the worst thing that chads ever...
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What's the worst thing that chads ever done to you?
For me, in highschool, I've never got beaten up by them, but worse, they made me get in fights with other non-normies, cheering for us and making us turn on each other for their own amusement. Other than the fact that it was highly humiliating, they also kept us from befriending each other and forming a group. Now that I think a about it, I realise they did this shit counsciously to make fun of us, but uncounsciously to keep us in line by having us divided, thus posing a mininal threat to them.
That is actually kind of genius.
stopped talking to me when we went to different colleges
I know, right? Instead of wasting their energies beating us, they made us fight each other. They are like the Nathrezim of warcraft.
haha, would have loved to see that!
You could hear things like "Look at the retards fight haha" or, my personal favorite "Man, I hope that they won't get pushed towards me, cuz I'll beat them both"
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But here's the thing OP, chads are usually pretty nice to robots. You may disagree with their lifestyle but these guys usually try to help you get laid, be more extrovert etc.
I remember when they tried to do that shit to me and the other lesser males, it ended bad for them, they tried to push me and my classmate (who started getting /fit/ in order to pass the air force physical test) into fighting, we confronted them and they backed off.

>Muh Chad is an angel who's incapable of doing evil deeds.
Chad-enablers are the worst scum on this earth
Honestly Chad's were always pretty ok to me. I never hung out with them or anything, but sometimes they'd talk to me for a second. I hate the Chad's because they get the bitches without a single drop of intelligence or anything slightly interesting about them. They were probably only nice to me though because I got expelled from my first high school for threatening to shoot the place up and I look crazy.
LMAO i did this to kids in highschool. It was actually fucking hilarious to pit the loser kids against each other and effectively force them to fight lest they fall even lower on the social totem pole. My favorite was when we got two dorks who had never even exchanged words to fight by convincing each one that the other called them a faggot and was talking shit. The fatter kid nearly won the fight but had an asthma attack towards the end and got beat up by a skinny nerd. Nobody even talked to them after! They didn't even get to enjoy the social dominance of winning a fight!

If these dudes weren't so pathetic and had even a modicum of self-awareness or self-respect nobody would have done anything. Pathetic cucks make themselves the victim most of the time.
>if they don't act like dudebros they are losers
It was satisfying punching fags like you in the nose, the look of shock in their eyes when they realized that they're not invincible, delicious
>be fresh man at University
>hangout with a group of nerds, a few of them fat and a cute but normal looking girl from a computer class
>after a few weeks of hanging out with them, ask girl to the movies and later on becomes girlfriend
>don't hurry sex because I'm shy as fuck as so is she
>big party close to the university and everyone is invited
>my group decides to go because we had nothing to do and the guys who invited us seemed nice
>we arrived and is full as fuck and there's Stacy's and Chad's everywhere
>after a while we are trying to bond with random people to no success, drinking a bit and eating nachos a day shit
>girlfriend gets pretty drunk and my friends tell me that they saw her talking with some random Chads in the sofa
>start getting anxious as fuck and heart beating super fast
>look around and see her kinda sleepy with two Chads talking to her next to her ear
>I stay looking for a minute and noticed them lightly pushing her to get up take her upstairs while they follow behind and giggle with each other and she's stumbling on the stairs
>my heart stops and I'm there shaking. Friends get to where I am laughing and ask me if I found her
>tell them I'll be back and go up nervous and anxious as fuck
>it's a little more quiet upstairs and find a few doors close
>pick in two of them but nothing, but there's still one left. It's tightly shut
>heart is beating like fuck but I get to the door and put my ear on it
>here Chads laughing and them a bit of moaning
>slowly open the door and it's pretty dark but there's some light and see one of top of her fucking her and another next to the bed naked and filming with his phone
>feel a horrible pain in the chest, all sound disappear and I get the fuck out of there
>walk for forever with my mind numb and throw myself next to the sidewalk and cry for forever while my friends call me nonstop
>that was five month ago I haven't answer their phones and text since

I still feel numb about it and drop from uni.
>or anything slightly interesting about them
You're a stupid motherfucker arent you.

Chads are social, have jobs, do activities, travel, do sports and more.

Stop acting like a little bitch by pretending you are so interesting
I don't hate Chads, but my misogyny is at an all time low. I shouldn't have let her get that drunk and left her alone like that but it's over I guess. She has send me over 80 text since that day but I haven't dared to even read one. Right now I'm just working and hopefully I can start again in a few months at the University. But for now is just work, then back home to play games alone and sleep. It still hurts and I doubt I'll dared to love again.
I have never been treated badly or unfairly by normalfags.
>stoned all of the time in high school
>generally don't enjoy school
>smoke weed and do a lot of hood rat shit with chads
>have a lot of chad peers and acquaintances
>they still look down on me though

Chads gave me no problem in high school but I'm also kind of attractive, so I don't have to make up for being a loser.
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