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robots help me understand why I love this...
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robots help me understand why I love this girl. of course I am her beta orbiter that got turned down twice already. she has a friendzone if like 20 guys who all jumped in after her bf of 5 years dumped her. it took like two weeks. but thats another story.
when I see her photos on facebook I always think 'damn she's ugly' but when I see her in real life she's attractive. I also saw her in the morning without makeup and she looked worse but I still had it for her. She's not fat but tall and slim but she has scoliosis. you can't really see it through the clothes tho. on the photos her face looks horrible like eyes too wide apart, square head, strange nose and mouth fold. but when I see her in real life she has big eyes a bit like an anime girl. I know she probably has uneven tits because of her condition yet I find her attractive. her face turns from attractive to unattractive depending on my mood. how does that work? how can I stop liking her? is it because she puts on the nerd girl act, or because she's the only one giving me attention?

pic not related. just to get your attention
Describe the "got turned down twice already"
ok but answer me my other questions as good as you can.

>1. 1.5 years ago. she had trouble with her bf. I said I love you. come with me. she said no thanks
>2. she and her bf broke up same time I broke up with my gf a few weeks ago. she consoled me and I fell in love with her again. I told her my feelings. she said she's not ready for another relationship so fast after a 5 year one. one week later she wrote me she has a new bf
sounds like you need to learn how to tie a noose buddy
nah dude I'm more a supreme gentleman kind of guy :^)

Get over your oneitis dude, it's tough and if I didn't have a harem already I know where you're coming from

how can I get over her? She's the only one

Well she's the only one because you're not really looking

What I did was post an ad on cl to fuck bitches and it worked, have 4 girls to talk to and it's not always about sex either it's just like friends with benefits so it's really cushy
thanks man thats useful advice. when will the jealousy and the hate subside? I always think how her new bf sticks his dick in her cute pussy and it makes me furious
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Orbiting an Olympic female weightlifter.

Posts on Thai dress critique internet blog.

Got it.

Probably when you get a girl, and even then if you keep thinking about her it's going to strain your relationship/sex life

There's this cute girl that I smashed, she's a fembot, I met her and in one night I banged her in her dorm room 3 times. I was distant afterwards because I knew it wouldn't last, she just turned 18 years old a week before we fucked

But like an idiot I caught feelings, now I'm wondering what she's up to even with my harem

The only way to forget about her emotionally, is two ways, you can either drop her cold turkey and not think about her, and then it's a struggle to not have something remind you of her

or treat her the same way she treats you, as an orbiter. Get her jealous as much as possible, ask her what you think looks sexy in a victorias secret catalog/website and make her think you're going to buy it for her, then tell her you want to surprise your date or whatever and make that bitch mad af

Basically find a new girl to make a move on
Sounds like bullshit but this is the right of it. She's some bitch with orbiters. Easily replaced.

Fuck off cuckposter.
thanks man thats solid advice
>Claims to have a harem
>Friday night
>Hasn't been dragged out with one of his girls
>Isn't even spending the night in with one of them

I'm skeptical of your claims.

I didn't finish I ran out of text,

The phrase I used was make a move on, seriously if you keep going after a girl without making a move you are going to get into another orbiter scenario and then you just came full circle

make a move, tell her you're interested in her or physically, if she tells you that she's not interested the sooner the better, that will tell you to not actively pursue that person

I think what made me not care about "burning a bridge" with a female especially if you're worried about rejection was the fact that I have these side hoes so if I don't get a girl then I lose nothing, but if I make a move on a girl and she's interested then +1 more to the collection

I think its the same logic behind rich people, the rich keep getting richer and the poor get poorer because they have no reserves

Make an ad on cl and get some FWB, you'd be surprised at the quality of females on there, they're not all junkies

I have school work to deal with, it's not always about sex honestly and it's kind of complicated

One girl I had a hookup with twice but not me to woo her back so I have to do it slow like watch movies with her then lead to foreplay

One is a partnered tomboy lesbian so we can only meet in secret

One is a married woman / cuckold relationship so I'm the bull there but I don't always want to drive 20 minutes to their place to fuck her

And theother I have to takeher out on valentine's day so there goes my Sunday
>pic not related. just to get your attention
well you fucking did it lad
but not enough for me to read past the first few words of your post
I don't understand orbiting at all. If she has no interest in you, why the fuck would you even bother interacting with her anymore? Why not just forget about her and try and let it fade? Or at the very least just stop pursuing her?
dude go do something else. speaking as someone who was stuck in that rut for years, fuckin find something else to kill your boredom. Preferably something that has an occasional girl at least...trust me dude, just keep movin
a part of you still has hope that someday you will get a chance. and thus wants to stay friends an in contact. I lnow it's a highly irrational yet strong part of human nature. be glad if you dont experience it
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