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What red flags do you guys have?
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Not "what do you guys think are red flags", but which common ones apply to you?

For me, I have a huge emotional deficit. I have a lot of trouble feeling and expressing emotion and returning it at appropriate times. I've been working with my therapist on this for months but it's slow going. I most definitely have emotions! I'm just not connected with them in the slightest

What about you? Are you a walking red flag Anon?
I'm quite ugly.
Same here OP and I'm ugly too so I'm a walking real life zombie. How do you cope with your limited emotions?
I'm a real manipulative prick that leads women on because I'm indecisive and just want to get my dick wet. I'm starting to hate the person I am. I'm a red flag on the inside. I know it, but they don't know it until they let me in emotionally. Sorry that sounded super edgelordy. Jesus fuck I'm dumb.
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>More pale than Edward Cullen
>Pretty sure people can smell the insecurity dripping out of me from the way I act and talk
>Talk to girls who aren't interested in me just so I can practice for girls that actually are
>20 year old virgin

Kinda wish my friends would point out my faults instead of accepting them.
smashed my testicles big time, so I walk around with my legs open to not fall into agony. dark circles under eyes. 200 pounds overweight (5'7") and have autistic ticks and spasms. oily skin and acne. urine leaks out of me (quite a bit) so my pants usually look like i pissed myself. have leaky gut so constant shit smell emanates from me (also have candida, which makes my breath smell similar.) Weak heart so I can't sit for long without it killing me, or exercising too much.

other than that, weird autistic social behavior so I cant really interact with people well.
I hate when people ask questions that they could easily figure out the answer to by either looking searching on the internet or physically.
I'm not directing this at you OP
I have a complete failure to recognize emotions being portrayed by others. Can't tell what someone is feeling unless they tell me flat out. body language and tone might as well be in coded Latin. read flag because i just tend to not talk to anyone because i just assume everyone hates me.
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>blonde hair
>anxiety disorder
>no friends
>sensitive and apologetic to a fault
>cry a lot
>kissless virgin
>no self-esteem
>bags and dark circles under eyes from sleep deprivation
>watches anime
>no interesting hobbies
Thanks for making me feel better about myself anon
I'm not some stoic zombie, as I do feel emotions. I just have significant trouble interpreting and expressing them. Maybe I'm autistic.

But I just don't try to force them and let them come naturally. Sometimes I'll ask someone what I'm supposed to be feeling right now and then try to feel that. Or if I think I'm acting some way, I'll ask someone how they think I'm acting so I could recognize an emotion

I'm 23 and still doing this autismo crap. What about you lad?

How'd you smash the boys?

Are you perhaps actually autistic?
here's your reply crooked eye
how about one I can fix? I'm not gonna wear Stevie Wonder glasses inside.
I've been told by multiple people who did not know each other that I give off serial killer vibes.
Imo people who hate themselves and who don't love themselves aren't good at loving others
There's no hope to fix anything
You really aren't that bad looking. Keep hitting the gym and honestly talk to everyone the same way. Want to get good at talking to girls? Talk to them the same way you talk to guys. The only ones that are worth keeping love that shit. That's the biggest revelation I've made since starting college.
Likely I'm at least somewhat autistic. However I'm very intelligent, so i would prefer the title of "autistic savant"
>easily offended
>can hardly express how I feel
>usually come off as blunt
>can't spend much time with people until I feel uncomfrotable
>get lost easily
>not much motivation
Being a girl and not having female friends. I have a couple female friends now but all my life my closest friends have always been guys.
Didn't even know this was a red flag until people started memeing the shit out of it.
>What about you? Are you a walking red flag Anon?
Actually I'm pretty fucking awesome.
I assume females have a red flag if they are not interested, unless they are married.
It's a red flag if you ever want to have a boyfriend and not just a boy who is a friend. Guys HATE when girls hang around all guys . They will assume (and most likely correctly) that you are fucking one, if not all of them.
Tbh it just means far greater competition for men. We can probably logically process you're not into your orbiters, but we still unconsciously see them as people to dominate and beat for right to breed you.

Also female friends, like it or not, act different from male friends. They can help you with your issues in ways guys really can't. They can be the understanding shoulder that knows your frustrations on a really personal level. Helps balance your life out.

That's why I think female friends are Important
Bro don't let that autism stuff go through your mind its not a big deal. But what you've told me sounds familiar I've never once honestly felt what others have told me which leads to awkward situations where I could easily misinterpret what they might be trying to say. Its all about intensity really and you're just gonna have be a better listener to their choice of words. Some people are in their own world and you might not even know what they're trying to say lol
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you know how normal people have layers that slowly and gradually break down as you get to know them better?

i'm like an egg. i have one layer and it's the shell.

i bottle up everything behind the shell but if you're able to pierce through it or crack it, everything comes spilling out all at once and i'm laying on your lap crying my eyes out about how hard things are

people who know me as an acquaintance would describe me as "chill" and people who know me really well would describe me as "a fucking wreck"
>generally detached from everything
>completely unable to hold any sort of conversation
>boring as fuck because i have no desires

But hey we're all gonna make it, r-right?
You need to quit suppressing your emotions dude. Its okay to not want to accept some of your emotions but think about it life itself is meaningless so why carry any meaning to your emotions?
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-dead pan 90% of the time
-fat cheeks/chubby
-pessimist as fuck
-laugh/talk to myself all the time
-walk weird
Do you have a desire to have a relationship?

A strong, natural inclination to have friends and be social and outgoing?
but I'm ashamed of my emotions. a man shouldn't be this much of a pussy.
I'm unemployed and live with my parents
Nope, none at all. It honestly feels like my brain is turned off, like I'm a literal robot.
You need to be aware of your own emotions anon. Ive had similar thoughts too and the only way to work against them is to understand yourself better. I know this sounds like same old counselor advice but I don't really know you but what I can tell is you don't have a true understanding of your feelings.
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the feel sutra.jpg
47 KB, 500x599
>Live with my parents
>Go to school in "game design"
>Have no idea about anything pop culture
>Talk about reptilians controlling our souls

I am so screwed
You might perhaps have a Schizoid personality disorder.
Dude but ask yourself what makes a man? Are you from a really disciplined family? I can tell because growing up my parents used to tell me only woman and pansies feel emotions or let others see them too. Don't let your emotions control you is all I can tell you.
>actually believing doctors

get the fuck out normie faggot we dont like you
I mean I guess you're right in that I'm usually fucking one of them, but that's because I start out dating one, and then just kind of assimilate into his friend group. And thus my friends end up being guys.

That's because, until recently, I was pretty bad at making friends altogether. I got more sociable and shit, and started making an independent friend group. I made a couple girl friends (like I mentioned), but still made much closer friendships with the guys in the group. Though now my closest independent friend is a gaybro, so I'm getting closer I guess??

I feel like you inadvertently nailed part of the problem I have with forging female friendships. I don't really express my feelings to people I'm not comfortable with so I miss out on all that ~girl bonding~ stuff and never really rise above level of casual friend.
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>half white, half something else (not sure about it)
>Evil eyes cause genetic
>Very Pale skin
>Abnormal interest (Occult, controversial topic, non mainstream shit, weeb, stuff that are boring for the mundane people)
>repellent musical taste
>hate my own culture (Because fuck french Canada).
>Standoffish in body language
>Never had any relationship
Let say I don't come off as a very friendly person.
Youre only aware of your faults. Focus more on your positives and work against your negativity by replacing them with good thoughts.

The furthest
Yo this is a great analogy man. I feel the same way a lot of the time, to the point where I almost push away friendships.
Let's see.
>REMOVE KEBAB accordion guy facial structure
>Stern, serious expression as default
>Huge purple eye bags despite getting more than enough sleep
>Been called "creepy, in the serial murderer way"
>Openly hate children
>Leaning to political right, which nobody does at my age

There's another problem. In high school, I was a hypocrite pretending to like things so I wasn't 100% alone. I forged false diplomatic relations to I wouldn't be out of the loop. Yet I never said things that should be said or punched someone for gravely insulting me, always brushed it off as a joke. Same in college.
If I go by an analogy, this venom that I never used kept piling up in my figurative venom glands, maturing and becoming incredibly potent. Droplets of venom escape me from time to time, which is why I get called "venomous" and "bitter". I want to spit venom, but I never get the chance.
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>Wage slave
>Woefully unremarkable
>Has the libido of a panda
>No ambition or confidence
>Political fence sitter
>Never leaves the house unless for work or school
>Deadpan, but comes off as Hostile and Apathetic
>Nerdy, but not in the hip way and more of the pathetic way
>Stupid, braindead, slow
>Likes dogs more than he likes people

I'm like the male version of the cat lady, except less crazy and more of a sad sack of shit
I had this weak depression wave come over me a few times through my life. I can't really complain, i never went to any doctors or psych exams, and I never really shared how I felt with anyone. Before 8th grade I read this random little snippet online from some random anon, something along the lines of 'You don't realize it till it it's over, but the majority of the friends you have are only your friends because you see them 5 times a week'. I read it was like, shit that's pretty true, and then I spent the entirety of high school expecting all friends to fade out of life, which of course they did. I can't help but feel that if I actually tried to keep friendships up I would have more actual friends.
Long story short, if I didn't break schedule to hang out with someone we were just transient friends, and the friendship wasn't worth really investing in. So we could be in school, church, sports, work together and know a lot about each other, but if we never hung out then I didn't think we were really friends. Also a problem cause I wasn't initiating, asking ppl to come hang out, so that allowed lots of people to just fade out as well. End result: people think I have a decent social life, and I'm good at pretending I have one, but I'm dead inside and fear I've wasted so much of my life so far, and am too embarrassed to try and reconnect with old friends.
I stopped being suicidal a long time ago. Figure I'll stumble along into a meaningful relationship with sex and cookies and then if life goes back to shit I'll gather all the money I can get my hands on and 'make the world my oyster' like that old /b/ advice pic

Relate strongly to this
Try joining a branch of military. Sounds like shit advice, but at least go through and try the aptitude test they have. If you score decent on it, it can open up opportunities for you. People think the military is a huge terrible PT machine, but real talk you don't have to be able to run a lap around a track when joining boot camp, you will get to the physical stand by the end and if not they always allow you to try again with the next batch of new recruits.
This. They're pretty lax if you have some other qualifications (mechanical knowledge of any kind etc.).
my red flags

>im a manlet
>im a shitskin
>i still live with my mother
>fap like 4 times a day
>into furry stuff
>low self esteem
>he browses 4chan and is indifferent to gore or trap porn
File: 1415065747305.jpg (63 KB, 422x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no motivation, ambitions or plans
look tired all of the time
bushy hair
no friends
pretentious seeming tastes
wear only lame, old clothes
hang dog resting facial expression
almost everything, the only thing not bad about me is that i wouldn't cheat with 3D
File: redflags.png (99 KB, 763x632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've got a few of these ones
That is pretty much your only physical flaw
>Likes dogs more than he likes people
This is a greenflag
i'm the guy who can be good looking but got fat, is kinda bad mouthed and never has money
Im an alcoholic leaving at my parents again working a low wage job. Also im very needy and codependent on other people. My depression comes and goes in gnarly spurts and ive tried to an hero multiple times. I dont seed torrents.
>no job
>no money
>no car
>no license
>still live at home
>have a lot of debt from student loans
>almost no motivation or willpower to actually do anything about this, since every time I actually apply to a job I don't even get called in for interviews most of the time and when I do, they don't hire me
>mental issues up the ass, including depression, type-2 bipolar disorder, etc.
>misogynistic, which is influenced by the above
>poor oral hygiene
>very socially awkward in a lot of situations
>emotionally manipulative, although I've been getting better lately
>prone to emotional outbursts
>decent-looking at best, but women could easily do better
>don't work out
>geek in general
>dress okay but could dress much better if I had the money to buy new clothes at least
>never had a gf
>barely read
>less than 5'9''

These are also me. I'm afraid of letting people in because once they see the real me, they wouldn't like me at all. Most people who do stop liking me, avoid me, want to stop talking to me, find me creepy and weird, etc. I don't blame them for doing so. But it's the way that I am. Thankfully I'm pretty good at appearing to be at least somewhat normal in public, if a bit awkward.
oh boy. I'm that guy who can act like a normie but always gets called out as "the weird annoying one" because I get clingy fast and my insecurity is palpable. Used to say a lot of awkward shit before thinking about it because I'd be too quiet otherwise, but I've been working on that even though half of my responses are just me agreeing with whatever other people are saying. Yet sometimes dumb shit still comes out of my mouth.
Being tall, skinny and having a bit of a weird posture doesn't help, either. People have told me that I literally walk like a robot, that I care too much about everything, and that I'm too blunt and rude but hey that's who I am so it's hard to change. At least I have some friends, I guess. I'm kinda like >>26427792 but replacing the crying with sarcastic, deprecating remarks
also my sense of humor is "morbidly dark/deadpan" so that's a love/hate situation with most people.

Though what I'm noticing in this thread is that almost everyone in here has low self-esteem and is needy. Why did this happen to us?
none, other than I'm a bit quiet

I put a lot of effort into blending in with the normies.
What does that even mean, to be fair?

Like most serial killers, I think, are charismatic enough to NOT come off as serial killers. It's how they prey on people. A serial killer who "comes off" as a serial killer would probably be the least effective serial killer ever, no?
It basically means he looks creepy
Yes, thank you.

I mean, I guess it's a problem, but that doesn't also say TOO much about your moral character either. People are poor judges of character sometimes.

Put some effort into not coming off as creepy, I guess. Fix your appearance and (I know this is /r9k/), try to appear confident. I know it's hard but that will improve your esteem among people, I guess. Whatever you do after that is your call though.
I lack empathy.
I am fairly adept socially, but I simply have no desire to interact with others, I am completely content spending all of my free time alone.
Fellow Quebecer, face a la realite qui t'afflige, il conviendrait simplement de lui retorquer...
>A la prochaine fois!

Also, mcKill yourself, faggot.
- from a proud froggie from montreal.
It's not that easy. For example, there's these two guys I work with. One is really nice and is always helpful but he looks and walks like a creep. No one talks to him unless they need something. This other guy who looks depressed and angry all the time is actually really funny and interesting but because of his resting bitchface (and can come off as creepy), no one talks to him. They're not even ugly or anything, but unless they have facial surgery there's nothing they can do.
You uncultured swine! How do you dare only leech?!
Are they ugly then?
Both of them are average looking if that makes sense
Yeah basically anyone who doesn't have luck with women is just ugly. When you're good looking everyone just gives you the benefit of the doubt and enjoys your company. Everyone likes hanging out with people with good genetics naturally. If you're ugly everyone is just waiting for the slip up. Say one wrong thing, do one awkward thing, you're fucked.
Smoke cigs and hold edgy political beliefs
Those people need an environmental change where they can start anew after making some strides to improve their social images, if it ever gets bad enough.

Seems like they're doing alright though. It wouldn't hurt if they ever got the chance for something like that though.

And of course they're average-looking. Good looking guys are impossible to be creepy. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy thing. They're good-looking so lots of people and women gravitate towards them, so they easily gain a lot of confidence and learn social skills easier, which makes it easier for them to function all the time.
No one give a shit about your culture just stop spitting on Canada already.

>killing yourself
would be a good advice if you actually show yourself as an example. You and your little special snowflake province.
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>raised by a single mother
>bags under eyes
>watches anime
>owns guns
>lots of female friends
>no hobbies or interests
I have a shit ton going for me: tall, dark, handsome, fit, published, educated, passionate, have lots of interests/hobbies, and a great career. But being bipolar is a MASSIVE red flag for women.

Being 6'8", 240 lbs, and a weightlifter, when I go manic I literally tear thru drywall like tissue paper. Once I tore a bathroom sink out a wall in a public bathroom. With one hand. Apparently I was so terrifying that nobody identified me/stopped me/pressed charges - thankfully as I was flat broke at the time (still a student).

No matter what, no matter how bad it gets, I NEVER lay hands on another living being. Period. But beyond that one behaviorally conditioned exception, there's really no telling what could happen.

So yeah, girls don't put up with it (for good reason), even if I offer literally everything else in the book they seek in a guy
Good advice I need to work on that.
>anger issues
>speak 'ghetto/slang' with friends
>regularly dissapear/stop talking to everybody for months
>no car
i have JUST hair
This is me too but a major difference is once you crack the shell there's nothing underneath. I'm just a thin outer layer, a facade for nothing.
this is exactly me OP
i want to show people how i really feel and not just fake what i think im feeling
im tired of having to act, yaknow?
>I'm tall, dark and handsome

>I'm short, fat and greasy.

Seriously, if you really were as much as a Chad as you describe, you wouldn't be on here "humblebragging" about it.
>can't make eye sustained contact
>autistic and talk too much
>talk in weird shards of half-finished introspection that i only realize i can't fully work out in real life because no one has the patience to listen to a 97-second autism sentence with fifteen subordinate clauses qualifying every single thought and subthought that led to its generation, so i just end up saying "hey i thought you could use th-- i mean, i know you already have one b-- this one is -- i -- here -- nevermind sorry"
>be taciturn and depressed and unpleasant

women avoid me like you avoid walking near dropped ice cream with ants on it when you're barefoot
lives in florida with big eyes
I'm a virgin over 35 and I'll probably die a virgin because there are so many things going against me.
File: 1455242775571.gif (1 MB, 400x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 400x320
>5'3 supreme manlet
>apparently seem like a crackhead
>spend 10+ hours a day on 4chan
>kv neet
>really miss my ex (though i think having someone new would alleviate that quite a bit)
>sensitive (cry at movies, tv, books, vidya, and anime fairly easily if it has a decent plot)
>self-esteem was steamrolled into the ground by ex
>kind of hate myself but care for others easily
>very kinky sexually, probably too many odd fetishes for the average normie
>honest to a fault, will straight up tell you how i feel about pretty much anything upon first being asked (though if i need to i can explain it in the least dickish way possible) because honestly if you're going to be with me you deserve to know things without having to dig for two years to learn them
>fairly grim outlook on life (humanity was a fluke and the universe could give a fuck about us) probably not after life
>love smoking weed
>loud ass laugh, have been told so many times my laugh is over the top as fuck
>still live at home at 21
>wear animu clothes and read manga in public
Red flags are not things bad in and of themselves, they are indications of bad things.
>For me, I have a huge emotional deficit. I have a lot of trouble feeling and expressing emotion and returning it at appropriate times.

Also have this but never went to the psy.
People think that I'm cold but not.
It rarely happen, but I can have some faint emotion.
File: TheHorror.png (219 KB, 390x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>literally autistic
>intense self-loathing
>gutless personality
>can't open up whatsoever
>kissless virgin
>below 6 feet tall
>unkempt neckbeard
>fashion sense is 0/10
>live with mom
>never had a job
>college dropout

I am unlovable. I don't expect love. I am okay. I am okay.
File: As-Above....jpg (213 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lost in thought
gun on his hip
eyes on the sky
captain lost his ship
>too thin
>too smart
>too cynical
>too nihilistic
>sense of humour too dark
In fact, I didn't expect examples of this satire to be found as near as >>26430308. But 'too honest' is just a whole new level of cowardly falsely modest bragging. Holy shit. I'm afraid to scroll even further.
>don't know myself
>won't feel the underlying pain
>cope by controlling/hate/emotional abuse
>identify with my cynicism
>hate people
>hate life
>my cynicism
>>too cynical
>to be found as near as >>26430308

Are you serious?

I did this back in the day:


Then it got deleted.

I came to dislike Wikipedia.
Almost all of them.
>brown eyes
>below 6ft tall (5'11")
>3-4/10 face
>brown eyes
>depressed schizoid
>bad teeth, never smile
>always in bad mood
>21, look like a 15 year old
>play vidya and never leave my room
>failed college, probably going to be poor
>racist and hate women
>not beta, but very rude and aggressive/confrontational
There's a lot more, I just can't remember right now.
I'm actually stupidly insecure about my height.
I can deal with it everyday, but I do stupid shit like stand proud if another man smaller then me is around, get a little mad at 6+ girls being near me and if someone calls me short I get irritated.
I don't feel like being as honest as I am is anything other than a red flag. I had girls at work ask me if I'd eat ass and I said yes, then they asked if I'd let a girl eat mine and I said I'd be happy with either one.
Those girls' hypocrisy (asking a direct question and being offended by a direct answer, though I don't know what's offensive about either of your answers) is a red flag for them, not for you. Remember that a red flag is not something people avoid, but something that predicts a bad relationship/personality.

>takes drugs everyday
>smokes all the time
>talking to myself
>staying at home pretty much everyday
>less then 6 ft

desu i want to kill myself
They didn't seem offended, more surprised that I'd just admit it I think. I have a couple friends who make fun of me because at one point I mentioned I'd be interested in having one of those ejaculating dildos for personal use. I can't remember exactly how it came up, but they rail me for it.

Either way though I wasn't trying to subtly brag or anything, I really do feel like some girls would see my lack of bullshitting as a red flag. Girls love playing stupid games and when someone is just honest and caring it's boring to them after a while. That's what I've always been told/seen.
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