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Hey robots, so I was casually reading some stuff on the internet about enforcing good behaviors in dogs and found an article explaining how you should not give in to your dog's whining so that they know they cannot have perceived dominance over you.
I had an idea.
What if I was to employ these tactics on my mother.
My mum is nice, but can be exceedingly difficult and get extremely riled up over trivial points of discussion.
I used to give in and act as a slave to her (she doesn't work and I have university to attend so she has no 'busy' excuse).
I first employed my new tactic when I was planning an outing with a couple of friends, she was raising argument about how there would be no one out on the day we were planning (which was exactly why we were going out that night).
when she started acting hysterical without provocation (as she usually does, she may be psychotic) I left her to her raving and found asylum in my room (that I pay my dad for rent to stay in).
She continued to yell through the wall for the next 5 minutes till she gave up and left me in peace, it was satisfying.
I have now used this tactic several times and she's getting more desperate and has begun trying to talk behind my back to my sister and dad, but since I have a very good relationship with my sister (she tells me what mum says about me and I her) and dad ignores her like he generally does now and just focuses on his work, it's useless for her.

So what does /r9k/ think, will things work out and the new order of dominance be established, or will there be a triple murder-suicide next week?

Also, if you have any other questions or inquiries do not be afraid to ask.
>shit in her pillowcase
>leave a signature framing your sister inside wth it

amusing suggestion, but not an option, I have very good relations with my sister and the mutual benefit from that relationship is worth more than creating 'lulz'.
>inb4 wincest
i would suggest you move out asap
the housing market where I am is affordable for me at the moment, I am a very light sleeper and own a gun though, so I am able to defend myself.
whoops, I meant to that that it is not affordable
She won't try something as drastic but sooner or later youll have a confrontation that will have you move away anyways, believe me when i say that bridges are not ok to burn in the long run
'm not fully removing her from my life, I still talk with he but leave her to her ravings when she enters a hysterical state (the conclusion of around half of her conversations).
I'm hoping to lower that by providing consequences for those outbreaks, and hopefully put an end to this abhorrent behavior, like the dog training article suggests.

You can never be the dominant one because you live in "her" house. If she wants you out, your Dad will shrug his shoulders and say "you need to move out son". Trust me, my Mum's a psycho bitch too and the only thing that made her stop was when I moved out and stopped speaking to her. She was calling me upo and being all nice not a week later. What you need to realize is that "mom-son" relationships don'tr exist. At the end of the day, she's just another physcho Stacy and you need to treat her like one.
Tell another example please. These are amusing to hear.
Bridges are not okay to burn but people are, as long as you burn them alive and they deserve it.

BTW parents always deserve to be burned alive.
alright anon, I can provide, I'll do this in green text form.
>have comfortable causal position as a brand ambassador extra working for LG
>shifts aren't very regular but pays well because I'm called in short notice
>mum starts talking to me about me getting more regular shifts
>try to explain to her that I'm hired as an extra and don't expect regular shifts
>demands that I contact my regional manager and pester him for more shifts
>hysterics reaching 75% begin room retreat
>continues screaming at my door for the next 5 minutes and enter refractory period
>we'll call this 'pining' from this point on as it seems to happen mostly the same
>now keeps emailing me shitty subway positions that pay $10/hr even though they won't accept people currently in full time study because I'll get more regular shifts
har har,
my mum and dad somehow still share a bed so I cannot do the good old 'lighter fluid on the bed-sheets' trick
More like petrol around the doorways. And windows. A lot of it so they can't get out. We're really trying to kill them after all, they really deserve it.
as I've said, I've got a good relationship with my sister, and I respect my father though he can sometimes seem aloof.
I still have hope that I'll be able to fix things with my handy bitch training techniques
Thread replies: 15
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