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Hey robots. What was your best year and worst...
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Hey robots. What was your best year and worst year of high school? And why?

>Sophomore year was my worst
>had terrible teachers
>took Pre Calculus and Chemistry Honors
>got C's and parents would get mad
>had no free time
>had social anxiety
>had panic attacks
>people were assholes
>no friends
>several dick heads bullied me
>got barely any sleep, like 4 hrs a night
>didn't eat breakfast and barely ate lunch
>slept 5 hours after school because I'd feel like crap
>felt sick most of the time
>parents bugged me about being antisocial

>Senior year was my best
>idk what happened but I would barely study
>wing everything and still get A's
>took classes that interest me like AP Physics and AP Calculus
>wasn't afraid to act autistic because less normies in the much harder classes
>had great teachers
>social anxiety wasn't as bad, but was still present
>panic attacks happened less
>I had started going to the gym junior year, so senior year results were starting to show
>felt better about my body
>not sure if girls liked me or not because was too autistic
>finally got a job and cash started rolling in
>spent money on video games, fast food, and drugs
>had like a few friends I hung out with that were also robots from my hard classes
>spent weekends getting high, buying fast food, and then playing online for hours
>probably the best year of my life desu senpai

Now I'm in uni, stressed, don't really talk to anyone. I'm in pretty damn good shape now but still very autistic, so girls don't really like me.
All highscool was worst high school.
The first year was kinda cool cuz girls liked me but I didn't get shit done. It all blew I'm so glad it's over forever.
OP Here, forgot to mention I graduated in 2013.
> Freshman Year
Highschool ruled for me mostly desu, so I guess it was tricky trying to find myself that year.

> Senior Year
Had a wide variety of friends, my friend group I had made in grade 9 and I were closer than ever, pretty much always had somebody to hang out with every day.

Have only had one friend in my entire 5 years in university and I haven't spoken to that friend in a year. I want to die everyday, my highschool self could never have imagined me becoming this way.
Worst year
>starting high school year 8
Best year
>leaving school year 12
Year 7 and 8 were great. All down hill from there.
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>senior year
>liked girl a lot
>ended up talking to her finally
>she was perfect
>liked anime
>everyone telling me I should seal the deal
>went for it
>she didn't like me, wasn't physically attracted to me
>she was too tall
>just my height
>went for a shorter guy to have more "power" was liberal, I was conservative
>had an art class with her, made it Hell for me because I asked her out in front of everybody
>didn't want to show up to school, depressed and angry all the time, wasn't myself, all my friends except my best friend saw how I had changed and lost all respect for me, used to be popular for how much I didn't care what people think
>thought a lot about what that girl thought of me
>ended up acting tough to a teacher who tried to take my phone, I got suspended and a cop took me out of a class we were in together
>highschool ends, start forgetting about her
>she texts me back, she's boring but still kind of my type
>start thinking about her again and how I failed
>goes full feminist, blocks me
T-time heals all wounds anons...!
>mfw old friend kills himself, my peers were uncaring, are emotionally detached
This is the point where things s-start lookin' up! heheh....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEWF2xh5E8s
Anyone got anymore sad songs?
Hey, me too! Want to be friends anon? I will probably never have those unless it's someone off 4chan. I hate normies
Worst year Freshmen year, it was overwhelming and scary and I didn't make friends, and didn't even do particularly well academically.

Best year Sophomore, had an affair with a teacher who'd later go onto have a proper relationship with.
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Fucking normie
>Fucking normies
>freshman year
>was somewhat normal, had a few friends, no hard or stressful classes

>senior year
>embraced full antisocial
>talk to nobody unless I have to
>try to kill self, cant
>constantly done with life
>still senior year
>Junior year
>Started out alright, made some new friends, talked to more girls
>getting by in most classes, barely in others
>second semester
>go out twice on the weekend all semester even though hit up friends a lot
>ask girl to prom
>write "prom?" on her car with car marker
>she says yes but texts me the next day that she wants to go as friends
>hints that I should ask someone else
>take her anyway because I don't know who else to ask
>is a bitch to me all night, barely talks, leaves me mid-slow dance
>first person to leave afterparty
>find out a year later normie friends smeared the marker all over her car to make me look like a serial killer
>they all have great memories of prom and bring it up all the time
>also I gain 30 pounds, get a D in calculus and my father still thinks I'm a failure.

Fuck high school. And fuck my high school friends.
>first year of highschool
>Terrible at making friends
>didnt eat lunch and just went to library

>people i met in library became friends later on
>skip classes all the time in 11-12 grade to hang out in lunchroom with mates
>junior year
>have slowly developed terrible habits of never doing work or studying
>always been ap/straight A student
>grades start dropping
>nearly fail calc II due to a combination of stupidity and laziness, receive first c's in past history of school attendance
>try to maintain facade of normalcy while I slowly regress and become more reclusive
>turn more and more to escape mechanisms such as wow and the like
>pull away from all social activity, but keep mask of normalcy to not arise much suspicion
>never recover, nearly fail out of college years later
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best year of high school
>freshman year
>my only friend from middle school went to a different hs
>despite that, the middle school we came from was small, so all of the people who went there and started at my hs stuck together, whether or not they were actual friends back in middle school
>meaning they included me, i had finally a group of "friends"
>except they would make fun of me every day and play "pranks" on me
>my thoughts about that the entire year were "h-haha, they're just joking.. it's alright. I know they're not my real friends. Just keep that in mind so it doesn't hurt so bad when they leave, alright self?"
>near the end of the year, the seniors are leaving. one day the class i have with two of my "friends, they're both absent
>a senior tells me to come here for a sec
>tells me "hey, i see those kids messing with you a lot. if they're bullying you, you just have to tell me and i'll come and talk to them."
>tell them "o-oh no, it's okay. they're my friends, they're just playing around."
>he says "alright.. well still, just give me a look and i'll give them a talking to."
>feel anxious everyday in that class from then on
but it was still a good year for me. i had "friends." and i had them to sit with at lunch.
although i didn't talk to anyone in any of my other classes, except the one i had with them, it was a decent year.

worst year of high school?
sophomore year
>everything that was new and exciting yet equally scary the previous year was now familiar
>the "friends" i had made their own new friends
>had lunch with one of them, he shortly dropped out and did school online
>was alone in lunch and sat with literal autists who'd scream and have the entire lunch room go quiet and stare at them
>got tired of it and went to the library everyday instead
>discovered i might be bisexual
>"friend" from last year decided to suddenly ignore my existence and shun me from my spot at the table
>wanted to kms bc that was the only class i interacted with another human
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>freshman year
>parents got divorced completely out of the blue right as school started
>best/only friend moved away right before the school year
>started at a new school with no friends
>managed to weasel my way into a group of kids who knew my old friend
>they treated me like shit all year and I was too gutless to do anything about it or become a loner
>chubby awkward kid with gyno, super late to enter puberty
>easy target for ridicule
>self-esteem tanked, cried a lot

>senior year
>half days everyday
>dad gave me his old truck
>managed to make a couple real friends
>goofed off all day in classes with them
>got good grades anyway
>the realities of life had not yet set in
Probably the best year of my life. Everything has been downhill since then
>junior year
>lose virginity to whore
>fuck her 3 times raw without a condom
>end up dating this senior goth/emo/whatever-core tier redhead puerto rican bitch
>ayy got a gf
>fuck her once with a condom
>still nut in like 10 mins
>sucks me off
>best head I've ever had
>literally fucking love her
>get dumped after she graduates

I guess that was the best year since I had sex but that was literally it. I haven't had sex or a IRL relationship since then.

Worst year would probably could be ANY year that wasn't that year honestly.
>first year high school - year 7 in the australian system (Kindergarten then 1-12)
>new school phobia, only know one person from my old school who liked me
>already severely depressed
>aspergers and schizophrenia in full swing, only diagnosed when I leave school
>bullied by everyone in my class
>forced to dance for people's amusement
>was not eating proper lunches and sleeping troubles are getting worse
>nothing positive to look forward to except borrowing fantasy novels from the library
>am considered incredibly bright but have severe learning difficulties which no one helps me with because mother doesn't want me to be different
>completely unsupervised by family because dad is a drunk and mum constantly on painkillers for back pain - except when they get angry at me

>last year of school
>people don't make fun of me anymore
>social reject but good looking enough to have girls attention
>90% of time inside and outside of school spent playing video games particularly Europa Universalis 2
>basically addicted to online roleplaying games
>still not eating properly, don't sleep some nights
>failing most subjects and getting by the skin of my teeth in the rest
>spend hundreds of hours pretending to study and hate myself now because if I had actually studied all the time I had a book open next to me I would have been in the top 90th percentile of students
>hate family but made to feel guilty for the hate
>spend a lot of time wandering around alone in nearby bushland
>sometimes get drunk with people and have sex but don't understand why it doesn't feel good - completely neurotic around girls
>want to die constantly
>terrified of the skinless staring monster waiting for me at the end of my bed
>parents tell me I don't have anything wrong with me

I regret everything. I still miss Warcraft 3 custom maps though.
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>>terrified of the skinless staring monster waiting for me at the end of my bed
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