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How do I quit pornography? Asking honestly,...
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How do I quit pornography? Asking honestly, it's ruining my life.
Stop watching it. Simple as fuck. Figure put the rest
find something else to do, bro. thats it. easier said than done, i know, but if you got nothing going on, you are going to jerk off.

start working out whenever you feel the urge to spank it. tell yourself if you work out, you get to jerk when you get done. at least then you reward yourself and dont spiral into a lazy faggot existence.
I just stopped watching and developed hobbies to keep my mind on other things.
it's taking advantage of stupid women which is probably why you're feeling bad. women deserve respect, even the stupid ones.
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>Women deserve respect
>inb4 it's porn
It's art.
>Stop watching it
but that's impossible. i'm hopelessly addicted to it, I just can't quit
Try and do other things so you don't jerk off as much
And when you do jerk off find pictures of hot celebrities or go on facebook/instagram
or just use your imagination, but that is a bit more difficult.
I find fapping a good way to quit porn. At least for 5 minutes.
That's a super cool picture tho anon pham

A lot of the time when I watch lesbian porn I end up thinking it's too cute to jack off to
When I read op I thought he meant that he worked in adult entertainment.

Why would you want to? I mean it make little difference in your life. I'm assuming you fap to it. You watch porn because you're horny. Don't confuse cause and effect. I can fap without porn easily, and do so fairly often. Porn is nice though. I mean I could live on ramen and a multivitamin if I wanted to, but why would I when a steak and garlic roasted vegetables are so delicious?
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>january 27th
>about to leave for concert friday
>want to fap before I go so I can enjoy the music with all the BARE ASS around me
>don't have time
>leave for concert
>grind with girl for 5 hours
>she's giving me a HJ on the floor
>I fingerblast her
>I don't cum
>fall asleep as soon as I get home
>saturday night the 30th
>have party
>make out with this qt I like
>she has to leave (also I think she's a virgin or something lol)
>fall asleep I'm drunk as fuck
>wake up sunday morning
>decide not to fap
>after saturday I think I have a good chance of getting sexual with her so no fap
>wait til next weekend
>see her twice, but in group settings
>we don't do anything
>its now thursday
>day 15
>haven't fapped
>still saving for tomorrow when we might do something

IDK after the first week it wasn't so bad.

This is coming after I fapped like twice a day before.
How much do ou watch a day?
And when she will finally touch your dick you'll blast your load in 5 secondes
nice job faggot.
idk. sometimes i fap three times a day, sometimes more. sometimes I take one day off, but the next its three healthy faps again. it kills my motivation to do anything shit sucks. i watched like three hours of porn today

I'll tell you after you gimme the sauce, boss
get sick
I haven't fapped in days
the video was even better

uh, strapless dildo. make an account at vk.com (yes, its a social network) and then search for it in the video section. welcome to the greatest free HD porn website in history.
Start browsing sfw boards like /adv/ and /his/

Alright, now, truth be told I don't know how to quit porn.

What did keep me from it for a long time was a hard, physical job. If you're too tired to fap, then you won't do it.

Also, onahole/fleshlight. You won't need the porn as a stimuli for a bit after getting one, I know that for at least the first 50 faps with my fleshlight I just closed my eyes and stroked away.

You remember the first time you fapped? Remember those waves and waves of heightened pleasure? You know how you've become desensitized with time? Well, using a quality pocket pussy brings it all back. A fleshlight is like your first time, every time. You're welcome inb4 shill, admittedly onaholes are supposed to be better bang/buck but I've never tried one. /jp/ has reoccuring threads on the subject, perhaps ask them about it?
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>over the summer
>getting a bj
>she's not good at it
>have to jerk myself off for an entire minute just to edge
>have her swallow the load

>this new girl has never given a BJ before nor has she had sex
>assume she won't be good
>haven't fapped for 15 days

It should balance out.
Even if she isn't good it won't take me more than 5 minutes.
Girls don't like giving blowjobs it's not tasty, so the shorter the better. (Assuming >4mins)

Also, I'm just assuming we're not having sex because I don't want to because I think she's a virgin (96% sure)

I want to date her before we do so it's special for her.

Feel me nigga?

>pic is random girl that sent me lewds
I have more lewds if you like.

Warning she's 16 but there's no actual nudity
gib lewds
Baby steps.
1) Cut down pornography time a few minutes a day. The goal is to not relapse and never watch more than the day before.
2)At some point you will hit a barrier where you can't cut down more time. This is gonna be the harder step and it's to go for a walk (Over 45 minutes) and then take a long shower with cold water. By doing this you will not only cut porn time, but you will also get healthier.
3) This has to be done ASAP once you hit the barrier mentioned in point 2. You will need to completely (Yes, there is no way to gradually do this) cut off any tie to potential NSFW websites or even eye candy websites (You will need to stop lurking 4chan and any other website that might trigger a relapse )
4)Now you should have plenty of free time, and here it gets a little tricky. You will need to occupy your time with activities that will keep your mind or body busy so you won't be tempted to go to watch porn (Carpenter, DIY projects, studying and even picking up a sport) NOTE :While not advised, you can fill some of your free time with video games, in order to do so you will need to find a game that doesn't contains any sex propaganda nor sexual apoealing characters (Which is hard nowadays) and if possible not on your PC or in the same source of your porn.
NOTE2 : When you start step one also start deleting all your saved porn on your HDD or phones. By step 2 your collection should be empty
if yuo have a pornhub account, change your password to something random you won't remember. and if you can, block porn sites from your computer.
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>You will need to stop lurking 4chan
h-how will i live?
post the pics already
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