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Online Relationships
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ITT; online relationships

tell me your stories /r9k/, I'm kind of in a situation and would like to hear how it's turned out for some of you other robots.
tell me the story, how old were you, and if you guys have ever met in real life, or how it ended.
got a gf for valentines in a videogame
So depressing
what game is it??
Whats your situation op?

blox desu
I dated her for two years, then she cucked me. Next time she came to visit I neglected her and was a jerk, then broke up with her.

It looks like guild wars 2 private messaging
>talk to girl online
>she's nice to me and seems to like me
>get closer and closer over months, talk all day
>eventually one of us breaks tension by saying "so are we e-dating or what" half-seriously
>we end up having Real Talk and deciding to e-date for real
>first time sharing nudes/cam is harrowing
>eventually becomes common
>make plans to travel/meet one another
>they are very far off because unrealistic and we both have lives
>just keep talking all day and masturbating with one another forever
>brain becomes hyperattached to the intimacy of it because i spend 80% of my fucking time in the virtual bosom of one person
>becomes an actual addiction but i don't realise it
>things start to go south (it gets old / she fixes the life problem that was limiting her options in men, thus making me an option / she outright fucks someone else / etc., take your pick but it's usually one of these)
>start to have bad blood or arguments more often
>finally decide begrudgingly to break up
>feel it 1000x more than her, because she instantly finds a new e-bf or real bf or starts taking ten dicks a day immediately, and i'm back to square zero
>addiction withdrawals set in, now every day is seemingly empty and unbearable, compared to how it was every day forever
>lost my best friend, my therapist, my outlet for all emotions and conversation and intimacy
>depressive episode
>realize on top of that, i wasted a year i could have spent developing real life skills and learning to date actual women
k i got a few.

1. knew eachother for maybe 10months online
2. meet up, i buy train tickets on the day so its more expensive than in advance
3. see her, its great, im really shy
4. she is used to sexual shit and hugging and kissing and just does stuff when she wants
5. tells me its ok to put my hands on my body, something about her boobs and pussy.
6. dont but kiss again
7. sleep the night and next day leave
8. ask her to come to mine the next week, she doesnt, asks me to go there, i cant because money.
9. picks up some local guy i was aware of that had wanted to date her and thats the end of it for us after the first time meeting and 10months of talking online.
she was 16 i was 18 i think.

2nd one is..
1. Didn't realize i loved this girl
2. was my bestfriend etc would get up in early hours of morning to see her.
3. i was 5hrs ahead of her for most of the year
4. met in a game where you can have sex with your avatars so sometimes that happened and it was great
5. i basically knew everything about her and hated her shit friends that knew nothing and only wanted her for sex in the game
6. showed me a picture of her face, she tells me its the first time she is doing this for someone online, i believe it because she is really secure with things, steam account etc.
7. she is the hottest girl i have ever seen, she is 6 years older than me too
8. one time some dude friend of hers makes a rape joke / simulated rape / types it out
9. i get offended and i have to leave the friendship group etc because im the one in the wrong for causing a shit storm over a rape.
10. go into a massive depression for several months, turns out it was probably just pro-longed heartbreak during that time as i realized i actually loved this girl.
11. never talk again and think about her weekly in the year 4/5 months since.

I don't think you should online date, but trying to meet girls through okcupid and tinder and other stuff seems ok.
Servers you right. Get ecucked faggot
When will you robots learn women are not worth your time and effort??

You don't until you smash your face into it dont'ya??
It's not worth.

Run far away.
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If you have a chance at anything normal in your life DO NOT DO IT. Or maybe do, I mean, it helped me but it didn't end well.

She just added me randomly off of soc once in a damaged goods thread because she was lonely. She came onto me in the beginning, started doing sexual things for me almost immediately without my prompt. I was nervous at first but her forwardness gave me the confidence to pursue a relationship.

At the time I was in a bad spot in my life, NEET for 8 months with no prospects, going insane, constant suicidal thoughts, but she made it better. We met late or mid June last year and spoke every day for hours. We decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend in early July.

It was amazing, she spoke multiple languages, shared edgy opinions (like hating women (huge red flag btw)) she even bought clothes to impress me. We spoke of our chikdhoods, music our aspirations etc etc etc and all the rest.

After 6 months of our relationship deteriorating because of my paranoia and her increased unwillingness to give me emotional support/her lack of affection or sex drive whatsoever culminated in the death of our relationship early January. By that point it was already basically over, we haven't spoken for weeks and when I tried talking to her she said she was going to bed and just went offline.

In the end it turned out while she was ignoring me she was talking to her abusive ex, the one she said she blocked. She gave him nudes but never gave me any. Cunt.

Honestly, even though she's really smart and creative (professionally tested IQ of 115) she constantly lied to me and was weak of character. She helped me continue to exist through some difficult stress inducing training and now I have an alright career prospect because of it. Never got to meet her.

Now I'm online dating and trying to improve myself in small ways to be a better person. I'm gonna get my drivers license and pick up swing dancing.
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I know the feeling dude. But in my case she actually improved me as a person. The first month after I experienced constant panic attacks and self destructive episodes.

Now I've stabilized and I'm more confident in myself.
Met a girl when I was 13 in an online game. Had a bunch of other chill friends, she was new to the guild. Chill friends were around 16-25, she was 19.

Got involved with her, started to get a little stand offish at my friends, eventually dropped off the face of the planet to them for a couple of months to talk with her all day.

Messed shit up with her, was a sperg and dumb kid, classic fedora before it existed. Started hanging on 4chan late that year and it calmed me a bit, but we'd been through so many "Im gonna break up with u" "i want u bak bb" moments it was beyond repair

I brought shitty drama to my friends and pretty much broke any chance of hanging with them again, made an ass of myself. Broke up with the girl after I turned 15, realised I was sticking around for the nudes. She was obsessed with me, I wasn't with her.

Turned gay later on and started giving nudes to cute boys and having stupid skype fun with no commitment.

My advice, internet relationships arent worth it. Had one with a boy after her, lasted almost no time cuz I fucked that too. Never met either in person, too poor
>played ps3 with this guy from england all the time
>im from scotland
>meet his sister
>shes at the end of an online relationship, shes a virgin brunette, decent sized tits, nice ass, nice face but huge fucking forehead
>she looks like shes balding sometimes
>we get really close and start talking about moving in and having kids (im 15 shes 16)
>I have some mental issue that makes me feel like people are plotting against me and I take it out on her for some reason
>she still always supports me but because im an idiot I never think she'd leave me
>one day shes being really distant and I ask whats up
>"anon i wanna break up"
>I got crazy and start calling her all sorts of names and generally being an asshole
>the 1 male internet friend I allowed her to have (I made her stop talking to the other for fear of being cucked) messages me telling me to fuck off and I show him the screenshot of the conversation where she called him ugly
>got over it after a couple weeks and deleted all pics of her and made new social media accounts and told her I was killing myself
>she probably thinks im dead
>regret being an asshole 5 years later
When entertaining the thought of an online relationship, consider whether you put trust first. If you do, can you trust them? Not just in terms of them not fucking whoever they meet in real life, but trust them to actually trust you enough to share their issues, not to randomly as fuck go silent constantly. When they make a "promise" not to break it, and certainly not to break the exact same one five fucking times after apologizing for the last one. Trust isn't an issue solely online, obviously, but online you can hide things from someone else easier than you can offline. People online also really, really like throwing "love" around way too soon, especially when they then prove that trust hadn't been established yet.

Not all online relationships would be doomed to fail. I can think of one such pair that never should have broken up. On the other hand I could also say that the flaws in such a relationship are not gender specific like /r9k/ would usually assume. Guys and girls both pull the same dumb shit, and both genders have people who will use an online relationship as a distraction not an actual relationship.

And just to throw it out there as a side comment. Don't be stupid enough to trust someone who tells you that they live with their ex, gets abused by said ex, talks about how depressed their ex makes them, refuses to change any of the situation then proceeds to trust that ex more than they can trust you. Even if you tell yourself it won't be at your own expense.
We did meet in real life, already after she cucked me though.
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