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Post only if you tried to kill yourself
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Post only if you tried to kill yourself
i tried to kill myself few months ago. Took a bunch of my blood pressure meds. Docs didnt even believe I took as many as I did because nothing happened. I took atleast 130 because I had just got my prescriptions filled. Like I said, nothing happened and they didnt even pump my stomach...wish I had died everyday.
>I failed an attempted suicide

You mean you put on a show for attention?

It really isn't hard to kill yourself effectively.
If someone really wanted to die, they would easily be able to do it without being interrupted or failing.

people who "attempt suicide" are just attention whores.
I overestimated what could kill me.
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I didnt do shit for attention lol. The pills I took, the doctor said some girl died from taking 9 of em at once. I took like 130 and nothing happened. Next I'll definately try death by cop..
I tried to drown myself in the prison toilet because I thought I would reincarnate as the antichrist dragon and fight christ.

Goddamn I wish I succeeded.

>Christ the redeemer statue in verification pics
>muh paranoiaaaaaaa
>was in process of getting exit bag
>realize if I die I'll never be able to see my little brother grow up, and I won't be able to stop him from becoming like me.
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>Taking pills to kill yourself

the most pathetic attempt possible, literally an attention grab
>death by cop
First off, making someone else kill you involuntarily is a shit-tier faggot homo thing to do.
Second, cops are trained to not kill unless there's no other way. They know if they kill you, there's a chance some Twitter-famous cunt will find out and force them to resign. Cops will go to great lengths to incapacitate you before killing you.

It's really not that damn hard to kill yourself. Jump in front of a train, go into the basement and open a can of propane, jump off a cliff, christ it's such an easy thing to do. Don't make someone else do it for you -- hell, even jumping in front of a train or a truck is pretty selfish and can wreck some peoples' psyches, but at least you're not making them literally pull the trigger.


>tfw was suicidal myself for years and planned to either shoot myself or jump off a cliff, would never have forced another human to witness my death
i risked brain damage, damaging my heart, and death. Lets see you take a bunch of pills pussy.
>be 13
>get a haircut
>go to someone's house
>oneitis is behind person at the door
>she remarks "after his haircut you can see how deformed his head is!"
>I remember it doesn't get any easier and life will only ever be this sad
6 years later and everything is still just as shitty, not killing myself is the worst mistake I keep making.
It's not an easy thing to do or I'd be dead with the amount of pills I took idiot. People have jumped in front of trains and they didnt die, they lost their legs. People have shot themselvers in the head and blown their face off and survived. Killing yourself is not easy. FFs i dont even live near a city where I can jump from a tall building. Death by cop is the only solution.

Tried to an hero via the wrists method. It wasn't fun to be honest, I wish I had put some effort into research beforehand.
Why didn't you do something that you KNEW would kill you? Why even bother with "risking brain damage"

>Let's see you take a bunch of pills pussy

When I'm ready to kill myself I'm going to actually kill myself, not take an aspirin
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No wonder you're suicidal, you're a fucking idiot
you really haven't considered all the options. It might be illegal for me to suggest other methods so look up the common ones.
Wow, you're somehow too retarded to die. What a funny age we live in.
I was going to make a thread askin this but I don't feel like it anymore, so I will just ask here

Have you ever wished that something really bad happened to you, so you had a reason to feel bad? Because I have been wishing this for a while.
You should watch Paranoia Agent
>Death by cop is the only solution
There's a reason the expression "drink bleach" is used. Just because you overdosed on one particular medicine doesn't mean you have some Wolverine-like ability to regenerate and are magically immune to all poisons or whatever. Anyone stupid enough to think that a cop is literally the only way to die intentionally is probably too stupid to even put themselves into a situation where a policeman would need to shoot him.

If you want a painless death, you can park your car in an enclosed and relatively-airtight space and leave the engine on. It'll help if you stick the throttle down so it's running at 2k RPM or so (any faster and your shitty car might overheat and ruin this plan) but it's not necessary so long as you make sure it's as airtight as you can make it. Stuff cloth under the doors, close the goddamn windows, towel over any air vents, etc. You'll fall asleep and die painlessly.
I wish my family died so i can kill myself with no regrets
does that count?

>inb4 you're a selfish cunt
yes i am
i don't want to feel like this tho, it's fucked up
That's some high grade edgy teenager shit
>kill myself with no regrets

No one ever regrets killing himself
How does one suicide while making it look like an accident or natural?
>take a bunch of pills
>completely fucked up the next day, couldn't even walk or make it up stairs
>so out of it that it didn't even dawn on me the whole day I failed killing myself
>dad notices something off about me, but I insist I'm okay
>brings mom into it and they make me go to the hospital
>fear the truth is gonna come out, because blood testing
>spend days in the hospital, until my parents ask me why all my medicine is gone
>pretend like I don't know
>mom tells me she thought she knew me well enough
>doctor pulls my mom aside on the day I go home to tell her the results, but also says I may have just been dehydrated
>roll with that lie
>mom certainly knows the truth, but I could never admit that to her
>life returns to awfulness and wishing I had actually died
Then why didn't you try again
Why do you even care?
You will be dead
Empty your brake fluid and drive off a cliff. It'll look like a happy little accident.
If near the woods, you could try to get attacked by a bear. If near a mountain, could try to make a fatal jump look like a climbing accident. If near the ocean, could get a cheap boat and a cheap gun maybe -- don't know how far you'd have to paddle out or how many bricks you'd have to tie to yourself to keep them from finding your body. Although, on the "shitty canoe" method, if near the ocean you could just do suicide by shark, I've been led to believe if you cut yourself it won't be hard for a shark to find you.

I wouldn't recommend trying it in a car, cars are designed very much to keep you from dying. Too high a chance that no matter what you do, you'll just live out the rest of your life mentally retarded and with no legs.
oh, you know what i mean
i'm not that dumb to drag down the only people i care about because i'm a failure
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>suicide by bears and sharks

am I in middle school right now holy shit
I tried hanging myself about 4 years ago. I've gotten better but still want to kill myself sometimes
>am I in middle school right now holy shit
The idea of imagining some dumb teenager floating in the ocean with a little cut on his arm while he waits for the sharks to come is hilarious

Once intentionally, the other unintentionally.

I had the courage to put a gun to my head and pull the trigger. Well I bought one of the cheapest guns and it jammed.

The other is I was intentionally trying to drink myself over time. Well one night I got damn close but someone found me passed out drunk and was rushed to the ER. Had a bac of .36 and woulda died if I hadn't been hooked up to an assortment of machines. Sadly I've been watched like a hawk since but someday when I work up the courage I'll do it.
How did it fail?

How does someone even "try" to hang himself? How do you even fuck up?
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>>bad haircut
>>suicide is the only option
>get tired of nobody trusting me for reasons I couldnt understand
>still dont get it but what ever
>load up dads ruger security six
>.38+p+ semi jacketed wadd cutters for extra "i'm going to die" power
>walk up cold as fuck wintery hill
>snow and sleet and cold
>think for a moment
>no tears, only dreams
>pull back fuck-cold hammer with thumb
>hold barrel to my head
>slowly pull the trigger feeling the world slow down as my finger tugs
>feel the hammer drop in what felt like hours
>primer struck, round didn't go off
>unload and chuck the round into wherever go put the gun back and never talk about it again

yeah... life sucks some times.
>Using any type of .38

There's your problem
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>normie shit cop gets a call
>some psycho is running around with a gun
>pulls up ready to defend himself
>sees a teen with no desire to hurt anyone
>teen is nervously holding something in his hands and shaking
>points it up at the cop and the cop and his partner unload
>he was just holding a plastic pistol painted black
>norime shit cop has to live the rest of his life knowing he shot an unarmed civilian
>eventually the guilt is too much and he hangs him self
>leaves behind his stacey wife and only daughter
>Stacey wife goes out to buy groceries one night alone
>caught and gang raped by a pack of niggers and then killed
>Daughter is only 6 and gets sent to a orphanage
>bullied mercilessly and molested by an employee
>eventually let out at 18 with no job prospects
>has to live as a stripper with an abusive boyfriend
>gets savagely beaten when hes drunk and gets the scummiest patrons imaginable
>eventually gets attacked by a psychopathic murder-rapist disguised as a customer and dumped in a ditch alive with a half slit throat

She tries to crawl away from that ditch but gets found by a pair of rednecks who live in the woods and shes spirited away to be a fuckdoll for another 15 years in captivity, nobody ever finds her
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Sounds pretty fun desu
Sick screenplay desu
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Forgot to add, the daughter dies from an incredibly painful case of gangrene that spreads through her body because the rubber straps they use to hang her on to the fucking pulley are too tight and the leave her overnight dripping with semen after a family reunion
Hey, I was throwing it out there. I was always firm on the "shoot myself like a goddamn penis owner" idea, anything past suicide by gun (done right, not just giving yourself a concussion and permanent brain damage) or suicide by a jump from a tall cliff is kind of abstract.

I figured bears and sharks kill people, so I threw it out there.

When I really think about it, it does sound kind of stupid. Just popped into my head, if it were me I'd use a gun like someone who wasn't retarded, but hey.
Daily reminder that the people who ''''''''attempted''''''' suicide are the most pathetic attention whores of all.
3 attempts on my medical record, more than I can remember irl.
One time I took three cold meds when the box only said to take two.

My mom tried to have me admitted to the pyschward because she did not b elive me when I said I was just sick
What an idiot.

Usually I think people like him are trolling but this nigger is serious.
I did a dry run, can't really call it an attempt. Now I'm not sure I have enough helium left.
I tried to cut my wrists in the bathtub one night. Down the street, not across.

Unfortunately all I had on hand was a super fucking dull kitchen knife. So here I am trying to work up the courage to cut myself and finally I just start digging in.

At one point I actually got annoyed and started trying to put more pressure, pushing down into my skin but in the end all I did was leave red scratches down my arm.

Fortunately though I got over it.
Toaster oven in a bathtub.

Clearly, I was unsuccessful. Really regret not dying that day.
>First off, making someone else kill you involuntarily is a shit-tier faggot homo thing to do.
>Jump in front of a train

don't think you even know what edgy means m8, edgy is when a person tries to act dark and shit because they think its cool
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>Tried to jump off bridge by my house one night
>Was sure there was good percentage of exploding knees and surviving for hours in agony, fuck that
>Tried to blow my brains out with my dad's rifle/shotgun/pistol on four occasions while everyone was asleep but could never bring myself to pull the trigger all the way
I still kind of regret pussying out and not succeeding, but at the same time, as of late, I'm glad I didn't because I'm gonna make it guise.
>Implying anyone around me even knows about it
>Implying if my dad knew he wouldn't have thrown my ass out and into an asylum or something
>Implying you didn't make that edgy post in an edgy thread for attention
Here's your (You)s btw.
>cops are trained to not kill unless there's no other way
I take it you live in yurup.
parents came home and stopped me, i tried 3 times and they all failed.
like poetry

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Yee. Twice, very unsuccessful.
I wasn't meant for this life, but the next one doesn't want me either.
I tried to drown myself in a swamp once so no one could find my body, for a while at least, but it smelled like shit, and I was too pussy so I left after trying to stay submerged for 3 minutes without coming back up out of fear.
Yep right here. I fail so hard at life, I also fail at death.
>I don't live near enough this place where I could kill myself
You really are retarded. If you're a actually going to kill yourself it shouldn't be a problem to waste money to a taxi or something.
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>worked up some courage and finally decided to hang myself
>pussied out at the last second
>felt even more miserable after realizing i couldn't even bring myself to commit suicide
>been trying to put myself in the same mindset again for months now so i can do it for good
>no success
It's like i'm stuck in a loop of failure, procrastination and mediocrity
My last hope is a nuclear war breaking out sometime soon
This one is pathetic
>binge drink a bottle of Smirnoff, half a bottle of capt jacks spiced rum, and two beers in 30 mins on an empty stomach
>stumble down to the train tracks
>eat quadruple dose of canna cookies
>lie down in tracks with fav music and fall asleep
>feel unsettled but don't move
>wake up and I'm next to the track
>fucking really JUST
And that's it. Diagnosed bipolar but part of me just says its alka meme and I'm a useless shit bag in the ebd
Should probably mention I ended up in the ER the next day because of liver damage they found some kind of enzyme in my blood indicating it and gave me pills for my damaged stomach which I still take so I gave myself semi permanent damage and ended up alive. Fucking fuck.
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>mfw people are actually too retarded to kill themselves
Get a plane ticket to Africa and go slap a hippos ass. That should do it.
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