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Uni Feels
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No uni feels thread? Uni feels thread
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>went to all boy school
>now go to school with girls and have no idea how to talk to them
Iktf bro. Except I never went to an all boys school so I have no excuse.
damn its been so long since ive seen a uni feels thread
I didn't get accepted to my state uni
Literally all my hard work is dead
I don't know what to do with my life

I'm in uni. No friends, no gf, still a virgin. What a life.
Are those supposed to be negative things ?
That's what chem lab is for. Plenty of shit to drink in there if you want out
Uni is bullshit, so much money, so many useless classes, so many unemployed graduates or graduates who find work not in their field of study.

So glad I'm learning a trade.
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>uni is the best time of your life
>uni leads to a better future

is it all a lie?
I wish I could go to uni
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>in organic chem lecture
>teacher is a little awkward
>he can't even look directly at the class
>constantly looking down
>chad and orbiting roasties making fun of him in front of me
>laugh at him every time he makes an awkward joke
Fucking leave him alone!
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>went to an all boys school
>met a shy girl a year younger than me
>a lot in common
>she's beautiful
>she rejects me

'tis better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all


I tried my hardest :/
You should chat with him after class and say stuff like he is doing a great job
You could make a bro tier friend for life

got my last grade a few weeks ago

>have gf that plan on marrying
>have at least 3 different girls right now that would fuck me

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I am completely burnt out. I failed all of my classes last year and I don't see any difference this year. I'm already on academic probation this semester so it's only a matter of time before I'm suspended.

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>Go to campus therapist
>Asks if a student therapist can sit it
>She's qt

Anyway, it was terrible.

They can't help
>Having lunch with qt i just met
>Dumbass friend comes up and sits down with us
>His friend comes up and sits with us
>Have to wiggle our way out of the situation
how do i social cues
also any math majors here
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Who /WMU/ here?

Polisci major reporting in
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>see cute girls everywhere all the time on campus
>can't go two fucking seconds without falling in love
>still can't manage to say anything

why is life so cruel
>majoring in mechanical engineering
>doing okay but have no interest in it at all
>kind of wish I had studied history instead
>know I'll have no job and 40k in debt when I get out either way
>second semester in
>no friends
>campus therapist can't help
>need to check with that mental facility across campus
Next year I'm thinking I will try on-campus apartments.

I know this feel, I am in love with so many girls here. Not even just lust, but I can't help but imagine having deep feelings for them, living our lives together, etc.
anyone else here do some racist trolling on yikyak? It's fucking hilarious, but I wonder if I'll get doxxed as long as I'm not making like death threats or anything.
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But I'm even more awkward than him.
Why would you get doxxed for being racist?

They don't care enough to do that. You just get bitched at and suspended from yikyak for a day or two
im going to a shitty state school because i did zero homework in high school and im studying something i hate because the only things im interested in make no money
you should see how upset some of these kids get anon it's priceless especially when you pull up crime statistics by race and the only rebuttal they have is "YOUR A RACIST!"
I'm just worried because the app requires you to enter your phone number when you first download it and I'm wondering if I got reported enough times for making daily posts that say things like "Who else views white girls that talks to black guys on campus as gutter trash?" or "When he has swastika tatoos xoxoxox" if the uni would bother tracking me down since the world is so PC these days.
he would greatly appreciate it. do it anon, make his day
nope. I troll yikyak all the time and make posts making fun of this girl who died of OD on campus

I just get suspended from yikyak when they report me.
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>"Everyone gets laid in college brah"
Who /UniversityofStThomas/ here?
you've probably seen me, I'm the guy eating alone every day
good to hear my man, If robots want to piss off some normies yikyak is the way to do it. I could fill a swimming pool with all the liberal tears I've collected this week alone.
why did you choose st thomas?
everyone from my high school that went there seemed like a retard that wanted to go there just for the muh private school factor even though it has like 85% acceptance
no offense meant, im just curious
Anyone else have exams soon?
>4 days and I haven't started studying and barely know anything about the subject
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>sitting around some normie friends during a break
>they're talking about the girls they've fucked
>they asked me to share
>before I even say one word, one says "Anon can't share any stories because he's a virgin"
>they all laugh and go "Oh yeah, that's right"
My mom works here so I get free tuition. I really didn't want to go to college, and if I did go I'd rather go to the U but saving like 200k is important. I'd rather suffer for 4 years and not have any debt. I fucking hate everyone here, I seriously can't talk to any of these people. It's literally just high-school 2.0
holy shit the free tuition is nice, but sorry about the rest
>tfw dropped out this semester

i plan on going back in the fall but shit i don't know if i'm gonna find the motivation to keep my grades up
It's fine, the tuition is worth it. No idea what I'm going to do after or study, it's just 4 years that keeps me from killing myself
Don't fucking let it break you, man. I know it seems like life is a one-track deal and you just got derailed, but it's not at all. I'm trying to pick just a handful of anecdotes of people I know with completely unorthodox or wonky or almost-failed academic trajectories who are now doing great. How many world-famous professors I can list who took 11 years to get their PhD because they fucked up or didn't give a shit. How many people in my program are doing their second Masters and realizing they don't even want it anymore, and it's just as much a waste as their first. How many people went to a shitty uni for undergrad and made it to Ivy for grad by knuckling down and going super saiyan. How many people took massive "breaks" because their life went to hell and went back later, only to do fine. And how little it matters in hindsight, when you're 40, that you had speedbump xyz instead of speedbump abc that some other dipshit had. The list goes on and on and on.

There are options. Reach out to any support you have, get some perspective on your situation OUTSIDE your own instead of tunneling further into your own pessimistic perspective. Seriously, you'll be fine. You can't possibly do worse than I did, and I came through in the end.
>Tfw EMU

EMU is worse than WMU

You go to a white trash college
I have a friend who studies aviation there. What's polisci like?
I know. First year here and want to transfer.
Classes start on monday for me.

I need a foreign language and bombed Mandarin last semester. (Mostly because I was too lazy to do the amount of work necessary to learn it.) So this semester, I'm taking Japanese, which will be turbo easymode because I'm already a decent conversational Japanese speaker. I'm expecting a ton of hilarious weeb stories to come out of it, and I'm currently trying to decide if I want to turn the whole semester into some kind of elaborate troll attempt rather than reveal my power level.
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Who /quitmajorbecauseworthless/ here? I'm flailing about because I decided to stop doing history because I like money
>struggling to learn math so I can do a proper business major like Econ or accounting or finance
>told myself i wouldn't make any friends this year so I can 100% focus on my studies
>it happens anyway

Why are people so desperate and annoying? Like, I completely ignore my classmates but they'll still ask me things. I wish I wasn't such a nice guy so I could just tell people to fuck off. Fucking normies.
Funny you say that because i live in the aviation dorm

It's cool. One of my professors is a Kalamazoo felony judge
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Fuck UMBC, University of Maryland , Baltimore County
>tfw cut out all drugs except for stimulants and alcohol once a month
>tfw stopped chain smoking
>tfw stopped talking to the only girl to instigate romantic stuff
>tfw still bogged down, stressed out and depressed
>tfw failing two classes already
>tfw if I go on academic Probation, I lose my scholarship and have to drop out
>tfw selling acid and working two jobs
>tfw still broke
I hate this school so much
If I drop out, I get disowned and am then homeless again
I hate this school
I feel like I need to give an example of how annoying people can be.

>talking to a friend after class
>third guy just walks along with us and joins the conversation like its some natural thing to do

Who does that? Like who. People in class will fucking eavesdrop and then give their opinion even when nobody is speaking to them. This is why you should never make even the one friend. You make one friend and others will think you're friendly.

Don't make the same mistake I did, guys.
History major here too. Follow your passion, and a fruitful career at Starbucks will await us both
I would tell you to ask about me but I don't really want him to know I browse 4chan lol
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>third year
>have to actually work during the summer semester
>I just want to do classes every semester until uni is over
>any math majors here

Unfortunately yes
Hows life anon?
I didnt even make a friend in class and some guy just came up to me asking about shit because he saw that I was doing well in the lab.
not horrible i guess, i'm getting shitfaced tomorrow after I'm done with my homework with some friends so that'll be good. You?
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>starting to detest all of my uni friends and professors
probably wouldn't know him anyway

Bored, 0 motivation for life or university in general, and I would've absolutely dropped out if that wouldn't force me to go back to my piece of shit country
I broke up recently and feel NOTHING for some reason, it's like I've just gone all numb

So pretty good I guess senpai
Damn leeches, man. Just fail quietly, don't bother me. Fuck. I end up helping them I'm such a great guy and all it does is slow me down.

Why can't everyone just leave each other alone? By each other I mean just me. I don't need or want friends. I want a high score. I don't need friends for that.
>my piece of shit country
what country?


I legit want that place nuked
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I'm from Russia, came over when I was very young
>tfw compsci at community college
>tfw still friendless, living at home

What were you expecting, hordes of women jumping on you?
>nontrad & transfer student, end up in some first-year courses due to administrative issues
>18-year-old freshmen are scared & weirded out by me cuz they think i'm an 18-year-old genius
>but inside, I feel like a complete fuckin retard cuz I'm ostensibly the same level as these kids when I'm 24
Considering the whole women in STEM meme, he probably did. Unfortunately, its been about 2 weeks since most semesters started so they definitely dropped from the program by now.
No, of course not. However, I expected to meet some bro-tier guys in my degree field. Of course they're all either normies getting into the field for the pay or just retards who couldn't dream of making it into a public uni. Maybe I'm just to cynical. I don't know
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>"I legit want that place nuked"

No complaints there.

CompSci crowd is literally reddit , its the most cancerous out of all the STEM shit
wish I'd known that before
I'm a math student and the only STEMmies I can stand to hang out with are the engineers, and then the comp sci-ers are next closest, math and lab science students are boring as fuck

Math students are flat out boring, but kekgineers are just downright retarded. I literally cant tolerate them for more than 5 minutes
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>cut out all drugs except for stimulants and alcohol

cut them all out.
What should I even do?
I wouldn't be so torn up if I wasn't so confused why I was denied
My GPA was solid , I had tons of community service and even arranged community service stuff myself and led it
I had a good, relevant, deeply personal essay
I graduates highschool with my AA degree
I had a leading position in a club

I'm just upset that I can't go with the few friends I have to the college. I'm all alone again
And my life has been a massive shitshow since I was born, just the most unfortunate shit I had to deal with while still busting my ass in school
And for what? In the end I'm no better position than the kid who skipped school all the time and just barely passed year to year
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>roastie in my History lectures keeps discussing the "wage gap" with her friends, about how women apparently only earn 84% of what men earn.
>too autistic to reveal power level and argue against her
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anyone else from uoc?
Harness your inner Milo, my friend. Put these people in their place.
>mfw both my History and Sociology professors have BTFO'd the wage gap fallacy in classes with obvious tumblrite SJW's
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4 deadlines in march but dealing with the pressure with cocaine and mdma
>live in student accomodation
>wake up to banging in my kitchen at 5am
>oven is smashed
>glass shattered everywhere on the ground
>blood stains on the wall
>have to talk to my friends gay mate for 3 hours so they could go to work
>cleaned up the mess
>shitposting on /r9k/ as i think of what to do about my fucked up oven
Do I tell the people at the reception? Will this shit come out of my wallet? My flatmate said he'd get his dad to fix it but I don't know man. Any advice lads?
Found this on /g/ and the second one fucked me up, I can't comprehend that shit like this actually happens.

I 'know' that it happens but it seems like a different universe to me, like, I've never even hugged a girl or flirted or anything and a guy my own age is getting blown by a chick after class.

Normalfags will tell you it's not a big deal but that's only once you've experienced it, for me it's difficult to think of anything else all day, even if I do good in my exams I still feel like a failure compared to retards who fails their classes and still have sex regularly, I feel like I'm missing out on youth.
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moving into uni accomodation here in Melbourne after moving from England in 2 days

Literally 1 person in the entire country knows me and she's my mum, any advice on how to kinda have a fresh start and be a new person so that I don't sperg out and establish robot status again?
>tfw you're shit at your degree
>tfw only picked degree because you were told it's easy money
>tfw hate doing your degree and probably going to fail out of school before graduating
>tfw even if you graduate you still have no experience, references, or interviewing skills

who /literallyfuckedsincedayoneandnotevenintherealmofpossibilitiestochangeanything/ here
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Just album.png
221 KB, 1024x1024
>uni friends

At least you've got people to be around. I still desperately cling to my tiny friend group from high school. None of them go to my uni.
>asking for social advice on sperg board

Really though, "join clubs" is the refrain I hear. I find it much easier because there's always a common interest to discuss when the conversation stalls.
ChemE master race.
File: pepefeelinggreat.jpg (8 KB, 199x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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believed this lie too

Humanities master race here

All you have to do is tolerate the feminist men. and arrogant sperglord philosophers
tfw le no motivation to study
I mean I can study sometimes but it's more a chore than anything
at least I made myself a nice breakfast today
Same boat as you but still have friends from high school that haven't left me just yet.

what the fuck is wrong with you guys? I would do anything to have one, just one fucking friend. Is it such an awful thing for people to actually LIKE you? Christ, you both sound like miserable people.
The second one is just a slut with a fuck boi

Those people exist outside of regular circles because the sluts have high standards but low self esteem

Those girls get passed around like a joint at a party but most girls don't. They are looking for bfs so they can jump on a dick every day and not get other girls bitching about them
how did you get into this university
Anyone else at uvic?
It's not so much the sex that bothers me as much as the crippling loneliness. I've basically forgotten how to make friends, not that I had many in the first place. Seeing a counsellor soon to see if that helps.

How the fuck can people tell if you're a virgin or not?( Aside from obvious physical appearances)
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>invited a qt to a cafe on campus yesterday
>drank some beers together and talked for hours until they closed
>Live in student accom in Bournemouth
>They hire a new reception guard
>Hes fat
>Every time hes on duty the reception smells like shit and piss

Gee wonder what website he visits while working.
>doing a fucking business degree with some marketing thrown in
>can live in my parent's hold house when I leave
>planning to just get a part-time job there that pays what little bills I'll have

I'm wondering why the fuck I'm here. I'm not planning to earn over 25,000 pounds so it's not like I have to pay the debt back.
fuck uvic and fuck those gay rabbits
>doing well whole semester
>exams approaching
>crippling anxiety kicks in
>can't study, failing classes left and right
I wish I could be a farmer.
but anon, you're already a farmer! the semen and feces harvest you cultivate would rival the crop volume of some small countries. instead of letting it fester under your bed, bring some of it to the local farmer's market. shoot out some free samples from a super soaker. you'll be a hit!
File: f61cccb8e.jpg (8 KB, 249x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have final in two weeks
>skipped more than half of the lectures because the professor used to pick random students out to solve exercises in front of the class and I couldn't bear the anxiety
>now I'm trying to prepare for the exam without even knowing the topics covered
>it's even worse for the other exams
just kill me now

To think that this should have been the year in which I attended every lecture and studied regularly. It's the third time I've lied to myself, and probably won't be the last

it isn't a lie, but it works only for normies. Even "nerdy" normies manage to find themselves a tight group of friends and maybe a nerdy gf.

I'm sure college could be even enjoyable if I had any friends to meet every day in class and to study with, but as it is I skipped a couple of lectures only because I was a couple of minutes late and I didn't want to enter the class with everyone's eyes on me:
>be literally 3 minutes late, lecture already begun
>oh well, I'll just wait sitting in the hallway for the next break to sneak in
>other student comes even later, sees me
>pretend I'm calling someone on the phone, than leave as he enters the class
>go back home and skip all the lectures for that day
>I wish I could be a farmer.

Me too.

>you will never settle down with a qt wife on a farm
>you will never curl up inside the farmhouse and shitpost on here

Why live
farming pretty much requires college-level education these days.
Yeah I know what you mean. Sick of seeing self-professed "nerds" laughing with their friends and managing to get into relationships. Those cunts don't understand how bad some of us have it.

I'm in the same situation, I just sit on my own in pretty much every class. I'm doing ok academically but it fucking kills me knowing I'm just drifting through aimlessly, with no friends to rely on.

I never really wanted to go to uni because I feared this would happen. I feel so out of place, like an impostor.
Yeah, that's not really helpful since I can't even get one of those girls.
File: 1451496083831.png (91 KB, 288x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Second semester of freshman year
>Depressed and have social anxiety
>Feel even worse than usual at school, especially at dinner, because everyone else has friends
>Feel incredibly worthless, boring, and unwanted
>Only one alone at dinner
>Parents force me to live on campus, can't even talk to my roommate beyond "hi" and "bye"
>Parents force me to join club, still haven't made any friends there unlike what they said
>Constantly tired in class regardless of amount of sleep I get (tends to be nine hours on average)
>So mentally exhausted from class and unmotivated studying and homework takes far longer than it needs to and don't absorb much information
>On antidepressants and seeing counselor, the former barely work anymore and the latter doesn't help
>Want to drop out and become NEET or at least take a break
>Parents won't let me, will kick me out if I do
>Feel like killing myself on a daily basis but am too scared to do it
>Wind up crying or coming dangerously close to it on an almost daily basis too
Since these threads are consumed by normies I don't expect anyone to related but if someone does how are you handling it? I can't do this anymore.
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191 KB, 477x768
>Always thought uni's are pathetic waste of time and money, especially considering how it's under control by sjw's and libtards
>Went to what would probably be an equivalent of 'community college' in 'murika instead
>Get two diplomas in two years (web programmer but I expanded my skills beyond that with self study, and I don't know how it's called in english, multimedia technologies perhaps?), probably wouldn't even need it but I was bored and wanted to fuck around for a couple more years
>Become freelance programmer, making a lot more than your average wageslave unicuck who still can't fucking pay their student loans years after graduation
>Keep getting more customers and better offers
>Work whenever the fuck I want and take on as many assignments as I want

Life's good. Thinking about getting a photography degree too, although it's not necessary as I can just experiment and self-learn as I did with programming.
Also, if anyone will even attempt this, I'm gonna say what everyone like me says: build your god damn porfolio before deciding to quit yet jobs, dropping out, etc. Participate in independent projects, start ones yourself, be willing to do/fix shit for free just to gain experience. Nobody will care about your services if they will not see any experience. That's harsh truth how economy works.
As someone who got a Poli-sci degree from a top 10 university, thinking I would go into law, please get out while you can. Suck it up and do the hard work it takes to get a useful degree. If you have to go for an extra year just take the hit. You don't wanna be 27 and having to go back and start from scratch. Also stop smoking weed.
File: paroxetine.jpg (26 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 400x400
You not the only one, friend. I've got no advice, but hang in there.
File: 1455301741960.png (291 KB, 433x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291 KB, 433x525
>be me
>cute senior wants my D, but is so ADHD it's annoying
>other GA is cuter (petite, frizzy redhead), want her V, she's super nice and friendly, less ethical issues, etc.
>but she's got a bf
File: wojack25.jpg (12 KB, 424x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 424x394
Who else /communitycollegeonlineclasses/ here?

>agoraphobic shut-in neet for four years after high school
>decided to make something of myself
>still can't go outside though
>enter community college online
>take full classload with weekly due dates
>get good grades for the first time in my life because I don't have to be around people
>tfw reaching the end of what I can take online
>tfw soon I may have to go outside and commute to campus to finish up

I literally can't sleep at night thinking I might have to go to campus sometime in the future. My meds can't handle this level of anxiety.
I get you, anon. I get you.

I can't relate to the crying thing though. It feels like I just need to cry my damn eyes out most every day but I just can't. It's like there's something physically stopping me from doing it.
Life is more complex than it seems right now. That's all I can say. You did everything right and it still went to shit. People lose their jobs after 10 years of building a career in some business because their bubble bursts. Entire resource economies collapse like out in Alberta and thousands of lives and life plans are destroyed.

It fucking sucks, man, but just don't give up. I know it means nothing and it's not something you want to hear right now, and it sounds like normie advice, but in ten years you will look back at this as, like, "a speedbump that happened" among several, rather than a pass-fail scenario where you Failed At Life.

I dated a prep school chick and watched her and her friends' dreams get destroyed because they were AMONG A SEA OF PREP SCHOOL KIDS. They all had perfect essays, all had ten thousand hours of clubs and leadership garbage, all had perfect GPAs, etc., etc. Education is fucked right now. It means nothing about YOU as a person. It's a thing you're going to have to step back from and work around, but you didn't fail at life. Life is a lot more bumpy than you think.

One of the professors I know got kicked out of Harvard and had to start all over and claw his way back up because he fucked off and didn't take his life seriously. Shit happens.

If your long term goal is academia or a professional career, you still have tons of options. Transfers, resubmissions, undergrad at shit uni --> grad at good one, or just outright being so fucking good at a mediocre uni that you make the right connections despite its lower prestige. It's all possible, and people with the drive to escape their shitty luck do it every year. Don't think linearly.
me but I'm joining the navy after so fuck it, wasted 4 years, sigh
>I'm sure college could be even enjoyable if I had any friends to meet every day in class and to study with
This, I mean, I'm lucky enough to have a couple of friends but none in my classes. I'm a math major and it looks like there are a lot of autist-type people in my classes that just sort of come to class and leave without saying anything, in my non-math classes it seems like people somehow came into class knowing other people because they were chatting it up on the first day, and the two girls I'm paired with in english are like best friends. It's weird because it feels like you really have to have friends to make friends, but I don't know how these people made their friends in the first place.
>I never really wanted to go to uni because I feared this would happen. I feel so out of place, like an impostor.
This is literally me.
File: 1455107741616.png (496 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 633x758
I took half a gram of MDMA on friday, first time ever doing it
I was the happiest and most content I had ever been in my life, I then went to the club with buddies and we just fucked around tripping out. Probably the best day of my life. Who /goodunifeel/ here
who /philosophymajor/ here

How's life lads? What are you currently studying?
you have to be smart :^)
and at least upper middle class
I know that feel bro, don't worry, you're not alone. I don't even know how I've made it this far, on my first day I just wanted to run away. My anxiety isn't so bad now but I feel dead inside.
I'm scared guys Im scared of being accused of being a stalker or "creep" What do I do
>Only one alone at dinner
Dinner is the one thing I can't stand at my uni, I usually just don't go to meals. Since my university is divided into subcolleges, there is only one dining hall with about 200 seats and everyone can see everyone. It's probably easier at one of those big American schools with twenty different halls that anyone can go to which each have two floors etc etc.
In this case we in the UK have it better rather than worse. I would literally not be able to stand having a roommate. It's unfathomably terrible.

Seriously, American robots with roommates, how do you do it? Do they watch you browsing chans and dicking around online every day?
Do they get mad if you stay up all night or sleep to the afternoon? What do you do when Chad has Stacy over to sleep with him? Where do you go to have a wank?
/oxford/ here. There are a few Oxford and Cambridge people on /lit/ at least, so you have compatriots somewhere on the site.
What uni, anon? 18 year old fag looking to go to Bath in September. Having to sit in a massive hall to eat dinner sounds fucking horrible.
Community College. How were you not accepted OP? I understand if it was like UC Berkeley or Umich or something.
Listen to this guy.

UK here, failed my A levels. Basically means you've screwed your chances of getting to uni.

I dropped my failed subjects and took two 2-year courses and completed them in one year. I worked REALLY hard.

End result? Top mark in my country for one of my courses, did well in the other two. Got to uni. Won a internship / scholarship / GUARENTEED graduate job in my FIRST SEMESTER of uni! And I've passed my 3 modules with 85%, 94% and 96% respectively.

I've turned my life around. If I can do it, you sure as hell can anon!
>Do they watch you browsing chans and dicking around online every day?
If they're in the room, they're usually just minding their own business. I'm on 4chan most of the day and it's not really a problem.
>Do they get mad if you stay up all night or sleep to the afternoon?
Well I'm a pretty polite person so if I'm going to be up all night I just go to the basement of my building and no one has a problem with anyone sleeping during the day, my roommates will normally come in and take naps anyway.
>What do you do when Chad has Stacy over to sleep with him?
Lol none of my roommates really get laid either, I live with three other guys and one has a gf but he usually goes to her room to fuck.
>Where do you go to have a wank?
Either go in the bathroom because we have one in our room or wait until everyone's asleep and just fap in bed. Also there's a couple hours when my roommates are in class but I'm not.
What subjects, anon? >>26463620 here and I'm doing fucking business studies, english lit/lang and film. I'm headed for straight As in each but damn am I not regretting the fuck out of what I chose.
This. At one point it go so bad I ran into the bathroom, removed one of my socks and came into it, then threw it in the trash.

Some guy noticed, made a joke exactly about what I just did and I turned bright red. He looked disgusted and just walked away
>tfw get my normie university NYU decision in two days
>tfw in uni since 2007
>white guy from an EU cunt
>soon to be graduating from specialistic degree (health)
>litterally wasted 4 years neeting it up
>could have been graduating in 2012-13
>tfw never worked (besides free work for university hospital)
>tfw will never find a job cause rampant unemployement

well at least i had fun pushing the uni student life, fuck yeah
>it feels like you really have to have friends to make friends, but I don't know how these people made their friends in the first place

basically all is decided on the very first day: as soon as you first step into the class you have to go to the nearest person and introduce yourself. That's it. All the groups I see everyday in class were formed on the first day and apart from someone dropping out they've been more or less the same.

Of course I fucked up on the first day by getting lost and arriving one hour late to the first lecture, so I sat alone in the back rows; being pretty shy I barely talked to anyone that they and boom! four years later I'm still here all alone in the back rows.

Contrary to what is usually said, group work helped a lot because it forced me to introduce myself and talk to people, which is the most difficult part for me. At least I can say to know someone in my class. I still eat alone and sit alone though.

I even managed to get paired to a qt once (she was the one who approached me too) but that went awful: we decided to wait some weeks before working on it because we had other exams to do, but we never interacted in the other classes (she was with the cool guys); summer came, I was doing bad with the exams and never got the courage to contact her about the project. Deadline closed, I had to drop out because I never did the assignment (the course wasn't mandatory though). Never talked again to the girl, but I found out she passed that class.
I hope you'll be accepted
What fuckface claimed that cramming doesn't work? Because it definitely does. If you know fuckall and cram for a week you will get an A.
Thanks anon, I'm more worried about getting enough money to be able to attend without selling my organs.
File: 1430258737759.jpg (33 KB, 294x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 294x273
Trade school. Learn welding.
> not making 6 figures while college fags work min wage paying off debts on sociology degree
>3rd year in electronics engineering
>still no idea what an electronics engineer even does everyday at his job
Depends. What specifically do you study? Circuits, architecture, device physics?

Mainly signals and communications. I also have to take a lot of physics classes.
fuck the senior

So basically you're dealing with a lot of e^(i) (pi) (omega)?
You're going work in front of a computer 95% of the time on the computer with either LabVIEW or some programming gui.
I studied there for 4 years. Best 2 years of my life, followed by the worst 2.

Still glad I went though. Living in Ox now as well. Comfy architecture.

>half a gram

holy shit, RIP your brain

e^i*omega*t is everywhere

I don't think we'll even touch LabVIEW, or is this only used in the workplace? I do lean towards IT though (had some networking and programming classes too), that's basically the only prosperous field in my country.
It's only bullshit if you don't know what to do.

I think everyone who can't afford uni or don't what to do should go to community or technical college.
>I'm flailing about because I decided to stop doing history because I like money

NOOOOO, don't do that, you will just be in uni longer, if you're good at history stay in there. Minor, get certified in something.
some kinda engineering anyone?

Normies are only borderline human, they plague us even here.
Most Uni white girls have as much personality as a potato.
File: 1453663280993.jpg (112 KB, 864x691) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 864x691
>tfw gay
>tfw no gays in enigneering
>tfw not into the gay scene shit
>tfw all the other gay guys I do meet are not necessarily flamers, but all are SJWs


Who /ragweek/ here.
aeronautics here
Studying to be a teacher, 2nd year.
Man when I'm out on internship I really feel out of place in schools
Ok, you're working with signals and systems. That means a shit load of LabVIEW or some equivalent. You'll be moving around blocks (filters, mixers, etc). Specifics depend on whether you go digital signal processing or analog. Good luck and do internships while your in college. Employers get a hard dick over internship experience.
i'm thinking about becoming a history teacher, but i always feel at home when i'm in schools

my mom, 2 uncles and my sister are all teachers so i've sort of just always been around it i guess
I wish I tried harder: used to try not so hard most of the time, now I'm not even trying. How do I improve my efficiency and hardtryness?
I'm the the guy & fieri "hardtryness" guy.
Chemical. Aeronautics would have been my 2nd choice.
I don't want a trade

such a bad choice if your the one paying. enjoy probably over 100 thousand dollars in debt.
>tfw accounting major
>have no interest in it but it is pretty easy
>really liked history but no jobs in it

Anyone else at Cal Poly?
>professor wants me to pay 25 dollars for this bullshit service to take attendance

Aaaaand dropped

Is it that hard to just pass around a sign in sheet?
>tfw Japanese milf sits next to me every class and constantly talks to me

D-Does she want the fugg?
File: 1433901289657.jpg (22 KB, 235x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 235x250
>tfw you want to change your major but you're in too deep
File: Sonic Gloom.png (234 KB, 373x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sonic Gloom.png
234 KB, 373x405
>tfw you ended up graduating with it
>tfw you don't even have the connections or the passion to make it work
any UC here? Major? Feels? GPA?
> I don't want
Too bad. You can starve if you don't want to work.
>be at middle school
Everything will be better once i'm in high school!
>be at high school
Everything will be better once i'm in uni!
>be at uni
[desire to kill self intensifies]
M..maybe things will get better once i graduate and emmigrate to the United States? I heard girls there are very slutty and love European guys
I snort Addie and then do my schoolwork. I actually don't drink, even.
Graduated with a 3.7 in EECS at UC Berkeley. Humanities majors eat your hearts out.
> eating a cookie from the affirmative action bake sale
> watching libs freak out
A great place for epic bantz if you know what buttons to push.
Anyone else here applied to Vulcanus?
That doesn't even make sense dudeijet

Literally screencap your post and show it to your parents. There, saved your life.
sup anon

depends where in europe youre from. american women are easy if youre fit
>tfw you're actually enjoying Uni and the days where you aren't going to class are boring as fuck

Anyone else know this feel?
>go to private college on east coast
>not rich, scholarships and free housing is why I'm here
>literally everyone wearing $1000 dollar coats (Canada Goose/Moncler)

If it weren't just for my lack of social life, average grades, and no gf, I also have a constant reminder that everyone here is well off/rich
mommy and daddy are paying 30k a year, but I still need a lot of aid to attend, might get a sugar daddy to help pay after i settle into the city
Where are you studying, m8?
File: mde.png (121 KB, 500x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 500x323
>tfw your university is hosting an open day for refugees next week
>tfw saw a post about it on normiebook
>tfw people were asking if they could volunteer for it or if the refugees would get lowered fees
>rejected from Oxford a couple months ago
>I have no purpose anymore

The fact that you thought you were good enough for one of the best universities in the world should tell you you can be successful somewhere else. I got rejected from Stanford and MIT and now 3 years later I've done really well on scholarship from an okay state school, and now I wouldn't trade it for the alternative if I could. There are worse things than being the big fish in the small pond

>tfw even if I found a girl that likes me, she would drop me the second she found out I'm not a rich trustfundbabby and can't afford to buy her shit all the time
>tfw nursing entrance exam is on the 27th
>haven't studied yet
>don't even know if i'll be a good nurse, let alone do alright in nursing school
>have no back-up plan if all else fails
Who /hopeless/ here?
Apparently they have changed the terms and conditions of us paying back our loans... Good chance you will still have to make payment for them
According to Malcolm gladwell and one of his books its better for your future to be a big fish in a little pond and there is some good evidence to support this. Psychology student here.
transfer to a real uni and switch to IS its pretty similar to CS but less math and focus on coding and more business stuff involved. It's filled with bro tier guys at least in my uni.
blue collar work is for apes, I'll stick with my stem degree and since I lived at home and took half my classes at community college and got a pell grant I will only owe like 4 grand when i graduate.
unless you're at a top end university, do accounting if you want a guaranteed job. Also the math is super simple, its much more about concepts and business framework. It's one of the few majors out there that will all but guarantee a job with only a bachelors. It also encompasses alot of the other two curriculums if you want to double major.
Who /InternationalRelations/ major here?

tfw fell for the meme
absolutely, I definitely wasn't on the same track as mit or stanford, but I ended up going to a state school that had an ok business program. I am now working at a place that mostly hires from notre dame, northwestern, and vanderbilt and shit like that. Going to a less competitive college allowed me to work a lot more and that experience gave me a huge leap ahead to get a job right out of school. Not to mention I only have a bachelors and most other people I work with have a masters.
do the two year stint with peace corps and you could get a job real easy coming out, but that is two years of not getting paid. Or be a commissioned officer in the military.
It get's a lot easier once you just let yourself die inside.
File: insanepepe.jpg (7 KB, 249x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 249x249
>Be passionate about history, politics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, Christianity and the ancient world.
>Understand that none of these things can give me a job
>Father pushes me towards Chemical Engineering
>Know its the right way
>Apply for random unis all over the country
>Land one in Delaware
>As a chemistry education major (*shivers*)
>Not wanting to leave warm home state for freezing dicky Delaware
>Parents say I NEED the experience to "get out of my comfort zone".
>Go to UD, immediately switch to Chemistry major
>Try to make friends, fail miserably
>Spend rest of Freshman year alone
>Be shit at calculus, getting D's in calc 1 and 2.
>In sophomore year, fail calc 3
>My gpa is now a 1.6, feeling miserable

My situation essentially:
>Stranding is freezing cold, irrelevant state filled with cold, distant people
>Be in major I don't give a shit about
>FAILING at that shitty major, almost got kicked out of uni
>Be friendless KHV
>With a fuckin annoying FOB Chinese roommate
>Watch with dread as I disappoint my Father, fear what my future will be and watch as my sister pursues her passions and be successful in general.

The most important lesson uni has taught me is how worthless I truly am. I'm fat, KHV, no game, pretty dumb, not athletic and not even happy.
File: feelscombat.jpg (49 KB, 460x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 460x470
Also a fat, ugly manlet too. 5'5", even if I did lose the pounds, my face is too strange of a mix of effeminate and masculine, an uncomfortable combo.

I can only imagine what my dorm mates say about me when I'm not around.
File: conversing.jpg (63 KB, 587x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 587x344
Graduated Sociology from WMU (in addition to several other anons).

Take a course with Gapova and a course with Cooney. Top tier profs.

Also, is Zombies v.s. Humans still a thing on campus? It was huge for a couple years then started to die down right around when I graduated a year ago.
File: 27 - QXG56kG.png (169 KB, 506x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 - QXG56kG.png
169 KB, 506x556
otago uni best uni
I'm going to go out to the commons area and just drink. Sit on a bench and cry or something in negative fahrenheits
Just give up on STEM and major in history like me, senpai. I've already come to terms with my lack of a future, so I might as well learn some cool Roman/medieval/19th century shit
File: USC.png (22 KB, 600x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 600x200
Anyone else in robot hell?
What just in general?
I just want a quiet life, fuck.
>Doing STEM, working my ass off to maintain placement
>Friends try to bring me out of my shell, fuck with my study time because art students with money and freedom.
>Enjoy the company, but they know no limits.
>qt's come to me to talk, but don't want GF or relationship. Look like total autist.
>Constantly pressured to 'go down on her' or just get a GF from parents.
>Work won't shutup about "you're not working your 27 hours that's disrespectful" in a fucking retail store FILLED with casuals.
>Alone time in dorm room is privy to hallway assholes
>Really, really want to just study
>Treated like a pariah when honest except from other STEM students who feel the pain
>Too afraid going to lose my future career over assholes who just can't understand my needs.
>Parents probably going to start shunning me if no partner soon, no license either so they're buying me lessons
>Lessons I don't have fucking time for because people won't stop getting in my way.
Learn an Asian language. The most common one on campus.
Make friends with the smart Chads and Staceys if possible, we can be less Chad/Stacey-ish.
Tour the city and look for Minotaur or something if you want.
Do not fuck with someone's bike, don't fall on someone in the tram, don't fucking swear too much on the train, etc.
Dress as borderline hipster as you're comfortable with if you want to disguise yourself.
Find a nice cafe. Then find the perfect takeaway place.
Make friends with the STEM's, or other students, whoever.
File: 1419772772990.jpg (78 KB, 600x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 600x480
>Feel like killing myself on a daily basis but am too scared to do it

Your suffering is a result of your cowardice, blow your brains out and go burn in Hell for all eternity because suicide is a sin. The ride never ends fuccboi.
if youre the type of person that will learn an asian language you wont befriend the chads

>I can't go outside

Jesus I hope you're trolling because that is fucking pathetic.
Going back to university for what will be my seventh to ninth years of university. I fucking hate it, but it means free money from the gubmint and not having to actually find a job. I now have a degree in psychology (fucking hated it) and a diploma of languages in nipgo, and am going back for three years of linguistics and Japanese. I want to be a translator someday, and I vary between being sure I can do it and having absolute confidence that I can't. I'm competent at the language, given time, I just have a limited vocabulary currently. I just have no contacts and NO fucking idea how to get into translation, especially since all the companies that do it seem to be in murrika.
>free money from the gubmint
>not going 30k in debt and becoming enslaved by the bank for several years
fucking what?!?!
i feel you, I usually go out for a walk listening to nice music while thinking about stuff
>room with nig nogs
>they sleep with white gfs
>I leave the room all night and browse 4chan in the lounge
>7am comes around
>they're up and about to be out the door
>thats when i sleep
be front about it, tell them you have a lot of shit to do and your busy and your not gonna deal with their bullshit
You'll have yo be more specific Anon, I've been eating alone here for 3 years
Centrelink brah

Sure I'm in enough debt to bury a King, but I don't have to pay jack shit until I'm making more than enough to barely notice the added tax, which will be never because I'll probably get paid shit all.
>Half a gram
You mean half a .5/.6 bag you fucking faggot
anon, ucla anon here
File: SDSU_3Color.gif (63 KB, 2906x2019) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 2906x2019
Any fellow Aztecs out there?
File: 1448682973708.png (784 KB, 698x840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
784 KB, 698x840
/UCSC/ here.
econ major
normie and SJW central, someone save me
File: manly peps.jpg (9 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
manly peps.jpg
9 KB, 225x225
>Fail half of my classes because I couldn't find groups for most assignments
Tried that.
Hence the pariah part. It's either isolation or companionship with these people.
Does not help that some asshole decided to start rumors I'm a woman beater after I questioned why it's not ok to hit women in the situation it's ok to hit men.
Got teachers and the staff giving me dirty looks.

It's as if these fuckers think it's highschool, christ.
Thankfully my teacher assigns groups. I'd be fucked if he didn't, 2 and a half years passed and I still don't know half of the classmates names
Graduating this semester. Huge waste of time. Gimme my STEM degree already and let me leave.

what uni you going to cunt

>tfw literally do not know a single person at uni
>going back on 28th

another semester of isolation
File: 1444344683843.jpg (388 KB, 1803x1351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388 KB, 1803x1351
>tfw halfway in second year and finally have a group of friends
File: 1437448931360.jpg (5 KB, 234x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 234x215
>semester was a total disaster, spent the whole time on campus nervous to the point where i could throw up
>hid in bathrooms
>so scared i couldnt even eat in the main area, went to some little snack and study area that nobody used to eat and listened to music to try and calm down
>all of my classes were awful to be in, "social" english class where we sat in a circle and talked was panic inducing
>somehow managed to make it through with like a c average for the semester
>took a semester off to hopefully get shit together because i couldnt survive this shit much longer
>about a month has past and i havent done shit, too scared to leave my house

this is where the downward spiral begins, isnt it
File: 1423041681784.jpg (69 KB, 289x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 289x289
Honestly, try a community college.

You can get all of those retarded pre-recs out of the way in a more transitional environment.

Just make sure everything transfers
I'm starting uni in 2 weeks. What should I expect?
>Don't understand anything about math
>Decide to be a politics major despite all the warnings how I'll end up unemployed
>Be really good at it, already know most of the stuff from self-studying
>Decide to take macroeconomics 101 just to see if I'm still shit with numbers
>Fail it twice, never touch economics again
>Doesn't matter, getting straight A's from everything else
>Managed to get an internship from the Murriburger embassy for the summer

Life's good, STEM ain't for everyone
File: 105 - a2MHCB8.jpg (39 KB, 480x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 - a2MHCB8.jpg
39 KB, 480x454
who /Leeds/ here?

>tfw still scared to walk through Hyde Park at night on my own
>no friends
>no gf
>bad grades
Why live
File: image.jpg (10 KB, 200x113) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 200x113
> work ass off to aim for good uni, just need another B to get it
> get a B, fucking pumped
> check app stats, get rejected for "not meeting requirements"
> Wut
> Call up uni
> The B was in advanced higher not regular higher it doesn't count (scotfag)
> TFW have to go to shit tier uni
File: 1442693104847.png (22 KB, 804x743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 804x743
>thinking a B is ever enough

enjoy your second-class life
im so fucking shit at school
ever worse, ive taken 8 shots of vodka now and ive had 2 giant pisses so im back to square 1, fml
right here

i'd kill myself if i wasn't in my last semester before graduating
not that i'm going to as it's mid february and i haven't done ANY work this semester, paralyzed with fear like a little autistic pussy and i can't write anything for my dissertation

i can't stand this place and the people are worse

>snow on valentines day

>According to official police statistics 'Hyde Park and Woodhouse' now has one of the lowest crime rates in the city making it one of the safest neighborhoods in which to live
File: 1410045322634.jpg (40 KB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 499x499
still didn't stop that guy getting murdered and his body burned in a wheelie bin the other week
Oh man, I feel you. What's your major? I'm only a second year student, but I'm so afraid of the future, I have no idea how I'm going to manage to finish my dissertation when the time comes.

This place can be nice, but it can also be a shithole. People, well it depends. Also fuck snow.
File: 29e.jpg (19 KB, 217x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 217x320
history, picture related.

the secret to the future is don't make my mistakes: go to class, network with your professors

if you can't motivate yourself take some adderall or whatever it takes to get it done dude

what are you studying?
This anon do it the guy is porbabley one of us.
Politics and IR. I'm kind of lazy, but I keep getting C1-B3 grades with fairly minimal work. I do assume it's going to get worse once I get into third year, and that's what I'm so afraid of. I have no idea how to actually study.
>>oven is smashed
>>glass shattered everywhere on the ground
>>blood stains on the wall
Dude what the fuck happened?
hey dude that's basically what i had going on, i dunno how it works for pol/ir but for history at least your graduating grade isn't affected by your first two years so it isn't over yet

i dunno how to study and i basically only came to aberdeen (and university in general) because it was as far as I could possibly go from my hometown in England so i can't really offer any advice in that department but if you're not doing anything and getting B3 grades you can graduate with a 2:1 if you can force yourself into doing work - for my third year i took all classes without exams and i averaged a B1 because i'd just pull all nighters before deadlines and force myself to write some shit out, maybe something like that would work for you too

at least you don't have to worry about jobs just yet lil nugga
unimelb? hit me up
>Transferring at the end of the year
>Just checked and everything I took should be able to transfer

This is the first time I've felt joy in 3 years.
File: aztec pepe.jpg (199 KB, 675x559) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
aztec pepe.jpg
199 KB, 675x559
>2nd year
>starting to realise my college sucks
>all of the modules are basically "employability 101" despite being STEM
>dont talk to my flatmates after it became clear they didnt really want me tagging along after they found another big group of friends
>literally have no one to talk to ever
>feel tired all the time
>all i do is go to class and then walk back
>have no involvement in the campus life whatsoever, feel like im completely wasting the experience
>tried going to some societies but i cant hold a conversation with anyone
>cant picture any future for myself, just a black void and i dont think i care
File: Pepe rain.gif (2 MB, 696x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pepe rain.gif
2 MB, 696x478
>have group project
>only given names of rest of group, no contact details
>there are 300+ people in our cohort
>not that I know anyone's name anyway
>it's been three weeks how the fuck am I supposed to introduce myself now fuck fuck fuck just fucking end it already
File: 1454960239266.jpg (12 KB, 217x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 217x266
>tfw you realize you are studying something completely boring for you, but you will get a good job after uni
File: uni_glasgow_logo.png (106 KB, 1183x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 1183x367
/UoG/ anyone?
My friend has got an offer from them for Comp Sci, how is it?
Thanks. Looked about transferring from a meh Uni to a good one now. It's very possible I can do so with attainable grades, it seems.
My major is chemistry. I don't know anyone from comp sci, but at chemistry it is not so bad, I really like it.
Did you try googling their names?
Thinkgen of quitting bachelor's here. Also studying history but I'm not sure. Should I finish it and major in something actually useful, or quit bachelor's and start all over again?
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>Be in my 4th year of Software Engineering
>Still with 2nd and some 3rd year subjects
>I though my classmates would be like me, but instead they're just "I'm so nerdy :)" normies and some stacies.
>No friends at all, not even on internet.
>I try to be nice, but I'm so shy and autistic that I've become "that weird guy" who arrives autistically early and never talks unless it's absolutely necessary or others talk to me first.
>Going to Uni everyday is the only thing that makes me go out of home.
>I'm two years away from graduation and I don't feel ready to work or make some decent program.

Maybe I should just kill myself for being a waste of money and resources.
Who /Waterloo/ here? I've grown to dislike everyone outside the math and engineering department

Physics reporting in. Science faculty ain't so bad if you ignore the faggot bio kids. Personally I find a good number of engineers to be elitist, how true is that?
>switched to sociology/criminal justice double major just because of this videogame character
>loving every second of it
>already doing an internship at my local PD
>tfw thick skinned
Do this >>26449428 anon
Help a fellow robot out and gain a friend in the process.
>3 months until finals
>almost certainly gonna get a 2:2 no matter how hard I work
>if I don't get a 2:1 I'm probably just gonna end it all desu

St. John's University here

Kill yourself
How can I meet other robots and cyborgs at uni? Do I go to anime clubs, or something?
It might be helpful for you to find another place to study besides your room. I know that I've spent long hours at my school's library.
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What's everyone's GPA here?
I graduated with a 3.8 out of high school and I'm stressed as fuck because I made a D last semester. Things aren't looking good this semester either, all my classes are hard as shit.
Hung out in a bathroom stall for 4hrs because I looked in the mirror and couldnt stand being in public
I usually go months at a time without seeing my reflection
>In my second year of uni

>All groupmates are standing for something, work, have interests in life while studying good

>I do nothing in my life and in my education

> Skip classes a lot

> Parents are disspaointed by myself, but I feel like I'm just broken
My feels? Lost sanity. Violent fantasies. Crippling fatigue.

Got up Friday at 6, studied for an oncology exam I barely passed, had to go to a 4 hour interprofessional convention, then worked on some organization business, and went and worked on my research in the lab until 11pm.

Got up Saturday, headed straight to the lab to finish. Was done at 4pm, went to Starbucks to read my book leisurely for 45 minutes, then went and worked on a different group research project until 9:30.

Today, I'm doing homework all day in addition to studying in preparation for an infectious disease readiness assessment test tomorrow.

I'm so close to losing it.
Man, at least you're fighting. Good for you, keep it up.

Thanks, man. That actually means something to me.
Yeah it's called the first semester. Everything is downhill from there.
It is SUPPOSED to be the best time of your life. It's basically high school 2.0 only you are allowed to drink and skip classes from time to time. Good luck enjoying it though if you are not sociable. It's much easier to be alone at uni than in HS.
>I didn't get accepted to my state uni
I don't want to be a dick but how do you not get accepted to a state school? They require minimum work.
What school are you referring to?
>Tfw I think I'm in love with one of my flat mates
>She knows I like her
>Everyone in the flat does (there's 8 of us)
>The feeling isn't mutual
>Why even live?

Tell us what uni you at you gay cunt

ACUfag here

>tfw scores too shit to get into monash or another real uni
You have to make it a routine nigga. Motivation is extremely unreliable. Discipline is what works. I still procrastinate sometimes though [\spoiler]

Holy fuck matey are you me?

I've literally skipped whole days because I was a minute late for class and had anxiety attacks because I'd have to go in and get stared at

>miss first class of semester
>"I'll definitely go next week"
>literally have hand on lecture hall door the next week
>imagine everyone staring at me, the door was at the front with amphitheater style seating
>imagine lecturer humiliating me by pointing me out or loudly asking if I'm in this class
>start sweating buckets, run off into the city hating myself
>starts to rain as I flee through the city streets in a shame spiral
> tfw going to study chemical engineering in September, got into uni via vocational route (britfag w/ level 3 certificate + level 4 HNC in mech eng) where the maths was pretty easy and everybody says the math is super hard and only azns and virgins can do it.

Isn't engineering maths pretty much all transposition and problem solving?
Anyone from Hungary?
>skipped more than half of the lectures because the professor used to pick random students out to solve exercises in front of the class and I couldn't bear the anxiety

I don't understand why professors do this. Also participation grades in fucking college? This isnt high school anymore. I feel so relieved when my class is a huge fucking auditorium with 300+ people and no attendance requirements. Makes things so much easier, you come in sit down, listen to your professor talk and leave afterwards.
yoooo rofl I'M HERE

80% classes in boyd or JUST
4.0 for freshman and sophomore year, dual majoring in accounting and business management
i'm in the second half of my junior year now though, and i'm starting to realize how little gpa matters
the fucking retards in my class are going to get the exact same piece of paper as i do, so if they don't do any of their homework, why should i?
i got s 3.46 last semester and started not showing up to lecture every time i could afford it

fuck college
nothing matters
>Haven't done a single homework assignment this semester
>Probably going to lose my scholarship
>Probably going to drop out
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>get into imperial for chemistry
>breeze through classes at first class/high 2:1 level with minimal studying
>jobs i wanted usually require PHD/Masters
>no friends or acquaintances at uni
>in my 3rd year and I've never had less motivation than now.

I don't even go to lectures anymore, i just shitpost on here and watch anime
File: 1455294113525.jpg (119 KB, 716x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>skip a lot of classes because anxiety is at an all time high
>terrified to check my school e-mail in the event one of my professors e-mails me about it
>afraid to go to class because I've missed too many in a row already
>going to continue to miss even more because I'm afraid of the professors saying anything about how many days I've missed



le /b/ armie has arrived
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By the time i wasn't super awkward around women in college, I realized how much more important it was to focus on my major. I'd rather get a good job and then get a girl than have some random slut now while flunking out. And I guarantee I can't do both.
Fair enough. I'm Com Sci myself, and I kinda see where engineering guys come from, it's hard to get in and they're usually really devoted.

But from what I heard entrance averages are rising, if I were applying this year I'd probably off myself before June.
> Study business

> Is anxious beta basementdweller

> Can't understand what to do in the future
>get advertisements from an all-boys university
>"...and girls love guys who go to an all-boys school! Every weekend, most of our gentlemen can be seen metting the welcoming arms of a girlfriend as they leave campus to have some fun."

Not falling for that shit.
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>tried to kill myself two years ago
>had that sudden urge to live
>now back in uni
>go to class, study and do homework at home
>no friends, no social life, I even quit my job so I could handle a higher course load
>don't even care anymore
>making B's and decent grades
>no stress, no joy, a resigned emptiness
>I know that school can't kill because I'm already dead
Oh man. I had to pay $40 for the same reason. The professor does some shitty quiz at the start of every class that we have to answer with our $40 clicker devices in order to be counted in attendance. They're not even good questions either for a physics class, it's just really easy shit like "What is Newton's First Law?" or "An object travels 3 meters per second for 5 seconds. How far does it go?" I only forgave this shit because textbooks were only $20 overall.
I hate my schedule REEEEEEEEEE , 4 times a week starting at 8:45 it's like i'm a wagecuck
being a nerd doesn't mean you can't have friends and relationships though, many of history's biggest nerds did
>graduate high school with 4.75 GPA, 2010 SAT score
>maintain steady 4.0 GPA in college (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
>no scholarship offers
>rejected for every scholarship I apply for that I find online
>"Sorry, not enough community service hours :^) Maybe provide free labor for Goldberg Shekelstein and we'll consider it xDDD"
>can't even get a job flipping burgers at McDonalds
>"We've decided you probably don't work well with a team even though you have a 4.0 GPA which implies you've had to work with other students and did well at the same time :^))))"
>already in ridiculous debt despite being a commuter
>government: "Sorry you're not eligible for this grant our calculator says your family should be paying at least $7000 a year for your tuition xDDD who cares that your dad is single with two kids and only makes $40000 and lives in Pennsylvania? Just take these small loans instead and get some more from a bank :^)"

My situation is so fucking stupid. I wish my teachers never told me that good grades would let me go to college for free. I'd have just dropped out and joined the Army, assuming the recruitment office wouldn't turn me away too. At least then I'd be getting an income.
>Go to Uni in big football school in the south
>See everyone having great times on friday and saturday
>Listen to music alone inside
>believing in the good grades meme
this is shit is fucking worthless as fuck, its all about having connections anyway
Did you not take the ACT? Tons of colleges offer full rides for a 34+/36, which you could easily get
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>losing motivation to do assignments
>stopped caring about my future post uni

How do I turn it around
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I'm not trolling, and I know I'm pathetic. I just can't handle being around other people.
Connections are important, but it's even more important to have social skills. And good grades are not a meme, but if you have the connections and social skills the grades matter way less.
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