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I can think of hobbies to try and pursue...
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I can think of hobbies to try and pursue but I see no way any of them could be used for a career. I have zero capacity for stress, can't handle college.
Sometimes they can lead to actually productive hobbies. Or just teach you the joy of doing something that takes time and attention and the love of the final product.
burger flipper
Why the fuck do you want to use them for a career? Listen, anon. I get it. Society is demanding as fuck, and everyone who doesn't get a degree is looked down.

Screw that. I don't care if you have to sell hotdogs or mop floors, but don't force yourself into things you don't want.

Even if you get paid minimum wage, the only thing that matters is your happiness.
I do work, a shitty job at Target. $10.50 an hour probably $11.50-12 soon. The only things I want in life are to move to Japan and also travel to different countries.

I don't care about luxury, I just want to travel and be independent.
Close! I make donuts overnight in a tiny convenience store for 4 hours by myself then make pizzas the other 4 hours. $11/hour full time, benefits, 2 minutes from home. Ain't bad.
Ok Anon, I'm not trying to sound aggressive, but out of all the countries out there, you picked an overhyped one.

Japan is not that good. It's full of passive agressive racists who will despise anything not japanese, and jobs are stressful as fuck, since overworking is the norm, not the exception.

May I ask you where you live? If you are in the US, trust me, you won the lottery, I'd stay there.

BUT if moving is a must-do for your happiness, I'd suggest you to look into other countries.

Germany? Sweden? Norway? Finland? Australia? Switzerland? Italy? Portugal?
Uh.. I would consider China, South Korea or Thailand I guess. All the others sound miserable to me.

It's not solely due to being a weeb that I wanna move to Japan. I love learning about the history, the culture, I love the architecture, the technology but also small towns and shit. I don't like Japanese food but.. The women, holy fuck. I was doing decent learning the language before and I love it. I love calligraphy and the way the language sounds. Racism sucks but.. I get treated like shit in the U.S. too, for no reason at all.
China and Thailand are shittier, imo.

South Korea is slightly better, but NK makes it dangerous.

Singapore would be better.

But seriously anon, you should drop the weebdom. Asia is not the heaven anime tries to show.

Have you ever read about Finland? It's literally a kingdom for autism. The language is a challenge, the weather creates beautiful landscapes, and people don't expect to have much interaction between each other.

If you were in japan, not only would you be treated like shit, but also they would despise you even more for not having a degree. They top suicide rate charts for a reason.
I was there 3 months in a school thing. First half was all over looking at cultural shit (castles and temples and shit) the last half was in a smaller, more rural town. I never got the "racist" thing as a tourist. They're hyper-aware of you and want to stare but that's it. Really young children are scared of you but watch you attentatively (had one cross the street to avoid me), middle schoolers think you're the coolest person on the train, and high schoolers think you're whatever. Sometimes adults will want to try their English on you.

One time it was raining and I ducked into a local convenience store (not a big chain like 7-11 or Lawson) and asked if she sold umbrellas (in Japanese). She insisted I just take one saying she had plenty. I found them more willing to help me because I was clearly a foreigner. Maybe because I was willing to ask them in Japanese they were less resistant to be nice. I asked for directions all the time because I'm a lost fuck.

Maybe city-life is shit. Tokyo was so depressingly gray compared to the rural towns.
Without getting into everything too detailed, I'm not stupid. Actually got compliments from a few professors during my attempts at college, in courses like English and history.. But I can't handle the stress, the deadlines, the grading, the pressure.. Had a scholarship for my first year after high school.. Was not at all prepared for what I was going to deal with and developed a lot of problems.

I suppose Finland would be better than the U.S. but it's not anime that makes me like Asia. I've been into this shit for a while and I used to think anime was fucking retarded until friends convinced me to start watching some.

I get the lack of respect for no degree.. I'm willing to work very hard physically, but that's not really valued anywhere.
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