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Let's play the super power game
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>Go to http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random
>Tell us what your super power is and how would you abuse it

I'll start:
>Users are also capable of emitting strong thoughts and feelings (such as distress, elation, contentment, rage, etc.) that can be channeled to a terrestrial origin as long as the user remains in a heightened sense of emotional state. All the capabilities of Earth Manipulation limited to certain moods or emotions.

I'll channel all my rage and hatred to cause massive natural disasters in Africa, so most niggers would die. If they try to flee to Europe, I would invoke mighty storms, hurricanes and whirlpools to prevent them.

Your turn.
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>it's fucking mind control

I go full on /d/ and /aco/ and turn everyone into mind-slaves
I give myself unlimited money/power and I make myself ruler. I make a totalitarian nazi state easily because i can just mind control dissenters. I make everything efficient. I give everyone snazzy nazi like uniforms.

>and then comes the mind rape.

I take any woman that I want. I humiliate her husband/father/brother/son etc. I use women like holes and give myself a loyal harem of waifu's with huge busty breasts and jiggly asses, that live to pleasure me.

I ass-fuck daughters in front of their powerless fathers.
I tit-fuck milf's in front of their sons.
I get sucked off by chad's gf.
I fuck hot lesbians.

>I fuck robot's oneitis.

I dominate the world.
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also just to add to things.

I use my totalitarian rule to breed chubbier and hotter girls and kill off people I deem to be impure or useless.

and you have no turn because now I own you and your mind.
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There is only one way to use this power...
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>The power to emit highly enhanced scream of a high amplitude.

Meh. I'd just REEEEEEEEEE really hard whenever normies piss me off and blow them all the fuck out.


I would turn people into statues and sell them.

People would be amazed at their realism.
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Make a bunch of monsters to come hunt you down and kill you. I dont have to get near you and my creations dont have minds.
But we could just be friends too I guess.

As far as what I would do with my power now. Im basically an anime character so ill probably just shape the world as I find justified. Stop countries from fighting and kill any evil groups with extreme prejudice. I could literally blast people into nothingness.
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If they don't have minds they cant hunt me down.
I would bro it up with you but you are too powerful to be trusted.

on the other-hand seems like a top tier bro who I would give total freedom to run around without being stopped by police.
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Well they work for me they dont have a mind or free will so I could send them to kill you and that would be that.
Yeah looking at the power I got it is pretty op. I can go in space no problem I can fly I can create life I can talk with the dead. Im basically a god, man if I had this I dont even know where I would really begin.
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but I would still win if I didnt have a range limit.
If i could reach you in space you are fucked (literally)

Hey senpai its >>26447672

How is your world of sluts? It would be a shame if a Nihilist happened to pass by right?

This existences is meaningless, why dont we just return everything to the way it was? To end suffering. If no one exists, no one has to suffer ever again!

I guess the only thing I'd want to do with that is start the greatest progressive rock tribute band in history. Dedicate entire sets to pieces like 2112, Supper's Ready, Voyage 34, Tales from Topographic Oceans, and The Twelve-step Suite.
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That has deflection which means I can do this.
You would control your own mind and either nothing would happen or you would go braindead. Either way I can come over and just kill you anyway I like.
Like picking you up letting you fall and then hitting you with this
A variation of hand blasts.
>Attraction & Repulsion
>Infinite Energy
>Null Zone Emission
>Paralysis Inducement
Let the uprising begin hell yeah
>Implying I'm not going to spam this on a very populated area
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User can give rewards to others when completing certain deeds, or they can gain rewards for the deeds that the user does themselves. The rewards can range from Status, money, affection, power, etc.

Bow before me. For I am. Your god.
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Joke's on you! I AM A NIHILIST! A very very horny existential nihilist! I make my meaning of life through lust and fucking your mother/daughter/sister/wife!

Destroying my world would give you no benefit and solve nothing, you have no reason to act...and no mind to act with!

not if you didnt feel me cumming. and you might be super saiyan but you are still vulnerable mentally.
Ehhh, I just spook people who are camping or maybe chill at cliffs and make people fall down
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Well im like a super saiyan but its the creation of energy that I do. Plus Reflective Immutability allows me to reflect it if I know your going to mind control me or restore myself to my original self if you get me by suprise.

Im thinking I would either protect people from crime or I would start doing some genocide level shit.
But what about non-existence? Look Annon I now you like this new world but It has to go. Creation itself is a sin. You can only find salvation in nothingness.

>Literally the power to create/generate salt.

Id never have to get up to get salt
I could win at anything, by generating so much salt within the competition that they wouldn't be able to focus.
I'd go to Africa where salt is really valuable and take all of their money, and become moderately wealthy.
This sucks
Genocide and eugenics sounds fun. let's work together and build a slutty utopia for ourselves? We are both pretty useful to each-other.

And with a power like mind control, what crime would even be left to fight?

Looks like you've already begun!

File: 04_GXRlrey.jpg (532 KB, 1000x1284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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forgot to post a picture.
(I like posting pictures)
source is:
File: 1450935586296.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x720
It sounds nice and if we hit it off I would probably go for it. Although Im sure fear of complete anihilation would deter crime inherently. I dont need mind control to show stop crime people seeing me vaporize criminals in the street and in their cells would send a clear message. That being said we could just get a harem of famous chicks, we could cuck kanye that would be awesome.

I don't have a kingdom to run so I'd buy some shitty land no one wanted and build an ice fortress and be an ice hermit trying to hide from you guys with your powers and normies alike. At least I could craft myself a cute snow waifu.

The cold never bothered me, anyway.
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Talk about luck.

I'd probably convert to some random religion and perform miracles just for the novelty (and hopefully for some money).
Even if I could weaponize this, it'd be boring, so it fits perfectly for me.
File: 1451401235398.jpg (144 KB, 716x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If violence detered crime then there wouldnt be as many violent blacks in american cities. niggas think they wouldnt get caught. so we just make it so niggas cant think.

cucking kanye sounds fun. DP'ing Kim K would also be fun.

I could whip you up a freshly mind-broken girl that looks like else and would probably think she is elsa for you. You could be a real ice wizard anon. we could also use you to re freeze the glaciers.

Let's all work together to rule over the normies, chads, and stacies!
>The user can form armor around their body or a shape it from fire for protection and physical boost. With training, the user could shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element.

I'd go out to a busy public area and light myself on fire.
>Power/Ability To: Manipulate/Create/Mimic Objects, Spirits,and Powers.

Well this is generic, i'd probably shapeshift into a girl to get strong orgasms but also fuck with people's souls and dreams and shit, probably appear in my crush's dreams and make her go full yandere love for me or something, then tell her the truth and steal her soul and put into an object like in madoka and control her as a suffering slave in combat against bootleg anime figure manufacturing
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Oh I see that sounds good I assumed you wanted to mind control everyone but you just want to eliminate problem people.

Yeah that would be great we could force him to watch. Any other famous chicks you would want to get. Since they are the epitome of stacies I have no problem doing whatever to any of them.
File: 1455295775540.jpg (291 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would like to mindcontrol everyone but that is kinda difficult and I wouldnt want to micromanage a planet. so most people get free will as long as they dont question our ultimate authority and NWO.

I would still want to fuck any random chubster with big tits though. I'm not one for all those twig-thin stacies.
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C R.jpg
220 KB, 1023x1473
That sounds reasonable, then I guess I would just take christina hendricks for myself.
>can survive direct sunlight
what the fuck man, I can already do that.
I'd do all of the cool stuff I always wanted to do but was too lazy to research for, like programming AI, building an android, game development, learn every language, etc.
Though, I'd also probably go insane. I already learn things extremely quickly, but to basically instantly learn something would be too easy and tedious. I'd run out of things to learn and I'd be stuck rotting away forever.

Ideally, I'd be able to turn the power off/on
Guys i need some help understanding this;


WHat do you mean i can LOCK the earth? wtf im a simple man
File: 1454876148788.jpg (44 KB, 500x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 500x669
You have good taste!

Mind control nazi NWO sounds like a fun time.
Being able to learn indefinitely is probably packed with an advanced brain, so I doubt you would go insane

>The users can produce powder/dust, including purely natural, medical, magical, etc. that can have various effects including dulling the senses of others, reducing or even totally negating powers, causing illusions, paralysis or even death.

I'd heal the world from the cancer of humanity.
My power is total control over ice. I would use it to impress girls and then fuck them
File: 1435904727_1.jpg (72 KB, 630x401) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Power to become invisible in fire.

Always wanted to be an arsonist, and this would let me cause maximum damage. Dragging people into the fire as it laps at their feet. Could get away easily too.

I can create fucking Guitar axes out of nothing. I can even create Ashbringer!
>Hope Manipulation

Stop myself of getting suicidal thoughts. That's it.
>Hope Manipulation

Stop myself of getting suicide thoughts, that's it.
Holy shit i'm way more powerful than i gave myself credit
I can literally suck people of hope and impale their hopeless husk with pure energy, i'm literally god there is no stopping me when you have no hope of doing so.
Kinda cool. There's different types listed (understandably) so I guess I'd be a Revenant like Solomon Grundy.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how is that even a power


This is pretty boring, I'd just burn a lot of places and people I hate I guess.
idk senpai probably would try to get into the special forces and drop down on people from above

best secret agent na
>The power to cause any/all attacks to ignore the user. Variation of Attack Movement Manipulation.

I'll become a Boxer or UFC fighter.

I'll rewind time to whatever works best for me. Life can be endless.
Man I'd love to transform into an owl and live comfily in the forest. Since owls puke undigested food I'd just fly around cities and puke in normies faces.


I could get into anywhere I want which is pretty cool as an urban explorer, and give people cancer.
>power to end all life
>end all life
I got infinite everything.

I'd probably recreate myself as Saitama. Might even give myself infinite baldness, who know.
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>t. Alberto Barbosa

100% original post

I will become a god and do whatever the fuck I want.
Crystal Magic
>User combines magic with various type of crystalline materials (Ice excluded) by preparing the crystalline materials from common glass to jewels, and using them for various purpose like heal wounds, summoning, creating a contracts, seals, etc.

I'd channel crystal meth and be the heart of every party.

It looked cool when we were kids but it's pretty useless t b h

Great, basically omnipotent. But I'd be too afraid to use it at all.
>"The power tomaterialize conceptual objects. User can materialize conceptual objects like weapons, artifacts, armors, and any sort of constructs out of nothing that can control concepts like time, space, death, and reality. As physical interference is not possible against formless things, such as manifestations of laws or delusions. That's why conceptual weapons exist, because beings that exist via concepts can only be killed by concepts."

I'd be like a god on earth. I would live high in the mountains and let only those worthy enough come find me.
Immortality, omnipotence, omniscience, but only if I choose. Mad stuff.
"Indiscriminate, killing even unintended targets, including the user."

even better
Please give me some hope senpai :^)

Pretty useless unless I can learn to control wich gs I want to use.
>If I can:
Make some rich guy dizzy with a gas, convince him to put me on his testament. Kill him. Get rich. Use money to improve my life conditions. Use powers to kill or put in a comma people that might interfere in my new richfag comfy and peacefull life. Kill delincuentes, corrupt politicians, feminazis, make the world a little bit better.
>If I can't:.
Mount a show as a medium. Make people believe the gas is ectoplasm and that different spririts manifest as different kind of gases. Get money.
Also I could store the gases in tubes and sell them for more profit.
Meh, it's pretty neat for a generic super power.

I'm basically Hydro man. I could drown people by forming myself into a ball of water around their head, freeze parts of their body and force it to shatter, change into gas forms to sneak into places.

Or I can just stick around beaches and pools and grope chicks who come into the water.
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> fertility manipulation

> disaster manipulation

> everything manipulation

> mfw I reveal myself to Philippines and I'm not Filipino

> mfw I inverse gravity
You have to make the Philippines great again, you can't ignore your destiny
>The user has complete control over the joints, the locations at which two or more bones connect, of oneself and others, allowing them to freely alter and manipulate them. They can control the joints and their articulation, releasing them for flexibility, locking them to slow and/or immobilize, causing/removing arthropathy/inflammation, etc.
Time to lock up some Chad legs at the dances. Also, give Stacys inflammation of the ankle

This is pretty badass.

I pretty much do the standard Dragon thing. I fly around, destroy cities, hoard treasure, and kidnap maidens to eat.
Causality manipulation. I didn't read the whole thing but the gist of it is that I'm god or something
So pretty cool. I'm gonna jack of now
File: 1365393662891.jpg (59 KB, 400x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm confused, so I can't copy other peoples powers, but I can convince them that I'm copying their powers through illusion?

Fight the Yeerks and prevent them from taking over the human race
File: 1436748555496.jpg (51 KB, 408x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 408x250

I get one shot at superpowers, and I turn into a sea cucumber. Even in fantasy I'm the biggest loser around
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