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Any veteran sailors out there? Any current sailors? Future sailors?

How you doin'.
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Thinking of joining here.

What's your job there man?
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I was a nuke (pic related) but now I am an ITS. I cannot answer any questions related to actual life on a submarine, cruiser, destroyer, little boy, etc. but I can offer insight on rates, boot camp, training commands, and how to prepare for the bullshit you will experience on the daily.
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What are the requirements to be a nuclear submarine crewman?

Besides having a high school diploma and passing boot camp obviously.
Please do tell about your life Anon.
Okay, I will try to break down a lot of shit.

>Sub-Volunteer or Surface
When you are in DEP (The process before shipping off to bootcamp and starting your naval career) they examine you medically and ask you a bunch of questions pertaining to your health. Not only are they looking to see that you are fit for the Navy, but that you are also fit for certain special programs, like the sub-force. Or specwar. Whatever. I signed my nuke contract March of last year. I had this form thrown out in front of me asking me if I wanted to volunteer for subs, and I signed it. If you are not a sub volunteer, you will most likely be put on a carrier.

Honestly, the requirements to get in the nuke program are not very high. The attrition rate is something like %50 when you look through the entire program. If you had gotten D's or below in certain math classes, you will have to get waivers explaining why you did poorly in those classes. You do not have to pass the depth perception test to be a nuke, but you do have to pass the color distinguishing test.

Continuing on before, honestly the most important factor that makes someone get into the nuke program is the ASVAB score. I did not do to well during highschool (Average grades, one failed class, and I took like five AP courses) but I made it in because I had an ASVAB score of 95, which is based on a percentile. I have seen one person make it in with a seventy something, which is pretty good, but rare. That is sort of low for nuke.

All nukes go through the same training, regardless of whether or not you are surface or sub. The only difference in training between nukes are the three different rates: MM, EM, and ET. Machinist's Mate, Electrician's Mate (What I was), and Electronics Technician.

MM's have the shortest training period, still very long though overall. It is an extremely hard program, and many people successfully and not so successfully commit suicide while here. It is not a good command, they treat you like shit, and I happy that I am leaving. But if you are interested into entering a field of which you could potentially earn 120k a year and you believe you are smart enough/can handle immense levels of stress that could kill a lesser person, go for it.
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this is all my life is and has been
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Thanks a lot, this is some really useful info.

Could you tell me a little more about the contents of the ASVAB though. What should I expect?
I'm employed at a shipyard and I work pretty closely with the crew.

I feel bad for the robots who are enlisted since they get ragged on 24/7 by both the crew and civilian workforce. Seems like the force is split about 50/40/10 respectively between douchebags who never grew up after high school, all around decent guys, and total losers.

I have a lot of respect for the military. But if you're a robot and you think you're gonna join and get whipped into shape, it probably isn't gonna happen. You'll just become the butt of every single joke.
I have slight red/green color blindness. I can still tell the difference between solid red and green colors but it takes some effort to make out the images on the color blindness tests.
Would you say that I still have a chance?
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Maybe. Hard to say. Maybe you will do well on it, maybe you won't. Maybe the people there will waive you through because nukes are worth millions and you are just to valuable to give up. The latter happens a lot. I cannot tell you how many times shipmates have told me that their recruiters overlooked failed drug tests/medical issues/tickets/medical conditions etc.

I think you should be fine.
I have seen some success stories. But yeah. I knew a lot of robot-esque people at NNPTC, where the majority of autists and aspies go to in the Navy. It is incredible that they even succeed in that environment.
Thanks Anon!
Non serious question but what's the food like on subs?
Also any memorable stories?
>drop the knowledge you can friendo
Do they give each sea faring vessel a theme song?

If you could give your vessel a theme song what would it be?
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