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Post stories that made you lose all respect...
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>on a field trip with my buddy and his gf
>she brought camera and is a spoiled princess "artistic" type but seemed chill enough
>it was like 35 degrees C so we took our shirts off
>hear her commenting out of the blue how stupidly overbuilt i am and how her darling (on the left) has a perfect body
>three days later
>her friend sends me this picture
>tells me she secretly took it and has been showing it to everyone in their female group telling them how she would like to fuck me

Never told my friend because it would crush him. He's the one on the left and is thinking about proposing her. I have no idea how to bring it up without losing him as a friend.
>implying I ever had respect for women

I want normies to leave.
You just bring it. If he's good friend he'll drop her if not you dont need to befriend cvck
how as an adult, does one fieldtrip?

Don't let him get cucked by a whore.
werer is the hair tho?
i mean other than everywhere else but were hair should be
Nice, OP.
How often do you work out?
OP is a big guy
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normies not even trying any more. plz leave. reeee.reeeee.reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
how does one manage to grow so much hair
there is hair in the chest, hair in the belly and even a beard
but no hair at all in the head
>tells me she secretly took it

The gf right? OP be more specific I fo t know which girl you're talking about
>get out the entire text that the friend sent you
>show him
>"look man I felt like I needed to let you know about this"

Then let him do whatever he wants with the information.
You're just the messenger.
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be completely honest with me OP, we're all anonymous

have you ever taken any gear?

how many years lifting either way?
>well built
>really hairy
I'm surprised she didn't think you were a bear desu.
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I have not seen this copypasta in fucking years.
I was thinking about it. The fact is, he believes her too much and there's a big chance she'll just blame it on her friend being a lying bitch.
I have ridiculously high testosterone levels. I started balding at 19.
4-5 times per week
that's a good story about how you lost your respect for one person. you left out the part where all women are dating that guy and all women showed each other the picture saying they wanted to fuck you.
yes, the gf.
I though about it for cutting. I'm natural, honestly. I know my rear delts and everything looks like a dead giveaway for a roider but my hormones are tiny bit fucked up so I can build muscle easily.
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She's not the only one who wants to get fucked by you senpai
>high testosterone
>no hair
there is a contradiction in this witness statement
what's more alarming is his lack of penis and testicles.
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you still didnt answer how many years, also how old are you?

im 18 been lifting for 3 still look like shit. bigger and stronger than the average guy my age but fatter than you and less muscle mass.

i was actually considering it myself for cutting even though im so young, i dun goofed and did this 2 year permabulk and got fat as fuck along with gaining muscle and now i have to cut down
YOU are a big guy
blox fuck
old copypasta.jpg
If you don't think nearly all women are exactly the same as that, you're fucking stupid.
well according to the evidence presented my guess is that there is nothihng but hair down there
Nigga you dumb. High test = body hair + balding head.

>i dun goofed and did this 2 year permabulk

That's what I'm doing... granted, when I started I was 5'6 130lbs... now I'm at 150lbs and look much better... still gotta keep going though. Hoping to reach 180.
you dumbfuck

her cunty friend just told you she wanted to fuck you to fuck with you (and her). no self respecting woman would want anything to do with a meathead balding faggot.
my guess is that you are secretly a bitch
are you a bitch op?
>have a bro
>we talk about cool shit we both like
>one day bro gets a gf
>she seems cool
>they're completely obsessed with each other, minimal contact with him during months
>we lived in the same flat, we rent for uni, he started sleeping on her room, and then started spending entire days there
>flat right below mine gets emptied all of sudden
>bro decides to move in that apartment after summer vacation with gf and bunch of her bitch friends
>advise bro against it, they are dating for like 6 months, and if they get mad he's the one who gets fucked and has to look for a new home, because my landlord already got another guy for the empty room in my flat

>during vacation bro's gf start ignoring him
>never talk or meet up because she doesn't want to, just texting
>one week before classes resume they break up, she dumps him over SMS, no explanation
>of course this means bro is now homeless
>let bro crash in my couch for 3 weeks before finding a room
>he tries to reach out to her and udnerstand why she broke up
>she refuses to talk to him
>to this day he still doesn't know what caused the breakup
>now she lives happily with her bitch friends right below me

Fucking women
kek i was 5'7 155 when i started, probably alreadt like 15-18% bf.

peaked at 215 and like 25-28%. now down to 203. fuck. should start to look halfway decent around 170 or so
Im not going to go into too much detail. But i learned that the truth cannot really be taken but must be given.
And that i can no longer believe what any woman really says.

I mean how do you know a woman is trust worthy ?
women are reasonably shittu. most divorces initiated by them, etc. i don't really care about them anymore, i like to play video games and get drunk with online friends.
I think there was this one comic, which showed like a bunch of women calling men pigs and shit. Then a really built guy comes in, and its silent. So, yeah. Women are compulsive liars, but I feel like that whole thing is because of how they were raised. If they were raised like "Hey, treat people correctly. Don't do stupid shit, but have fun in life" they will be a pretty chill girl. I feel like Stacey's are the girls that their mom told them to make it with as many men as possible in life, and then when they are old and saggy, get with a rich beta male to live comfortably for the rest of their life.
First thing i thought... Fuck me how long have i been here
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>he thinks balding is caused by high test

Guess where the hair on the head went.
BS, that picture wasn't taken secretly. The guy is posing and looking in the direction of the cam.
shit man i don't know. up into your anus maybe? you like hair up your anus?
What're your stats there, big guy?
balding is caused by high levels of dihydrotestosterone so he's not completely in the wrong
"...for you" Oh, Tom.
Women are like Captain Falcon players, once you've met one you've met them all.
To be fair, he ignored your advice. You can't blame it all on her.
Yeah, I made sure to drill into his head what a dumbass he was for their joint plan of moving in.

However I'm aware that the idea of moving in together was her idea, and set it up so she would be the one to keep the flat in case things went south, also she was a massive bitch by refusing to at least explain what caused the breakup
Know how I know you're a virgin?
finasteride is an antiandrogen that's used to postpone balding in men. testosterone is associated with balding.

get fucked
doo doo is associated with farting

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Don't feel like green texting on my phone cause I'd have to hop back and forth between keyboards

Be me 13-14
Go to school with childhood friend
She's always getting boyfriends the edgy ones
Smoking weed sex etc
Literally she can't go without a bf
She treats me like a third wheel and bffl the bad kind
Some guys I told her not to date because they are fucking faggots who will just end upusing her for sex
Doesn't listen cause you know but he's soooo hot
This continues until around the end of school
Ask her to help me get with some of her friends I had a thing for
Sure anon I'll help
Of course she doesn't actually give a shit about me though and never does
Stop texting her and avoid her like the plague.


Fast forward two months. Hanging with friend
She calls me that she's lonely cause she and her friend are at a movie and her friend has a boyfriend she doesn't
Flip out in front of my friend yelling at her on the phone that she only calls me when she wants BF advice and even if I tell her that dudes a cunt you don't listen.
She cries and hangs up

Yeah I don't normally green text stories but I lost respect for women logic after this and I fucking hate her
>oh man, this girl is such a total slut and a poser
>better tell everybody my story on 4chan
>man, idk what to do!! :^(

Go humblebrag to /fit/, faggot.
Forgot to add, I also yelled at her on the phone saying you never help me with shit so why should I keep fucking going out of my wau
>Of course she doesn't actually give a shit about me though
How long did it take you to realize this?
Non-virgins don't browse /r9k/. This place is void of hope and happiness.
Well this was roughly the end of middle school to the first year of high school so if I had to estimate 1.5 years. Remember a 13-14 yr d thinks differently
That girl is a pretty high tier slag that might ruin your friends life. Have you tried taking him on a night out and try to get him to cheat? It's probably a stupid idea but maybe if he gets something on the side and you explain how much of a slag his girlfriend is he'll come out of that situation a lot better than he would if he walked in on his gf getting blacked.
finasteride prevents dihydrotestosterone from forming

They're right though. It's a combination of how much testosterone you produce, how much is converted into dht and how sensitive you are to androgens. Basically it's genetic predisposition that's dependent on testosterone.

Finasteride only inhibits one type of dht from being formed.
There is a part 2 to this, but I'll post it if people are interested. Its mainly about her miring
huh? i don't care, i just want to talk about doo doo. don't engage me in the conversation i voluntarily joined.
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Fuck it

> Cut off contact with anonette since our fallout

> Was kind a late bloomer. Baby face whole ordeal.

> Spent Junior and senior year of HS lifting, dropped around 60 pounds ( I'm not muscluar just I'm able to go into public and not be autistic man child ) I still watch and fap to 2d

> College starts, she adds me back, I went from a young looking tub of lard to well an average guy,

> Starts saying we should hang out we haven't seen each other in years!

> never bothered to respond to her Facebook message
So robots, woman are primative who only will notice you exist if you look average-ish

even though I'm a 6'3 blonde blue eyed fuck boy
>best friend start dating this alcoholic girl
>falls hard for her pretty quickly
>she jerks him around for several months
>literally tears this kid apart mentally
>turns out shes a lesbian and had a steady gf the entire time
To be fair my friend knew ahead of time that hed end up hurt by her.
>if they get mad he's the one who gets fucked and has to look for a new home


You didn't even greentext, faggot.

>T E X T
You have to fuck his gf and then tell him. Its better it will be you cucking him than some stranger for whom she divorces your friend and takes all his money
Yeah I just did but it requires more fucking effort. Find my p2, hoping keyboard to keyboard is annoying when half your screen is shattered
Basically the flat below mine has 4 rooms. My bro and her ex rented one together, and the other 3 were filled ex's friends. As commom sense dictates if they got mad at each other and broke he'd be the one who has to go because it's 4-to-1 at the flat and it's not like they're gonna sleep at the same room when they ended it all. Also he's a pretty pacifist kinda guy and I doubt he'd stand up to them.

Meanwhile In my flat, when his room vacated, the landlord got another college student to fill the empty room, so he lost the chance to come back to his old room.

So when they broke up he was basically kicked out by the ex and her bitch friends. At least she wasn't shitty enough to trash the shit he left at her room.
Damn. Hope he's better now.

It's almost like this is a made up story by a retard 14 year old
how much do you overhead press and how tall are you

if you're 6 foot or taller that's a very impressive physique but something tells me you're a manlet
Yeah we're still bros, and got a room in a building 5 min away from mine, and he seems to have gotten the bitch ex, altough he has put off new relationships for like 2 years

Never really heard of the ex-gf again, she stills lives right below me but somehow never ran into her on stairs in months. Me thinks she's avoiding me because I called her a bitch and she took offense, lel
Just don't bring it up. The only reason you want to is because your proud of it and rightly so.

Encourage him to bulk up instead.
Just tell the truth. Shit, her gf is a slut
Be honest with your fruend. That was a bitch and will cheat on him. Do a stand and confront her in front of him
>Ex GF
>Complained about any gifts I bought her
>"But I told you I wanted this one...I told all my facebook friends you was me getting this one" (what she said to me one time)
>Started a bunch of arguments and then turned it all around to say that I was playing with her mind
>Got admitted to hospital one night and told her
>"Oh, you're still taking me to so-an-so place tomorrow though right?"
>"Whatever". The response I received when I told her I won't be able to drive a few days
>Kicker is she works helps at a centre for people with autism & learning disabilities and NEVER lets her bitchy side show to anyone else she knows.

Cut off contact with her two years ago and since then the experience has soiled any contact I want with 3d women.
Fucking bitch women are awful
I have Gynophobia.. Ive been mistreated all of my life by women

Raised by 3 of them and they are far from good people. They're good to me but Id prefer if they didnt walk the earth.

Cant trust women enough to be in a relationship. It sucks but I don't see myself being a slave to the pussy like some of my friends. All the stupid weird shit their gf's have done is enough to get them put away yet they're still dating the insane pieces of shit.

To Contribute:

My roomates gf turns into a whore after a few drinks and she ruins the mood with her sexual comments every 30 seconds. She does it every time we all get together and drink. Ive seen other women do this. Why the fuck do they continue to drink if they know they'll just go full slut and ruin the relationship? Its a shame because she seems cool and have potential as a doctor but shes a worthless degenerate unworthy of a real relationship. Shes also cheated on him already and harassed the fuck out of him after dumping him. She were insane though so meh

Speaking of cheating I love how every women I personally know bitches about it yet they're talking to 2 other people while with one. The reason is always "I dont know if hes the one yet AFTER 2 FUCKING YEARS OF DATING". Even my mom were doing the shit and shes baffled every time I tell her I dont want a gf right now.. They also never own up to any thing.

They only lose my respect because they lie about it. I'm a degenerate myself but I'm no fucking liar. Ask me anything and I'll tell you. Fuck secretes
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>Holloween a couple years ago
>At Bar with work buddies including Chad
>Everyone is dressed up.
>Qts from work show up
>Chad had hooked up with one of them before
>He pisses her off by flirting with other bar chicks so she leaves
>Closing time rolls around and he gives her a call because he couldn't work his magic
>Chad and I get a cab ride back
>"Look who treked across town in her holloween costume and ended up almost frozen to his porch"

Turns out she waited for like a half hour in freezing cold weather and to top it off he let her in and fucked her in the shower. This dude makes me hate women
Chad its not guilty. Whores are sole reaponsibles for their own slutty actions
10/10 would lick your nips
Bitches and whores aside, I kinda feel bad for her. I mean she's still a dumb ho, but what the fuck happens in your life to make you THAT much of a fucking doormat? I'll never understand that level of pathetic, be it man or woman. It's like betas who drive their oneitis to Chad's house. Why?
>grow up being told women are just as smart and just as capable as men
>never once come across a woman who can prove this is true
>they all say shit that's absolutely retarded, half-ass everything they do, and whatever "success" they do achieve comes from nepotism or sleeping with someone more successful than they are

>grow up being told to treat women with respect
>never once come across a woman who is actually respectable

there is no one singular moment that made me realize women are shit, it was a million little moments over a period of twenty years
I've come to realize everyone is shit. Not even in the edgy way, just being honest. I've known the same number of men who are respectable as I know women who are: 0. I don't know if it's a generational thing or what, but people are just shit.
File: fug_20dis.gif (2 MB, 400x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x286
>Somewhat ugly girl and her beta orbiter (my friend) visits me and friends in town.

>Girl has a boyfriend

>Despite this beta orbiter continues to pursue her, taking care of her when she's sick from alcohol, arm around her, etc

>Despite entertaining the beta orbiter's antics AND having a bf, she needs more attention.

>meets built guy from my friend's group

>Instantly craves his attention, walking beside him, making a point to run up to him, always asking where he is.

>She gets btfod when he leaves the pub without telling her, she seemed shaken that a man wouldn't lay himself out for her and enter her orbit. Really salty.

It just depresses me how if he would have accepted her advances, there is NO DOUBT she would have left her bf.
That guy is too old for a field trip, this is the shittest of fantasy posting
>people pointing out ages and copy pasta
>not how blatantly shooped that pic is
>stopped respecting bitches in high school
>between feminist older sister wasting tens of thousands in art college in chicago
>and a dumb bitch in my class the guys in my class affectionately named 'Troll'
>realize both are fucking retarded and act like they know everything
>Troll was a blonde skinny jr. bimbo who wore fucked up makeup and couldn't dress for shit
>had a hot senior sister who had a fat ass and looked like her but better and actually pulled Chads
>also a huge tweaker slut
>Troll has a butterface
>can't spell for shit
>starved for attention, spent two months whoring herself out for an asian skater and two giant black dudes who all couldn't stand her
>once she caught the hint after fucking months, she moved on to others including me
>sat behind me in class, wouldn't shut the fuck up
>one time said 'is it hot in here?' five times
>kept repeating herself, thinking I didn't hear her
>just ignored her stupid ass
>would randomly hit and bite guys because she thought it was 'cute'
>one time Troll bit my friend
>short chubby beaner kid who didn't give a fuck
>beaner shoves her
>she falls to the floor and shouts "YOU JUST GRABBED MY BOOB!"
>he casually says "what boobs, you're flat as fuck" and walks off
>she sits there for 2 minutes, waiting for anyone to pick her up
>eventually gets up and walks away
I smell something here, OP..
I have seen this Pasta and picture before, you can't fool me.

There is absolutely no need for you to say a single thing. The mere fact that your boy is getting "married" tells you that he is already a basket case. Let him get cucked.

His GF is taking pictures of random half naked men and he says nothing. He is a cuck. You should introduce his GF to some of your "Black" lifting buddies.

I started really hating women when I realised their treatment of anyone is determined by how hot that person is or how rich and popular they are.
File: 1445452303859.jpg (30 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>roommate used to be a college cheerleader who took steroids and fugged the female cheerleaders and was a regular Chad
>now after years of making bad decisions, he's now in a serious relationship with a stripper from commiefornia
>me and him are talking one night, and I'm encouraging him to rejoin the cheer squad because its a fun lifestyle
>he tells his gf this and she throws a tantrum because she would be jealous of him spending all that time with cheerleaders
>he drops it immediatley and she still strips on the weekends
>they're talking about getting married

Steroids really must lower your natural test levels to turn a total chad into a beta like that.
Don't have any.

I do have stories which are fucked up that made me really upset at these individual women. Take your pick.
>Spat in the face TWICE by two women
>Pepper sprayed because I was walking
>Reject girl and get locked out from the group of people which contains the girl I love.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (95 KB, 500x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>for shits and giggles one time beaner and I convinced her she was colorblind
>told her this ginger chick in our class' hair color was blonde
>she believes us, actually walks over and talks to her saying she loves her blonde hair
>ginger girl becomes confused and walks away thinking she's retarded
>she stops talking to us for twenty minutes, then goes back to whoring for attention
>used to wear skirts and see through shit she stole from her sister
>was literal fucking bones
>always used to go on about how fat she was
>fat black girl in our class got mad and shouted at her
>Troll reports her

>one time asian skater and I were smoking in class
>little shitty ecigs shaped like cigs, it was a while ago
>she follows us around wanting to try it
>we tell her to fuck off a few times
>she threatens us she'll snitch if we don't
>we give it to her while calling her a dumb bitch and she tries it
>literally spews spit and vapor, coughing her ass off while smoke goes everywhere
>fan it as hard as we can and walk away from her
wait is the wordfilter still on for uppercase?

c u c k = cuck

Nice gains OP.

Is the guy on the left a manlet too? Poor guy.
File: kB0w4xu.png (585 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hey OP, you still here? just want to say you look great, and youre a great guy too. be honest with your friend. tell him everything. even better, find a hot bitch and fuck her together with your friend to show him you value him the most. you are an awesome person. have a pic of nikita
>troll reports her

story that made me lose respect for women? im sure the femanons who visit here can say the same about men, but here we fucking go:
>10th grade faggot
>nice guy
>crush on nice girl
>guy friend whos a fucking nerd also have a crush on her
>we both know and try to get the other one jealous
>meanwhile she acted unknowing
>fastforward to her bday
>field trip
>i made her a gift
>like not just anything, 52 fucking cards, with words written on each of them, telling why i like her
>anyway people thought it was fucking cute
>meanwhile other dude got a fucking plant
>fastforward days later
>i confessed
>she said she wasnt interested
>flipped out
>so did other guy
>meanwhile bitchy stacy in class got beef with her
>everyone hates her
>after all this time being a little princess getting all the attention, shes alone
>ask me and other guy for help and shit
>she flipped out and gave me back all the gifts i ever gave her, except for the cards
>i was a little fag so i talked to her and gave it back
>anyway after a few weeks the class shittalked her when she was absent one day.
>found out she was a manipulative cunt who knew EVERYTHING and was just maintaining the "relationship" to get attention and support
>she always had beef with stacy so she had to have male support, plus stacy is a close friend of mine
>she never cared about anyone but herself and her grades, she just pretended to be nice and sweet cute nerdy girl
>never liked another sweet girl from then on
"nice" girls dont fucking exist.

It's funny how women always attack what their attracted too. That alone makes me lose respect for them because it's 1) dishonest 2) Manipulative, she's lying to someone to gain something here, lying to the skinny guy to probably gain easy access to money and 3) just plain retarded to where it confuses men and leads to a lot of unnecessary stress on our parts and 4) she's shallow and trying to hide it, so she attacks you to make herself look better/not-shallow.

Anyways here's a story.

>Be out drinking with friends, but only good friends with W.
>Friends are in a band but doing an acoustic set at bar
>Lead singer guy is engaged to cunty, middle school teacher nerd girl
>They have some friends who are in a couple too.
>They seem like their constantly fighting, Teacher and Male 1 in couple seem at odds
>Don't know history here so don't pay attention
>Get invited to hang out at Teacher's/Lead Singer's house afterwards
>Male 1 is drunk and his spouse went somewhere else, he's coming to hang out with us.
>We're all in Lead Singer's car waiting for him,
>W who's Lead Singers best friend, just smiles and says nothing
>I give him a WTF look and he says to not worry about it
>Have to go Lead Singers house and hang out for a while, knowing his gf cheats on him and can't say a word about it.

Fucking normie whores.

Women don't think for themselves and conform to what other women are doing, which is why you don't see them dressed like they would be in say the 60s or something. They all follow the same styles, so they all follow the same style of thinking and behaving too.
this needs an answer
File: ayyy.jpg (33 KB, 339x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 339x425
>Be my own house party sophmore year of college
>Halloween party
>It's a real rager
>We're rattling our distant neighbors windows
>I'm drunk as fuck on everclear and vodka
>With Panamanian friend
>I'm 6'3 and decent looking, he's 5 something and not the best looking character but a really nice guy
>Near dance floor
>Suggests that we grind on two chicks
>Drunk me says okay
>In the dark they turn around, see him first, get offended about us being there and walk off
>He apologizes to me for leading me to do that
>Goes to get us drinks
>I go to play beer pong
>One of the girls comes over to be my partner while the other one tries to chat me up
>Says to treat her friend nicely because it's her "first time" very suggestively about "beer pong"
>Realize that they have assessed me as attractive, making my prior actions, though sexually aggressive and uninvited, a desirable advance
>My friend, who did the same thing, has been branded a creep for merely being unattractive
>Realize that women's responses to men are almost entirely binary based on their willingness to have sex with that man

There were many other incidents that led to my disdain for most females, but that incident stands out very clearly in my mind.
goddamn i respect dudes like you. you have a clear mind. have a good day
It's funny how newfags haven't seen this ancient copypasta.

This shit always happens. There is not "bros before hoes" it's "someone's touching my dick so I'll ignore everything except the dick-toucher... WAIT... they aren't touching my dick anymore! HELP! Where did my friends go?"

Every. Fucking. Time.

This is, like you put it wise anon, why you never move in with a women. Honestly, she probably was cheating on him already and didn't want him finding out or one of the other girls in the group was cheating and didn't want any witnesses so they convinced her to break up with him.

I know this because I've been homeless several times from this exact shit. And I've known others who have as well.
Get lean, fat boy. Still mirin hard. How long lifting/are you on gear?
>Be on date with woman.
>She sees some Chad she knows in the street as we're driving somewhere.
>She talks about this "friend" for the rest of the car trip there, which was like 20 minutes.
>Was on her phone a lot during the 20 minutes, probably texting him.

You didn't even read the first sentence of the post, fucking moron.

/pol/-tier reading abilities.
DHT =/= proper test tho

The key element here is that women are shallow. They want Chad because Chad looks good to them. So you have to add that into the mix when looking at the pathetic level of behavior they are willing to sink to JUST BECAUSE A PERSON IS GOOD LOOKING AND WILL GIVE THEM ATTENTION.

Same thing with >betas who drive their oneitis to Chad's house. Why?

Anything they can do to get positive attention from an attractive person.
>girl is crushing hard on some guy
>he doesn't know her at all
>since talking to him is too much to ask, she goes a sluts it with some random dude
>the next day she pulls up a photo of her getting dicked and shoves it in her crushes face screaming "YEAH HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT"
>he does not know her at all

> whatever "success" they do achieve comes from nepotism or sleeping with someone more successful than they are

Or simply for just being attractive to someone who then overlooks their flaws, over estimates their usefulness. I've been in way too many work situations where the hot girl is constantly praised, never reprimanded and she gives herself 1,000% the credit for it all too. I doubt she's actually fucking anyone, but the men WANT to fuck her so much they make life easier for her. They schedule more work for her when she's barely working when she's there, just so they can hang around a hot girl.

It's pathetic.


Women breed shittiness. If being shit gets you laid and being decent does it, men are going to be shit.
This shit sets my blood boiling

>be collegefag
>one particular class has a semester-long work to be developed
>kinda hard
>teacher barely knows more than us
>calling him for help never goes anywhere, so figure it all out with other classmates
>meanwhile some air-headed girl goes into class with highly revealing cloth (even though she barely has tits or ass or anything)
>teacher pretty much did her work for her

Some fucking women man. Too bad they have vaginas and we are crazy for that
This is just jealousy. Why the fuck would you blame someone for having sex with someone extremely attractive?

Everyone wants to fuck attractive people. Gender has nothing to do with it.
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