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Normies being dicks
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>Be in class working on essay
>almost finish because its an easy topic
>however I'm stuck in a class full of fucking idiots, none of which have even done their introduction
>one guy in back being extra loud starts to annoy teacher so she asks him to show him what has done
>dickhead literally has just typed his name so he stalls on printing it thinking the teacher forgets
>she doesn't and asks him again
>fucking smartass next to me says "maybe theres no ink"
>teacher gets mad and says "whoever said that needs mind their own business"
>the same smartass blames me and tells me to stop talking
>everyone thinks this is comedy gold and laughs at it
>teacher know it wasn't me but still didn't bother to correct him

Honestly I'm over it but why do people do this shit? Sure with friends its fine but that asshole doesn't even know me

also post times normies did shit like this to you

sounds like a harmless """joke""" a 19 year old normie would tell

unless of course he causes shit and blames it on other people frequently, in which case he's a fucking sociopath
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>be in english
>doing work, occasionally lean to phone and piss around.
>hear laughter and "edgy memes" from the hall
>fuck. its him.
>ultra kike normal fag kicks in door, wearing shades and an achievement hunter shirt.
>says "kek"
>walks over and sits me
>"dude, what're you working on? Let me show you this funny vine!"
>at this point im ready to just punch him in the face pussy
>he looks at my phone.
>I swear to fucking god if he does it
>this nigger slaps his fingers against the screen of my phone, opening random apps and laughs
>200% mad
>uppercut his neck, his fake moustache flies off his face (Literally cut from paper and stuck with tape).
>tries to pull some shitty slap/punch barrage
>teacher grabs him
>lmao he gets detention

next time im bringing a gun, I'm sick of this normies thinking theyre "/b/tards" and acting like memesters

That sounds extremely cringey.

Are you in grade 8?
senior in highschool, so is that normie. remember to never speak of 4chan in public, these fags need to stop
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so you uppercut him?
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what a weird fucking day. sorry man.
trump told me to bump this because it was on page 10 and i should make anime great again
I've got one, the big one for me anyway.

>Be 24
>Think everyone's grown up and matured now
>Go to college, ready to make friends and enjoy myself for once
>Sitting in comunity room thing
>Sort of semi on my own, semi with people, half involved in the conversation
>Content enough
>One of the popular guys throws a french fry at me and everyone giggles
>I lightly throw it back, no one reacts
>Then another cool guy gets up
>He plays rugby
>He picks me up in the air and throws me
>As I'm trying to get back up he runs over and starts slamming me around
>Everyone is laughing loudly
>A room full of about 25 people
>A lot of pretty girls
>All laughing at me
>Try to get up again
>Nudges me over with his foot
>He walks off back to his group
>All ll still laughing
>I limp out of the room holding back tears
>Walk out of college to train station
>Go home
>Don't cancel my college education, just stop going and stop answering them all together
>Shut down all social media
>Stop leaving house all together
>I just can't get happy

I thought of them all as friends before that too, it's so pathetic of me.

All the girls that were nice to me just didn't care and all the boys didn't like me either.

Everyone I thought liked me just sat there and laughed at me.

I thought things would chance as I got older but they don't, people are still the same cruel monsters they always were.

I just want to be left alone now.
Jesus fucking Christ, dude...
>Sometime during highschool
>Some Stacy walks up to me when I was on my way to my designated hiding stall during lunch
>She asks me out in front of her Stacy friends
>They were laughing
>She couldn't even keep a straight face
>Being the retard I was, I said yes
>She shouted "JUST KIDDING"
>She went back to her Stacy friends
>The normalfags pestered me about it all year long

I just wanted to be alone.

im 19 now
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And I forgot my face.
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I experienced something similar within the last year (at uni, aged 24; made a laughing stock by people who once were friendly; collectively ostracized by acquaintances & coworkers as a result), but it was only a shade of what you just described, and it still completely fucked my shit up.

Jesus Christ, dude.

I can't even imagine.
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how the fuck do people just get away with this sort of thing?

Because part of being a normie is never taking responsibility for anything, if you do, Mommy and Daddy might take your toys away so it's easier to blame the other kid.

They operate on a chimpanzee, physical-stimulus kind of level.
I used to be so angry and hurt about it, but I'm not anymore, it was just something I needed to learn.

I'm lower down the ladder then everyone else, it's no one's fault and there's no point in fighting it, it's just the way it is.

Someone had to draw the short straw and be unhappy, not everyone can be a winner.
I'm sorry it was you, truly I am
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>no friends when in school, only one semi normie group accepted me
>by accept I mean they didn't mind that i stood beside them during lunch breaks
>sometimes chip in to the conversations, crack a joke, trying to fit in
>they always hung out after school, i never did
>all the time they directed jokes at me, about my family, about being a foreigner, about having an ayy lmao tier head, about being poor
>get called a stray dog by one of them because i always follow them around
>thought they somewhat accepted me, turns out it was pity
>that feel went straight to me, razor sharp

Had the standard stuff
>cunts of the year asking me out as a joke, laughing about it
>people copying my work and i couldn't fight back
>shit thrown at me constantly during class while teacher pretends not to notice
>beat up a number of times
>butt of every single joke, when they can't target someone they pick me
>one time the cuntiest of all cunts asked me out for her friend
>her friend was a 10/10 qt
>I thought it was a joke so i said no, missed that opportunity as she later admitted to actually having a crush on me
>get called names for never kissing a girl and being a virgin
>get made fun of for wearing the same stuff for PE because my family was poor
>once i moved i thought i actually made a single friend beside me and he stole all my PS1 games
>got the PS1 from a neighbor because he felt sorry for me, i wouldn't be able to afford one
>failed socially and the depression led me to fail academically
I feel for you man. What an unjust world this is.
3/10, I replied

Motivation Story

>Have whatsapp group with my college classmates
>Muslim guy keeps asking for a website that has a list of things that needs to be present in the website you're supposed to build
>Answer him three times it's "www.Websitename.com"
>Tells me it's not it
>Other girl answers the same thing but spoonfeeds him which links to click to get to the actually page
>Guy proceeds to thank her and wish aids upon the rest of the class for not helping him
>I get mildly annoyed, because I wasted my time three times for him
>Tell him to get canceritis
>Tells me to fuck off and etc.
>So the class starts posting stupid images and shit to remove tension from the chat
>I post a picture of spongebob with his stand with the phrase allahu akbar and you guessed it, an explosion in the last comic panel
>He gets offended and tells me that if I go too far, he will personally "break" me
>I don't say anything, I will just see him the next day and anticipate his move
>Next day at school, I walk up to the building and I see him on the other side walking towards the bus stop, he has to pass by me.
>He's putting up his hoodie and puts in his earbuds and has his face towards the ground
>I keep my gaze fixated on him and stare him down
>He avoids eye contact and proceeds to walk by me like he never threatened to kill me

Cowards bruh, they're all fucking cowards.
Never back down, never be scared. I'm not a /fit/ guy, but i'll never fucking back down for anyone. You can beat me up, stab me, shoot me, But I won't die a coward. You have yourself to hold you high.

When did this story happen? Last month.
The kid never even looked at me or did anything to me for the following weeks after his so called threat against me.

He probably expected me to be scared and not show up.

People are scum and you have to stand tall.

I would have helped you man
what kind of shit is this? You should get him back some how, some way. The sweet justice of it all.
What a faggot who tries to gain confidence by picking on others around his normster friends.
blood currently boiling
I would not have laughed. How cruel the unempathetic are.
this is why i fucking hate people, disgusting
>moved to a new school
>whole year passes without making friends
>doing 'bell ringer' teacher randomly asks students what we wrote i forget the topic
>ask me if i have any friends in front of everyone in class
>everyone looks back at me
>don't know what to say
>sit there awkwardly
>finally say no
>teacher asks me more questions about friends
>fucks off after
My whole month was ruined

Heres another story
>be leaning against a wall waiting for school to start
>next to some edgy cool kids
>hear "sir are you going to rape us?"
>not really paying attention looking at the ground
>then he says it again
>I notice everyone in the area it looking at me
>pretend I didn't notice him again
>he fucks off
>school starts
>in class tearing up like a bitch
I don't understand, why did he say I was going to rape them? I wasn't even looking at anything but the ground. How does one look like a rapist?
Because its survival of the biggest normalfag

People are capable of terrible things when they want to fit in
Cool story bro. You actually got a few robots baited.
You should stop talking in class and maybe then you'll be able to do your essays and not blame it on the lack of ink.
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Thread images: 8
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