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just a general thread.

how did I handle this dealer situation?

>looking for benzos, never fucked with them and wanted to see what the talk is about
>found one turbo normo faggot from my graduating class from high school who can get it
>last night was told i was getting 4 xanax bars for 30
>dont know anyone else who has them, so alright
>rendezvous, the money and the shit exchanges hands
>get home, open it, its wrapped in like 3 layers
>it's fucking 2 bars broken in half
>take it anyways
>message the guy on facebook
>user is not receiving messages from you right now
>he messages me on facebook saying he smashed his phone or someting and asks what i said about the xanax
>repeat it
>"oh shit sorry man mustve been my bro, fuck must have swallowed them in the car" (which is a possibility, because his brother was in the car with him)
>says if i want more he'll drop the price to 5 apiece
>i message "if you reimburse me my 2 bars i didnt get then ill buy 2 more for 5 apiece"
>no response yet

it was pic related. i got 2 of those. i took one, then after a half hour-40 mins was comfy and took the other. didn't do anything stupid except for eating chips and dip in my bed which made a mess
>dealing with people who deal drugs
>positive situation/outcome
choose one
theres always something that fucks up.
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Your fault for being a degenerate. Do god tier drugs like psychadellics.
That's why you gotta know your prices, op
Ya dun goofd. If theyre yellows: $3, if light green: $4 ima
shrooms just make me panic and feelsweirdman, no connect for LSD

i had a year of experimenting with DXM and i enjoyed that but I think that time is over until i get powder. no more cough medicine for me
You have to fix yourself first anon. Shrooms will help with that. If any drug will help you in any way it'll be mushrooms.
Hulks are 2mg per. Regular xannies are only 1mg.

You did infact get 4 bars worth, but for $30 you got ripped the fuck off. I've never bought them personally, but I know that in Toronto, ON, they go for $2-$5 each mg

xanax is awful
Go to a doctor and get them. I get a 30x prescription of 2mg bars for $1.79 with my insurance.
i wouldnt call it awful, it was pretty comfy. op here btw

i let one bar (2mg) dissolve under my tongue and started smoking pot. feelsgoodman. i got a little overzealous and took the other one, but i think it would be worth it if he gives me 2 bars, i would buy them for 5 apiece
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dude weed lmao.png
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>paying 5$ for bars when you can buy the powder for 1/5th the price

literally epic
yeah dude i'll just text some normies from high school and see if they have any alprazolam powder

fuck off i cant use the dark net, i havent even set up a bank account yet im 18
i've been buying drugs on the dark net since i was 17 why are you retarded?
i thought you couldnt buy bitcoin if you didnt have a bank account
I dont fuck with dealers anymore. I'm buying from a bro-tier rastafari(grows himself) I met in the gym, half the price opposed to dealers for pretty much everything (5 bucks for a gram of dank), and he even throws in a little extra sometimes. Of course I can give him the money a few days later. Take my advice, a good dealer is worth more than any amount of drugs. No fucking around, getting robbed, standing in dark streets, etc.
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>do 100mg of LSD
>do 300mg
looking forward to trying that comfy dose

>binging on MDMA
>do too much
>go to disgusting strip club with idiots I don't even know
>intense shame and regret
suffice to say, I'll be measuring my doses very carefully next time

>don't get any of the laughing effects
>just black out and then a waking up sensation

the strip club is stuff really bothered me for some reason. I think it's because I was incredibly vulnerable that night, remember fuck-all, surprised I didn't get in a fight.
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things to watch things to do while on dxm?

when im on weed I usually browse the internet just looking at things and have enough brain power to do things. tried doing this on dxm and just couldn't.
now I know with dxm you have to plan before hand

so what do you guys watch/do?
i watched almost exclusively adult swim shows. like ATHF, metalocalypse, etc..music is really good too. i like listening to Tool and Deftones White Pony album on it

this song right here always brings me back to those days

>300mg of LSD
dear lord, microgram senpai, not milligram
Just took my first hit ever of DMT. Got scared shitless because I couldn't breathe and the ringing in my ears was really loud. Not nearly enough to break through, I probably have to do it a couple of times before taking more than one hit.
wish i was high on painkillers right now
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>Measuring LSD in milligrams instead of micrograms
That piece of shit that lied to you actually did you a favor. Unless you're super fucking careful with benzos you will either take to much and black out and get hit by a car/go to jail/destroy your house etc. or you use them without blackouts or blocks of memory disappearing and you just develop a dependency serious enough to require hospitalization in withdrawal.

The way to use alprazolam is to take no more than half a bar and smoke some cannabis with it. Or use a half bar to dampen a bad psychedelic experience. Or a quarter bar for social situations that don't involve you driving. And then don't touch benzos again for 3 weeks.
do you just swallow the pill or put it under your tongue? does it work just the same?

im kind of heavy like 200ish lbs.

in hindsight, that one bar was pretty comfy and the other didn't add anything of value to it. i think the next time i get it i'll just do one bar

>do you just swallow the pill or put it under your tongue? does it work just the same?
They work the same except under your tongue makes it kick in faster, but alprazolam tastes like absolute shit fyi.

>i think the next time i get it i'll just do one bar
Doing whole bars at once isn't a good idea for several reasons but it's your body man. There's an image for Xanax floating around that basically says 1 quarter bar = social anxiety fixer, 1 half bar = get drunk, 1 whole bar = today didn't happen.
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You wanna know some hell anon? Right now I'm coming off a chemotherapy drug they gave me for crohn's and it sent me to the hospital so I left with some oxy. Now I had been taking tramadol as well for about a week prior, but this fucking drug makes it impossible to get high. I took an oxy yesterday and I didnt feel a thing I just fell asleep. I tried smoking weed, it just allowed me to eat a bit and the high went away in like 20 minutes. This chemo shit literally makes my body not able to get high even though I'm drowning in painkillers.
im just a hardhead i guess. i've found i need more drugs than most to feel it

with subtle drugs, as in something that isn't outright trippy or alters my perception in a wacky way, i need more than average to feel it, if i take the recommended dose im just sitting there like "is this it?"

even with trip drugs like mushrooms, my experiences are never as deep and profound as some people talk about and always takes a long ass time for me to even feel it
that feel when kratom every day because too pussy to take the 4-fa or mxe or dxm i have for real enjoyment. also cant smoke weed or use psychedelics because it makes me think im dying
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dont know shit about dem new fangled research chemicals, but dont be afraid of dxm. take 450mg for a fun, happy, easy time

i never have difficult parts of dxm trips like with mushrooms, dex is real smooth
Anyone dissociative bros here? Man I so need a new way to get some shit. When is MXE gonna hit popular illicit markets? I mean seriously
you know you can buy dxm in literally any department store, right?

just take 50mg and smoke some weed for the nausea
50mg diphenhydramine* or benadryl
benzos i've taken (including RCs) : alprazolam, diazepam, lorazepam, etizolam, clonazepam, diclazepam, flubromazepam, flubromazolam, pyrazolam, zaleplon, clonazolam etc.

best imo is clonazepam and worst pyrazolam.
MXE is probably not coming back, unfortunately.

I'm more of a K guy myself.
mxe has a way better body high though
ketamine just makes me cold and spaced the fuck out
mxe sucked i liked 6-apb though, better than street speed imo.
>Have some sort of back injury
>Causes "chronic pain"
>Go to pain management erry month
>Get 90 Opana ER 20mg
>Get 60 Oxycodone 30mg
>Costs me about 40$ a month.

Kratom is good shit, with a mild tolerance of about 60mg oxycodone a day, I can still get high as fuck off about 10 grams of kratom or so
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6ft 2 150 pounds
got 2 bottles of robo gel pills. 40 15mg pills in total
how much do I need to take for 3rd peak?

I know theres calculators for this stuff on the internet but Im a retard and can't into metric conversions
Any other dope feens here? Just went through a quarter gram in two days, need to order some more.
all xanax bars have 2mg. the color doesn't matter.
the smaller "footballs" have 1mg each, but all bars are still 2mg.

OP you did NOT get 4 bars worth. you got ripped off and only got 2 bars. and for $30, most people can get 6 bars for that price. don't worry, it happens to everyone at some point. if you're going to be messing around with drugs, expect to be ripped off from time to time until you meet some reliable connects.

xanax in general is probably the most overrated drug on the planet. klonopin is a much better benzo imo. but benzos in general I would suggest staying away from. too easy to black out and make some life-ruining decisions
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I don't get why so many people make a big deal over benzos. Does it do something for you that it doesn't do for me? I'm on Klonopin (prescription) in addition to my SSRI's and other psych meds, and all it does it curb my anxiety a little. I can't imagine a normie would get much out of it.
The trick is to take about 4-5x the amount you're prescribed.
At least all of them.
Dude I'm jealous of everything except the back injury. Poppin yellas over here, costs about 700-1k per month at current tolerance
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