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Can't get high, gotta find a job.
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Can't get high, gotta find a job.
Can't find a job, bad at interviewing or just plain fucking stupid.
Feel bad about not having a career, want to get high.

I can't escape this fucking cycle.

Meanwhile queer snoflakes are making 4k a month to shitpost wacky random special snowflake comics and I can't even get my fucking career started.

Being a white straight male is suffering in 2016. All these fucking programs and initiatives to get xe's in fucking jobs is killing me on the inside.

I'm going to be stuck at this stage of my life and be stuck at my parents house forever.

In a week I'll probably just go back to smoking weed everyday.

anyone wanna share cool wallpapers

thanks for listenign to my blog
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here are some cool pics
all this black lives matters bullshit

how the fuck is a man supposed to make it in the world. make these queer darkie comics like what the shit.

how the fuck do these people get their fucking lives together
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gonna share this one too.

i really just want to vent because i dont feel like my words ever match up with my actions. ive been turned down so many times in life. i want to keep workign towards some shit. but what i mean fuck.
i cant even have coherent thoughts that anyone wants to listen to. i like whining it gets me nowhere because thats where i fucking am. nowhere. i should just go back to watching anime and cartoons and expecting to do nothing with my life.

>Can't get a job
>Others can
>It must be their fault I can't get a job
im not mad at other people having a job.

im mad at people doodling or making commentary over video games making more money than i will ever have.
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those people worked for their status. its not like a person can just throw a shit sketch online and instantly recieve money. you have to go through advertisers, promote yourself, make content. they put in this thing called EFFORT and DISCIPLINE. sounds like you need to learn it man.

not saying every artist isnt a shithead, every profession has their shitheads.
Sometimes I blame myself, and sometimes I blame society.

Blaming myself doesn't really help either.
Then maybe you should start copying what they're doing that's making them so much more money than you
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how does one learn discipline. i wish my fuck attention span doesnt go to shit after 56 hours.

i get really focused on one thing and then tire myself out with it and then get bored of it in all facets.

This has been happening since i was young.

maybe i should start up a C++ or Unity tutorial and try video game making as a hobby rather than wasting all my time playing video games.

im very worried that im a uncreative person who spouts the same shit thats already been said before and has no way to add any sort of interesting twist to any form of anything.

maybe i should start complaining about trans rights on twitter all day. like every outspoken "activist" i see doing so start making the shekels by pluggin their fucking patreon doing such for fucking 50 hours a day. GOTTA SAVE THOSE TRANNIES.
>Get into game dev

>Dedicate 6 months to learn environment art NOT level design

>Make environments for mobile games

>Sell stylized assets on gumroad

>Smoke weed every day
Dude you and I are identical in our lives and needs. I don't want to compete or strive or dedicated myself. I don't want to fucking work. I just want to have food water and cannabis. Fuck this gay earth. The Jews have ruined our lives. Searching for jobs at this stage is just depressing and fruitless.
how does one start. im kind a shit at art, but im down as fuck to dedicate at least 3-4 hours everyday to get good at something.

im terrified of just geting bored and dropping it.

id like to get good at something. i wouldnt even mind getting paid very little. it just the effort needed to do something enjoyable is tremendous. and the effort to support oneself without going on neetbux is even more fucking crazy.

i feel like im playing a losing game.
I started excercising and playing guitar a lot more seriously. I have a degree in dental ASSISTING which I should do something with. It's low pay but easy work and I'm around females all day which is easy.
I work out like 4-5 times a week. and walk 2+ miles as well.

ive been eating kinda shitty though so ive been gaining weight. I used to use weed to help portrion meals and eat less.

as for outside hobbies they are bascially shitposting, watching movies and anime, and sometimes reading books.

i do like to go on hikes in nature, but thats more of a mental relaxation thing rather than some hobby that would improve my life.
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/3/ is cancer, Avoid

Recommending Zbrush, 3D-Coat and Quixel suite for your main tools.

You can use one of my folders to start. It barely has any small stuff like props or weapons though. Not my field but I love the stuff.
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