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/b/ didnt quite pay attention to this oc
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/b/ didnt quite pay attention to this oc

>was not racist
>go to omegle cause wanna fap
>search for "boobs"
>camera pointed at your shirt cause fuck yall im anon uber 9000
>20min later no boobs
>1,5h later dick&handdied.exe
>still no boobs
>bored, so i try sth unusual
>search for 4chan, /b/ and /soc/
>nice n' white people - so i talk to some of them
>suddenly i got connected to a black guy
>nigger 85%, lvl 17, fat ass & beta af
>i say hi
>he tells me to show my face
>i tell him no cause im anonymous "just like this hacking group" lmao
>be jolly
>nigger didnt get the irony
>tells me anonymous was an ideology not a bunch hackers
>tells me i should go kill myself
>not jolly anymore
>asks me if i can triforce
>i tell him it doesnt prove shit
>he starts telling me how new i am
>hes trying to prove how old he is: hitlerdindunuffinwrong/boxxy/furry/navysealspasta/moonman.zip
>he calls a beta faggot
>after ten minutes of beeing a cringy nigger he sends me ">beeing this new, topkek"
>look at the screen for 7 seconds
>"da phuc just happened...?"
>quit omegle
>close my laptop
>start thinking about /b/
>understand why /b/ hates niggers
>brain: "wow, niggers are in fact retarded"
>/b/ is always right
>be racist
And people say I don't make movements, I literally fucked this guys perception of black people by trolling his bitchass LMAO I was the fat black dude that trolled you I'm sorry but if you want to complain about your problems go to tumblr cause I've been on /b/ since 2007 and we don't like whiny bitches nigger.

Also I got the irony but it was just so fucking autistic I didn't give a fuck I had one goal which was troll you

This thread proves, that OP was always a faggot and today he just showed his powerlevel cause he got trolled by a black man

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fake and gay

No that happened, I was the actual guy that said that bullshit to him but the difference is I'm actually not a beta he just got upset that I roasted him so badly and all he could do was type like a little bitch.

Ohhh the irony

I'm not a nigger, I'm actually smarter than most average humans. This guy fell for my bait so badly I literally played with his emotions like a fucking toy. Anyone who knows me on here knows all I do is fucking troll autistic people. It's the only shit that gets me off besides a white stacey y'know?
fake and gay, bud.
>I'm actually smarter than most average humans
if you have to keep saying this, it ain't true
fuck off fatty
Whatever delusions help you sleep at night just know that this fat black man is going to be pounding some white girls vag while you jerk off to 2D porn. If you had a clue about girls you would realize looks don't matter if you have a big cock and personality. : ^ )

So with your logic you saying it's not true isn't true then and infact what I'm saying is true? Thanks.
>so with your logic
you can't just take what I say and reapply it to a different context
thanks for proving me right
Yes I can because with your logic if you repeat the same shit over and over it isn't true.
But you always repeat it saying the shit I say isn't true.
Which is a fallacy and contradicts your first statement you brainless nigger

There is absolutely no way this is not a joke
>not racist
>grow up
>be 6
>enter school
>hate niggers after the first day
>finally understand what daddy and papaw meant

The story of literally everyone who grows up in an area with a concentration of niggers.
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>misunderstanding me this hard
I don't have a universal line of logic you stupid ape
If you feel the need to constantly tell people how smart you are, you're probably rather unintelligent
this concept doesn't apply to anything else, however similar it may seem
end your life
Hmm... he's a sovereign? I've never seen him before in the news. Hmm...

Fair enough.

Spends his days browsing a board for beta-cucks... hmm...

I conclude he should be renamed - "Black".

Hear hear!
>11 replies in this thread
>7 posters in this thread including op
>fatchad replies 4 times
>6 anon posts

Try harder when creating your own bait threads, fatchad ;^)
I rarely browse this board the only time I browse it which is like every 2-3 weeks is to make fun of autists and their shitty lives which makes me a chad.

Or, I'm just someone who likes to prove points to people and own them. : ^ )
I didn't create this bullshit retard lol
Thread replies: 17
Thread images: 3
Thread DB ID: 511358

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